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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, guys & gals! Welcome to the afternoon post. There is no morning post simply because as I type this (at 1:50pm BBT), the houseguests are still sleeping...minus Helen/Elissa who have been up for a couple hours chit-chatting. Spencer just got up about 10 mins ago.

Elissa/Helen have been talking about a variety of things:
Helen thinks that Amanda is "really good" at the game & has been running the house, how Aaryn was on board to backdoor Amanda (and then she backed out),  how disappointed in McCrae's gameplay she is (she said he follows Amanda around the house), and Helen even brought up the idea of them (Helen/Elissa) starting their own clothing (for kids, I think) business together at some point.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:55pm BBT:
A look at the quad cam..
**As soon as the HG's wake up, I'll start blogging. (I can't handle too much of Helen these days. lol) In the meantime, check out this article that says former BB winner Hayden Moss will be on this season of Survivor & Episde 8 of the BB15 Sage by Wil Heuser!

2:21pm BBT:
GM/Andy/Amanda are up now as well.They're talking (non-game chatter) in the bathroom.

2:30pm BBT:
McCrae is up now, too.
2:42pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Helen/Amanda talk. Helen said she knows she met her match (with Amanda) and respects her game. (She told Elissa the same thing last night.) Amanda, who has been upset at Helen's "she's a bully" comments, told Helen she is not a bully and has never bullied her. Helen then told Amanda she loves her and doesn't wanna leave the house on bad terms with each other.

Amanda mentions that she knew Helen was gonna gun after her, despite Helen claiming she wouldn't. Amanda tells Helen she (Am) will have Elissa when she (H) goes home. Helen tells her that Elissa is gonna play her own game. (*Elissa will never work with Amanda, at least not at this point.)

Amanda then cried, saying she loves McCrae and she doesn't bully him.

They part ways. Helen goes off to tell Elissa about their convo & that she (E) has to stay in the game and win it.

Meanwhile at 3:20pm BBT, Amanda is filling McCrae in on her convo with Helen.

3:40pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda tells Elissa she's worried that Helen is turning her (E) against her (Am). Elissa then proceeded to throw Aaryn under the bus, saying that she (Aa) was going after her (Am) first. Amanda tells Elissa she trusts her more than she trusts Helen & that they need to get Aaryn/GM/Spencer out together.

Amanda tells Elissa that Helen said she (E) is going after her (Am). Elissa gets mad that Helen would say that. Elissa tells her that she (Am) is not her target if she wins HOH on Thursday.

Elissa complimented Amanda on her excellent game so far & says she's "impressed". Elissa then said she wants to get Spencer out.

Amanda: "It's going to me/you/McCrae/Andy vs GM/Aaryn/Spencer."

4:00pm BBT:
Elissa/Amanda are still talking.

Amanda: "I knew Helen was going after me, for weeks! I can't control Aaryn, but I do know she wanted you out. And I knew Helen was a bigger target, and by putting you two on the block, it gave you a bigger advantage, and I knew you would have a shot at staying."

Amanda: "I feel like I can work with you without Helen. I can't trust Helen! I know I can trust Andy.."

Elissa: "Would you put up Aaryn?"
Amanda: "Yea! She's too good of a competitor. 100%. We'd have to backdoor here, though."
Elissa: "I just don't want (Helen) to go..I just feel like.."
Amanda: "Like your sister, I know."

4:12pm BBT:
Amanda: "We need you! Me, Andy, McCrae..we need you."

Elissa warns Amanda that Aaryn is against her (Am) & is constantly throwing her under the bus.

Amanda: "She's only throwing me under the bus to break up our (Elissa/Amanda) bond."

4:20pm BBT:
Amanda is cheerleading Elissa to win HOH and that they think it'll be an endurance comp and she (E) will win it.

Elissa is saying she wants to play her own game, not Amanda's game. Amanda agrees that she should play her own game.

Amanda: "I love you, I'm on your side!"
Elissa: "I'm on your side too, but you're trying to get rid of Helen and you're secluding me.."

4:25pm BBT:
Elissa wants Helen to stay & Spencer to go.
Amanda wants Helen to go & Spencer to stay..for now.
Elissa: "I promise you, if Helen stays, I will vote for you (in the finals) any day! Any day! You have masterminded this game."

Amanda: "I'll talk to McCrae. But how do I know that after going after me for so long, and now she needs our votes, she lied, lied, lied!"

4:31pm BBT:
Talk is finally over. They hug it out & part ways.

Amanda: *singing* "I want coffee.."

4:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn: "Amanda and Elissa have been in the cockpit talking for an hour now. That worries me."
Spencer: "They're out (of the room) now."

Talk turns to Have Nots food.

