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Monday, August 19, 2013

Early Afternoon in the BB House

At around 10:30am BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia for the Veto Ceremony. Elissa, veto winner, will be taking herself off the block. Aaryn is expected to put up Spencer as the renom, with the target still being Helen this week. If you haven't yet checked out The Overnigher & the Morning Post, I encourage you do so. There was a ton of game talk last night & this morning!!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the Veto Ceremony results below! :D

The Replacement Nom for Eviction is:


11:17am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Helen: "Don't worry about Jury, I'll fix jury for you guys." (re: telling the jury house what's going on.)
Elissa: "We have to vote Spencer out. All 3 of us have to work together."

Andy joins.
Andy: "What's up?"
Aaryn: "Spencer looked pissed going up on the block, when he volunteered to go up. Now I look like the a**hole."

Helen is telling Andy to not trust Am/Mc. Andy is getting snippy with Helen.
Andy: "I know!"
Helen: "If I go this week, I'll know it was because of your vote."

Helen is fake crying. (*Head-desk*)

11:22am BBT:
Helen: "If you go with Am/Mc, you're going against Aaryn/GM/Elissa."

Helen is trying to get Andy to save her this week. Andy is (lying) saying that she has his vote. (Helen knows that Andy isn't on her side, hence why she's trying so hard to convince him to keep her.)

11:26am BBT:

Helen is still fake crying. She's telling him that he's being manipulated by Am/Mc. GM is there now.

Andy: "I don't know why I'm the one being questioned (with my vote). I understand what's going on, I'm not an idiot."
Helen: "Ok, I love you."
Andy: "I love you, too."

11:29am BBT:

Helen: "I love you guys, we can win this game!"

Aaryn: "I didn't realzie until last night, that I'm being used to do other peoples dirty work." (paraphrasing)
Helen: "Good. Now you see."

Helen is giving a "good people need to win this game" speech.
Aaryn: "You are the most amazing person I've ever met. You have the strongest character, you're are honestly like, one in a million..."
Andy: "Yea."
Aaryn: " made me grow up and I respect you so much." (*jury vote hunting?)
Helen: "Thank you!"

11:43am BBT:
Aaryn/GM/Helen/Elissa still talking in the HOH. Andy is still there listening. Spencer went to the HOH room. Helen asked him to give her a few more mins with everyone.

11:48am BBT:
Aaryn saying she wants to win the game for her family.

Helen: "This game is too long to be manipulated for 100 days. (re: Amanda being the manipulator) America is tweeting saying 'what took them so long to figure this out!'." (*They're also tweeting "#STFUhelen" lol)

Andy is very quiet during all of this.

11:58am BBT:

Aaryn/GM are bashing Amanda to Helen. Andy still there & still quiet.
Helen: "This is (Amanda's worst nightmare), all of us up here talking."

Aaryn/GM go lay in the HOH bed. Elissa/Helen inching their way towards the door.
BB: "Helen please go to the Diary Room."

Elissa is still there. (Leave Elissa, I wanna hear Andy/Aaryn talk!)
Aaryn: "I did not come to this game to win 4th place."
Elissa: "Technically, we're playing Amanda's game and she placed you there."

Aaryn is campaigning about Spencer being so comfortable with going up on the block, being so confident that he has the votes.

Awkward silence for about a minute in the room.
Aaryn leaves the HOH room.

Elissa: "I feel like this is like, make or break."
Andy: "I feel like it'll finally be the time to draw the line (between houses) and it's freaking me out."
Elissa: " don't need Mc/Am, so don't let it stress you out."
Andy: "Yea."

They talk about the HOH comp. They think it'll be the wall endurance comp. (*Not only are we due for an HOH endurance comp, but it'd be perfect to bring back the 4 evicted HG's and have them battle it out with the current HG's for title of HOH.)

12:09pm BBT:
Aaryn is now back in the HOH room.

Lots of awkward silence. Andy is asking questions like "What time was the veto ceremony?" Seems like they're waiting for Elissa to leave the HOH room. (Elissa has been a talk-blocker pretty often lately, including last night.)

12:16pm BBT:
Barely any talking. Aaryn is eating chips, complaining that Amanda had said her/Aaryn are best friends in the house.

12:30pm BBT:
Elissa left the HOH room. Andy got called to the D.R.

GM/Aaryn talk.
Aaryn: "I'm not scared of Amanda/McCrae. I'm seriously trying to think of all options. I want Spencer to go, but I also know that Helen is powerful. I'm not gonna let people control my game. I'm tired of playing everyone elses game. And if they're pissed at me for my own game, then they're hypocrites. You (GM) are the only person in this house that would never put me on the block and I feel the same way about you. They (Am/Mc) tried to get me to put you up before, they're gonna put us up together because we're next on the duo list to break up."

Aaryn said she's tired of being a "giver" to Amanda/McCrae & that she trusts Helen more than Spencer.

