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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! We're off to a slow start of the day, as only Helen/Elissa are up at the moment. All other houseguests are still sleeping.

Today is Helen's last day in the BB house, unless she becomes the returning juror tomorrow during the live show. Speaking of the live show, the HG's are already on inside lockdown which is a great sign of the HOH comp being endurance!

Going with my theory (or wishful thinking?), I wonder if all 4 jurors + remaining houseguests will all battle it out in an endurance HOH comp. Talk about one heck of a battle that'd be!! If you wanna see tomorrows most-likely HOH endurance comp, then ya gotta get the live feeds!! They come with a 2 day free trial & are only $10/month with 1 month of BB remaining.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:07am BBT:
Elissa/Helen are up. All other hg's are sleeping.
11:12am BBT:
BB: "Amanda, McCrae, please change your batteries."

Helen just told Amanda that Elissa's back was hurting and she couldn't sleep and used a comforter.

(**Sorry, it was hard to hear and i thought Helen said she didn't sleep in the Have Nots room. Lots of mufflings of mics.)

Amanda is LIVID!!!

Amanda goes back into the Have Nots Room and tells GM what Helen just said...

Amanda: "..and I got yelled at for sleeping with a towel and she has a f**king down comforter...I'm so f**cking pissed right now!"

GM mentions that production favoritism has been going on the whole game.

Amanda leaves the room, too angry to fall back asleep.

11:16am BBT:

Amanda is back in the Have Not Room, complaining about Elissa again.

Amanda: "Isn't that the whole F**KING POINT!!" (re: being uncomfortable while sleeping as a Have Not)

(**If you recall, Elissa also claimed a few days ago that she is "deathly allergic" to slop, but it just started this week...apparently.)

11:21am BBT:

Elissa is making coffee. She offers Aaryn some. Aaryn said no, she has to go back into the D.R. soon.

11:34am BBT:

Helen is getting ready for the day. Elissa is doing dishes.

**Only quad cam is working right now. All other cams flashback to midnight. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.

11:38am BBT:
Aaryn/Elissa are talking in the HOH room.

Amanda is still frustrated & talking to GM in the Have Nots room as they lay down. (**Elissa slept in the Have Nots Room, but Amanda's problem is that she laid down on a down comforter. I just re-listened to it.)

11:49am BBT:
Elissa/Aaryn are still talking.

Elissa is telling Aaryn that if she continues to work with McCrae/Amanda, she's not gonna get to the end.

Aaryn: "It's helped me get to where I am now, and things can change."
Elissa: "Nobody will win over Amanda and McCrae. If Helen leaves this week, they'll have the numbers for the rest of the thing. They don't even have to win anything, they have the numbers."

12:03pm BBT:

Aaryn: "I can't show you all my cards, you think I'm an idiot and that I'm aimlessly going through the game."
Elissa: "I don't know why you think I think you're an idiot..nobody is gonna vote for anyone but Amanda or McCrae. "Maybe not dumb, but you're naive. Nobody is gonna vote for you over Amanda or McCrae. Or me over Amanda/McCrae. He's never even been on the block! And he's in a showmance and he's controlled this game from week 1. And you're just their pawn."

Aaryn: "Y'all are just as good, if not better, than Amanda and McCrae!"
Elissa: "These people are too scared to put (Am/Mc) on the block.."

12:23pm BBT:
Elissa tells Aaryn that she will blame her, not Andy, if Helen goes home because they were her noms.

Elissa: "I am Rachel's sister. They cast me for a reason. They're not going to get rid of me." (re: MVP twist the first few weeks.) *feeds go to fishies*

Elissa says that if Spencer stays, then it gives Amanda/McCrae more power.

12:24pm BBT:
Elissa leaves. Helen is in the HOH room.

12:37pm BBT:

Helen: "Elissa is angry that I'm leaving and she shouldn't be putting that all on you."
Aaryn: "She thinks we scum, we are peasants, and she looks down on me!"
Helen: "If I could tell you the things that Amanda/McCrae have said about you...

Aaryn said that she heard from Am/Mc that she (H) was targeting her.

Helen: "OH MY GOD! Why would I invite you to the BBQ, bothered talking to you, if i was targeting you! I would've just ignored you!"

**This convo is pointless. Elissa did too much damage with her convo.

Helen: "Sorry, I don't mean to yell at you. Say what you want Aaryn, they (Am/Mc) are gonna say things to make you not like me."

12:42pm BBT:
Elissa joins Aaryn/Helen in the HOH room.

12:45pm BBT:
And cue Helen's tears.

Helen: "I'm a mom!" (*here we go...)

12:53pm BBT:

Helen: "Andy is brainwashed!"