4:58pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn: "I wanted Elissa gone this week, but y'all wanted Helen out. But, it's whatever. I get that she (Helen) lies and is not on my side, I'm just over it right now."

McCrae said that Amanda/Elissa convo will make Elissa feel safe if there's an endurance comp and Andy/Amanda is left up there with her.

Aaryn/Amanda are going back & forth a little bit. Aaryn is annoyed that Elissa will gun after her and that she put up Helen/Elissa for Amanda/McCrae. Mc/Am are trying to tell Aaryn/GM that Helen was definitely gunning after them, too.

Amanda: "My convo with Elissa was to protect the people that are here. If you don't see that, it's very obvious..."
GM: "But if she (E) wins HOH, someone's gotta go up."
Amanda: "I'm gonna go have a cig. I feel like I can't come up here & talk to you (Aaryn). I'm gonna go smoke."

Amanda leaves.

Spencer: "Elissa hates my guts."
McCrae: "She hates everyone's guts in here!"

5:07pm BBT:

Amanda went outside to smoke & yelled to Elissa/Helen that Aaryn is mad at her for talking to Elissa for so long.

Elissa: "Spencer is gonna win this game. Mark my words. He has every jury vote & he's smart."
Helen: "I just wanna go out with class! Not like a bum. I'm sorry if that put a target on you."
Amanda: "You've been my friend this entire game."
Helen: "I don't wanna leave here and have you & I not on good terms."
Amanda: "I feel like they're talking about me (in the HOH room) so I'm gonna go check up on them."

Amanda heads inside.

5:13pm BBT:
HOH Room
Non-game chatter all around. Current topic, commercials.

Amanda sneaks off to the bathroom to talk to Aaryn.
Amanda is telling Aaryn she has to trust her. (It's hard to hear because Aaryn isn't mic'ed up and the boys + GM are talking in the HOH room.)

Amanda: "I'm protecting you, stop making me look like an a**hole!"

Aaryn is mad that Amanda is making Aaryn a target. Amanda said she wants Elissa to target Aaryn/GM/Spencer and it doesn't matter because they have the votes to keep Aaryn safe no matter what.

Amanda: "I've controlled every single nomination and I've saved you..I'm telling you, I promise you.."

Meanwhile outside, Helen/Elissa wanna somehow get Spencer to start a fight with Amanda (in hopes of getting him out inside of Helen).

Amanda: "Trust me! Which it doesn't look like you do in front of Spencer, which is fine. But trust me."

5:26pm BBT:
Amanda leaves the HOH bathroom and sits down in the HOH room with McCrae/Spencer/GM. Aaryn looks deep in thought.
Spencer/McCrae/Amanda are talking about Comic Con.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual. I never say this, but keep your eyes on the feeds tonight...there's tension in the air and Helen/Elissa wanna try to create drama by getting Spencer to fight with someone. If you don't have the live feeds, you can now get'em for just $10/month and we have just 1 month left of BB to go! Treat yourself, you'll love'em! :D

Stay tuned...
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Michelle said...

Of course She wants Elissa on her side! Amanda needs someone else to do her dirty work for her and get Aaryn out bc she knows she cant! Also I cant wait to see her face when an evicted player walks back in! HA HA HA! Seriously she also knows if Helen is gone and Elissa is there, GM and Aaryn would go after Elissa before her. UGH! I wish they would have back doored Amanda but I'm hoping she leaves next week! PLEASE GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Valerie Wilson said...

@Michelle, I love Amanda, hope she wins BB15!

Jodi said...

I don't understand this power that Amanda has over the house! She hasn't win anything so why are teu so scared of her?! She would be the easiest person to get out! I started out as an Amanda fan but now she is losing me with her power trips!!

Anonymous said...

So is Elissa just saying whatever Amanda wants to hear but she'll really put Amanda/McCrae up?

I hope she's just leading Amanda on. She's smarter than that too.

I'm really banking on Elissa winning HOH or if Helen comes back winning.

I've been a big fan of the Mom Squad alliance although I feel Elissa is more loyal to Helen.

BusymominTexas said...

Amanda isn't going anywhere. I swear its fixed and she is going to win.

diamonds222 said...

Wow, so now Helen and Elissa are so impressed with Amanda??? is Elissa really buying Amanda's bull?it's always like lala land in there. Aaryon should be mad at herself because she still went with Amanda's picks. Amanda is right she is actually controlling the hoh's noms and she hasn't won a THING. This season is like watching a movie where there is no one really to root for, or to get excited about. but it's BB and I'll still be watching...aahhhh addicted

barbara hunter said...

