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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D We are just hours away from tonight's live show yayyy!!! I can't wait! Don't forget, if you wanna watch tonight's HOH Endurance Comp (if it is indeed one...there's a 99% chance it is), then ya gotta get the live feeds! Plus you'll wanna watch the aftermath, especially if a juror returns to the game.

The morning started off with the normal routine of HG's sleeping in as Helen ran laps in the house for her morning jog.

Helen/GM had a long talk in the Have Nots Room, starting at around 11am BBT this morning.
Helen started off by saying goodbye to her and that she wishes they could've played in the game together a little bit longer. She then started to threw McCrae/Amanda under the bus by saying that they are pitting everyone against each other & that they (Mc/Am) will backdoor Aaryn soon. She then started to coach GM on how to play the rest of the game. She told GM that she can work with Elissa because Elissa likes her...though she's not sure about Elissa liking/working with Aaryn in the future. She also warned GM that Andy/McCrae/Spencer might be working together. (*They are.)

She also told GM that she (H) is not mad at Aaryn for her going home, she knows it was Amanda/McCrae that is getting her out via Aaryn's HOH. She then threw Andy under the bus by saying that if he can vote her (H) out, then he's capable of doing anything to anyone to further his game.

Helen/Elissa then talked for a little bit. She told Elissa to make a deal with GM before the endurance comp tonight. Elissa mentioned that if she won HOH, she'd put up Aaryn/McCrae. Helen told her not to tell GM that, Elissa said she won't.

11:42am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds. HG's on HOH lockdown. (*Normal eviction day stuff.)

1:00pm BBT:
Feeds are back.
Aaryn is now moved out of the HOH room.

1:08pm BBT:
Andy/McCrae/Aaryn talked briefly about who GM would put up if she won HOH. They agree that they can't let her win HOH.

1:13pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Spencer are talking about selling their BB stuff on ebay. Amanda wonders if she could sell her bathing suit for money. McCrae said people would buy costumes, etc from this season.

Amanda: "Give me a price on something."
McCrae: "I dunno (it varies)." (paraphrasing)
Amanda: "I wasn't planning on selling anything, I think it would be cool (to keep stuff)."

They talk about selling clownie, the clownie tard, Judd's bear shirt and they joke about selling Spencer's unwashed bed sheets.

1:17pm BBT:
Aaryn has joined Amanda/Andy/McCrae/Spencer. Aaryn/Amanda are talking about how they were "scissoring" last night.

Amanda: "I'm gonna put that pic of us scissoring on my business card."

They all start talking about what to wear for tonight's HOH endurance comp.

1:24pm BBT:

Andy/McCrae/Spencer are talking about the possibility of a HG coming back. McCrae is all for Judd or Candice coming back. Andy thinks it'd be "bullsh*t" if someone came back to play the game.

Andy: "To bring someone back after not being here for crucial weeks, would be bullsh*t."

Aaryn/Amanda rejoin the boys & are talking about what they should wear for the endurance comp.
Amanda: "I'm pumped. I'm excited."
Aaryn: "I'm nervous."

1:40pm BBT:
Elissa is doing her hair in the bathroom.

Amanda/Aaryn/Andy/McCrae/Spencer are non-game chatting. Current topic, actors/movies.
Helen is in the kitchen.

1:44pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Helen is telling Elissa that even though Elissa has been her partner in the game, she did have a Final 2 deal with Andy & that Andy is picking "them" (Amanda/McCrae) over her, that makes her think that Andy is with them & that means nothing he ever said to Helen meant anything to him. She also thinks that Andy/McCrae have a deal together. She tells Elissa to win HOH tonight but that if she doesn't, then to act like she's on their (Am/Mc) side because McCrae wants the blood on his hands of getting Aaryn out. She also tells Elissa to work with GM.

They hug it out and leave the room.

1:53pm BBT:

Helen is telling GM to work with Elissa after she leaves.

2:01pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen's plan of getting GM/Elissa to work together is coming together. Elissa tells GM if she (E) wins HOH, she won't put her up. GM said if she wins HOH, she might wanna break up McCrae/Amanda & put them up together & that she wants Amanda "out of Aaryn's ear".

**GM said yesterday that she'd tell Elissa she'd gun after Mc/Am so that Elissa would be calm going into the HOH comp and not fight as hard.

2:06pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen is saying goodbye to Andy and telling him he loves her & she's not mad. She tells him that she knows he told McCrae/Amanda that she was gunning after them. He asked how he knew, she said Amanda told her.

2:20pm BBT:
Lounge Room

They're trying to flip the votes & keep Helen.

