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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House: Part 2 (UPDATED!)

Good evening, guys & dolls! Just wanted to do a quickie update post for y'all. Jessie has calmed down & I'm not sure if she's gonna start back up again or not. We'll see! But for those of you who have been wanting (or dreading? lol) the McCranda BB Wedding, tonight is the night! As of 7pm BBT, Amanda already has her wedding dress made. (Scroll down for pics.)

Okay, let's see what's happening inside the BB house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

4:47pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie asked Andy why he told Helen that she was thinking about switching sides of the house. Jessie rehashes her convo last night with Helen at the pool table. (The convo that sparked last nights fights.) She said she wasn't mad when talking to Helen, she just wanted to keep it between the two of them. But then Helen walked away mad & threw her to the wolves.

Andy said his intention was to smooth things over, not cause all the fights. Jessie wonders if he really wanted to work with her (J) or if he was just fishing for info.

Jessie: "Just goes to show you, that everyone tells everything to everyone." (*welcome to Big Brother. lol)

Jessie said that Helen dragged everyone into their fight last night.

5:15pm BBT:

Helen/GM talked for awhile about Jessie. They both think maybe something happened to Jessie in her life to make her act like she's acting. GM thinks she (J) should go talk to the BB therapist. GM again refereed to Jessie as a "flip flopper" in the house. GM said if the house just ignores Jessie's comments, it'll eventually get old & Jessie will stop. They both worry about tomorrow because they'll be locked inside the house.

6:03pm BBT:
Amanda told McCrae that if they win HOH, maybe they should put up Spencer/Elissa and if one them comes down, then to backdoor Helen. McCrae is trying to think of different scenarios that wouldn't ticked off Helen/Elissa to gun after him/Amanda, if they (Am/Mc) were to win HOH. Amanda said they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. (This convo is hard to hear because Amanda keeps messing with her mic a lot.)

Amanda: "We have a 2 weeks window: this week and next week, to get out Helen."

GM walks in, game talk stops.

7:00pm BBT:
The McCrae/Amanda wedding is happening tonight!!! Here's Amanda's wedding dress:

Amanda put in a request with production to let the HG drink for 1 hour tonight.

Helen: "That seriously looks like a designer dress!"
Elissa: "It does!"

Elissa: "I wanna wear a toga dress, too."
Helen: "I think we are. I think that's what she wants us to wear."

UPDATED @ 8:19pm BBT:
More wedding pics...

The Cake:

The Isle:
The Bridesmaids Bouquets:
9:22pm BBT:
Elissa is doing Amanda's hair, as GM is doing her makeup.
9:47pm BBT:

Wedding is at 10pm BBT!

**Okay, I'm outta here for the night! Enjoy the live feeds!! :D (They're $10/month for those of you that don't have'em yet.) I won't be able to do The Overnighter because I gotta work in the morning. :( But I tried to stay up as late as possible to blog house happenings for y'all. I'll get us all caught up with the Early Afternoon post tomorrow!

Stay tuned...
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Michelle said...

UGH! Really? She is like a 6th grader doing a pretend wedding! I think she has to do the pretend wedding bc she thinks she will never have a real wedding. I think this is sad :( Poor Amanda! She needs so much attention.

Anonymous said...

Jessie should object at the wedding cause her and McCrae are in love! Could potentially be hilarious plus she's getting evicted anyway.


Jamie said...

Haha @ Brian, that'd be hilarious!

**Alea73** said...

Now THAT ^^^ would be Hysterical!!!
Puh Leeze Jesse do that &
Puh Leeze let that b aired!!!!
Ha ha HA!!!!!

Kern's Kreations said...

The only way I want to watch this wedding...
Andy - "If anyone sees any reason why these two should not be wed..."
Jessie - "This wedding can't happen because I am carrying McCrae's pretend BB baby."
Amanda - "You !@#$ *&^%$"
McCrae - "Amanda, you've gotta shut-up. You're ruining my game."
Helen - "Amanda its not true. This wedding is amazing, and you are amazing. And you are the reason everyone is here because you are amazing. Oh and McCrae you're exactly right, because you are amazing. And Aayrn you are amazing like Janelle."
Elissa - "But you did say some nasty things to Candace Aaryn."
Aaryn - "I had to though, because she was racist against me because I'm white. And blonde."
Spencer *silently watching Aaryn from behind*
GM - "Yous alls kneads a thurapist. Eye luv yous Nick."

