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Monday, August 5, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House: Pt 2

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D The day has been rather mellow inside the BB house, but that's mainly because all the action happens at night on the feeds.

Speaking of...

The live feeds are now just $10 per month!! Plus you get a 2 day trial so you get to see just how much stuff you're really missing out on and trust me, it's a lot!!

After you get them, use the Flashback feature (the calendar icon) and go back to 1:20pm BBT on Cam 4 to listen to the lengthy Aaryn/Judd convo.
There was a lot of game talk between Aaryn & Judd. Aaryn started off by saying that Judd is now her BB boyfriend, not Jessie's. She jokes by saying she's gonna start wearing skimpy outfits while she works out by Judd in front of Jessie. She said she hopes that she (J) just self-evicts.

Judd said that he knows that Jessie is using him, but he's using her more than she is & he doesn't give her any info. Aaryn told Judd that her (Aa) next target, assuming that Candice is gone this week, will be Jessie. Aaryn asked Judd to stay loyal to her in the game and if he gets to Final 2 (and she's in jury), she'll give him her vote for sure. He says he will be loyal to her.

Aaryn warns Judd that Helen/Elissa are not on his side and that they kept telling McCrae/Amanda that he (J) was the MVP.

While those 2 were up in the HOH room talking, Elissa was downstairs working hard on Amanda's Bachelorette Cake.

Elissa took the cake to Amanda (she was sleeping) to see if she likes it, and she does.

Elissa: "Amanda, do you like it?"
Amanda: "It's perfect! Aw you're so sweet!"

2:39pm BBT:
All HG's are napping, except for Judd/Helen/Andy/Aaryn/Elissa

Aaryn is a prankster mood and put a dental dam on Amanda while she was sleeping. She then takes it back, puts vaseline on it, then puts it by McCrae's hand. She starts laughing and covers her mouth to try to stop.

Aaryn then reported to Helen/Andy/Judd what she did. They laugh.

2:43pm BBT:
Aaryn goes back and moves the lubed up dental dam to the opposite side of McCrae's face so that when he switches sides, it'll stick to his face.
2:46pm BBT:

Judd/Andy/Aaryn/Helen are talking outside, as Elissa is doing yoga.

3:16pm BBT:
Elissa is complaing that BB won't give her a yoga mat.

Elissa: "If I don't get one soon, I'm gonna have a yoga freakout."

3:20pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Aaryn said she talked to Judd and that she trusts him a lot now. Amanda said they (Judd/Amanda) are cool now, too. Aaryn said that Helen wants Jessie out next week and so does she (Aa).

Aaryn also asked if she (Am) is working with Elissa because it seems that she protects Elissa a lot. She said no, and they never talk one on one, and she was only defending Elissa the other day because she just feels/knows that she (El) is not the MVP.

3:28pm BBT:
Andy/Judd/Spencer/Elissa/McCrae are all laughing at Amanda being frustrated because the spray tan isn't working again.

Amanda: (to BB) "What do you want me to do??"
Elissa: "Amanda, there is no yelling at production." (*lol)

She grabs her robe and walks away swearing & frustrated. Andy is laughing at how irritated she is. (*This was really a funny moment, great flashback feeds moment if you have time.)
3:35pm BBT:

Amanda is talking about her convo with Jessie this morning.
Amanda: "So Jessie & I cool. Or at least, she thinks we are."

Spencer & Jessie join.
They're talking about a movie.

BB calls for an inside lockdown. (Probably to fix the tanning booth for Amanda.)

3:55pm BBT:
Time to tan again!!

Everyone thinks it's hilarious. They're calling her a "Bronzed Trophy Wife", a female bodybuilder...

Elissa: "It looks natural!"
Amanda: 'I'm tryin' to get a good tan for my BB wedding."
Andy: "This is my favorite day in the house so far."

Elissa really, realllly wants to tan in the booth just one time.

BB calls for another inside lockdown.

Elissa: "You think they're gonna make her do another (tanning session)?"
McCrae: "Yea."

4:30pm BBT:
GM calls everyone to the living room. (Time for GM to take her cone off.)

 Everyone countdowns from 10-0 & they remove the Cone of Shame.

5:20pm BBT:
GM wants to be tanned so bad, that she's rubbing her face all over a freshly-tanned Amanda.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm outta here! Have a great time watching the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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KayKayLah M said...