1:01pm BBT:
Helen wants a Final 4 (Aaryn/Helen/Elissa/Andy) and she wants Aaryn to talk to Andy to get him on board.

Elissa: "You would be considered stupid, dumb girls if you went with Amanda/McCrae."

1:16pm BBT:

Aaryn seems to be on board with Aaryn but who knows if she's really with them or not. Even if she is, it doesn't mean that Andy will be on board and they need his vote & GM's vote. 

Elissa is getting annoyed and wants to talk to Andy because he's the swing vote. 

Elissa: "This is annoying. We're not playing for America. We're playing big brother and we (Aaryn/Helen/Elissa) already laid the ground work and we need Andy up here."

Elissa leaves the room.
Aaryn: "(Elissa) is being so mean. She just talked down to you."
Helen: "I know." 

Helen dismisses Elissa's rudeness and continues campaigning.  

Aaryn is saying that Elissa is disgusted by Elissa and she doesn't wanna work with her. 
Aaryn: "She's worse than Amanda."
Helen: "That Elissa is not the Elissa I know." (*but Aaryn is all too familiar with that side of Elissa.)

1:23pm BBT:
Elissa comes back up, saying that Andy is on his way up.

1:25pm BBT:

Andy/Aaryn talk real quick. Aaryn fills him in on what's going on. Andy/Aaryn both agree to stick with the plan of getting out Helen and get Elissa out next week.

1:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

And let the campaigning to Andy begin.

Elissa: "We know you're voting Helen out."
Andy: "I was thinking about it but it's because it's best for my game right now." (paraphrasing)
Helen: "You have no enemies right now. You vote me out, you will. The jig is up, Andy."

Helen's sweet side is gone. She's very threatening.  (Little does Helen know, the more you threaten him, the more it pushes him away.)

1:38pm BBT:
Andy just told them by them threatening him, it's pissing him off. Helen is backpedaling like crazy.

1:44pm BBT:
GM & Amanda just entered the room.

Amanda: "Is this Amanda bashing?"
Elissa: "We're campaigning to keep Helen."

Amanda/Elissa/Helen are starting to fight a little bit.

1:48pm BBT:
Meanwhile, Aaryn is crying and telling McCrae/Spencer what's going on.

**Alright guys &gals, that's it for me today, I'm worn out!! lol  Turn on the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I've been MIA for a few days and in reading through all the posts it looks like while a lot has happened, at least for this season, ultimately nothings happened cause everything is basically the same as when I left. I also read through all the comments which seemed to be buzzing even more than usual for this season and I would've loved to be a part of.

For those curious where I've been I actually just got released from the hospital after having my gall bladder removed. I'd been getting these bad at times crippling pains in my stomach that would start in my mid back then travel to my chest before settling in my stomach. Over the counter meds used to help but I eventually had to take more and more until they ultimately didn't help much at all. I went to the emergency room in June and they did a CAT scan which didn't show anything wrong. Then I had to go back to the emergency room Sat night and they kept me overnight to get an ultrasound on Sun morning and then I saw GI Dr who scheduled an endoscopy for Mon afternoon. The ultrasound results came back showing gall stones late Sun but they still did the endoscopy on Mon just to be sure there wasn't another issue like an ulcer as well. The endoscope came back clean and right after waking up and waiting to be brought back up to my room I met with a surgeon. He said it was his opinion the best course of action was to just remove the gall bladder as once it goes bad there's not much else that can be done and the issues I've been having will just continue and get worse and you don't really need your gall bladder anyway. He then told me he was actually free to operate within the hour so I said what the hell I'm already here so why wait. So 45 mins later I'm on the operating table being put out again. The surgery went well and less than 24hrs I was released from the hospital and have been home resting sans gall bladder and considerably sore since late afternoon yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Amanda, get over it. Just wait until tomorrow when all your plans get tossed out the window! I can hardly wait to see the look on her face!

Kim M said...

I know they've "punished" houseguests before who were have-nots and ate things that they weren't supposed to. But for some reason, I'd be shocked if production punishes Elissa for sleeping somewhere she isn't supposed to as a have-not (although I 100% think they should punish her - being uncomfortable is the whole point!).

Lynlin said...

I hope you feel better soon Brian.

DanFan1 said...

Get well soon brian! Glad u r back though I really like how u break the game down and r on an even keel unlike me sometimes. Lol.

Razldazlrr said...

Brian - get well !!

Elisaa is SUCH a prima donna - I'm sure she isn't supposed to be telling about her special treatment, but her ego just won't let her stop. I would hate to see her win!

Razldazlrr said...

LMAO - and cue Helen's tears!

Susie said...

