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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Monday to all of you BB addicts across the land! Wow, what a night in the BB house last night on the live feeds. I'm gonna have one heck of an Overnighter to do this morning but it's going to be a to-the-point post since the HG's have just been woken up.

The brief recap: Aaryn thought about/tried to get Amanda backdoored this week, but it's not gonna happen. How did this all happen? I'll cover all of that below!

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8:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
(*This is a very long convo, let me get the highlights..)

Amanda told Helen she knows she (H) tried to make an alliance with GM/Aaryn (and then gun after Amanda/McCrae). Amanda was honest with Helen and said it makes no sense for her/McCrae to keep Helen in the game. She also made it clear that she's voting Helen out.

8:13pm BBT:
Helen asks Andy for his vote. (He's totally with the 3AM alliance, not gonna happen.) Helen now knows she can't trust Aaryn/GM and she thought she could. (Aaryn told Amanda that Helen tried to get them in an alliance.) Helen wants to talk to McCrae to see if she can get his vote. (There's no way.)

9pm BBT:
Andy said he will tell Elissa right before the votes that they're getting Helen out.

9:53pm BBT:
Helen/Elissa talk. Helen thinks Amanda will go after Elissa next. (*Yep.) Elissa said she doesn't trust Aaryn.

10:37pm BBT:

Aaryn/Amanda are fighting about winegate (back when Jeremy was in the house). Aaryn said Amanda said something that night that was "c*nty" and they start arguing. Nothing too bad, but worth mentioning.

Amanda: "Are you gonna get mad at things that happened so long ago, every night?"

Amanda doesn't like that Aaryn is calling her "c*nty".
Aaryn: "You called me a c**nt the other week!"
Amanda: "That was just a joke!"

11:26pm BBT:

Andy/Aaryn talked. Aaryn told Andy that she wants to go to Final 3 with him/GM. (She has F2 deals with both, so that makes sense.) During this convo, Andy tried to get Aaryn to trust McCrae/Amanda.

Aaryn started crying, saying she's just doing McCrae/Amanda's "dirty work". Andy tells Aaryn to stay loyal to Mc/Am until Final 4. Aaryn tells Andy she could backdoor Amanda this week, they have the votes to do it.

11:31pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda fight because McCrae was standing up for Aaryn during the "winegate" fight in the kitchen.

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn/GM talk in the HOH room. Aaryn tells her that McCrae/Amanda wanna target GM to separate GM/Aaryn & that Andy told her that. She also said she thought the Final 5 (Mc/Am/Aaryn/GM/Andy) was real and that Andy shouldn't have let the at slip.

12:08am BBT:
GM/Aaryn still talking. Aaryn is considering putting Amanda up as the renom.

12:23am BBT:

Aaryn telling Helen about Amanda's plan to get Helen out this week. Aaryn also told Helen that even though she (H) thinks she has Andy, she doesn't: Mc/Am do.

12:35am BBT:
Aaryn tried to convince Andy that Amanda needs to go this week.

12:38am BBT:

Amanda interrupts Andy/Helen/Aaryn talking in the HOH room, says she wants to talk to Aaryn alone.

Aaryn: "I also know that you're gonna target GM."

Amanda goes on a long rant about her, and her alone, have saved Aaryn time & time again in the game. This is the conversation that gets Aaryn to back off of her 'get Amanda out' plans. Amanda tells her that they (Am/Aa/Mc/Andy) are Final 4.

Aaryn tells Amanda that Andy said Am/Mc want GM out before Spencer or Elissa.
Amanda: "Absolutely not."

1:27am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is telling Amanda that it was Helen that wanted her to backdoor Amanda this week. Aaryn tried to cover up her tracks by telling Andy that Helen is "catching on" to Andy not being on her (H) side. (She flat-out told Helen she doesn't have him.)

1:40am BBT:
Aaryn tells Andy she's putting up Spencer as the renom this week.

1:45am BBT:
Aaryn tells GM that Amanda/McCrae aren't gunning for her (GM) anytime soon. GM is cool with that. Aaryn is worried that it'll get back to Amanda/Mc that it was actually her (Aaryn) who tried to come up with the plan to backdoor Amanda this week.

3:03am BBT:
Aaryn tells Helen that the plan to get Amanda out this week is no longer an option.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Starting the morning post now.

Stay tuned...
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Jen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen B. said...

"Aaryn thought about/tried to get Amanda backdoored this week, but it's not gonna happen."

That's too bad. I'm guessing Aaryn couldn't get Andy or Gina Marie on board. I'm not surprised by GM, but Andy needs to realize that he's the low man on the 3AM totem poll. You've got to break up a power couple.

Razldazlrr said...

It would serve Amanda right if she went home since she was stupid enough to tell Elissa that Helen was the target.

**Alea73** said...

Ohhhh Amanda...
YOU ruin EVERYTHING & just when Aryan was starting to get a Mind of her own!!!
McCrae, Put your Woman in a TIME OUT!!!!!

James Adams said...

Backdooring Amanda would be the best move in the game all season, be good for Aaryn to use her own mind instead of being puppet.

