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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all! :D Today, the houseguests will have their Veto Comp & as it stands right now, Jessie will be going home unless she win the veto today. There wasn't too much game talk last night on the live feeds but there are few things that should be mentioned & I'll cover all of that in the Overnighter.

This week seems to be a battle between Amanda vs Helen, as far as who's controlling the house (Amanda is controlling this week so far) & for next week as well, since both of them are targeting each other. While Andy has shot down Helen's wishes of him putting up McCrae/Amanda in an attempt to get one of them out this week, she has her eyes set on them for next week if she wins HOH next week. Helen would target McCrae over Amanda because he's a bigger threat and truth be told, Amanda would be better to stay in the house for her her (Helen's) own game play. Amanda acts as a shield for Helen, being a bigger target in the house plus she can't seem to win any comps. The reason why she wanted Andy to put up McCrae/Amanda this week, was to get blood on Andy's hands..not hers, should she win HOH in the near future.

While it seems that mostly everyone is on board to get Jessie out this week, Aaryn has been pushing for Spencer to go home instead. This is confusing, since she's shown such loyalty to the "3am Alliance" (formally known as the Goof Troop, minus Judd & plus Aaryn) and she knows that they want Jessie out this week.

Okay, let's get to the Overnighter & see what the houseguests were up to last night!!

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7:25pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Amanda is telling Aaryn/Andy that as long as they (McCrae/Amanda/Aaryn/Andy) stick together & not get put up on the block together, they'll have the numbers. Prior to Andy joining the girls, Amanda was telling Aaryn about getting Helen out. Aaryn's not sure that's a good idea. Amanda, with the help from Andy, try to get her to 'see the light', so to speak.

Andy: "(Helen) has a final 2 deal with me."

Amanda: "And she probably has a final 2 deal with Elissa, too. Helen's loyalty is to Andy over you. So no, you can't trust Helen. The only people you can trust in this game is Andy, me, and McCrae. Andy has control over Spencer, McCrae (also) has control over Spencer, you (Aaryn) kind of have an idea of what GM's gonna do, and I have a good idea of what Elissa's gonna do. Which means that us 4, control the entire house."

**Andy is both aligned with Helen & McCrae/Amanda. Yesterday, he didn't tell McCranda that Helen has been pushing for them (Mc/Am) to go up on the block this week. This is so that his two biggest allies in the game don't start going after each other yet, leaving him to pick a side or get caught up in the crossfire. He's fulfilling Amanda's request for Jessie to go this week mainly because it will be a no-blood-on-his-hands HOH if he goes that route plus it appeases Amanda.

Andy: "I feel like (Helen) is loyal for now."
Amanda: "With you. She's not loyal to me."

Amanda tells Aaryn that Helen, Elissa or GM cannot win HOH next week, because they're gunning after McCrae. 

Amanda: "As long as those 3 don't win (HOH), we got the next one."

7:31pm BBT:
McCrae enters.

Amanda gets him caught up to speed.
A few minutes later, they come up with their alliance name:

The "3AM" Alliance:

7:35pm BBT:
Aaryn/Andy talk.

Andy is telling Aaryn that he thinks Helen's true "Final 2" deal is with Elissa because she knows she can beat her in a Final 2 scenario.

Andy: "Evicting Judd was really hard, but evicting Helen is gonna much harder. But we have to at some point." (paraphrasing)

Andy: "I don't think (Helen) wants to strike yet, so I don't think she's a threat right now. I feel like this (alliance) could really work."
Aaryn: "Yea."
Andy: "And when it gets down to Final 4, it'll be you & me against McCrae/Amanda. When it gets down to the final 4, may the best couple win."
Aaryn: "Yea. Sounds good!"

Andy: "I'm ready! I'm getting the goosebumps! I never would've thought you'd be my biggest ally in this house."

8:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Andy tells Helen maybe he should tell Jessie to "take prizes" in the Veto Comp if there are any, and tell her she's safe this week (so that she doesn't win the veto). Helen thinks it'll be bad game play for him because he'll lose her vote in the jury. Andy hopes that Jessie doesn't win veto because he really doesn't wanna put up GM and vote her out, though he'd still do it..he'd just feel really bad about it.

Andy/Helen both want GM to win the $25,000 fan favorite prize at the end of the season. (*soooo not gonna happen. lol)

10:03pm BBT:
Jessie said she's not gonna campaign before the veto comp because there's no point yet, she'll wait & see what happens after the comp. Aaryn agrees.

10:13pm BBT:
Amanda tells GM that the McCranda BB Wedding will take place on Monday.

10:14pm BBT:
Jessie/Helen talk. Helen lies to Jessie and tells her she's just a pawn this week & that she's safe. Jessie said that if she stays, she'll never put her (Helen) up on the block and will consult with her about nominations if she wins HOH.

