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Monday, August 26, 2013

Afternoon in the Big Brother 15 House

Good afternoon, everyone! :D Welcome to the Afternoon Post in the Big Brother 15 house. Today, the houseguests had their Veto Ceremony. Veto winner, Amanda, pulled McCrae off the block & Elissa placed Andy up as the replacement nominee.

At this point, Aaryn will definitely be going home...and she is now aware of it. While she's sad that she's lost the game & will be going to jury, she's just glad that knows for sure either way what was going to happen this week & now feels she can "be herself" in the house for the next few days.

A couple of convos that happened while I was on my lunch time bloggy break were: 11:40am BBT, Amanda tells Aaryn she's sorry & tried to do everything she could to get GM on the block which would've kept her safe this week. Aaryn cried, Amanda comforted her & told her she made big moves in the game. She told Amanda she hopes she (Am) wins the game. Amanda said this will look really good for Elissa's BB resume if she makes it to the end of the game.

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At 11:50am BBT, Judd told Elissa that Mc/Am are voting Aaryn out. Elissa is relieved & happy that she 'called their bluff'.

Around 12:10pm BBT, Aaryn told GM that she doesn't have the votes to stay & that GM should vote with the majority of the house. They both cried.

Aaryn said it's a big weight lifted off of her shoulders now that she knows what's going to happen on Thursday. Aaryn then gave GM tips on how to play the game and warned her that it might be GM/Elissa on the block next week.

At 12:30pm BBT, Amanda is mad that nobody else is calling out Elissa like she is and that they all agreed they would but she's the only doing it & it's making her look like the a**hole. Amanda then told Spencer/McCrae/Andy that Aaryn said Judd/Spencer are gunning for her/McCrae. Amanda then went on a verbal rant about how much she dislikes Elissa.

Meanwhile, Judd/Aaryn were comparing notes: Aaryn told him she's been with Am/Mc since week 2. Judd said he was working with them since week 1.

1:10pm BBT:
Spencer & Amanda are napping in their beds.
McCrae just joined the backyard couch crew of Aaryn/Judd/Andy. Current topic is about learning how to drive.

1:36pm BBT:
Andy/McCrae/Judd were talking outside, McCrae goes inside & Judd/Andy talked. Andy said that McCrae/Amanda need to be split up.

McCrae rejoined them, game talk stopped.

1:51pm BBT:
McCrae/Judd/Andy are talking about the HOH comp. Andy said he was hoping Judd would come back in, or Candice for the pure entertainment. He was afraid of Helen or Jessie coming back into the game.

Andy: "You could tell Jessie really (wanted to win it)."
McCrae: "Yea."
Andy: "Poopy is in the house make chicken quesadilla's, now I'm gonna have to 1 up her."

2:41pm BBT:
Aaryn is telling Andy/McCrae that GM/Elissa are now a duo and that GM told her they were gonna be a duo and work together in the game (since Aaryn is leaving).

Aaryn: "GM said she's going after Amanda and McCrae. Do not f**king tell anyone I said that."
Andy: "My lips are sealed this week."
Aaryn: "One of y'all have to win HOH this week. If you don't, one of y'all are gonna up on the block again. Nobody is Team McCranda."
McCrae: "Yep."
Aaryn: "If Spencer is working with Elissa, I'm gonna puke. And I really think he is."

BB: "Elissa, please go to the Diary Room."
Andy: "...and we have a Diamond Power of Veto waiting for you." (*lol)

2:50pm BBT:
Aaryn said that now that she's going to jury, she's gonna say whatever she wants. She goes inside a few minutes later, leaving McCrae/Andy to talk.

Andy is trying to do damage control (about Aaryn saying GM is gunning for McCranda, since GM/Andy/Judd/Spencer are in an alliance together) and saying he doesn't trust anything Aaryn says. McCrae agrees, though he's worried about the GM/Elissa duo thing.

3:02pm BBT:
GM comes out. Andy goes inside for a few minutes, leaving GM/McCrae to talk. (Andy then rejoined.)

McCrae said he heard that GM is gunning for him/Amanda now. GM said she doesn't like Elissa and that sending her to jury, would be getting back at her for getting Aaryn out this week. GM said she makes deal day by day, week by week.

McCrae: "Don't tell Aaryn I told you (that you're gunning for me/Amanda)."
GM: "I tell certain people certain things." (she then starts her normal making-no-sense GM talk.)