Andy: "You sure we're doing the right thing by getting Helen out?"
Aaryn: "Yes. Why?"
GM: "We're not so sure."

Andy: "My gut is telling me we're making the wrong call."
Aaryn: "If Helen stays, that makes Elissa stronger."
GM: "We can handle Elissa."

Amanda: "AARYN!!"
Aaryn: "Hold on."

Amanda barges in.
Amanda: "Want me to leave?"
All: "No no."
Amanda leave a minute later to get ready for the day.

Aaryn: "Spencer will go after Elissa and then we can go after Amanda/McCrae, it's fine."

Meanwhile in the storage room...

I came into this convo as Spencer walked in and game talked stopped.

2:27pm BBT:

Aaryn tells Amanda that GM/Andy want Spencer out instead but she wants Helen out & to make sure she (Am) tells GM/Andy that Helen's gotta go. They leave the room.

2:30pm BBT:
Amanda/Andy/GM are talking about who to get out this week. Amanda is telling them to get Helen out as planned this week & they can get Elissa or Spencer out next week, but Helen's gotta go.

Aaryn just told Spencer what's going on about the flip-flopping going on.
2:33pm BBT:

Aaryn joins Amanda/Andy/GM in the lounge room. They're making sure they're all on board with still getting Helen out. Aaryn wonders if Elissa is getting into GM's head. GM says no, they were just wondering if they were doing the right thing.

McCrae joins.

2:36pm BBT:

Andy: "My vote has never faltered. I was just trying to make it look like the 4 of us aren't working together."
Aaryn: "Is she crazy? Put up a duo and NOT vote them out? Is she crazy?!"
Andy: "It's GinaMarie."
Aaryn: "This is why Helen is dangerous, she can get inside people's heads."
Amanda: "I agree."
Andy: "All is fine. (Helen's still going.)"

2:38pm BBT:
GM just told Spencer he's all good this week.

2:47pm BBT:
All HG's getting ready for tonight's show.

2:48pm BBT:

Amanda is making sure that GM isn't gunning after her/McCrae. She tells Aaryn to make sure that GM is going after Spencer/Elissa and not the 3AM alliance.

Amanda: "GM's gotta go soon."

Amanda said that she/McCrae/Andy will put up GM/Spencer and backdoor Elissa. 

Andy joins Aaryn/Amanda.
Amanda: "You have to trust us, this alliance."
Aaryn: "Unless you guys give me a reason, I'll trust you guys."
Amanda: "You're gonna be fine no matter what."

McCrae joins.
Aaryn said she's scared about GM because it seems they (Aaryn/GM) aren't on the same page (because she was thinking about keeping Helen, who would gun after Aaryn.)
Aaryn: "And that's scary to me."

Andy: "I think we're okay. Just gotta not let Elissa win (HOH)."

Andy leaves.
McCrae/Aaryn talk. Aaryn still can't believe GM would even think about keeping Helen.

McCrae: "You should've explained to GM in the past couple of days that we have to cut the head off the monster and it's beneficial for her to get rid of (Helen), too."

3:05pm BBT:

Helen/Aaryn talk. Helen is telling her she loves her, blah blah blah, I would've had your back, hope you win the game, I'm not bitter, yada yada yada, if you come to jury, we will welcome you with open arms, I think the world of you, etc etc.

And cue the Helen tears. (*head-desk*)

They exchange I love you's and hug. Andy is there, crying as well. 

3:15pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! (Probably until show time tonight.)

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here! I'm literally dizzy from all the game talk. lol Helen is going for sure and tonight's HOH comp is gonna be EPIC!!! If you don't have the feeds yet, you're gonna miss one heck of a live HOH comp & aftermath. Trust me, you want them tonight! Get the live feeds now & have'em ready for tonight's show at 9pm EST!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

ugh spencer - he's in heaven - just laying around all day - who's surprised he has dirty sheets?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

If Amanda actually won some competitions I think she would be the best choice to win. Regardless of how I personally feel about her and her vile mouth, she has definitely played the best mental game. I just feel like the winner of BB should be good on all fronts. Comps, social, etc.... If Aaryn would have put on her big girl pants and put Amanda up on the block I'd be routing for her. Honestly I don't care who wins this season lol I really have no "favorite." I hope whoever comes back tonight causes hell to break loose in the house. I'm so excited!

Kevin Watkins said...

I'm confused is gm being genuine with Elissa or not?

Anonymous said...

This is such an ass backward season! Why do Andy and GM need Aryan on board if they feel strongly about keeping Helen? Aryan doesn't even have a vote since an odd number of voters means it can't be a tie. If the 2 of them vote with Elissa Spencer goes and Helen stays.


