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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Friday to y'all! :D Today, the houseguests will have their Nominations Ceremony, where we will see Amanda & McCrae get totally blindsided. It's bound to be a day full of fireworks and drama on the live feeds!! If you're wondering who GM's real target is, it's actually McCrae, not Amanda. McCrae is a "bigger threat".

Both Judd & Spencer got the punishment of wearing a chicken costume for the next 48 hours for doing the worst in last night's HOH comp. I'll post pics in the Overnighter.

Okie dokie, let's dive right on in, shall we?! :D

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9:44pm BBT:
Judd & Spencer got their Chicken costume punishments! All HG's laughing.
GM: "Hey Spence, doesn't look bad on ya, buddy!"
Spencer: "Thanks! Yellow's my color."

Within minutes, Judd was already complaining about how hot the suit gets.

9:59pm BBT:

The "Exterminators" Alliance (GM/Andy/Spencer/Judd) all celebrate GM's HOH win & the fact that McCranda will be nominated this week.

A few minutes later, Andy told Spencer that he's throwing veto this week if McCrae/Amanda are nominated.

10:15pm BBT:
Amanda's plan for the night is to keep Elissa out of GM's ear. (She thinks that GM will be putting up Elissa/Judd and doesn't want the chance of Elissa changing GM's mind.) She also told McCrae & Andy to do the same. Andy is still pretending to be on Mc/Am's side.

10:48pm BBT:
Let the drama begin.
Amanda is upset about how Elissa answered Julie's question last night about Amanda/Elissa's fighting.

Amanda: "...and you're going up on the block tomorrow!"
Elissa is laughing.
Amanda: "Go ahead and laugh, you'll see. You'll see."
Andy: "Both of you cut this sh*t out. This is GM's night."
Elissa: "I don't care what you say, Amanda." (paraphrasing)
Amanda: "You have multiple boats, multiple houses.."

They start talking about the jury house.
Elissa is taking indirect jabs at Amanda...
Elissa: "Aaryn will have some personal growth to do, so I think she'll surround herself with intelligent women." 
Amanda: "Aaryn is really smart."

They talk about Jessie. Amanda brings up how Jessie was jealous of Aaryn. Elissa brings up that Jessie wasn't "going below the belt" with her comments towards Elissa (eg: Jessie calling Elissa "Rachel's shadow.") Elissa continues to make indirect jabs at Amanda.

Elissa: "..she didn't make herself look trashy."

Elissa: "I think Jessie was the only 10 in this house." (in other words, gorgeous.)
Amanda: "You are such a f**cking b*tch! What is wrong with you!? The funny thing is that you're smiling at Andy & Spencer looking for support but they're not smiling back at you, so you can take your perma-joker face, because that's the only face you can make, and shove it up your nasty ass."
Spencer pulls his beak over his face. lol
Andy: "Ladies..."
Elissa: "Please don't say ladies, only one of us is a lady."

Andy & Spencer leave.
Elissa: "And I'm leaving because I don't want to be around her."
Amanda: "Bye Elissa! Go lock yourself in your HOH room...oh sh*t, you can't do that say backhanded things (and think I'm gonna take it)."

Amanda: "I hope America see's what this f**cking c**t does."
McCrae: "Would you just chill out?!"

10:59pm BBT:
Andy is talking to Elissa, trying to get her to trust him. (He told Spencer/Judd last night that he needs to get Elissa to trust him in case she wins HOH next week.)

Elissa is doing some Amanda bashing...

Elissa: "Like, Rachel's fans and other people having asking me for years and years to do this show, and I have support and people that want me here, (Amanda) doesn't, so she should just home. I'm a nice person. He's horrid and disgusting, and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean..she's so gross. She's like sleeping with somebody and throwing condoms over the house and putting us at danger at getting her diseases...she looks so dumb."

11:08pm BBT:
Elissa is now venting to Spencer/Judd/Andy in the backyard.
She's saying that Jessie's verbal attacks (towards Elissa) weren't bad, but Amanda's are "disgusting & despicable".