3:30pm BBT:
Amanda joins McCrae/Spencer on the backyard couch. McCrae tells her that Aaryn is starting with her lies and tells her what Aaryn told him...about GM/Elissa being a duo now, how everyone is after them, etc.

Amanda said to pay attention to who goes up to the HOH room with Elissa. Ironically, GM just walked up and is talking to Elissa in the HOH room.

3:46pm BBT:
Amanda said she's not gonna worry about it & she's just gonna fight to win HOH and stay. She's not gonna "over-worry" about it.
 Spencer: "We're at that point in the game where ya gotta win to stay"
Amanda knows that GM is upstairs with Elissa in the HOH room.

McCrae thinks next week will be a double eviction.
4:03pm BBT:
Aaryn tried to campaing to Elissa (in front of GM) but Elissa called Aaryn out on trying to get GM nominated for eviction and then lying about it during their current convo.

Aaryn said if she stayed, she'd be on Elissa's side and work with her to get out McCrae/Amanda, but Elissa was standing her ground and not budging.

4:15pm BBT:
Aaryn is outside talking to McCrae, telling him that Elissa just threw her under the bus in front of GM and now shes' gonna have to deal with GM being mad at her for the rest of her time in the house this week.

Aaryn: "They're the new f**king duo."

Andy just joined McCrae outside. Judd/Amanda are napping, Spencer is in the D.R., while GM/Elissa are in the HOH room.

Andy: "I think Hurricane Poopy (Aaryn) is starting to brew!"
McCrae: "Yea."

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! Enjoy the live feeds!! :D

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Mimi said...

I do think Aaryn had some potential. If it wasn't for all the racism, she could've probably won this game, at least in the voters eyes. Had all the potential in the world to be America's sweetheart.
I still think Amanda has no idea what she's doing and how she's being percieved. A total spoiled brat!! And I also want to see when they come out of this game and McCrae dumps her like a hot potato! :))) she laughs at Elissa regarding her botox...honey, have you seen your face in the mirror? Nose job, boob job, I would jump and say cheek implants even. So plastic.
GM can be cute sometimes, but with her tiny tiny brain, she is so easy to influence, it's actually sad. And even more sad when she's out in the real world and sees that Nick has a restraining order against her probably.
Getting Aaryn out this week accomplishes nothing! Getting Andy The Rat out, now that would make this game interesting. Huge floater. Hope they tape his nervous breakdown when it happens. Judd is the only one so far with a cleaner slate. But just so boring. I don't go that crazy for the whole "simple country boy". Kinda boring, plus, I bet you he's gonna get double crossed by the same people tht got him the last time. Hve you learned nothing Judd?? Tisk, tisk, tisk

Razldazlrr said...

omg - how could spencer be back in bed napping? LMAO - I am also amazed he's still there - I guess there is always a bigger target sitting beside him

This Is My Journey said...

Is that true Aaryn was working with Mcranda since week 2 and Judd working with them since week 1? Seems so long ago I can't remember.

James Adams said...

I guess it is better to know what's going to happen to oneself.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Elissa's face doesn't move. That's why Amanda calls her the Joker. She has no control over the muscles in her face due to botox. It's what makes Elissa look plastic even when she tones the makeup down. Very unfortunate in a girl of 27.

Having watched both of them, I can tell you that Amanda's face is very expressive... and not at all rigid and plastic the way Elissa's is.

The botox paralyzation is not attractive in the slightest. It also makes Elissa's Better Than Thou personality seem even worse than it already is.

I keep hoping she'll make good on her threats to self-evict. That would be the most satisfying thing I'd have seen in the entire history of Big Brother.

If she makes it to the end, I'm going to jump off of the balcony with Andy.

Honestly--about Andy? And Aaryn? People think that Aaryn has no shot at the end to win... but she does. Everyone recognizes that Aaryn has turned her game around and has been playing voraciously ever since. Sitting next to Aaryn at the end? You lose. Sorry. She wins. The history of racism will have zero impact except with Candice and Jessie who.... frankly, neither one of them are very bright.

Just sayin'.

Erica Iles said...

I also feel like Judd is just making a repeat of his last eviction, I feel like he has learned absolutely nothing!

Razldazlrr said...

Agree Rebecca - Elissa's face does not move - she looks very plastic - is that all she is - 27??? wow

Amanda has fake boobs but I don't think face - I'm with you - her face moves all the time.