11:37pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Helen isn't sure where Andy's loyalty is, with her/Elissa or with McCrae/Amanda. She said she really wanted him to make a power move this week, but will still honor whatever he wants (as far as getting Jessie out). She tells Elissa they have to make a big power move if they win HOH. (**This could be Helen setting Elissa up for if she wins HOH, to do her dirty work for her.)

11:55pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Jessie hopes that Mc/Am don't end up in Final 2 together. Jessie reminds Aaryn that she joined "their" group, being at the bottom of the totem pole. (*Part of me wonders if Aaryn is just pretending to try to be Jessie's side for a jury vote.)

Aaryn: "Andy pretty much said you were just a pawn." (**no he didn't. Ok, I'm convinced. She's working for a jury vote and/or in case Jessie stays, she'll have her on her side.) 

12:39am BBT:
Jessie is starting her campaigning a little early. She told McCranda that she's grateful that they kept her in the game and that she will protect them going forward. (*lie.) They start talking about the veto comp.

1:35am BBT:
Amanda told Spencer that it'd be good for him to win HOH next week. They then talked about the veto. Amanda said if they win the veto, they can't use to take him off the block, but not to worry because he's safe this week.

1:43am BBT:

Amanda/McCrae talk. Amanda said that if Jessie wins veto, she wants to get Helen backdoored this week. McCrae told Amanda to not push that agenda this week. They then talked about who has to get evicted: Jessie this week, Helen next week, then Gm/Aaryn/Spencer in any order, and save Elissa for last. This would leave McCranda with Andy for Final 3.

2:29am BBT:
McCrae/Amanda did the deed before bedtime.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! :D As of 10:13am BBT, only Amanda/McCrae are up.

Amanda's having a cup of coffee & gives McCrae a morning kiss.

I'll be back once the HG's get up & moving.

Stay tuned...
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Kern's Kreations said...

The alliance names have been almost as bad as the gameplay. :)

Anonymous said...


haha I at least understand where this name comes from as 3 of their names start with A and then McCrae starts with M hence 3AM. Some of the others not so much.


Razldazlrr said...

What? Gm win fan fave? These people are delusional - I don't even know who I would pick LOL

Anonymous said...


The HGs always seem to be the worst at judging their own seasons while in the house. They rarely can accurately predict who America will or won't like. And it seems like the more boring a season is the more they talk about how exciting and entertaining it is.


Anonymous said...

Judging from the past history of BB I'd be almost positive Spencer would end up going home this week from how 100% assured he was that he was just the pawn and no way would he go home. So I'd put my bet on Jessie winning POV GM being the renom and Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Aryan voting Spencer out. However in this season who the heck knows.



I don't think Helen will have too much convincing to have Elissa do her dirty work. Elissa told Candice she hates everyone in the house, she would never hang with any of them outside the house, they aren't the kind of people she associates with.

dannyb said...

Looks like Andy is waiting for Helen or Mcanda to get make a move and then he will decide whose team to be on. Ok move but i don't think he is playing to win. Looks like we have to wait and see which power gets the next HoH.

RCW504 said...


Vicky P said...

I would LOVE to see Jessie win POV and get some things stirred up in the house!

Gilbert said...

Andy n Aaryn vs McManda vs Helissa kinda rooting for AA to be F2 highly unlikely but what an interesting duo. Besides andy needs the money n aaryn has retired from the workforce so....

James said...

In the UK BB, I like how the housemates all have to work together for their food budget (and it means they vote out people who don't help out, thus getting rid of the floaters. Plus it creates tension with people demanding certain things be on the list.

Also, I think this season really could have done with having the votes private at the end, then people might have the guts to think 'I'll cote how i actually want to, and if enough people agree with me, then we can save this person' rather than worrying about being the 1 dissenting vote all the time

Ste ven said...