Ummm I had hopes for Judd, but he is a bigger idiot than his speech lets on. If he thinks Jessie is using him, why does he think Aaryn is cuddling up with him now week 6. Because he all of a sudden became irresistible or she realizes she has to hedge her bets and cover her butt becuase her puppet friend GM's reign as HOH is coming to a close and chances are w/candice gone there are limited targets now!!

I hope either Jessie or Spencer win HOH and put up Demanda/McCrae!
Ooh or something that makes people break their poker face like Andy/Aaryn! Let's really see who people would choose if they only had a brain!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Wally said...

Helen and Elissa are waisting a golden opportunity--kicking out Amanda. I thought Hellen was smart but she keep saying "this is not the week". Doesn't she realize as the numbers dwindle, the harder it becomes to get someone out.

Anonymous said...


If Judd does think Aryan is using him he's certainly not gonna tell Aryan that just like he takes the attention from Jessie and doesn't tell her that. They're both using him, he's using both of them that's the game.


Donna Rendon said...

I wish Aaryn was getting tanned. It would be classic to watch her get darke.....and darker....and would make her crazy!

Anonymous said...


Helen keeps saying this isn't the week to get Amanda out cause they couldn't find the 4th vote to make it happen and their plan was exposed so if they kept pushing it too hard it would've caused an irreparable rift with them on the short end.

I also don't agree that it necessarily gets harder to get rid of someone as the game goes on cause it actually takes fewer and fewer votes to make it happen. That's especially true for someone like Amanda who hasn't won a single comp.


hummingbrd said...

Hi jamie .. This thursday should be very interesting!Does BB let them know on thursday it is FFWD or do they find out by Julie? I was Just wondering if it's a surprise or not.
Thanks for all the good info as always I needed to catch up. Have a great week girl U rock!

KayKayLah M said...

@Craig- In part ur right society's ills cannot be cured by a television show, and I wouldn't presume that that is the intention of CBS or BB, BUT the issue is that unfortunately for many of the majority culture in our society they have limited encounters with minorities, and in error use images in the media to inform their notions of minorities. So, like yourself and many of the cast of BB racial disparity and bigotry are minimized to euphemisms of "racial-stuff", or they claim its overblown. When in actuality production hasn't even exposed all of the hate speech to come out of the mouths of many of the HGs. Like some of the cast of BB, many in our society have sat idly by and allowed themselves or others to say or do things that should not be tolerated.

And thanx to Jamie avid BB fans have a forum to discuss their thoughts on the cast and season. I wouldn't claim that BB is a place void of morality or think that viewers aversion to prejudice is unwarranted because we all know social-game play is almost or sometimes more important than being a fierce competitor.

I think that many, like myself, think that a person shouldn't have to withstand the "heat" of someone calling them an "oreo" or telling them to go back to Africa because that isn't what she or viewers like myself signed up for. You're right her game has been over for weeks b/c the immature small minded people that she is playing this game w/have never given her a chance and they hold Candice to a different set of standards than everyone else.

I mean hasn't anyone ever questioned why GM could stand in the middle of a room and call people cockroaches and not be targeted for stirring things up, and yet when Candice calls Spencer out in front of the HGs now she's public enemy #1, and the mean girls went on for weeks terrorizing Helen and Candice???

C'mon there is a big A** elephant in the room!

KayKayLah M said...

@Brian- I get the game-play of flirting or fake relationships, but if I were Judd I would limit what I say about Jessie to Aaryn b/c in this house things said in confidence somehow or another come out usually in an argument.
Using people is one thing, but I think its not strategic on Judd or Aaryn's part its quite transparent, and girls don't like sharing their men in real or fake BB relationships. Mark my words someone will be fighting about it by the end of the week!!

Steve Peterson said...

Amanda is 20x worse than Aaryn. Aaryn isn't a hate filled racist. She's just young and obviously sheltered from many facets of our society. I think if anything, she will learn and grow from this summer in the BB house.

This comment has been removed by the author.
nwoot said...

C'mon Helen. Wake up! Get Amanda out of there. Please please please.

Erika C. said...

@KayKay-Couldn't of said it better myself.

Essence Howard-Watford said...

