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Friday, August 30, 2013

Afternoon in the Big Brother 15 House (part 2)

In case this is your 1st time on the blog today, be sure to read the The Overnighter & the Morning/Afternoon Post + Luxury Comp post. To get y'all caught up to speed, GinaMarie is the HOH and she's putting Amanda/McCrae up on the block today. Nominations have not yet happened, but will be soon. While everyone in the house knows that Mc/Am are going up as the noms, they don't know that they are. Amanda was hoping that GM would put up Elissa/Judd, but that's not going to happen.

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Currently on the live feeds...

2:28pm BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa and GM have been talking for a little bit now. Elissa wants to work with GM and "take out the boys" and send them to jury. Andy walked in and Elissa asked him to leave them alone to talk privatley.

Andy: "You serious? I'm on the same page as you."
Andy leaves.
GM/Elissa talk some more.

Elissa wants Amanda to be the target this week.
Elissa: "I still don't trust Andy." (*He knows and he's trying to change that.)
Elissa then mentions "how rude" Andy was when he walked in the HOH room a couple of minutes ago.

2:32pm BBT:
Elissa leaves. GM calls up Andy to talk.
GM covers the tracks of Elissa wanting to talk to GM alone. (Basically said it was girl talk about Amanda.)

Andy: "Elissa scares the piss outta me because she doesn't trust me, and if she wins HOH and puts up and I go home at the hands of Elissa, I'm gonna kill myself."

They start talking game talk.
GM tells Andy he's safe this week, of course, and to fight for POV. (*He plans on throwing it, though.)

GM says they'll stay in the Final 4 together and keep each other safe until they can't anymore.

They hug. Andy leaves.

2:41pm BBT:
Spencer/GM talk. (Probably gonna more of the same stuff she just told Andy.)
GM said she talked to Elissa.

GM: "I'm not working with her, just to let you know." 

GM: "Elissa wants Amanda to go but I want McCrae to go."

Blah blah to Final 4...blah blah..I gotta think about how to place the keys in the nominatons wheel.
Spencer: "I'm gonna act shocked, just so you know." (re: McCranda going up.)

2:47pm BBT:
Judd enters.

GM: "If it's a prizes/punishments, go for the prizes. Because 1 of them are going home no matter what."

Spencer leaves.
Judd/GM talk. GM says her target is McCrae.

GM: "This is an "Exterminators" nomination, not mine." (basically saying they're a team nominating McCranda.)

Judd/GM talk about the luxury comp. Judd says he's glad Elissa didn't win any money because she doesn't need the money. They're glad Spencer won. Judd mentions he wants Elissa gone after McCrae/Amanda are gone.

3:03pm BBT:
Amanda enters the HOH room. Judd leaves so they can talk.

Amanda: "If you don't put up Elissa, the whole is gonna be mad at you." (*wrong.) 
She wants Judd/Elissa nominated.

Amanda: "Judd's made deals with everybody!"

This convo is useless, since McCrae/Amanda are going up & GM won't budge.

3:09pm BBT:
McCrae enters. All 3 talk.
Amanda's argument is under false assumptions that "the whole house" wants Elissa out and that she'd only be pissing off 1 person if she nom'ed Elissa/Judd. GM is saying she's not allowed to say who she's nominating and that she's talking to everybody.

Amanda is proposing a Final 4 with McCrae/Amanda/Andy/GM.

3:19pm BBT:
McCrae/GM are still talking. They both think that next week is a double eviction. GM said that'd be good for her because then she could play for HOH again.

McCrae is pushing for Judd to go up and make a Final 4 deal together (Mc/Am/Andy/GM).

GM: "I have a lot of thinking to do.."
McCrae: "Whatever you do, I respect you."

They hug & McCrae leaves.

3:35pm BBT:
Andy/GM are talking.

GM telling him that they want Judd/Elissa up on the block and want a Final 4, but that they don't know that they already have a final 4 with "The Exterminators".

4:00pm BBT:
McCrae/Spencer talking on the backyard couch. McCrae thinks he'll go up with Elissa. Spencer is playing dumb and saying he hopes he (Sp) doesn't get nominated.

4:02pm BBT:
BB calls for outside lockdown. Time for nominations soon.

4:04pm BBT:
TRIVIA! Time for the nomination ceremony!

Stay tuned...
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Mimi said...

Look at GM being all smart! Didn't know she had it in her! Yes, McCrae needs to go first! He would totally win the whole thing if he stays! How are others so oblivious about it? I understand they're annoyed by Amanda, but let's not lose focus on what's important here: winning! And you can't do that with McCrae next to you. And let's not forget he's actually good at competitions when he wants to

Ashini said...

I'm really curious to see how Amanda will react if McCrae wins veto and takes himself off, because that would basically guarantee her going home. And she's always bitching about how he doesn't throw comps for her or look out for her. Eg. Remember the HOH that Andy won where McCrae knocked Amanda out? She cried and got all pissed at him for not throwing it to her.

Jess D said...

I know this is a little irrelevant right now but was it just me or does Rachel look A LOT different from when she was on BB? I noticed that last night that she doesn't look at all like I remember. Maybe it's the fact that I see Elissa and was expecting her to look more like her face wise but they actually don't look that much alike but they do act and talk very much alike. Idk just thought I'd bring that up lol.

Pacer33 said...

Jamie are you loving this as much as I am? LOL

TamaraJ said...

Who would've guessed that GinaMarie would be the one to make us proud? Assuming she sticks to her guns and nominates Amanda and Mccrae...

Erica Iles said...

I was thinking the same thing. If McCrea wins veto Amanda is going to expect him to use it on her! And she's going to cry about it and say McCrea does nothing for and all that. Ooookay lol

Erica Iles said...

I don't think she looks the same either.
Just a random question, who do you think is prettier? Elissa or Rachel?
Also, have you seen old pics of them together?!

dotty said...

Ive always thought Mccrae was dangerous too. And I think he had great potential. BUT! I kinda think he's been a huge floater. He's been hiding behind Amanda the entire time, hasn't won much, and I'm not entirely sure he can. He's a great strategist, a good social gamer, but I think he's getting a lot of credit for how we thought he would play, and a lot of credit for controlling the house when it's mostly Amanda doing the work. I, for one, would like to see him actually play without Amanda. Thoughts?

Jess D said...

I'd say Elissa is the prettier one in my opinion. I saw that pic of them in Elissa's hoh room and they look a lot different. Lol

Random World said...

Go GM go go! Go GM go go!

Ashaw20 said...

How long does the mom ceremony usually last?

krstn423 said...

Rachel does look different but I think she might have lost some weight

Erica Iles said...

I would agree with everything u said!

Erica Iles said...

Maybe that's it, and I also feel like her hair is different so now I can actually see her face or something? Idk what it is!

SuperDeb McHero said...

It's how Andy was so offended about zing bot floater comment. He is the epitome of a floater. I don't understand why Elissa did t target Andy after threatening to over Helen's eviction. Aaron would have never won so take her to the end. As a gay woman, I always root for the gay contestants but Andy is embarrassing. "Professor" of what? FLOATING?

SuperDeb McHero said...

Jamie! New poll. Who should go first A or M?

SuperDeb McHero said...

I never would have dreamed that the real gamer here would have been GM!!! So proud of her. The Nick stuff is sad but I'm starting to see she is really sensitive about all her peeps.

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