Elissa: "She's a mean, disgusting person! I'm so tired of her following me around and attacking me."
Elissa continues to talk about how her & her hubby work really hard and deserve nice things. Andy chimes in.

Andy: "Just don't like, egg her on. Even talking about Jessie was (egging her on)."
Elissa: "Come on Andy, get real! I can talk about Jessie all day, everyday."
Andy: "'s getting a rise out of her, just walk out of the room."
Elissa: "Andy, let's put things into perspective...I was not egging her on, so don't get it twisted."
Andy: "If you see her being irrational, leave the room."
Spencer: "Agreed."

11:23pm BBT:
GinaMarie's HOH Room Reveal!

BB gave her a Britney Spears CD, nail polish, teeth whitening kit and more pics of Nick. (*face-palm*) Her "Letter from Home" was from her mom & step-dad.

11:48pm BBT:
Everyone is hanging out in the HOH room. Elissa is making more indirect jabs.

Elissa: "I really miss Aaryn."

They're talking about how they call her "poopy" and GM said she calls her "bunny". They then start talking about a pic of Nick and how they can see the outline of his 'manhood' in one of the pics. GM thinks he's well endowed.

12:08am BBT:

Andy: "I feel like you both know how to push each other's buttons."
Amanda: "But do you see what she's doing, though?"
Andy: "I know, I know."
Amanda: "Her talking about missing Aaryn..are you out of your f**king mind?!"
McCrae: "Chill out."

Meanwhile, Elissa is going downstairs with GM, telling her she can't stand to look at Amanda and how disgusting she is.

GM's not really saying anything. Elissa keeps going on about Amanda.
Elissa: "She has no class or self-respect."
GM: "Eh well."
Elissa starts singing as Elissa/GM walk back up the stairs.
Elissa: "She ain't nothing but a hoochie mama, hood-rat, hood-rat, hoochie mama.."

12:58am BBT:
Now Amanda is venting to Judd/Spencer/Andy. (McCrae is nearby, playing pool.)

Amanda: "She's just a nasty person. I'm over it."
Spencer: "Yep."
Amanda continues on.

Amanda: "Anybody that wants to work with her, good luck."
Judd said he wants to go to bed. Spencer asks what time it is.

Amanda goes inside the house.

Amanda: "...I'm sick of YOU bulling ME. I'm trying to make amends and telling you that I don't want to fight with you anymore, and you're walking away from me."
Elissa: "Ohmygosshhh."

**Okie dokie, I'm gonna end the Overnighter here since the HG's have been woken up for the day and there's nothing much more that happened last night. I'll be starting the morning post as soon as I have breakfast! :D

Stay tuned...
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kirsti coffin said...

Why on earth is Amanda bragging about what she has. Nobody is gonna hand her the prize money, if she's already loaded.
Her game play is awful. I used to have respect for her, when she addressed Aaryn about her racist remarks. But she's just gone downhill for me. Awful. Just awful. Hopefully she goes home Thursday.
Jamie, I have followed you for years now. You are amazing. Thank you for all you do.

TonyaB1027 said...

Can someone explain to me why they think Andy would throw the veto if McCrae/Amanda are nominated? Does he want one of them to win it or is he scared of being hassled to use it?

Kern's Kreations said...

Oh my word, I can't wait for Amanda's inevitable freak out after noms. That will make for great action on the feeds and for a great night of tv on Sunday. lol
It only took 10 weeks, but we finally have some entertainment.
Jamie, you're doing great! Keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

The Exterminators are split on the issue of if Amanda or McCrae should go 1st. GM and Judd have said they want McCrae to go while Andy and Spencer have talked about wanting Amanda to go. I'd also tend to lean toward Elissa wanting Amanda to go as that's what she changed her mind toward wanting last week when she was HOH. So I'd suspect that debate to be ongoing all week but probably picking up steam after POV since there's not much point worrying when 1 could take themselves off and make the choice for you.