This is just such a weird group and season - had some of these players that are still in now paid against past players, they would have been out early


Elizard was making the point that she's never had plastic surgery...on her face, I guess botox and lip injections don't count. She belittled Aaryn for wanting implants, saying she should have gotten them before the game...presumably like she and her sister Rachel did.
I don't think McCranda should vote Aaryn out, they already know the others are against them. Possibly GM will have a last minute change of heart and Andy will go. Call Elizard's bluff.

Jeremy said...

I am just disturbed at the use of personal attacks disguised as game play. Aaryn, Elissa and Amanda have thrown personal attacks at other players and there is no reason for that. This is still just a game. Lobbing vile verbal personal attacks at another person shows how immature this group really is. What's more sad, is that viewers join in on this disgusting form of retaliation against someone they don't like. Of course, if everyone was civil, this game would be boring. Sacrificing someone's dignity to further your "game" is revolting.

Anonymous said...


Actually no botox and lip injections aren't considered plastic surgery because getting a shot is obviously not surgery. I don't even think you need to be a Dr to give those kind of injections not positive though and don't care at all to look it up. Haha



Everybody watches a catfight.

rigs said...

Aaryn should definitely not get a boob job. They look perfect they way they are. IMO there is nothing worse than jugs that look like Elissa's or Amanda's. My wife is 63 years old and she looks better than Elissa.

I hope McCranda and GM are just putting up a front or somehow come to realize that Aaryn is far more valuable to them than is Andy or Elissa (in GM's case). All it would take is those 3 votes and Aaryn stays, right?

Elissa gives all Christians a bad name and helps to explain why "not religious" comprises 20% of Americans and growing. She is the poster child for the "ugly American". Despite her flaws, Aaryn is a much better person than Elissa is. Amanda, even with her crude honesty, is twice the "good" person that Elissa is. Elissa's "plastic heart" is reflected in her face. That is why Elissa looks the way she does. Her face is a mask. There is something very creepy under her skin.

Well, I hope she "walks". By threatening to walk and having been granted "privileges" she has already proven herself unworthy of the BB family. It was hard to watch BB when Evel Dick Donato was running around the house but I have to say Elissa, in a more sinister way, is harder to watch. With Dick, it was an act, a game play. With Elissa it is pure vile and vitriol. That is the stuff racism is made of but just because we don't see it applied to any specific race, that doesn't mean it is any better. In fact, when applied generally, it is much worse than racism because the root of racism crosses racial boundaries.

But that is life and BB reflects the real world. The ugliness in humans reflects our animal nature and the fact that we are fundamentally just animals with more options.

Cara said...

So. Andy has a deal with everyone in the house but Elissa, seriously, what a snake and floater.
This is the worst cast. Elissa does not want to be there so i do think they paid her to take the attention from Amanda...
If it weren't for the racist remarks I'd root for Aaryn or maybe even GM cause the rest are dumb.. so I guess go Judd?

Rebecca McCamish said...

Jeremy: Is this your first season watching Big Brother? I'm actually really curious.

Personal attacks have been a staple of the game since forEVER. Some of the best-loved players had the nastiest mouths in the game.

Kaycee14 said...

Week 2 was Aaryn's first HOH, when her alliance was blindsided by Nick's eviction. I doubt they were working together then. And the night Candice's bed was flipped, Aaryn & Amanda sure didn't seem to be allies. Maybe by the end of week 3...
And I don't think Judd had any real alliance until his HOH week, when they realized he just might be a player.

Erica Iles said...

I could not agree more!
In just the past couple of comments I've read on this post I am so disappointed.
The same people are saying the same things on every single update and I just can't understand how those things are justifiable.
I don't know, it's just sad.

slnc said...

Amanda had a nose job...check her out in her youtube video...its obvious.

Brittany Bowie said...

Does anyone know if there might be a double eviction this week?

Jeremy said...

Rebecca- I have been watching the past 5 years. This is just the first year I discovered this blog. I have never liked the personal attacks. I feel they are low brow and vile. When you rely on this kind of play, you show you have nothing else to offer. Just because other players have used these tactics does not make it right.


If you've seen pictures of Elizard from the past few years she's lying about facial surgery, she looks like a different person.
@rigs I agree about Elissa, she doesn't limit her bigotry to any specific race but the human race. Other people are just messy disgusting little creatures that she is force to deal with in her everyday life. She is the only houseguest this season that has repeatedly stated that she hates every person in the house and constantly laments why she is being forced into living with such vile, disgusting people.

