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Friday, August 16, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everybody! :D The live feeds switched to trivia around 2:20pm BBT, which indicated that the Have Nots Comp was underway. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post who the Have Nots are for the week and then continue on the with the afternoon post. We'll also have the Nominations Ceremony to look forward at some point this afternoon/early evening as well, where Aaryn will be putting up Helen/Elissa on the block. Her target is Helen, with Elissa as a backup plan in the event that Helen wins veto tomorrow. (Spencer would be the renom if need be.)

The Have Nots for the Week are:


Currently on the live feeds...

5:47pm BBT:
Feed are finally back!!

GM hurt her ankle during the comp. Helen is a have not.
Head Cheese and Habaneros are the Have Nots food for the week.

Helen passes through the living room, looks up a the tv in the living room, it says "Nominations Today".
Helen: "Nominations today, yay."

Elissa: "So sad." (I think she's a have not too.)

Andy is covered in paint from the comp. Nobody looks really happy.
5:56pm BBT:
Nobody is talking.

5:58pm BBT:
Andy/Helen/McCrae are talking about how spicy the Habaneros are.

Elissa thinks it looks disgusting.
GM is pissed that she's a Have Not again.

6:02pm BBT:

Amanda: "I'm gonna starve for the next week."

6:05pm BBT:
Helen/McCrae are showering.
 Aaryn is showering in her HOH room.
6:08pm BBT:
Elissa/Amanda talk briefly.

Elissa: "Um mm. (Aaryn) just said I wasn't the target."
Amanda: "Where are my pants?!"

6:13pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda: "Those foods SUCK!"
Andy: "America f**ked you guys this week, for sure."

Andy: "Would you agree, Aaryn, that Spencer won that comp for us?"
Aaryn: "Yea!"

6:29pm BBT:
Storage Room

Helen tells McCrae she knows Aaryn is putting her/Elissa up on the block today. She said if one of them wins veto, then Spencer will be the renom & says not to tell anyone. (*Everyone already knows that Helen is the target this week, except for Helen/Elissa.) 

Helen then goes & grabs Amanda and tells her the same thing in the lounge room.
She's telling Amanda that Spencer has to go this week.

6:40pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Andy tells Aaryn that if Helen/Elissa are already knocked out of the Veto Comp, he doesn't wanna win it. Aaryn then told Andy her speech for the nomination ceremony, that they (H/E) are a "power duo" and she has her own power duo to look out for, meaning herself/GM.

Aaryn told Andy that Amanda said anyone who goes to the end with Andy, won't win. She tells him not to tell anyone she told him that. (Amanda told Aaryn that this morning.)

Andy leaves the HOH room, wishes Aaryn luck with the nomination ceremony. She thanks him.

7:02pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia for the Nomination Ceremony. (Feeds should come back in about 45 mins.)

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! 10 hrs is enough for this blogging gal. The HG's are going to have their nomination ceremony in a little bit and Aaryn is definitley putting up Helen/Elissa, so there won't be any surprise there. I will be back in the morning with the Overnighter!! I'll see y'all then. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I hope Amanda and McStain are hn's

Anonymous said...

Over 3hrs of trivia seems like a lot for a Have/Have Not comp especially with only 8 HGs.


Anonymous said...

Pandora's Box?

slnc said...

Does anyone who has live feed s think that this season there has been a lot of fish? Its really annoying more fish than show...

Anonymous said...

I knew head cheese and habaneros would win. I mean how could it not haha.


Lynlin said...

It will be so cool if either one Amanda or McCrae would be a have not so they couldn't sleep together. I'm tired of seeing them bump uglies all the time

cballz79 said...


By stating 'Pandora's Box?' I imagine you are referencing if or if not Pandora's Box will make an appearance this week. With Aaryn being HOH this week, odds are if Pandora's Box did appear, she would have a decision to make.
I think its safe to say with everything that has happened so far this season, Aaryn will either choose to open it or she will choose not to open it.

Captain Obvious

DanFan1 said...

Lol GM is mad being a havenot again. Lol she is from New York tuff and can handle anything . I guess her kryptonite is habineros and head cheese lol.

Lynlin said...

Is it head cheese as in Hogs Head Cheese? If so that crap is disgusting!!! Google it!!! OMG the nastiest stuff I have ever seen being made

laserkat said...

I don't think Aaryn could handle Pandora's could she possibly make a decision without consulting with Demanda first?

James Estep said...

Up until the recent twist was revealed I wanted Judd to come back in simply because if the way he was voted out but considering Helen is most likely going home this week in a blindside I think I have changed my mind and want to see her return and watch Amanda McCrae and Andy squirm for a little bit knowing the biggest move of the season was made the wrong week ... For the record even though I don't want Amanda to win if Aaryn would have gone with get decision to put up Amanda and McCrae instead I would have liked to see her come back as well ... Like her or not as a Big Brother fan as of this moment in my mind Aaryn deserves to win

Mike said...

Do we really have to bring one of these people back? Good grief, this cast is bad. Especially the people who've been evicted.

sadie nelson said...

After all what has came out of her mouth!!, the show should have removed her weeks ago. The y had to put up a disclaimer because of her and gm. Winner hell no!!!

sadie nelson said...

After what came out of her mouth, she sould have been taken out of the game. Because of her and gm mouth bb had to put a disclaimer on the show. Winner I think not!!!!.


With Amanda sleeping in the have-not room, I'm sure McCrae is looking forward to a few days of rest and recovery.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Whatever has or hasn't come out of Aaryn's mouth, her *gameplay* has been pretty spectacular after she got rid of the albatross that was Kait and Jeremy.

She learned pretty fast that she had to make friends in high places to get anywhere in the game. She did that. I hope she's also learned that her words can be hurtful. I really truly hope that Aaryn is going to grow (even a little bit) as a person from her experience in the game... and the life lessons she'll have once she gets out.

Whether or not she wins 500k, the very fact that she got dumped from 2 contracts for being racist will wake her up. Yes, Aaryn, your words can have consequences.

But, again, back in the BB house... she's playing a spectacular game right now. Even Jordan (Yay, Jordan!) said so in her interview with Jeff: that Aaryn's comments *quite aside,* Aaryn is looking like the favorite to win right now.

It's Big Brother, not Miss Congeniality that she's trying to win. Alas.

Jan Janssen said...

I thought the winner was supposed to be the one with the best gameplay, not the person who is the nicest person and never says anything bad about anybody??

Wouldn't be very fun to watch all summer if everybody was nice to everybody

Jan Janssen said...

@sadie nelson

I thought that the winner should be the one with the best gameplay and not the nicest person in the house???

Ste ven said...

I wonder if Aaryn telling Andy what Amanda said about him will finally get him to wake up and realize (both of them) that they have to separate McRanda. Andy for some reason thinks theyre his ticket. If Aaryn and Andy could really trust each other, they would knock out Amanda and then go to the F2 together...Andy has the best social game and probably would beat anyone at this point but Aaryn has won the most comps and really turned the game around from being the most hated to reaching that point. We know already she wont get Candice's vote. Andy is friends with everyone; he has had to have played the best social game ...Im trying to think if anyone else has NOT been on the block all season. Maybe McRae, I cant remember, but hes playing a great social game too - everyone likes him and AManda's outbursts havent affected his game as he feared. I want Amanda backdoored so bad. What would hurt Aaryn/Andy if they did it this week. They could get GM, Spencer to vote Amanda out and then Mcrae would be alone. GM would stick with Aaryn/Andy...WHo knows where SPences' mind is - he might go with McRae.

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