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Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House (+ Luxury Comp)

Good afternoon, addicts! Today the houseguests will have their Nomination Ceremony, where HOH GinaMarie will be putting up McCrae/Amanda. Last night on the live eviction show, Julie said that Sunday's BB episode will air a "special comp" that the HG's played in, so that means either today or tomorrow, the houseguests will get their comp. What will it be? A possible luxury comp, perhaps? We'll find out!

At 10:03am BBT this morning, GM fell a little bit on the stairs. She's fine, but she hurt a couple of toes.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:40am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! The HG's on are HOH Lockdown. Okay, I'm guessing that the houseugests are getting their "special comp" now. I'll update as soon as the feeds come back on! :D

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12:08pm BBT:
Feeds are back! It looks like they had to pop balloons to win prizes. It was a luxury comp!

 HG's are cleaning up the big mess...
Spencer won something. (Not sure yet.)
12:13pm BBT:
Amanda & Andy both agree that they're happy that Elissa didn't win anything.

Amanda: "All this confetti is annoying, just like (Elissa)."

Elissa: "Spencer won a trip (previous veto comp) and now $10,000!"

Judd: "Thank you Big Brother!! ..under 4 minutes."

12:18pm BBT:
HG's still cleaning up. GM is laying on the couch. (Her back & toe are probably hurting her too much to continue to clean up.)
 HG's still cleaning up the balloons & confetti..

Elissa is complaining that someone "vandalized her property" by putting confetti in her bag. Spencer said that he was popping balloons over by her bag and that could be it. She says no, it was placed there on purpose (hinting that it was Amanda).

Judd/GM are talking about the luxury comp.
Spencer: "We need a shop-vac, for sure."
GM: "Yea we need a shop-vac."

Elissa: "My big brother bag got swept up confetti and balloons in it. It was placed in there strategically."
GM: "See my f**cking toe? It's black n blue." (*from her fall this morning on the stairs.)

Spencer is telling GM it looks like her toe might be broke and to tape it together with the toe beside it.
GM: "Hopefully it's not broken. Let's see what the medic says. Can we please get the medic here faster, please? Uhhhhhhh!"
Andy: "How's your back?"
GM: "It hurts."

Andy/Spencer think it sounds like something is being built outside, or possibly a plane flying by. They're on inside lockdown.

Judd: "This house has never been this clean, after we're done cleaning it now."
Amanda: "I'm over it, my back hurts."

Andy is walking around aimlessly, as others clean up.

12:33pm BBT:
The HG's just put in a request for a shop-vac to help with the clean up.
12:46pm BBT:Both Andy/Spencer plan on throwing the veto comp so they don't have to use it if they won it.

12:49pm BBT:
McCrae is upset and won't say why.

Amanda: "Is it me? Did I do something?"
McCrae: "No."
Amanda: "Please tell me!"
McCrae: "It's fine, I'm just tired & annoyed."
12:52pm BBT:
Storage Room

Andy is really happy that Elissa didn't win the $10k because she 'has enough money'. Judd is happy Elissa or Amanda didn't win it. Andy's glad that one of the "Exterminators" won it. Judd said he's gonna fight hard for the veto, even if prizes are offered.

They leave and go back into the kitchen area to finish cleaning up.

12:59pm BBT:

Andy is vacuuming. GM is asking BB for the medic to hurry up to check up on her foot.

1:13pm BBT:

McCrae went to the HOH room to talk to GM about nominations today. GM said she's doing her makeup first and hopes to see the medic for her foot, and then she'll start HOH talks. He says cool and leaves.

1:14pm BBT:

Spencer/McCrae are talking about hockey in the living room.

1:17pm BBT:

Andy is in the HOH room. GM tells him McCrae was just up there and she has to have a "fake" talk with him (Andy) and tells Andy to go ahead and listen to music. She's still putting on makeup.

1:35pm BBT:

Amanda: "Do you think GM will put me up?"
McCrae: "I dunno."
Amanda: "Do you care?"
McCrae: "Yea." (he seems really annoyed.)

Amanda said she's "over it", regarding Elissa. She doesn't wanna talk about her anymore. She's still pressuring McCrae to tell her what's wrong and it's stressing her out.