Anonymous said...

i'm pulling for the pandoras box with diamond veto for Elissa. Amanda needs to lose it just a little bit more and get kicked out

3pzmom said...

Sorry if this has been addressed already.......but does anyone else notice how Amanda is constantly smacking her lips/mouth? Idk what it is but it annoys the crap outta me!!!!!!!

Ste ven said...

Is Andy really flipping? If anyone but McRanda wins HOH and they dont put BOTH AMANDA AND MCRAE on the block, they all deserve to lose. Whats more disturbing is the poll on the right. I was sure Judd was going to win favorite houseguest. You people - after the 3 weeks of MVP and everything - still are in love with Elissa? I dont get it - What has she done besides being Rachel's sister. She hasnt played the game well...She hasnt really done much except recently winning 2 comps. Can someone please explain why people love her so much? Im missing something.

I wish Andy would get voted out...WHy flip so much if you know youre going to stay? Aaryn now probably regrets trusting Amanda. She was always at the bottom of that totem pole, but she figures she wouldve been out sooner. If they can get McRanda out, some floater might actually win. OR at least come in second, being brought to the finals. Aaryn at least is showing some maturity by saying shed vote for Amanda .

You all should also go to RealityBlurred and read the story about how Big Brother edited Helen out of the nail polish scene. Kinda sneaky. I dont see why nail polish who didnt affect anyone or anybodys game was more important to show than the Mcranda wedding... The whole editing schedule is just ridiculous. Sundays episode is 24 hours of game - from Thursday HOH to Friday Nominations. Wed show is likewise 24 hours from Fri nominations to Sat veto. Then you have Sun/mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs all into half a Thursday episode

Ste ven said...

I cant believe Elissa is 27. I would have guessed 37 easily. Wonder how Amandas real estate career is gonna go after all this...Will McRae sacrifice 500K for Amanda...It seems impossible for that to last...He even keeps telling her to stop blowing up ---andshe cant even understand shes being bossy. Shes gonna be shocked when finds out america wanted her out but shell probably be deluded and say she is too good or again what the whole house thinks (And is starting to look semi-true) that its all been the Elissa show. Still dont understand why the viewers rate her the favorite. Should someoen really win BB because she is Rachels sister

Paul Christiansen said...

Good job Jamie, as usual.

If y'all buy the feeds, do it through a link off this site, so Jamie can earn some $ for all her hard work!

This Is My Journey said...

That's what I was thinking. Ok just wasn't sure if I was going insane or something.

J Lackey said...

I don't think elissa will get pandora box this week because it would look like cbs and bb would be playing favorites with her(because aaryn wins 4 hoh and don't get shit and when elissa wins it once she gets a pandora box prize to help her in the game) I think the winner of the next hoh will get it and if they get it It won't be a diamond power of veto the pandora box is always something different every year which makes it cool.

Jamie said...

@Steven..i, too, am clueless why or how Elissa has so many fans. She is one of (if not the most) horrible GAME player of all time, she wanted to go home for weeks (still does, depending on the day), gets privlages from production, she has no game skill..point in case, she didn't put up Amanda/McCrae this week and they both got to stay.

Each their own and I respect everyone's opinion, this is just mine.

heck i don't even know who to cheer on at this point..i guess Judd? lol

Jamie said...

..though i am jealous of her hair skills lol (elissa's) i just recently read that she was a hairdresser before meeting her hubby, so that makes sense why she's so good at it.

rbjjb said...

Elissa And Amanda And The Rest Of Us Are Not Perfect. People Do What They Do To Feel Better About Themselves. Who Really Cares If People Get Surgery Or Injections.

Bottom Line At The End Of The Day Amanda Took The Verbal Attacks Too Far. Otherwise She Would Still Be Doing This Behavior. There Is Always Limits In Any Situation On What You Can Do.


Team Brenchel is still very loyal and powerful, even several years on. Witness who CBS had Jeff interview the last couple of weeks. Rachel is BB royalty and BB skips to her tune. They aren't going to do anything to piss Rachel off, and her fans have been supporting her sister all season, because you know with that sour misanthropic personality Elissa couldn't get them on her own.

rbjjb said...

Spencer Said It Best When He Said We Are At The Point Where You Need To Win To Stay.

Bebecantaloupes said...