Yup, that'll make me interested. :)

Anonymous said...

McCrae might just ask Jessie to please ruin the wedding since he's so not into this anymore. It's probably the only way they bother to show it on TV too. They didn't even show when McCrae proposed and Julie had no idea it even happened when it was mentioned while talking to them on the live show.


andrea said...

Can you imagine how bored they get? Hate on Amanda all you want, (and I know ya'll want, she gives you some good material,) but I don't think this is one of those Hateable times. She didn't even come up with the idea for the wedding. They know who's going home. They are tired of talking game for the moment and they are bored silly! I think its fun. And more interesting to watch then them rehash the same tired convos.

Some of these HGs have made large public mistakes. They will be punished as soon as they are done with BB. I hope they enjoy what little time they have before their life explodes.

And since when is mental illness, any type, a laughing matter or cause for ridicule. Some of you should take a serious look at what you are really saying.

::gets off soap box:: sorry if that's how it comes across, most of you would never... but we need to remember they are human. Thanks for being my safe place.

Robin Jackson said...

Ummmm..... Who has a mental illness?

Rachel said...

Sooooo do not care about this ridiculous fake wedding that'll never ever happen in real life!!!! Jessie shld ruin it, I totally would! They've all just been so nasty this season that they deserve to have this joke of a wedding ruined. What a joke! Ill b watching poo float instead of these floaters tonite!

laserkat said...

You are hilarious & sooo right! Thanks for making my night!

Erica Iles said...

LOL! I'm dying laughing!

Unknown said...

BB15 has "Jumped the Shark".
I mourn the loss of one of my favorite shows.

Sweetie said...

I agree Andrea, seriously bb knew what they were doing when they picked these hg, they knew who was obviously clear minded, and who is takeing meds, your right mental illness is everywhere, but when bb puts it out there and they act a fool,jeez how can you not laugh at some of the crap that comes out of there mouth,take the stick out of you a** buttercup and suck it up. This makes for good t.v lol, and yes I think it's hilarious they're getting pretend marrief,like you said, hg get bored. This may not air but still funny to read about thanks for this blog.

Sweetie said...

Bb knew exactly what they were doing when they picked these hg. I personally think it's great they're having or had a pretend wedding,makes for good t.v and the whole what if Jesse would disrupt it would make for better t.v ha it would be hilarious. I like Jesse, McCrae, an Andy,to bad Judd went hm, I was also rooting for him as well.As far as Amanda and her dominating actions it has gotten her this far, but definitely don't see her making a final 3 cut. Right now Helens running the show as is her mute sidekick Alissa...will they make it to final 3..hmm certainly hope not

Razldazlrr said...

Andrea - I was thinking the same thing - it gives them something to do and make stuff and just be goofy. I don't think it's such a bad idea - it has to be soooo boring in there and this group really hasn't had a lot of fun.
They have a BB therapist? I suppose they should! I have never been against Jessie but she really does seem to be going over the edge a bit.

CC said...

Okay, if McRae or Jessie will not step up and make this interesting, then BB should privately offer each a lot of cash to do it on the stipulation that they cannot tell they took money or were asked. lol Come on BB make this interesting so you have more viewers and talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I caught BBAD for a bit last night until Amanda and Elissa constantly looking at themselves in a mirror made me change the channel BUT saw enough to notice McCrae didn't seem into the wedding at all lol. Did they end up getting more than 1 bottle of wine?

And Helen's mom jean shorts. Gahh!! She has a great body, why wear mom jeans?!?!

rbjjb said...

Helen/Elissa Need To Win HOH. They Can Then Get The House To Squirm Not Knowing What Would Happen. Any Other HOH Winners And It Is A Boring Week With Helen/Elissa On The Block.

Marcelle Lewis said...

Now, THAT would be worth watching! Good one hehe

TamaraJ said...

Too funny!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

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