Amanda: "Why are you pissed?"
McCrae: "I dunno."
Amanda: "You really don't know?"
McCrae: "Mmm hmm."

McCrae said that Amanda was pissing people off during the HOH lockdown by turning the lights on/off. Amanda said everyone was laughing and that she was doing that because BB kept looping music. Feeds auto-switch to the HOH room.

1:30pm BBT:
Judd tells McCrae/Amanda that the backyard is open.
Amanda: "Can I take a cigarette, McCrae?"
He says yes. Amanda leaves.

Judd: "What's wrong with you?"
McCrae: "Just annoyed."
Judd: "With who?"
McCrae: "I dunno. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed."
Judd: "You were grouchy upstairs."

McCrae said he's just annoyed being in the game, it's getting tiring at this point.
Judd: "Same people everybody.."
McCrae: "Yep. I probably just have to sleep it off."
Judd: "Take a nap."

McCrae goes outside to smoke. Judd offeres his company if he wants to talk at any point.

1:34pm BBT:
Spencer & Amanda are both bashing Elissa. Spencer said that Elissa is "not a real human being" and called her a b*tch. Amanda wants Elissa out of the house & thinks it'd be much more fun with her out.

Amanda: "Her voice is like nails on a chalk board."
Spencer: "Yep. Did you hear what she said? She said she hates being in the house with 'these people'. I feel like even my f*cking presence (upsets her)."
McCrae mocks Elissa: "Even my servants are friends (with me). If she would've won that $10k, I would've puked."
Spencer: "Yep."

1:40pm BBT:
McCrae asked Spencer if Judd approached him with any deals with him (Sp), Spencer lies and says no. McCrae thinks Judd made a deal with GM. Amanda agrees.

Amanda goes inside to get something to drink.
Spencer/McCrae talk.

McCrae is telling Spencer that Amanda is "annoying the f**k out of him" today. 

1:58pm BBT:
Andy/Spencer are acting like they still don't know McCrae/Amanda are going up. GM is finishing her makeup & hair. Elissa is talking to her.

**I'm gonna take a break, I'll start a new post soon! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what this mystery comp the HGs will play is? Could it be a 2nd POV like Ian won last season? Or perhaps another power such as Diamond POV or Coup de Tat? I can't even imagine the uproar if Amanda and McCrae were to both win POV this week or if 1 of them were to win the Diamond POV or something. I think the internet might explode! Haha


Jamie said...

lol! omg i think i'd shut my laptop down for the day if that happened just because I'd be scared of everyone's anger if that happened. lol

i'm not sure what the comp could be, since nothing was set up. but then again, BB could be setting up a "shopping spree" type luxury comp inside the house (hence the HOH lockdown). so we'll see! :D

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I think you're right...the internet would explode! (Right along with my headache!) Can't wait for Amanduh to get what she deserves. I can't decide if I want her to go to jury, or if I want to see her meltdown when McCrae, it's a toss-up...

Anonymous said...


These type of comps often aren't like some elaborate setup. Last years with Ian winning the VETO ball was just a whole bunch of little balls thrown in the backyard then they had to run and use the claw machine. It could be something like that or something hidden in the house somewhere who knows. Maybe it could involve the photo booth somehow. I mean why is that thing even in there? Whenever there's been something in that room be it the fortune teller or the claw machine it's always come into play at some point for something as far as I can remember.


Ashaw20 said...

I agree with Brian. I think we are FINALLY going to find out why that photo booth is actually in this house. And IF this is a comp for a second veto or anything along those lines im praying that Elissa wins just so she can be the one to seal Mcrandas fate. Im sick of feeling super awkward as i was the show becuase of how awful those two are.

Ps- your blog is how i get through the work day without being able to watch the feeds! YOU'RE AWESOME!

James said...

From what GM said to Judd a couple of days ago, McCrae might be the target.
When the show started, I liked Amanda, but she has really gone downhill in my estimation, and I'd like to see her go really. I only hope GM follows her out the next week, people forget all the disgusting things she has said just because she is so stupid people think it's funny.

Erica Iles said...

I agree, I think the internet would explode. It would make such an impact that it would knock Earth completely off of its axis thus causing us to just float aimlessly around in space until we all died.