Feel better soon Brian, almost like Jamie last year when she had the attack. Glad it is over with and heal fast. Keep up the blog, helping Jamie..............

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie , I am trying to get the Elissa argument on the flashback feeds & it won't let me ! Is it because Elissa is in DR ?? The Feeds are on fire I can't wait until these nitwits find out SOMEONE IS COMING BACK LOL ! You are the Best Jamie Have a good evening .

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the well wishes! They're very much appreciated!


I thought it was a little deja vu with Jamie myself. Though I guess I'm a little luckier in terms of BB in that it happened to me during this season as opposed to last season. Haha


Michelle Cowart said...


I am glad that you are back. I have been wondering where you have been because you post quite often and I enjoy your input. Not saying that I always agree (Smile) but I enjoy reading everyones thoughts. Don't push yourself and give yourself time to heal.

sunshine said...

New here this blog is awesome get better soon Brian

Deena said...

Glad you are back and recovering Brian ! I always love to read your thoughts and input on the game! Now get better! :D

Punkinbugg said...

Why on Earth do H and E think they can bully better than Amanda? They should have offered the opposite -- safety, trust, respect -- but E just can't get over her stubborn dislike of Aaryn to make a deal. So hard to watch.

Kern's Kreations said...

Glad you're getting through this okay Brian. I hope you continue to heal.

Helen is not very threatening when she tries to be huh? Maybe she should stick to the fake crying. :-)

Nessie Dahir said...

Jamie I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work.this blog is my addiction.they honestly just need to write Amanda the check.its just too insane to watch how she plays them.she's annoying and bully but I gotta give it her.they worship/fear her and she never won anything.

B******** said...

Hey Brian. That is nuts. Wishing you a speedy recovery. It not the same around here without you.


B******** said...

Hey Brian. Wishing you a speedy recovery. It not the same around here without you.


Kayla said...

It would be neat to have an endurance comp for the returning jurors, But have the HOH comp first and inform the returning houseguest who the HOH is so they can be devising a plan in their mind to be able to stay. Who they can team up with, ect.

Jamie said...

Brian!! Wow, that sounds so familiar to what i went through last summer, except it turned out it wasn't my gallbladder (i had my abdominal wall). Get better fast!! Rest, my friend!

michelaine said...

I love your blog! Thank you so much for all you do!

I've missed your comments. You have great insights. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

@Michelle, sunshine, Deena, Kern's Kreations and Wes

Thanks for the well wishes! They're all very much appreciated!


Robin Jackson said...

Hey Brian!!!

I am glad to hear you are doing better. Take it easy and continue on your recovery. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

BB Bopper said...

I am somewhat new to this site but I really enjoy it. Some of the other sites are pretty harsh. U do a great job Jamie, thx! Sry to hear about ur surgery Brian :( Hope u recover quickly. I always enjoy ur posts + ur insights. I am curious to know what ppl think about what hg's r saying about Elissa's special treatment such as...she gets to bring in her hair dye + bedazzled clothes (GM couldn't bring in either), she was allowed to sleep on a comforter (no one else was even allowed to use a towel or blanket) + the fact that she supposedly told some hg's that she is getting paid more per diem than everyone elsr

Anonymous said...


As I told Susie I thought it was eerie as well our similar issue basically exactly 1 year apart as you had your issues during BB last season. Thanks for the well wishes very much appreciated! I definitely plan on getting plenty of rest so I may still be a little scarce on the blog in the immediate future. Especially with the general uneventfulness of this season unless things suddenly heat up which I'm hopeful for starting Thu.


Anonymous said...


Thank you very much as well!


Anonymous said...

@Robin and BB Bopper

Thanks go out to both of you very much as well!


Rebecca McCamish said...

Get well, Brian. Save the fried chicken for about 3 weeks from now.... trust me on that.

As for Elissa: She IS getting special treatment.

They were also talking about how she's gone to the shrink many times since the game began.

And the most whacked out thing I heard during the day was Elissa saying (in her authoritative yoga/fitness guru voice) that they put hormones in the slop to make you crazy (i.e. emotionally unstable).

She scares me a little. For her own mental health if for no other reason, I hope she self-evicts.

BB Bopper said...

No response at all?? :'(

Kiley said...

I understand your pain all too well. I have no insurance so I have no choice but to take OTC drugs. And it sucks. But I am so glad you had yours taken care of. I know tons of people that had their GB removed and end up healthier than they've been in years. Wishing you a speedy recovery Brian! Glad you're back. :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much! Definitely will do on the fried foods! Haha


Anonymous said...


Thanks! Very much appreciated! I actually just got insurance again less than a year ago so I'm very lucky on that front. Sorry to hear about your situation.


BB Bopper said...

Thank u for responding Rebecca :)

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