I don't understand why Aaryn is still in this game along with Spencer. None of the hg have gave Elissa a chance accept for Helen. Amanda doesn't want any blood on her hands so thats why she gets the other to get blood on there hands. Hope either Candice or Helen comes back but I hope its Candice and to see the look on GM face that will b priceless. # teamelissa

barbara hunter said...

Why is Amanda always up in the hoh bed for? #teamelissa

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I am so tired of hearing the hgs, especially Helen, use 'like' and 'you know' so many times in a single sentence. It has gotten very irritating. Along with that is Elissa's 'moaning' during conversation. She does it all the time...mmhmm...yikes! Even the hgs who didn't use those words are now abusing them. Anything that comes out of GM's mouth is irritating to hear and abusive in nature. And Spencer? Well, he's just an outright pig. Ok, I'm done venting. Thank you!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I am so tired of hearing the hgs, especially Helen, use 'like' and 'you know' so many times in a single sentence. It has gotten very irritating. Along with that is Elissa's 'moaning' during conversation. She does it all the time...mmhmm...yikes! Even the hgs who didn't use those words are now abusing them. Anything that comes out of GM's mouth is irritating to hear and abusive in nature. And Spencer? Well, he's just an outright pig. Ok, I'm done venting. Thank you!

Rebecca McCamish said...

I also love Amanda.

Everyone goes, oh, but she hasn't won any comps!

Neither did Dr. Will. Look where that got him.

Renee' Southard said...

So now that Amanda is running it, I wonder how she would act if they pulled one of her moves & had a house meeting & called her out for it?! Elissa should totally blast her to everyone if she wants a chance of them voting to save Helen.. Just a thought, i know Amanda would do that if it was she or McCrae on the block

Renee' Southard said...

I agree, def a season with no one to really root for.. I said before they are all dishonest, mean, & hateful! I loved Ian from day 1 last season & he was always genuine :) glad he won!

Ste ven said...

ANDY saying he's losing Helen is a bit disingenuous ...He's only losing her because HE is voting her out. Aaryn was talking about a situation where she & GM would be on the block together to split them apart. Andy can keep Helen if he wants to...(he and mcrae havent even been on the block)
At least we know Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Aaryn will not win Americas Favorite Player
If Aaryn is so worried, she should have considered backdooring Amanda - she had the votes if she'd get Spence, Andy, Gm on board - even without Andy cuz she had Elissa and it couldve been them vs Andy/McRae for the rest of the game.

Does Andy not have a F3 deal with anyone in the house. If only one of them would get smart and talk to each other. Andy is real good at making them all talk. Im surprised he hasnt run back to Amanda yet to tell them that so and so is thinking of putting her up. If the rest of them dont split them up next week theyre stupid. Even Elissa should put them both up...Even Aaryn..Andy is too chicken to.

Ste ven said...

I agree with you 100%. Listening to these HG talk extensively on After Dark and hearing all the You LIKE, YOU KNOW every few words is so annoying. I know some people do that when public speaking but these people do it all the time. Its one thing for someone uneducated like GM..but Helen says like all the time.

The Amanda thing is puzzling but if she makes it to the end, she deserves to win. I dont know why theyre afraid of her and I dont know why this late in the competition, no one has wanted to split the couple. Thats usually the first thing they do and McRanda is stronger than your average showmance. While I think we'd all love to see McRae blindside Amanda, its not going to happen. Andy doesnt seem to get hes not going to win in the F3 unless he wins HOH. If Aaryn wins again shes gonna be an even bigger target
The best thing this week would be if HELEN won HOH and came back in. If its Candice or Jessie, theyd probably get voted out unless they won HOH. If its Judd, who knows. Everyone voted against him so its not like he has one person on his side although he may blame Elissa or Aaryn more and McRanda and ANdy would buddy buddy him. The HOUSE votes have got to stop but looks like this week it will be the same except for Elissa. It makes the game sooooo boring. Why do I feel the HOH person winning isnt going to make it more exciting. I dont know that anyone but Elissa would put up McRanda...They all still think its 'too early' - how did that work for Helen who had 3 chances to get Amanda out.
Poor Spence - hes just there to serve on the block

mercedes Peacock said...

I hope to god they send amanda home soon it amazes me that she have never won a challenge and she is so cocky and confident that she run the house and if this bitch make it to the finle 2she deserve to win for the simple fact that she has never had any power in the house but manage to be the person who control it now if aaryn had of put her up instead of spencer she would of went home with elissa arryn spencer and gina marie vote she would had enough. Votes to evict becuz only votes amanda would of had was andy and mccrae i believe her time is near if helen dont go home and helen is smart and she will do some damage control onleave y thing she need to do is convince gina marie to vote spencer and helen will live to fight another week cant wait

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