Yes, it would be that catastrophic.


Anonymous said...


McCrae is the target by GM and Judd to go 1st. However for Andy, Spencer and Elissa it's Amanda they want to go 1st. And they'd represent 3 of the votes if choosing between the 2 while Judd is only 1 vote and GM only votes in a tie.


Erica Iles said...

I couldn't agree more. GM and Spencer need to go.

Kiley said...

No offense Jamie but if McCrae and Amanda both get special powers, I'm done. :) I stopped watching the shows so this is all I read. But if they're both saved, Big Brother is over in my world. :)

LoveyBCA said...

Thank you for doing this blog! I love it! Finally a place I can discuss BB with others! I am really hoping they can get Amanda out this week. I really don't want her to win some type of veto!

James Estep said...

In my opinion the way Amanda reacts to situations when her and McRae are both nominated she will go absolutely nuts probably convincing GM and Judd that Amanda has to go this week which I also believe is in their best interest as well considering hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... We shall see

Ste ven said...

Yeah some special power the week McRanda could go up would make me scream. Was this the time last season when Ian got his? This veto could finally be the how bad do you want it. It was interesting seeing Amanda cry last night, fearing she's being portrayed like a batch when E Us really the evil one. Wow!
They didn't have any comps this year where the House wins food categories instead of Have Not.. Like poultry, beef pasta, alcohol, cookies etc

Jeremy said...

Love her or hate her, Amanda is entertaining in a psychotic type of way. The hopes of seeing her evicted each week is keeping many people watching regardless of whether she is hated or not. Amanda is ratings gold for the producers. I have a feeling that, with the guarantee of a Mcranda nomination, there will be a huge push by production to keep Amanda around another week or so. This may be done by special PoV comps or a Pandora's box situation. I am certain Amanda and McCrea will be miraculously saved this week. Hopefully, I am completely incorrect, guess we will see soon.

morgan said...

I really think McCrae could benefit from Amanda being gone...He has relationships with everyone, and he is constantly telling his lesser half to chill out, calm down, or walk away. Although, he does get to use her as a shield manipulating everyone on their behalf. From week 1 I loved Amanda. She's witty, entertaining and smart. Her DR sessions crack me up...but these past couple weeeks have been way too much. I feel awkward watching her attack Elissa. While Elissa isn't innocent, she doesn't deserve the wrath she's getting. Dan put it very well...she's playing the game like a brat. Lock it up girl!

Paul Christiansen said...

I was thinking the same thing James... The target will end up being demanda.

rigs said...

I agree Brian. McCranda blew it by not offering GM Andy's place in the 3AM. I think I said before the new alliance would have been 2AMG. So, yes, IMO McCranda may have handed Elissa the reins. But that is water under the bridge.

You idea of MAGMA could still be 2AMG and it would be GM's best chance even though I couldn't trust Andy now. I think McCranda think they already have GM. I don't know what McCranda are thinking. One thing Amanda is not is psychotic. She is quite rational very much aware. That can't be said for Elissa and GM sometimes enters the realm of the unreal.

rigs said...

It is not Elissa playing into Amanda's crap, it is Amanda playing into Elissa's crap. Elissa is everything she calls Amanda time 2. And what is all this talk about Elissa working for everything she has. Before meeting her now husband, she was a "hairdresser". Not that there is anything wrong with that but it didn't get her where she is today. Her sister set her up with Slater. Ohmygosshhh.

rigs said...

Last night it wasn't three hours and Elissa says she misses Aaryn already, LOL. Amanda may not be loveable but she is honest and truthful. Amanda's reaction to Elissa's comment about Aaryn was priceless. That incident alone should convince anyone that Elissa is not a class act and that she is a snake. Elissa is the most dishonest and creepiest person in the house. I don't know how the HGs tolerate her. And GM, she is totally taken in by Elissa but what can we expect from GM. She can be really, really funny and really, really annoying. Wake up GM, Elissa has to go this week.

Kiley said...

Am I the only one who thought that comp mess was an improvement on the disgusting mess that is the Big Brother house?

IAgirlsmom said...