Someone strike first and bring some excitement. Do most jury members usually blame someone who has 'blood' on their hands or do they calm down in jury and realize it was good game play...(Unless it was a really tight alliance or showmance...Like I could see McRae or Amanda holding it against the other if they voted them out). I always laugh wen they say someone hasnt won a competition. Its always different and the competitions vary so much anyone can win at any time when they least expect it. It is amazing how Aaryn is still there. Sometimes they forget that if someone was a target and then makes it to the end, they have a good argument as to why they deserve to win. Elissas problem is going to be t hat her opponent can always argue she had an unfair advantage the first 3 weeks of the game. Its also interesting that the HOH gets accused of blood when its the other HG that vote them out. It just seems that there are going to be more entire house block votes for the next couple of weeks. Theyre all afraid to win HOH now ...and theyre afraid to put McRae or Amanda. If the HOUSE would just band together, they could easily backdoor one of them, esp since there are now only 2 nominees. They just dont seem to have the cojones to do that. Andy's social game has placed him on nobody's radar. They have to get rid of him at one point because he is everyone's friend. Helen has been a good game player but if she gets voted out , it will be her own fault. She has thought about McRanda and she had 3 chances in a row to get Amanda out and didnt. Mcrae is also well liked by everyone. Candice would never vote for AARYN under any circumstances. I dont know what Judd is thinking. I want to see how they bring someone back in the house and Im praying we dont see bodybuilder Jesse again this year. He was on TMZ recently and was still the biggest douche ever...taking his shirt off in the airport and flexing without even being asked. The season has been rather boring so cmon pick things up...But if its GM, Spencer, Jessie out , it wont be...The competitions near the end are the o nes you have to win, but then its dangerous winning HOH because then you cant compete. I wish they would change that rule. I dont think its fair. Heck, if you can win HOH 3x in a row, youre a strong player (and a stronger target) so let it happen. part of strategy is also throwing competitions. I hope next season theyd come up with something different but they never do. How much would we bet that the final HOH again will be those idiotic questions about what the jury members would answer to totally random questions. Cant it be something more related to the game. I also still want to see an HOH or Veto challenge where the HG are asked T/F questinos about real world issues that have happened outside the house. Like, the Olumpics have been moved out of Russis due to anti gay laws....Hilary Clinton has announced she will be a candidate for the presidency in 2016; There was a hit film about sharks being flung around in a tornado; Apple has announced a wide screen television that will connect to your iPHone...It would be at least a slight change to the usual before/after or tossing balls. We havent had knockout yet - are they not doing that this year - it tends to work with a larger number of HG

NH Kakalina said...

I'm voting Judd fan favorite. I think he was a good guy and unfairly targeted as MVP. Plus I loved the accent!

Michelle said...

Ending with McCrae and Amanda doing the deed is making my stomach turn! GAG! Aaryn is playing the game! I wish someone would point out that Amanda wanted to break up all the couples and now she is the final showmance left in the house! Someone needs to get some fire started! I really hope Jesse wins POV and pulls herself off! They vote out Spencer b/c he clearly does nothing in the game! Then Elissa, Jesse, Aaryn and GM and maybe Helen work together to get 1/2 of McCranda gone! Preferably Amanda! then Use Andy to vote out GM...I want Jessie in the final 2 but she is not a good enough competitor. UGH! I don't know. If Aaryn goes to final 2 she could probably win. I don't think she deserves to win but She has won 3 HOH's and 1 POV, more than anyone else in the house. She is a better competitor! So break up McCranda, Get GM and Aaryn out, If Elissa goes final 2, i don't think she will win. She does not get along with GM and Amanda so no vote from them and she has yet to really do anything in the game. UGH! This is annoying now that I'm really thinking about it!

nwoot said...

Is it just me or does Helen say "You Know?" CONSTANTLY? OMG!

nwoot said...

Think I am Team Elissa and Team Jessie. Don't care for any of the other remaining players. Hope BB16 is better. CBS is losing me

rigs said...

Given Helen's push to get McCrae and Amanda out now, Andy should probably make the big move and get Helen out this week, go with he and Aaryn against McCrae and Amanda as the final 4. Andy, teamed with Aaryn is a good team and could beat McCrae and Amanda. Those four along with GM and possibly Spencer would have the votes to move forward. Andy/Aaryn is a better team than Andy/Helen. The final 7 always gets pushed ahead of schedule once the game gets to this point. Who is going to make the big move first? Andy could make that choice and that move now. Helen would see Andy's hesitance now as a sign that would be high on her list of her targets. As a juror, Helen would certainly see Andy's move as a great BB move. This is it Andy, choose sides.

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

It depends on the year and the people who comprise the Jury on all these reality shows such as BB and Survivor. Sometimes they're bitter and sometimes they tip they're cap and say it's a game and you got me good job. Last year's BB Jury was definitely a bitter one. Dan clearly played the best game that season and perhaps one of the best games ever on BB or any such show. But that Jury led by Frank just wasn't gonna give it to him no matter what. And that's meant as no disrespect to Ian whatsoever as he's not an undeserving winner by any means. He was just up against a legendary player in a legendary performance. There have been far worse winners due to bitter Jury syndrome that's just the freshest example in my mind.


Rebecca McCamish said...

I agree with Brian. One of the enjoyments of BB and Survivor both is that you never know which way the *jury* will vote. Because they'll talk to each other outside of the house and form opinions collectively. Usually that's why you'll see the jury vote be lopsided in someone's favor rather than a split vote. But there are always the ones who are dead set against a particular action.

So that's part of the fun, guessing which trait the jury is going to value more: game play or likability.

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