I was not a Rachel nor Brenden fan. But with this season I'm really not a fan of anyone. I like Elissa --not because she's Rachel's sister--I really wanted to dislike her because of that. Has she played the best game? No. Do I want her to win BB? Not really. But despite all the "privileges" production has given her, further ostracizing her from the rest of the house, she's done pretty well taking the other HG's crap. She would've been better off never ever telling anyone she was MVP. It would've been more helpful to her game if they would've told the HGs that America was MVP the last 2 times. But they didn't & that also hurt Judd's game.
On the other hand, I started out really liking Amanda, but then she became McCranda and her whining, insecurities came out as did her meanness. Do I think she plays a good game? Yes. Do I want her to win? No.
At this point, I guess I'm rooting for Judd. And hoping for a better season next year with all new players who are in no way related to or connected with former players.

lyra said...

Rigs you day the Dame thing in every post. Her holier than thou attitude started with her affinity for candice. She didn't tolerate that. Racism is not s simple flaw. In not team anybody or anti anybody but I hate that just because you like Aaryn, you have to make personal attacks on other hgs against her. You do this continuously.

Dee said...

Andy should go this week. Elissa made the worst mistake when she did not put up McCranda. She let her personal feelings towards Aaryn affect her game. Hoping Judd will win.

rigs said...

3pzmom, I've noticed the smacking of lips also and it annoys me also. In addition to Amanda, I've noticed that Candice (big time smacker) eats that way and I'm pretty sure Elissa, Helen and Spence often smack their lips while eating or at least eat with their mouths open. It bothered me so much I even made a list but can't find it now. I think it bothers me so much because my parents taught me to eat with my mouth closed and they were strict about it.

Lyra, take note here. Another thing that drives me crazy is the poor English. My teachers were pretty hard on us about ain't, warrrshing machine, them people, me and my brother and on and on. Aaryn even pointed out that Candice and GM got her saying axed instead of asked. Candice calls it is just a "dialect". Hogwash, it is just plain old laziness and the result of a poor education.

Ste ven, Elissa is popular because the thinks her crapola doesn't stink and I suspect that many of her supporters feel the same way about her and themselves. Birds of a feather definitely stick together.

I was on Andy's side until he had to make a choice and choose sides. I know he is at a disadvantage because of his propensity towards being emotional and wanting to please everyone (to his benefit) but if he wants to look like a good guy to America and his fans and not like a weasel, then he should have told Elissa that if she puts him up, he will ask the HGs to vote him out, save Aaryn and urge the HGs to go after Elissa without mercy. What a hero he would be.

He can still make that plea and go out a hero. I would rather sacrifice myself for the greater good and lose as a hero than last a little longer in a game I can't win or possibly win but be known as a weasel. As it is now, if Andy wins (very unlikely) or loses he is still a loser and weasel. He could turn the game upside down and be a hero. So far Aaryn has been the hero.

Lyra, I have no idea what you are saying. If you are saying Elissa's holier than thou attitude started with her affinity for Candice, I don't agree. She grew up learning and thinking that and hasn't learned or matured to know that she really isn't better than anyone else in the house and that makes her the worse because of it.

Random World said...

Jamie, I had such a good comment about how people were hating on Elissa so, and how I thought it was funny that people were saying that she has this "holier than thou" attitude and that she givesChristians a bad rep. I was going to call 'em out but then I decided not to, because simply I had this feeling somehow it would turn into a religious thing in the comments section, & I didn't want to turn your blog into a negative atmosphere. You know? But, it WAS good, what I had to say. LoL

enb said...

It is not elissa fault america chose her to be mvp, it is not her fault other houseguest chose to use her mvp status to their favor, but I know she has won two do or die pov's and a hoh, she has earn her spot in my book. And about special treatment the other houseguest should put on their big boy and girl pants and ask for things, everybody applause amanda brutal honesty, I respect elissa's honesty.

TamaraJ said...

Threats about placing anyone "on the block next week" mean little at this point. We are on the outside looking in but anyone in the house should realize that Mccranda is the only true alliance in this house. They will take each other to the end and so if ur aligned with them, ur already low on the totem pole. Everyone else can flip from week to week (they have and this is proven) so there is no reason to trust any deals made because it is purely for show. Play what's best for your game. Elissa failed to pick a side. You want aryan out? Put her up against GM. Is Amanda your target? Put her up against McRae. Either way, someone that would NEVER align with u would go home.

slnc said...