I wish GM said that if someone wasn't trying in the POV comp (ie; throwing it) that they would go up as the replacement. (someone else said that - Helen?) Throw that pansy Andy out if he doesn't play ball. Boy he pisses me off. Does he really want them out or not. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Well I notice the rat picked up a vacuum cleaner and decided to help out cleaning.

Mimi said...

Elissa needs to stop drawing attention on herself and squash this feud once and for all! She's a mother and should be more responsible, not react like a child in front of Amanda! Just brush it off!! She's just making a target of herself, and I could easily see her get put up after the Veto Comp, sitting next to McCrae or Amanda. She needs to pay more attention to other, like GM's problem, instead of always having to be the center of attention. She is the only one I'm rooting for at this point. I'm not a big fan of Judd, I just don't find him interesting at all. He could kill someone with boredom!
Thank you Jamie, your posts are awesome, btw!!! <3

rigs said...

I keep trying to get this in. As offensive as Aaryn's behavior was and the remarks she made, the behavior of the audience was worse. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are no better than she is. If Aaryn had been raised by different parents and/or in a difference "culture", she would be a much different person.

**Alea73** said...

@Brian, You're right!!
I completely forgot about the Fortune Teller & The Claw Machine, Good Point too...
I doubt the HG have even thought of this since its not been brought up in any Game Convo..
However, if Amanda Or McCrae win some sort of Super Magic Veto (Diamond or whatever BB wants to Invent) that Saves the BOTH of them,
Lordy Lordy will I be Sooooooo Ticked &
Confused at BB.
I won't know whether to Scratch my Watch or Wind my Butt.....

Mimi said...

I agree! I think Aaryn started to change a bit, once her posse was gone, began to work for others, understood what keeping your head down means, and I actually felt bad for her, seeing her face confronted with all of this. Let's face it! The producers are just as bad! As long as they warn others in the DR room (of which I am sure of) about different stuff, they for sure, could've hibted something to her, to cut it out in the begining. But it was good ratings, they got more press on it, etc. I actually want to puke when I think they might save Amanda or McCrae, just for the ratings. It's starting to be more and more suspicious of how she won her fist competition, just when she needed it the most.
And yes, Julie battered Aaryn big time. It was like a boxing match and Aaryn didn't stand a chance. She might learn something from this, though.. Once you go on a reality show, everything get's thrown up in the air. The fac that her modelling career ended just for that, is sad and unnecessary. They probably just wanted some attention when they fired her.

**Alea73** said...

Agreeing with ya Both on that too....
Not a Fan of Spencer in the slightest.
GM has Sweet Qualities, it's just unfortunate that they're over shadowed by the Nastiness & Horrible things she has said & done, especially hitting below the belt during Candice's Eviction Speech &
Her Departure.
I still don't understand the whole point of that, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Trouble in paradise Amanda? maybe MC is pissed because you're such a @!%$#&!

Jeremy said...

Andy and Spencer vowing to throw the veto comp proves how weak they are. Andy was so offended when Zingbot called him a floater, yet here he is, hiding in the corner to keep his hands clean. If you want to win this game, you have to be willing to make big moves...Andy is not willing.


You're right, production could have nipped the "Bad Girls" behavior in the bud, but they let it continue and fester. They all should have been read the riot act the first time a slur was uttered, whether it was from Spencer, Jeremy, or Aaryn, but the free publicity was too good. There were also a number of HG recruits who really didn't know anything about the game or the way things are supposed to be done. I thought it was pretty crappy to hang Aaryn out to dry last night, because CBS doesn't exactly have clean hands in this.

Mimi said...

Oh I just LOVE seeing McCrae saturated with Amanda!! The more she talks and asks him what's wrong, the more he's getting annoyed with her :D! I'm sure it's only gonna get worse after the Nomination Ceremony

rigs said...

BB just goes to show how "grateful" people can be. IIRC, all of the HGs, except Judd, owe their still being there in large part to McCranda. I see that Spencer is aware that Elissa has said she hates being the house with "these people". I wonder if GM and the others know just how Elissa feels about them. Does GM know how Elissa really feels about her? Elissa has said many times to Helen that she would never associate outside the house with any of the people in the house. She said that to someone else too but I can't remember who.

rigs said...