Well said KayKayLah! I wonder if those who are of the opinion that the things Candice, Howard, and Helen have been put through... especially Candice would feel the same way if they were isolated and unable to defend themselves against the nastiness they've had to endure? I was hurt when I read Craig's comment but wasn't surprised.

rbjjb said...

What You Said Is MostlyI true. I've Never Thought The Crew In The Past Was Lane. I Can't Believe We Have No Game Play For 6 Weeks Now. Its All Fall In Line With House.

I'm Thinking Most Of This Is Because With 3 On The Block Its Hard To Flip The House. Even With The Two On The Block The Numbers Can Stay Together And Vote One Person Off.

That Being Said, I Think Sparks Are About To Start On Double Eviction And Eventually The House Will Be Divided.

Random World said...

I just can't wait for all the back-stabbing to finally begin!!! - I mentioned how I liked Andy because he plays a good social game. But he has effed up big time by being the most tattlest tale of them all, man!

slnc said...

Well said kaykay...couldnt agree more. Also aaryn and gm have called candice aunt jemima, and that term is very racial and is tied to slavery as well as racism. I really hate how some ppl just down play Aaryn, gm and Amanda's racial insensitivity.

Liz said...


ZoomZoom said...

First, I love your blog and thank you for putting so much work into it. I feel so sorry for Candice living in that house with all of the hostility being thrown at her. Imagine saying yes to a great opportunity and then realizing all you'll be doing is fighting for your self-respect and confronting racism. I bet you she must have thought she'd be lounging by the pool and get to play the game for fun. But GM and Aaryn ARE using race as a tactic to throw Candice off her game. When GM lost her job so quickly her past colleagues may have witnessed this behavior but never had proof that she was a full out bigot. For the rest of her life when she applies for a new job this side of her character will forever be enshrined on the internet. She'll eventually find another job but will it be with a good company with a reputable reputation? At 32 years of age good hiring managers will do a double take on her candidacy because she will put their department at risk for litigation.
Helen, I KNOW she had HOHitis but considering the type of job she has she must've developed a very thick skin because she has encountered these types of people over and over again who had tried to use her ethnicity against her. She's smart and wants to win this game. If she got emotional about the racism she'd be at a disadvantage and wouldn't concentrate on the game and instead on GM, AM and AAryn. (We don't know how she feels inside and most likely she's keeping those cards close.)
And Amanda, oh Amanda, why, why, why.... She is a bully and if the rumours are true about her family getting a PR group to rehabilitate her reputation this girl has grown up knowing her family will clean up her mess. She'll leave the house and try to spin her experience as "wanting to play the game." Wait and see...I bet you she'll have a book or some tv show and try and profit from her bad behaviour in the house. And back to Candice, I feel for her big time. She's young and when you encounter this much hate you can grow bitter or grow stronger. And Andy, I can't believe he's a professor. I hope he has tenure because how can his university take him seriously as a teacher and as an educator from this point forward. And his future students, how can they trust what he says because his character is so duplicitous! I know it's a game but I hate the fact he's aligned with Amanda, a woman who mocks him! Every time things are about to get really good on the show ANDY ruins it by being a tattle tale. If Andy was gone then the show would be 15 times more interesting. Amanda and McCrae get 90% of the juicy information from Andy! If he was gone then Amanda and McCrae wouldn't have a clue what the other HG were up to.
BB15 has been very frustrating to watch. It's actually to everyone's advantage to get rid of Andy asap. But I also want Aaryn, Amanda and GM gone too.

breyedgrl55 said...

What did I miss, why did Elissa get to dye her hair? Thanks

slnc said...

Helen doesn't know what Aaryn has said about her and that's why she hasn't been "terrorized" as Craig said. Trust and believe when she sees the entire show she will be Very "terrorized"! Just like Julie Chen was....most ppl who are not a minority usually dont get it...and never will unfortunately.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Razldazlrr said...

Craig - there were some earlier seasons when I liked the cast or at least the diversity of it - wider age range and backgrounds. They didn't just pick pretty girls to be meanies.

I don't agree with a lot of their statements but if you pulled people out of the house for their statements, what would be the purpose of putting them all in there in the first place?

AmiLrn said...

Aaryn (who is 22) is the one whose family has hired a PR firm for her. Not Amanda.

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