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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody! Happy Friday to y'all!! The Overnighter is gonna be a summary with time marks for you guys to go back on the Flashback Feeds and watch. (I have a funeral to attend this morning, a dear friend of mine passed away a few days ago. I will be back sometime this afternoon.)

Yesterday, we watched as GinaMarie won HOH in last nights endurance comp and it seems that GM's target this week will be Candice. This makes Aaryn very happy! (She wanted her out yesterday but the house wanted Howard out.) The Nominations will either be Candice/Spencer or Candice/Jessie. She will not be backdooring Candice either way.

Speaking of Nominations, the nom ceremony will take place later on today. You'll see GM do her HOH talks with everybody first, but if her target is Candice, it won't really matter too much.

Usually we have the Have Nots Comp on Fridays but they're not having it this week due to the HOH comp being endurance. So there will be no Have Nots Comp today.

From last nights HOH comp, we also learned that Candice won the $5,000 prize.
Spencer has to talk through a megaphone until (and including) the Nomination Ceremony today.
 Helen won a BBQ Party for herself & 3 others. She's taking Aaryn/Elissa & the 3rd spot is up for grabs.

Last night, there was a fight on the feeds! Well, actually two of them! Let's get to the time stamps:

*11:37pm BBT: GinaMarie's HOH Reveal

*12:30am BBT: Amanda/Jessie start arguing.

*12:35am BBT: Amanda/Candice start fighting about Candice trying to keep Howard. Amanda told Candice what Howard told her (about wanting to 'get with' Amanda after the show.)

*1:56am BBT: Amanda is still screaming at Jessie. Amanda called Jessie a slut, Jessie said she's not the one who walks around in her underwear (like Amanda does).

*3:10am BBT: McCrae gets mad at Amanda for fighting & tells her that if she keeps fighting with people, she's gonna be a huge target & go home soon.

In other news, McCrae/Amanda (who are now "BB Married" as of yesterday), spent their "Honeymoon Night" up in the HOH room, courtesy of GM being nice. GM slept downstairs in Nick's old bed.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm gonna get outta here for now. Expect lots of convos today on the live feeds and then the Nomination Ceremony to take place sometime this afternoon, where Candice will definitely be nominated and most likely against Jessie simply because she'd be better to go against Candice in the Veto Comp (she's not that good at comps, as Spencer has already won a veto comp.) I'll be back sometime later to get us all caught up.

Stay tuned...
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Angela Foster said...

So sorry to hear about your friend passing! Thoughts & prayers to you and your friends family.

I'm kind of glad GinaMarie won..? But I was hoping she would gun for Amanda.. wishful thinking. I swear, I love Amanda. She has a great personality and is a great player, but she thinks she runs this house & that is super annoying. Like yesterday, when she tried to scare Spencer (that was TOTALLY funny btw!!). She wants to control people and she's got to learn that just because somebody has an opinion different from yours, doesn't mean their enemy number one. Jeez...

But we'll see who is MVP choice (I sure did vote for Amanda ten times, my brother did too) is this week :)

Thanks for the blog, I love it!!

laserkat said...

I am sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Thank you for all you do.

laserkat said...

I meant to ask if all of Spencer's perv comments will be said on the megaphone? He will be exposed for the creep he is.

cyn said...

I've been following your blog all season, thank you so much for your time in updating all of this!! So sorry to hear about your friend.

GM COME ON!!! Targeting Candice or Jessie?! Really???? Two people who you could make a deal with and turn the numbers against Helen/McC/Am?!!? McCrae and Amanda are my 2 favorite people in the house but it's unbelievable so many people are helping them - obviously they will keep each other as F2! This season is so hard to understand!!

shannon72283 said...

I would loveeeee to see helen go home but i know thats not gonna happen for a LONG time :(

CC said...

Sorry for your loss.

TamaraJ said...

I'm awaiting the return of Zingbot! Unfortunately, most of the HGs are so dull that Zingbot will have a tough time finding good material for his zings. :-)

Nikki said...

Hey Jamie! Condolences to you about your friend :(

Thanks for all your time spent recapping every second in the BB house! I've been a fan of yours for several seasons now!

Anyway...I was just wondering when will jury start? I was thinking it would start not this week but next week (after double eviction).

This has not been my favorite season, however it is still my fav show and provides lots of entertainment none-the-less. I am a Judd fan! Being from the South, he reminds me of a good ole' southern boy who is definitely deserving in my opinion!

Thanks again for all your time and energy spent to make my Big Brother obsessed life a lot easier! :)

Michelle said...

Jamie So sorry to hear about your friend! Thoughts and prayers sent your way.

If GM nominates Jessie or Spencer against Candice she is stupid. She needs those people to be on her side and not be gunning for her. Also there is a chance the house would vote Spencer out and not Candice. If she were smart, She would nominate Andy, Helen or Amanda to ensure Candice goes home! Duh! She has to see how much Amanda is fighting with everyone. UGH! This is so frustrating and i feel like what a waste of HOH!

Juju said...

I completely agree, tired of spineless floaters, even when they're HOH. Not using their noggins.

Anonymous said...


Condolences on the passing of your friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and their family.


Dannielle Burciaga said...

My condolences Jamie! <3<3<3


I also voted all 10 points to Amanda this week Angela! I wonder how they are going to do the MVP for the double eviction. Must be sure to stand by the computer in-case their is only a small window of voting allowed at that time... (if there is an MVP twist for the the second eviction of the night that is...)

Anonymous said...

Funerals are always tough, may your friend RIP.

I hope America picks Aaryn to go up on the block

geoff magnus said...

So sorry for your loss! Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your friend's family!

