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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Happy Veto Comp Day, BB addicts!! Today, the HG's will pick for veto players to join Andy/Jessie/Spencer in the veto comp later on today. As we already know, Andy's target this week is Jessie and if anyone else but Jessie wins veto, she will be going home. If Jessie does win veto, then GM would be the replacement nom.

The past I-don't-know-how-many-weeks, we've known who was going home shortly after the veto comps have been played. I'm really hoping this won't be another one of those weeks. I'd love to see the house get shaken up a bit, or even a pandora's box. Something, anything! When the game starts to get too predicatable, it becomes really boring, really quick. Fingers crossed for some action this week!

Okay, let's dive into the Morning post, shall we?! :D

Currently on the live feeds...(which are just $10/month now!!)

11:43am BBT:
A look at the quad cam...

*Andy is listening to his CD in the HOH room.
*Amanda is cleaning the wax out of McCrae's ears. (*I think I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit. Gross.)

11:46am BBT:

Amanda: "Your forehead smells like garlic. When was the last time you took a shower? 2 days ago?"
McCrae: "Mm hmm."
Amanda: "You need to take a shower, dirty boy."

McCrae's trying to think about how he could make a Final 3 deal with Helen/Elissa. (*Good luck with that.)

11:54am BBT:

GM: "Zzzzz..."

12:02pm BBT:
GM/ is now up & is with Aaryn/Jessie in the bathroom, random chit-chat, as Aaryn puts on makeup.

12:07pm BBT:
Feeds switch to fishies..then to trivia! Time to pick Veto Comp players!

Stay tuned...
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Sheri said...

The sound on my feeds isn't working! Is it just me? :(

kellya22rp said...

I just discovered I had TVGN and BB AFTER DARK and I am wondering, what is Helen doing with her hair? Is she always playing with it? Its a little.obnoxious!

Jamie said...

i have sound on my feeds. did you try all the cams?

Sheri said...

Yeah. Maybe it's my computer. I'll try a restart. Thanks for answering! :D

James said...

I hope Elissa doesn't win fan favorite. She only has popularity because of her sister - Elissa has been a poor game player

Anonymous said...

Andy's plan for if Spencer won POV and he had to put up GM was that he would also then want GM evicted then as well. Pretty much if he has to put GM up he wants her out regardless of who she's up against cause she's the type or personality that you put me up I'm putting you up which would go against his no blood HOH strategy. Amanda and McCrae obviously don't like the idea of keeping Jessie over GM but aren't making a big deal of it at the moment cause it's only a 1 in 6 proposition at best of Spencer winning. But I expect they will if Spencer happens to win POV.


AmiLrn said...

Ugh at nasty McCrae. Waxy ears and hasn't showered in 2 days. And he is boning Amanda all the time without ever bothering to "clean up"?!!? Grosssssssss!!!! They are both so nasty.

Anonymous said...


I think that's just about a stone cold lock right now that Elissa will win fan favorite this year. Especially coupled with the cast of characters she's competing with where no one has emerged as being extremely well liked on a mass scale and the lack of good game play en masse this season. Maybe Judd could have an outside chance by the way he got done in on the DE but I think he would've went too early in the game by the time all is said and done.



McCrae hasn't showered since Amanda had her way with him the other night. Maybe he's trying to discourage her.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

Is McCrae serious about making a final 3 with Elissa and Helen or is he just trying to infiltrate? If he took them to the final 3 He would surely make it to final 2. Neither of them have very much stamina in comps. so far. Plus Elissa isn't the brightest girl....

Stephanie Williams said...

Mvp is over, have you not been watching. She hasn't had it since week 2

Stephanie Williams said...

Mvp is over, have you not been watching. She hasn't had it since week 2

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