Mimi said...

OMG!! Amanda is such a psycho!! I don't think I could handle her like Elissa does!! New respect for her!! Damn!! McCrae should be very afraid...
This is the scenario that I see:
They both go up. None of them win Veto. GM win Veto, keeps the nom the same. Amanda realises she's leaving, makes their life a new type of hell. Hopes that McCrae will somehow self evict, or help her stay, since they are a couple and she really wants to win and prove stuff (rolling ,y eyes it hurts)!
Or, worst case, McCare goes and she goes ballistic. I think just for safety issues, she should be the first to go

crane guy said...

Cannot wait to c McNastys faces when Gm pulls Ellisa key and say's "Elissa u r safe" lmao!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda and McCrae basically asked for this exact situation to happen by not trying to work with GM to keep Aryan last week. Judging from GM's DRs I think it seemed like she may have actually wanted to keep Aryan so she may have went for it. Now if GM had still won she might still have put up Amanda and McCrae this week but there would've definitely been a chance she wouldn't after striking that deal and with Aryan still there. Also Aryan maybe could've won that comp and she might have kept them safe after saving her from the brink of eviction.


**Alea73** said...

I cannot WAIT to see the look on AmanDUMB's
Face when GM nominates Her AND McNasty,
I meant McCrae....
It is actually quite Sad to watch a grown Woman who claims to b a "Professional" Act & Behave the way she has (Amanda) and CONTINUES to Do So....
I Hope that when Amanda is Evicted, Julie puts her on Blast similar to how she did with Aaryan AND
I personally Hope that Amanda gets the exact SAME reception from the Audience as she's walking OUT of the BB House AND during her Interview with Julie, then She'll know what the majority of American BB Fans REALLY think & Feel about her!!!
For someone who's soooooo Concerned with her Image, How's she's being Portrayed, & what People outside of the House are going to feel about her, she sure is doing an Awesome Job at showing ALL her TRUE Colors...
You cannot act the way Amanda has been acting & treating Elissa AND "Bullying" pretty much the whole House (for the most part) and NOT be that type of person to her CORE!!!!
Sigh Uhh Norr Uhh Amanduh!!!!

rleberle said...

I cannot wait to see how Amanda reacts after the nominations! She is going to flip! I just hope Elissa doesn't take her taunting to another level after this and make it worse for herself...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Amanda hasn't gotten McCrae and Andy to go with her to GM and make a new F4 in honor of the fallen Aryan with GM replacing her in the now defunct 3AM. They could even keep the initial theme name going and call it MAGMA. Not that it would work obviously but she doesn't know that so I figured the idea would've at least been brought up. Perhaps we can look forward to that today. Or maybe she's just so lost and clueless in thinking they're safe and Elissa and Judd are going up that she doesn't need to bother doing anything.


Anonymous said...

Elissa needs to not play into Amandas crap. Try to ignore her Elissa. Amanda is going to have a rude awakening when she gets out of the house

Anonymous said...


Amanda wasn't bragging about what she has. She was saying that stuff about having multiple boats and houses about Elissa.


Anonymous said...


Andy doesn't want to win POV because they would expect him to use it and if he didn't his jig of playing all sides and always being safe would be up and he'd probably cost himself 2 jury votes in the process.


aron burchel said...

Because if he wins then Amanda and McCrae will expect him to take one of them off and he doesn't have the balls to tell them no, like the rest of the house.

BB said...

I'd like to see McCrae go and then watch Amanda explode!

Razldazlrr said...

Hey all - well, GM was a meanie girl herself with Aaryn, so she doesn't have a lot of room to talk.
I used to like Amanda for standing up for herself but she has gone over the edge. It doesn't look like her and Mcc have much respect for other people. I bet Mcc's family is screaming at him for ruining his game with her.

I'm not an Elissa fan but she has been pretty cool about the abuse, although she is mighty passive aggressive. Her husband is older, if he worked and has $$, so what?