Mimi, I agree with you and would add that if I were one of her husband's kids or even her kid, what would I think of my mother's or step-mother's behavior. Would I see my mother in the same objective way that McCrae sees Amanda or would I have been so conditioned already that I would act like my mom or step-mom. I wonder if her husband has seen this side of her. I also agree with you, Mimi, that the producers are just as bad but I don't think they can rig competitions. They can favor certain people by the comps that they choose but I can't see where Amanda's winning was rigged. It wasn't that Amanda was so much better, it was more that the others lost by being too competitive and "dropping the ball". She has her limits and she was smart to "chug along".

rigs said...

What if GM has to leave BB house for medical treatment? She is turning into a wreck just waiting to happen. Meanwhile the "guys" are just sitting back and letting the women do all the work, LOL.

Anonymous said...

McCrae is telling Spencer that Amanda is "annoying the f**k out of him" today.

and there you have it. Trouble in paradise.

LoveyBCA said...

I think Mccrae is getting sick of Amanda. I don't think he sees himself with her long time. He's probably kicking himself for ever starting anything with her. Andy and Spencer throwing the veto comp because they're scared of Amanda is ridiculous.

Erica Iles said...

3 comments in a row of nothing but Elissa bashing? Wow!

Erica Iles said...

I think it's the only time I've seen anyone besides Elissa actually clean!

Erica Iles said...

After Elissa doing such a good job of being the bigger person last week she is certainly going slightly downhill! Get it together Elissa!

Razldazlrr said...

Elissa is a huge snob and a prima donna and that much is obvious on this show. Notice that she never really "hangs out" with anyone - I just think she finds it too beneath her, even for her game.

I did have to laugh though when Spencer said he thinks his presence upsets her! I'm sure that's true! LOL

I don't blame mcc - amanda needs to back up - i would go bonkers being in that one place with these people for this long.

Mimi said...

@ rigs: yeah, you're right! Think I was going a bit far with my conspiracy theory :))! I think McCrae is stuck at this point with Amanda. Any attempt to separate from her would be his instant death in this game. She would not be above doing the most horrible of things. So now he's just being annoyed by the sittuation he put himself in. Her going home would be the best thing for him. She's smothering him so bad, he's got no time to play his own game. This sepparation needs to happen asap! Then, I think he would actually have shot at winning this game. If he's on the block next to her, it's perfect. If they both lose, even better. I just think the other HG haven't realised how big of a threat he is to their game, they're blinded by Amanda's craziness. But she would get NO votes. The absolute smartest move, is to take her to the end.


Isn't it amazing that there has been virtually no conflict between the guys in the house this season, they always seem to quietly settle their differences, yet it has been Thunderdome between the women. Every single one.

Erica Iles said...

Totally agree. Andy and Spencer saying they will throw the comp just leaves more chances for the people they "want" out to win. It's stupid.You have to stand your ground at some point in this game!

Erica Iles said...

Thing is, I don't blame Elissa one bit. I wouldn't go hang out with a group of racists, brats, and just dirty people outside of the house either. We all hold ourselves to certain standards and tend to hang out with people of similar standards. Just because you can't understand that doesn't mean you have to CONSTANTLY make Elissa comments.
However, you sure are giving her some extra publicity by making all of your comments about her!

If you are such team McCranda why don't you start posting positives about those two. You can catch a lot more flies with honey instead of vinegar. However, the way you go about it just makes people who already dislike McCranda, dislike them more.

That's my opinion anyway.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Erica Iles said...

That's usually how it goes in real life too lol. Women are just so much more sensitive and once they get their toes stepped on, they're gunna hold a grudge forever!

Not all, though!

**Alea73** said...

I'm Team Erica Lies!!!!

Becktuck said...

I agree. I really admired Elissa keeping it "together" last week....I don't know why she won't just shut her mouth. She's on the track to getting what she wants and she's getting cocky. I understand she is totally fed up with Amanda's C.R.A.P. but say it once and be done. She's causing more waves when Amanda can dig her own grave. She can do better. She doesn't need to do this....

Becktuck said...

That's what I don't get....I can't hold grudges. Women can be caddy but It's just silly to hold on to it. Doesn't make your life just isn't logical

sami said...

Amanda admitted to McCrea that she did put the confetti in Elissa's bag... how juvenile!

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