I was so HAPPY that GM won HOH (even though I can't stand her) because I figured this would change things up. Having someone as HOH that is not in the power alliance is great.....NOT! GM is gunning for Candice and Jessie (who is this Jessie person that they speak of). Really?!?!? Jessie and Candice are your targets?

This house better wake up soon and start breaking up the fearsome four or they will all be picked off one by one!!

Erica Iles said...

So sorry to hear about your lose, it's amazing that you go through all that you do in your RL but always take the time to give us the good updates about happenings in the house! Thank you for all that you do Jaime!

Razldazlrr said...

I looked on and I didn't see the mvp vote - did I miss it?

It's Easy Mmmkay said...

An I the only one who sees Candice for the hypocrite she is? You can't be mad at others for being racist and then in the next breath call them "rednecks".

Tina Kimber said...

I 110% agree with you Shannon! I find Helen's Completely Condescending tone everytime she opens her mouth to people, soooo Annoying!!!! Though Amanda may Also think she runs the house, she's pretty much up front! Truth be told, it's hard to tell who Helen is actually aligned with. - besides Elissa lol

Tina Kimber said...

Jamie, so sorry to hear about your friend. :( Prays go to you and their family.

rbjjb said...

I'll Say It Again. Season 15 Will Be Known For No Game Players. I Watch While Reading A Book With Little Interest And Because Of Previous Seasons.

Erica Iles said...

Wow...Amanda really lost it last night. Seems like every opportunity she got she was jumping down someone's throat. I know Amanda was never one of the ones saying A, K, and Jer were bullies but all the people who were should be looking at Amanda right now with a new perspective. Instead, they're all sticking up for Amanda. Amanda just about spewed every nasty word you can think of at Jesse and for what real reason? I don't know, but this woman here is losing it and I'm kind of getting sick of her and her hypocritical ways.

Darren said...

Candace better win the veto is all I gotta say


What I am drawing from this season of BB is that women are nuts. Not pretty.

Ronika McCaskill said...

I just saw this on RealityTea's website about Amanda being a EXTREME racist( though we knew she was questionable). I just didn't know it was this bad. Here is the link...thanks for everything Jaime by the way :-)

Steve Robbins said...

I hope GM lets the power go straight to her head, and says even more heinous things. And if that happens, the whole house rallys behind our Boo, and votes out whomever else is on the block.

(Of course, this presumes everyone can find their balls/overies, and stand up against racist behavior...)

Ste ven said...

I dont understand why no one is trying to break Amanda and McRae up. You have to split them up soon - you don't want a power couple with 2 votes.

If you look at MJS BIG BLOG, theres a whole list of things Amanda apparently said that are racist, anti-Asian and anti-Gay. I didnt realize shes been saying things like t hat. We'll see what edit she gets. They never aired Spencers anti-gay comments...Its not ok to say racist things but its not ok to call people fags and queers either.

I wonder if she'll have any repercussions in her high end real estate career.

I am seeing more and more of a kind sweet girl in GM. She really can be very sensitive and caring. She also apparently has huge problems with the English language as she butchers so many simple words.

It should be interesting to see who the MVP nominee is this week. Will America choose Aaryn or have they switched it up and will choose Amanda? Its hard to imagine anyone else.

Also they said it was double elimination so is there going to be a 2nd MVP nominee if the MVP goes off the block. It looks like this will be the last MVP week because I think after getting 2 out, theyll be at jury numbers. It was good to see the audience applaud at this (although there was probably an applause sign) but Im glad theyre doing it earlier than in the past. Hopefully it will surprise the HG which is good. They should try to get Amanda out on the 2nd eviction. I still think they might have another double eviction later on in the season but someone who has the schedule and the finale date can probably do the math to see if that will be necessary. At least next Thursday should be exciting for once. I cant wait to see t he HG faces when Julie says its going to be fast forward. I wish she wouldnt even tell them until the first person is evicted but I know timewise it doesnt work that way. I just dont want them to have a lot of time to plan.

It also seems they have given up trying to figure out who the MVP is. I think maybe some of them assume now its America. They thought it was Howard so we'll have to see w hat they theorize this week. But they should know that none of these HG would be able to keep their mouths quiet if they were the MVP. We'll nver know if producers had planned to let America vote for MVP or if it was more that they realized having Elissa win every week made for a boring , predictable show. As it is, the HG always figure out the challenges - I heard a lot of them assume earlier in the week that this week would be endurance.

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie I missed last nights show ~ I Just got back in town & now I am all caught up,Thank u for that :)! I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend~ Just wanted you to know My thoughts & prayers are with you.

Jamie said...

Thank you SO MUCH, guys & gals. I really appreciate the kind words. Y'all are awesome. It's been an emotionally draining day.

A reminder that life is short & to spend time with friends & family while we're hear. Love y'all. :)

Erica Iles said...

During the Amanda crazy episode last night I was kind of wondering if Amanda realized how bad of a target she was putting on herself and McCrea by constantly mentioning the fact that McCrea has her back. That's pretty much like telling the whole house if you guys keep us together we'll just steamroll right over every single one of you! Plus the whole BB wedding and all that does nothing to help them either. People should know from past seasons and even this season, people like/need to split the couples! I believe that Amanda has went from a sitting high and pretty position where she kind of secretly ran the house to someone who can't keep their mouth shut and is about to crash and burn. We'll see!

Erica Iles said...

Yes, we all say one thing but mean the other and we like to start fights with anyone who crosses our paths! Watch out! Rawr!!
I'm totally kidding, we're not all nuts! I could definitely understand where you would gather that conclusion from watching this cast though. Good grief!

robere11 said...

I would just like to say sorry for your loss. When I was 19 my best Friend died of a work related accident so I know what you are going through.

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