McCranda have seen GM cozy up to Elissa for the past week, why would they think she's nominating her?

Erica Iles said...

Can you imagine how she'll be if McCrea gets voted out instead of her. It'll be nonstop crying and verbal attacks!

Erica Iles said...

Elissa was also talking about her and her husband owning a hockey rink in Canada?
Why would anyone say that on Big Brother?!?

Erica Iles said...

You make a lot of good points and without doing any bashing of anyone! I congratulate you on this mighty task and wish that others on here could have this same ability!

Becktuck said...

I wouldn't be surprised if SHE self-evicted

Becktuck said...

I think the audience reaction to Amanda will be DRASTICALLY worse

Erica Iles said...

Oh no, Amanda would never say or do anything hypocritical...oh gosh, almost choked on that one :p

Kiley said...

I'm with Erica! Well said Raz! I don't watch the shows anymore because I an not a fan of this season, but I do read Jamie's blog constantly. There are people that comment on this blogs that do nothing but namecalling. I like who I like in this house and shouldn't be called names for it! :)

AmiLrn said...

I was very pleased with the way that Julie handled Aaryn. Julie was very classy, yet she still addressed the problems that Aaryn had in the BB house....And made her answer for her comments. Aaryn really wanted to say that she did not say those things or say that they were taken out of context but you could tell that she knew she was hardcore busted. At least she was adequately horrified and seems to be sincerely apologetic.

Ste ven said...

The chicken suits are stupid. OK, the leotard has become a yearly tradition. The first year, the costume was funny but now everyone used to it. Even though they've done it before, he heard cuffing 2 people together is a bigger punishment if they're not aligned. Of course, E & Am would've been amazing

Ste ven said...

Scared of Amanda wrath

Ste ven said...


Ste ven said...

I'd like to see McRae turn on Amanda and try to redeem himself. Hard to. Imagine what he sees in her

Anonymous said...

I think McCrae's "pep talk" with Amanda is worth mentioning. He told her to stop attacking Elissa and become "the victim". He told her not to worry about what America thinks about her. He pointed out that he doesn't give a damn what we think about him. He's sure we think he's the biggest pu**y ever but whatever so long as he wins. Amanda was crying because she knows she's being "portrayed" as an evil person and she's not (her words).

None of these people take any responsibility for their bad behavior. You're on a show that broadcasts your every move/word and you cry about how you're "portrayed"! No one has control over your speech but you. I lost a lot of respect for McCrae last night. He showed that the money is more important to him than any moral or ethical compass he may have.

**Alea73** said...

@Becktuck I Sure Hope so!!
After all, This is exactly what Amanda Deserves and has rightfully coming to Her!!!!!
Ugh, what an Idiot she is!!!!

TamaraJ said...

"Safety issues"! I like that.

TamaraJ said...


•~catty~• said...

McCranda won't ever trust him again, if by some BB miracle, they make it through this week. Andy was loyal up until he & the floaters aligned. Should be called Andy & the Floaters! lol I like his game....alliance with the most powerful social game in the house....until....and don't think for a second that he didn't know this was going to happen.....until Aaryn left & 3AM died. Now Amanda's stirring the pot, probably PMS'ing, and sinking her very own battleship. Andy will NOT be a part of that, lol so he aligns & becomes a temporary member of The Exterminators! HA it's kind of genius if you ask me.

Gotta love McCrae because he seems to be genuine, his choice in Amanda was probably mostly about his game. He knows they're not really married & wants to be away from her soon, it seems. McCrae made the big calls too, while everyone did his bidding and again because of his strong social game, everyone likes him so they let him call the shots. Really! Not an accident that he has barely any blood on his hands, guys! He's pretty darn smart too. To have a good social game on BB can be a blessing or a curse, you have to play it 'just right'. Andy & McCrae both did that...let's see who makes it longer. (McCrae McCrae All the Way!!!! lol

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