12:43pm BBT:
Andy joins Aaryn/GM.

Andy: "I do not trust Helen. She'd turn on you two in a second."
GM agrees.
Andy: "Jessie was telling the truth. Helen came to me multiple times to get Amanda out & I said no. Amanda has never come to me and said we need to get Helen out."
GM: "Amanda talks too much, dude."
Andy: "I know! But the best thing for us, is to get Helen out. I'm telling you. It kills me to say it, but..McCrae and Amanda have been loyal to me and I've been loyal to them. If they win HOH, I will keep you guys safe (by talking to them)."

GM said she'll do whatever they want her to do.

Aaryn: "I know they have YOUR best interest and why you wanna keep them..."
Andy is reassuring them that it's the best thing to keep Helen this week and he'll keep them 3 safe. (Andy/GM/Aaryn)

GM is now rambling. She's saying the "f" word every other word. She's telling Andy to "watch out" for Spencer and that she trusts Helen over Spencer any day.

12:52pm BBT:
GM is still rambling. (I feel like I'm losing brain cells just listening to her. lol She makes no sense when she talks.)

12:56pm BBT:
Aaryn/GM/Andy are still talking.

They're talking fast and over each other at times. Andy is trying to convince/reassure Aaryn that keeping Helen would not be good and that McCrae/Amanda won't gun after them.

Andy: 'They won't, I'm telling you. They've been loyal to me."
GM: "They never tell me anything or promise me anything, so how can I trust them?!

They're going back & forth. Andy is really working hard to convince them it's best to get Helen out this week.

Andy: "We have to get Helen out this week."
Aaryn: "Ok."

Andy says once Helen leaves, he can get Elissa on his side, and he will get her to do whatever they want them to do.

1:09pm BBT:

Andy: "Do you agree with me?"
Aaryn: "I know deep down it's the right thing to do (get rid of Helen) but I don't like it."

Andy/Aaryn both agree that they love Helen and it's hard to get her out this week. Andy said that as much as he loves Helen, her (H) bullying for votes is making it easier on him.

Andy: "Moving forward, I will have hooks into people and get them to tell me things. You don't need to worry about anything."
Aaryn: "I talk to Helen and I talk sh*t on Amanda/McCrae, and then I talk to Amanda/McCrae and talk sh*t about Helen. I'm playing both sides of the house like you are, too. Not gonna lie. I'm all about 3AM alliance, but I only really trust you & GM."
Andy: "You are my biggest ally in this house. I will clue you in if there's any talks about cutting you loose soon & I'll make it not happen."

1:16pm BBT:
Aaryn: "I know Helen is dangerous, but I also think Spencer and Amanda dangerous. Everyone is equally dangerous to me."

Aaryn is gonna take a nap.
Andy leaves.

**Bloggy break for this gal! :D

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Elissa is so clueless.

Kim M said...

Helen: "I love you guys, we can win this game!"

Last time I checked there is only a single winner of BB. So no Helen, "we" cannot win this game. :)

Kern's Kreations said...

Like I said in a previous comment, who leaves really is irrelevant this week. I'm more interested in who comes back. I think if its Judd or Candace, then Amanda will continue to be safe as they will probably go after GM/Aaryn. If its Jessie or Helen, then Amanda will pry be on all kinds of pins and needles, which will super fun to watch.
Either way, Thursday is the most I've looked forward to an episode this summer since the premier.
Great job as always Jamie!

Betty Myles said...

Out of the houseguest I dislike Andy the most....sneaking round listening and running back telling..they are not go to take u to the final 2. Very dissapointed in this season.

Betty Myles said...

Andy is starting to make me upset, he is disposable to mc/am. Once they get the info they want from him, he is gone too.

Anonymous said...

talk-blocker, heheh

pretty-aisha-xoxo said...

Andy is the most hypocrite bb player ever

Ste ven said...

If Aaryn wants Amanda out so badly now, WHY THE HECK DID SHE PUT SPENCER UP. You cant vote Amanda out if shes not on the block honey. Youve been putting the chips together and realize that shes been using you the whole time. AManda even said in the DR that everyone shes wanted out has been evicted and shes basically right and that would be her final speech - I controlled the game without winning a comp. Why did she put Spence up? And ANDY,...Poor Andy - what power does Amanda and McRae have over them. Hes the HG that gets crushed when his friends vote him out. McRanda will get Aaryn out first, BUT Andy is saying that Helen wouldnt keep him safe...She would have until a couple days ago when it became clear you didnt have her back. Did you forget you had a F3 alliance with her and had her in your pocket because she was dumb enough to fall for that and think M cRae would vote Amanda out when theyre attached at t he hip and 'married' now. OH , I know we're not in the house but we're starting to feel the emotions. I said GM would vote however Aaryn wanted so thats the case; Elissa will vote out anyone but Helen so it really is up to Andy and if he wants to shake up the game.