Anonymous said...

So I suppose this week we could see Helen playing the role of Jessie and Aryan playing the role of Helen as Helen can expose Aryan actually pushing for the backdoor Amanda plan this week leading to Amanda wanting to get Aryan out next week.

As an aside man what in the world has happened to Helen's gameplay these last 3 weeks or so. It's just been a total downward spiral for someone who seemed to have a good grasp on things and considerable control of the house to someone who seemingly has no clue what's going on. The shining moment of when I knew all was lost for her was when I saw her DR that she actually bought the F3 with Andy and McCrae. I mean I don't think even GM would've fallen for a F3 with McCrae that didn't include Amanda.


Ms. T said...

how has amanda saved aaryn time again? aaryn was literally on the block until she saved herself with hoh. when youve won 4 hohs people arent saving you, youre saving them.Also shes the only hg who has dramatically changed her game and alliances to stay in the house. Amanda had nothing to do with that either. How are they so afraid of someone who couldnt win hoh to save her life. Gm will follow aaryn, spencer may aswell and elissa would to save amanda:shed have the votes! she could potentially become queen hg if she evicts amanda as helen and elissa would team up with her, she always has gm, and andy the super floater would stick to her side. Do it Aaryn!

Donna Boles said...

They are making me so mad that they won't make any power moves, Aaryn needs to put up Amanda, because she would not win to come back in. They are so stupid to vote the way the house does.

Rachel said...

This is so hard to watch! I am seriously starting to think its a sham and Amanda is Gona win. This doesn't make any sense that they haven't got out Amanda and separated her and mc!!!!! I will nvr watch again if she wins. And who ever gets to come back from jury needs to have a power or everyone will just gang up on them again and vote em right out!

Erica Iles said...

Donna makes a good point, even if they backdoored Amanda this week with the suspicion of a houseguest coming back it wouldn't be Amanda! That girl couldn't even win a competition even if all the questions were about herself.
Also, it would have been the best move for Andy to push for plan backdoor Amanda. Why? Because it makes Helen sort of believe that she may still have loyalties in the house thus not putting Andy in such a corner with Helissa. If Helen and Amanda are on the block together who goes home?
Elissa votes to evict... Amanda. Duh.
McCrea votes to evict... Helen. Duh.
GM votes to evict... Amanda because her bff told her to.
Andy votes to evict... Amanda because then he still looks loyal to Helissa, he's only going to have MC on his badside, he's even more secure with a F2 with Aaryn.
Spencer votes to evict...Doesn't even matter.
These people must SUCK at puzzles because nobody has put any pieces together all season long!

Ste ven said...


Amanda is basically telling you to your face that she will cut you and youve seen how shes manipulated you for every HOH and you still wont get her out. Andy, too Im so disappointed. They could get Amanda out this week and change the whole game (unless she were to come back ; that would be the 1 comp shed win)

You could get Elissa, Spencer, GM to vote Amanda out....That would do it. SPencer also is gullible thinking somehow they have his back. McRanda is the strongest couple in the house . I havent read the other posts yet but I just hope Helen can convince someone and that Aaryn will get a backbone. Having one 4 HOH now, she is going to become a target and McRanda (and Andy ) have no loyalty to her. I dont know why Andy wants F3 with McRanda when they would never take him to the finals. Plus people are getting scared that Andy with his social game would win - plus that McRae or Amanda would win. Aaryn even said last night that she would vote for Amanda. DUH DOESNT THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING. Youd think if someone brought Spencer or GM to the F2, theyd win.

As for who should come back if Helen were evicted, I see most people voted for Judd but that is my 2nd choice. I dont know that he would cause as much drama as Helen. Everyone voted Judd out so he cant really be mad at one faction. Helen may have spearheaded it but McRanda, Andy and everyone else went alone..and Aaryn made the noms. Helen would be fantastic to come back IF she won HOH. If 3Am won, then it would be the same thing. I do wonder what would happen if either GM or Spence would win. It seems they too are not thinking for themselves and would be brainwashed to spare McRanda. BACKDOOR AMANDA PLEASE. It would be better for McRae too.
I dont feel sorry for Judd cuz I think he has a great chance to win Americas favorite
I also felt a bit ughy hearing Aaryn last night saying how Andy had an advantage cuz hes gay and thus neither the girls nor guys are threatened. Other gay contestants havent gone that far. Heck, Daigle got out early but at least got a porn career out of it. But then again, he was probably the 1 gay HG that was the least stereotypical. Still hoping for the femme lesbians and butch gays next season - 2o f each so we could even potentially get a gay showmance. Those headlines would be much better than racism in the house

Nikki said...

Hey Jamie! Totally random but, last night on BBAD Elissa mentioned something to Helen about David while they were in the hot tub and it seemed to be a pretty big deal. Aaryn later joined their convo and confirmed whatever it was to be true. Just wondering if you caught what it was??? I was tryin to multi-task and just missed what it was! Thanks so much for all you do!

sami said...

I was also wondering about what happened to david... it was on commercial when they actually said what happened.

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