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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! Welcome to the afternoon post! :D Today on the live feeds, the houseguests have been rather calm thus far. But some of them have been wondering if Candice will do another one of her "Keeping it Real with Candice" meetings that could throw Spencer under the bus in a last-minute effort to stay in the house. (Even if she did, it wouldn't matter..she's pretty much a goner at this point. But it'd be entertaining to watch Spencer get called out again!)

Speaking of Spencer, I just posted this on Twitter while I was eating my lunch, there's a new article out on about Spencer's sick "joking" comments the other day. (I didn't post about it at the time that it happened because I found the topic utterly repulsive). But this is a bit different now, since cops have been involved. Take a look at the article & have a read for yourself.  (*NSFW)

Okie dokie, let's see what's going on inside the BB house!! :D

Currently on the live feeds... (which are now $10/month! Super cheap!!)

1:58pm BBT:
A look at all 4 cams...
*Spencer/Helen are playing a game of chess.
*Amanda/Judd/Jessie/Andy/McCrae/Amanda are sharing their past stories/memories of being drunk.

2:19pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Andy/McCrae are talking about tomorrow's eviction. McCrae asks if everything is still ok (with Candice going), Andy says yes. They talk about the next HOH comp tomorrow. Andy really wants to win it but is afraid he'll be one of the 1st ones out. McCrae tells him to not over-think it & don't be faster than his brain.

Andy: "Next week is so crucial."
McCrae: "Yep. It's huge. I feel if (Jessie) wins HOH, it'll be trouble."
Andy agrees.
Andy: "I trust you, Amanda and Helen."
McCrae: "I trust Helen too, as long as you have her on a short leash."

**I wonder if Julie Chen will tell the HG's tomorrow (if the MVP twist ends) that America has been MVP the past couple of weeks. If so, it could help Judd's game out, since so many think he's the MVP and been nominating Amanda.

2:30pm BBT:
McCrae/Andy are still talking.

McCrae wants Amanda to stop talking to Aaryn & giving her so much info. Andy thinks that Aaryn trusts them (Andy/McCrae) but not Amanda and that could be a problem.

Andy: "Do you think tomorrow will be a double eviction?"
McCrae: "If we're at (the point of) jury, yea."
Andy: "If it is, it might be good. I'd only be scary if Jessie wins HOH and puts you (and Amanda) up."

2:35pm BBT:
McCrae/Andy's talk is over.
*Helen/Spencer are still playing their game of chess on Cams 1 & 2.
*Cam 3 &4 auto-switch to sunbathing HG's. No talking going on at the moment.

(He better hope that Jessie isn't seeing that. lol)

2:41pm BBT:
Aaryn is asking Elissa is she wants to be "misted" by the garden hose.

Elissa: "Spray it up."
 BB: "This is a lockdown, please go inside..." (*and don't come out until tomorrow nights Double Eviction.)

2:48pm BBT:
McCrae/Judd are talking about how they think tomorrow is a Double Eviction.

Elissa is asking BB, via her mic, if the're gonna be on lockdown until tomorrow night. No response.

2:50pm BBT:
All the smokers are getting in their last cigarette.

2:51pm BBT:
 All HG's are now inside for the lockdown. (BB will be building the comps for tomorrows Double Eviction.)
2:57pm BBT:

*Helen/Andy are playing table top football.
*Judd is showering.
*All other HG's are roaming around. (GM/Candice are napping.)

2:59pm BBT:

*Amanda/McCrae move into the Lounge Room.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm gonna hop offline for the next hour but I'll be back to start the Weds night post for tonights show at 8pm EST! Join me later in the chat room (especially if you have Time Warner Cable). ;)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Jeez. The houseguests get worse and worse. Spencer should be pulled from the game. That's not a joking matter...

Me said...

I have been reading your blog everyday so, first let me say thank you for writing it. I haven't been able to comment from my phone for some reason. So this is my first comment.
I have been watching BB from the very first season. This is the worst season ever and I really thought last season was. I really wanted new people without any old cast members, but maybe that was a mistake only because at least they played the game unlike the people this year. I have never seen so many people willing to let others control their future in this game. It amazes me that everyone is so worried about the Jury house and not the game itself. I hope something great happens Thursday in the db eviction, or I may only read your blog and leave it at that. What A disappointing year for BB.

Anonymous said...

I think this has just sort of been a perfect storm for a bad season. Even though most if not all the HGs not in the power alliance recognize the existence of the small group controlling the house they all either feel enough a part of the power alliance that they can bide their time for awhile and stick around till it eventually implodes or they hate the other outsiders too much to be able to effectively band together. Andy and Judd both feel safe and solid even though Judd shouldn't as much since America became MVP and the 2 power couples have ridiculously blamed him. And there was slim to no chance a group of Howard, Spencer, Candice, Aryan, GM and Jessie would've ever been able to effectively trust each other and work together with all the ill will in so many different directions between that group. It's happened before on Survivor with Boston Rob.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know if tomorrows DE will provide that much excitement since unless Spencer or Jessie win HOH I'm almost positive those 2 will be everyone else's noms. With no time to scheme I don't see anyone else going out on a limb to make a big move especially before POV. There is some potential for a backdoor mainly of Judd I suppose if Spencer or Jessie won POV. Unless maybe if Julie clues them in about America being MVP than even that might dissipate. But other than that I don't see them trying much else with not much time to be sure it'd work.


Anonymous said...

Question, who thinks the jury will be 9 and not 7 this season. That being said, do they not realize that Candice will be the first on the jury?? And with all the mean things being said and done to her, her vote could make or break someone's chance to win the 500,000??

Anonymous said...

Ok, well maybe I should have read the previous blog first lol, but this is awesome!!! 9 person jury is an awesome idea!!

Jamie said...

lol Karen ;)

Sam Henson said...

Who isn't a smoker in this house?

shannon72283 said...

Where can i find the Spencer article? I am a lil confused with what thats about? Can someone fill me in plz :)

Rebecca McCamish said...

I really wonder if Spender's company/union can get rid of him if he continues to do **** like this.

TMZ is right: it's never funny.

Erica Iles said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but dang! That screen shot of Elissa laying out getting her tan on really shows how nice her body is! I can't decide if I'm extremely jealous of her as another female or if I'd just be constantly staring at her questioning my own sexuality lol

Jamie said...

LOL @ Erica!!!! she does have an amazing body! *jealous*

Anonymous said...

I agree Elissa's tummy is awesome, along with the rest of her body

AmiLrn said...

I know what y mean lol. But in my case it's definitely jealousy. Her long lean yoga muscles are smoking!! Wish I had the dedication to look like that!

shannon72283 said...

Can someone plz help me! I dont get the spencer thing!

Bec Richards said...

I agree

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Helen, Andy, Spencer, Elissa, Aryan, GM, and Candice.


It would take a special kind of guy to be attracted to Elissa. A Low-T, his balls in her purse kind of guy.

John Gray said...

Completely on your side

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