As far as the juror coming back , I dont remember if Julie said 1 was coming back or could come back. I love the idea of the endurance and having the 4 jurors play and IF they win HOH, they stay...THat is a good production strategy because it woudl avoid the common situation of someone being voted back in and then immeidately being voted out. Someone has to do the math of when the show is slated to end and how many weeks/evictees we have left. Since they already did a double eviction, it could be that if one person comes back, theyre ok with 1 evictee per week and if they dont come back, they have to do a double eviction. The HGS know when the show ends apparently (I don't) so theyll be able to figure that out too. HOH and VETo now become more important than ever.
I wish the Zingbot would come today - we need some levity and laughs....I want Amanda to get it from him (and GM would be hysterical)...Amanda crying behind the trash can was one of the funniest things I ever have seen. I cant feel sorry for her anymore.
I dont dislike Andy - I just feel like screaming at him for his blind loyalty. I dont know why people are mad at Andy for sneaking around or making mulitple deals or lying - thats the game.

usmile2 said...

Does anyone else think that Elissa has been holding back at comps? I think she will start winning more. I think she was seeing how far she could get without winning anything. Now she is at the point where she will be a beast in comps.
Jamie great job on your blog. I have been following you now for 3 years. I work shift work so I count on you to fill me in. Thank you again!! :)

TonyaB1027 said...

Why does Andy need to convice Aaryn/GM? They have the votes to get out Helen regardless of how Aaryn/GM feel.

Andy Tatnall said...

Aaryn's "I'm being used to doing other people's dirty work" argument really doesn't ring true for me. Based on all her crying about her losing streak, it's clearly not the case that Amanda isn't trying to win competitions, that she's intentionally sitting back and watching everyone else get the blood on their hands (though McCrae spins it that way to comfort her when she loses). I don't think she minds getting her hands dirty at all. She's simply doing the next best thing when she doesn't win.

Razldazlrr said...

Jamie- losing brain cells - LMAO! I don't doubt it - listening to GM is enough to drive you crazy!

It's a good idea to still get Helen out though. It will be quite interesting to see who comes back in! HAHAHAH

Natasha Corrigan said...

At this point my only hope is Andy comes in 3rd or even 4th because he is only playing a good game for mcranda... I don't get it!

Razldazlrr said...

Steven - good point - I'm not sure - did Julie say someone evicted was definitely coming back or might come back?

NeverSayNever said...

Julie said for the first time in BB history a member of jury will return to play

Jamie said...

she also said "have a shot" at the game. you can play on Julie's words, she's notorious for that. lol guess we'll see.

Rachel said...

I hope Helen gets to come back and then take out rat Andy! I hate him the most and don't respect his game at all! Lil weezel!

UshifferBrains said...

Hey Jamie!
Thank you for your awesome work on keeping us all up to date! You do an amazing job!
I was wondering if you know what Aaryn was telling Helen and Elissa (when H and E were in the hot tub) last night about David having a " backstory"? Helen just went on about how she was so sorry he had to go through something like that and felt so bad. After Dark went to commercial right when Aaryn was talking about it so I missed what she had said. Just wondering if you knew, thanks!

RCW504 said...

I thunk I over heard helen say the game is over 9/24

rigs said...

Aaryn is smart enough to know that she is not only doing other people's dirty work, she is doing the dirty work that she needs to stay in the house. There is no way Helen/Elissa would not get rid of Aaryn the first chance they had. Aaryn is a big competitor and IMO, with Andy's help, she can make it to the end. McCrae/Amanda are willing to give her the votes she needs to further her game. Elissa has been gunning for Aaryn from the beginning of the game.

All this talk about Amanda being a target is bad game play. Amanda can't win anything, she is no threat unless the viewing public isn't seeing her incredible abilities that she must be hiding. From what we know, she can't win the game and even if she made it to the F2, the jury would not vote for her. She is an anchor on McCrae but he is dealing with it very well. Backdooring Amanda at this point is not in Aaryn's best interest. That should be McCrae's call and Amanda should be willing to go if she can't win and McCrae has a chance of winning. That kind of behavior builds relationships.

When it comes to "bad "people in the house, Amanda is an angel compared to Elissa. I can't believe the garbage that comes out of her mouth. "I would never associate with any of these people outside of this house" is about as elitist as I have ever heard from a HG.

Also, Andy is playing a smart game. He is directing players as much as anyone in his own way. The understanding of the game that Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Aaryn have is a great strength. I am sure they know that Helen would turn on any one of them in an instant without hesitation. That is why 3AM rocks.

enb said...

Three different times an evicted houseguest has returned brenden bb13, james bb9, kaysar bb6 if I'm not mistaken and all have suffer the same fate. Good luck to whoever comes back

Jamie said...

no idea on the david thing.

Renee' Southard said...

Amanda & the trashcan.. Wth was that?! She's the biggest baby!! I still can't believe she is still around! Ugh!!

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