I dont really think it's because she is Rachels sister. I think it is because she has been the underdog and has been treated badly by most of the house from day 1 when they found out about her being Rachels sister. I personally don't have a favorite player and could really care less who wins this season.

Erica Iles said...

Well, they are pretty disgusting people in way more ways than just one.

Erica Iles said...

I read that Amanda has already lost her license to sell real estate in the state of Florida. Don't know how true it is though.

Erica Iles said...

Her hair and her body!

Erica Iles said...

You took the words out of my brain and put them in a perfect comment!! This is the exact mind frame that I am in.

Bebecantaloupes said...

You're welcome ;•)

Becktuck said...

I had the same thoughts...I don't want that debate here either....just think It's sad to blame God for humanitys humaness...

Rebecca McCamish said...

"Holier than thou" doesn't necessarily mean something religious. It's a common saying about someone who's stuck up. If you were taking it as anti-Christian, you're being waaaaaay too sensitive or just don't know English colloquialisms.

P.S. Rigs: Those ARE English dialectical pronunciations and word usages.

This Is My Journey said...

Go back to the very first episode. I'm pretty sure most of the house guests were pretty nasty to her from the start. She only gave back what they have her. Plus she is the only person in the house to stick to her guns and morals AND not let others control her actions.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Aaron deserves to win hands down. It sucks she is probably going home. She would probably win HOH over Andy so no idea why they would keep him over her

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I know that's a side effect if adderal. It can make you grind your teeth. Not sure if that's why she does it but that's my guess.

Lostmymind555 said...

No MVP and new house guess not related former house guess for next season would be nice :)

laserkat said...

The HG on BBAD are discussing the definition of mulatto. Aaryn says she wants to say something she learned in school about it but she is afraid she will sound like a racist. I am sorry, but that ship has definitely sailed!

SandyW said...

I like Elissa because of, among other things, a certain 45 minute Youtube video. I do not think my "crapola doesn't stink," like someone said above about Elissa supporters. We need to stop the ad hominem attacks on people who disagree with us. Right now, please. Thanks.
Special thanks to Jamie; outstanding blog.

James Freeman said...

Wow is all I can say

ace black said...

Rigs:Candice calls it is just a "dialect". Hogwash, it is just plain old laziness and the result of a poor education

Because it is a dialect... lol she has he BA degree in speech-language pathology and audiology.

Not saying just because she has a degree she’s super smart but she’s far from poorly educated in my oppinion.

I personally think Aaryn is not a nice person despite her claims. When you attack someone based on the colour of their skin or make comments about their upbringing (adoption) you clearly are ignorant. I was never a fan of Rachel nor Elissa but respect her for targeting Aaryn although I agree it would been a better move to go after Mcranda.

Kiley said...

I get rooting for a specific houseguest, but if you don't like someone, why call them awful names? I have read from Jamie's first year and I noticed that there is just as much hate spewing in the comments as there is in the BB house! And it's the same people on every post saying the same thing. I bite my tongue quite often. We get it! Now move along.

Anonymous said...

I have watched BB since Season 2 and never have I seen such filth come out of contestants mouths. Amanda is a grown woman and the taunting and nasty comments she makes is repulsive. I agree that to play the game deception is almost required - however, in my opinion, Aaryn, Amanda and GinaMarie have taken the personal attacks to a whole new low and their comments have nothing to do with furthering their "game" someone out for lying for switching allegiances, etc. But to tell them their mother doesn't love them, to taunt them with vile insults and to "prank" them with feminine products/condoms is beyond what should be allowed...I cannot pull for anyone left except Judd and in no way has he exhibited perfect behavior - but he is the lesser of the evils lefts in the house.

Roxi Roberts said...

Lmfao, I just watched the feed where Andy fell into the pool. He was jumping to catch a moth and landed in the pool. It was about 6:32pm

James Freeman said...

Wow so many to judge who really cars if any of them have fake anything this group hg are just really bad and make for great TV like most not all but most bbhg before them

Dottie Jo said...

None more disgusting than Elissa...her voice makes my skin crawl. Loved Rachel, can't stand Elissa.

Dottie Jo said...

Agree, Craig...Elissa is the most vile of hem all. She is so condescending, thinking she is above everyone and the "good" person in the house. Her voice turns my stomach! Hope they stick to the plan and she is fine next week!

Erica Iles said...

110% Kiley.

Erica Iles said...

I actually couldn't stand Rachel but I like Elissa.

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