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Monday, August 19, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, addicts! Welcome to the afternoon post. Just to recap, the HG's had their Veto Ceremony earlier today. Elissa took herself off the block & Spencer was placed as the renom by HOH Aaryn. After tons of game talk last night & today, Helen is still the one going home, despite Helen's best efforts. Andy won't flip and that's pretty much the end of that story. The only thing we have to look forward to are houseguests meldowns, a pandora's box, or anything else unexpected. I'm sure there will be "who should go home next week" talks but frankly, doesn't really matter since there's a houseguest coming back on Thursday that will throw a wrench into the plans.

Let's see what the HG's are up to, shall we? :D

Currently on the live feeds...

3:29pm BBT:
HOH Room
Talk has been kind of random. They've talked about the possibility of someone coming back into the game, how many days they have left in the season (no finale date has been officially stated, though many speculate it'll be Sept. 18th), and Aaryn has been rehashing Helen's meltdown earlier in the HOH bathroom post-veto ceremony.

3:35pm BBT:
Aaryn: "Amanda I wouldn't have (backdoored you) even if I did have the votes."
Amanda: "I know." 

Amanda: "GM farted right in my face last night, made me gag. Her butthole was in directly by my face."

3:48pm BBT:

Elissa bashing in the HOH room & how her getting MVP was unfair. They also think she's favored with production.

Andy: "I'm gonna vomit & throw myself over the balcony if someone comes back in the game."

3:50pm BBT:
Talk turns to about the Otev comp. Aaryn said it was scary & the 1 comp she didn't wanna play in.

4:00pm BBT:
HOH crew's talking about the Otev comp again. Andy mentions a return HG and how he hopes it's Candice because she sucks at comps & would be easier to beat.

McCrae: "Jessie sucks pretty bad, too."

4:05pm BBT:
Andy mentions how Helen has been threatening him (that he better vote to keep her) and how it makes him so mad.

4:16pm BBT:
Andy/Spencer/McCrae are in the HOH room talking. Current topic is Elissa, again. Spencer thinks that GM is on her way to a full blown meltdown. McCrae said especially if Candice comes back.

Andy: "That'd make for some good tv!"

4:18pm BBT:

Amanda rejoins Mc/Andy/Sp in the HOH room. Spencer is talking about GM making racial remarks and how she hated she must be.

Amanda changes the topic and talks about a new game she just made up: Towel Ball. McCrae/Spencer say it sounds fun and to set it up. McCrae is going downstairs to get coffee. Amanda is complaining about 2 packs of their smokes missing.

5:05pm BBT:
Oh, Clownie..not again..

**Alrighty guys & gals, I am outta here for the day. Wanna see what the HG's are up? Ya gotta get the live feeds!! (They're only $10 bucks.) ENJOY!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I hope the hg that comes back into the house comes back with a golden power of veto for the week...and is able to compete for HOH

Chikis said...

Its sad that all these HG have made this game so predictable and boring! Never have i seen such dull people in BB.......

DirkKouglas said...


Chances are we will see the evicted HG comp during the live show and then the HOH comp will be done later that night.

That's how it was done when Lawon competed against Brendan back in BB 13 if I remember right.

Ste ven said...

Andy, may regret this move as the one that cost him the game. Youre all at the bottom of the pole with Mcranda at the top.

Aaryn should have talked to Spencer and getting Amanda out. She wouldnt have needed Andy - just spence. Put AManda up. Elissa will vote her out; Aaryn can get GM to vote her out...McRae and Andy wouldvoteout Helen...And if Spencewould vote out Amanda, thats 3 votes and goodbye.

Lyndsey Ross said...

I was okay with Helen until the last few days. Her logic is lost
1. She's trying to get Andy to side with her by saying McCranda hasnt won anything since the first Hoh and her (helen's) side can win every competition. This, in my mind, should be pushing him further away. In a f3 situation he has a MUCH better chance to win HOH against Mc/Am than he does against helen and anyone else.
2. She's trying to get the floaters to side with her and Elissa, but fails to mention to anyone that she herself does not trust Elissa and she has no idea what that girl will do.

Renee' Southard said...

I agree @Steven! They are not playing for themselves, they are playing for Amanda! I guess in the end if they are up against her they are gonna just give it to her & run away with their tail between their legs?! It's crazy!

Renee' Southard said...

Not sure if i sent in 2 comments? Sorry, first time on here.. Pls just post one of them.. Lol

ajle24 said...

does anyone know what Davids story was that they cut out from on big brother after dark?


David's story was something about when he was in high school he was messing around, threw a dirt clod, blinded some kid accidently, his family got sued for all they had, he couldn't go to college. Something like that.

Patrick Quinn said...

You can thank Helen for getting everyone to vote with the house and Andy for ratting on everyone.(no-one is afraid to be a pawn) when you get zero votes you feel a little more comfortable. I would love to see the look on Spencers face if he got voted out. Then maybe people that got put up would go after people who put them up like the game was designed, not like Spencer did to protect Amanda. Sendtthis idiot home.

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