Holly Ellis said...

does anyone have the like to watch the live episode tonight?

Razldazlrr said...

don't really like Helen or Elissa but at least Helen is playing the game on her last day.

KNicole said...

Andy has to go!!!!!! He's such a snake. I can't wait gir him to be on the block or better yet go out 3rd. He and Aaryn are clueless. I want Helen to come back in the game so badly and for her or Elissa to win HOH.

I just don't understand Aaryn. She seems to get that 1+1=2 but then she says no it's 3. Head to desk. I'm do frustrated with these people. Whenever she tells Amanda she's concerned Amanda yes yeah Ok or whatever and moves on to telling Aaryn what to do yo keep McCranda safe. Ugh.

Can't wait for tonight.

KMA said...


KNicole said...

I hat that Helen keeps throwing Elissa under the bus but I think if she came back and win she would put McCranda up.

KMA said...

As much as Helen does go overboard, she's playing the game. I personally hope she's the one that comes back in the house. And she gets the satisfaction of having a heavy hand in sending Amanda out the door next week. This game is in DESPERATE need of a power shift!

KNicole said...

Brian my thoughts exactly. But they are all so afraid of Amanda and making their own decisions.

Chikis said...

It only goes to show how stupid these HG are this season!

Brittany Bowie said...

Since the people who have Time Warner cant watch tonight, can we watch on the Live Feeds since we paid for them? Or is it on the fish or trivia until later tonight? I dont want to miss the eviction episode!


Instead of being worried about internet rumors about Amanda being pals with Allison Grodner, I would be more concerned about the real possibility that Elissa is the tool of production, getting special priveliges, treatment, and advice. The other HG already are suspicious about how she seems to know what they talked about during their DR sessions, about strategies and such, her multiple personalities and leveraging her status as Rachel's sister to extort special treatment from BB by threatening to leave, asking for more money, and pretending to be sick when she's obviously the healthiest HG there.

Ste ven said...

Seems like McRanda still has everyone under their spell. NO ONE IS GOING AFTER THEM.

Is 3Am still good or is Spencer now in the #4 slot - or does it depend on who wins HOH. HOH and VETO become more important than ever (Although Amanda seems to get to choose nominees regardless of who is HOH).
I HOPE HOPE HELEN COMES BACK as that would make it interesting. Has BB told the HG that its definitely an endurance or do they just assume that?
Theyre all gonna flip out when a juror comes back but they already assume taht cuz Julie told them. (That was stupid; it shouldve been a total blindside to them)
So I wonder if BB producers are scrambling today and editing the show so that the home viewer gets worried and thinks the house is going to flip and keep Helen (or that Andy really switched even though he was faking; hes really proved to be a great liar - but hes a communciations teacher right? Can you imagine seeing your professor on a reality show? I remember as a kid when you were shocked when you saw a teacher at the grocery store

Ste ven said...

I agree with Steph but youve got to give Amanda credit for runing the game WITHOUT winning. She can claim it was a strategy, tears and all, so that she didnt put a target on here. If Aaryn wins another HOH, she will have a target becasue no one will want her going to the F3. McRanda have already talked about cutting her. THey all have no one to blame but themselves as they had multiple chances to evict Amanda. Heck, America handed it to them on a silver platter. Helen already is regretting she thought it wasnt time yet; Aaryn may think that next; then Andy. Aaryn will only ahve herself to blame.

Are people still writing ARYAN because youre trying to imply shes a Nazi racist? Or are you not knowing how to spell her name? Or spell check is correcting it to a wrong name and youre not correcting

Anonymous said...

Glad Helen gave it one more good run at least to try to redeem herself even if it looks like it'll almost certainly come up short. She started off very strong controlling the game in a very behind the scenes nature but then her game just seemed to fall off a cliff about 3 weeks ago or so. Perhaps the work she did today could still not be for naught if she's able to win her way back into the game tonight. My money is still on 2 separate comps tonight as just from a TV perspective I think they'd want to give the live audience at least 1 result tonight that being who's coming back into the game then get the HOH results on Sun but we shall see.


Michael Schmidt said...

Any of them are stupid if they let Am/Mc make it to final 4. If they do that they probably both go to final 2.

DanFan1 said...

I just hope who ever comes back in goes straight for amanda and spider monkey. I just want to c them BOTH on the block so she can realize her worst fear comes true!!!!! Its old watching the Amanda bb hour week after week!!!!!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Hilariously, Aaryn drinks NAIL POLISH REMOVER and bounces back from it.

Elissa eats slop, needs a Benadryl because she thinks she's allergic to it...

Then I hear her say how slop is tainted with "hormones" that make you "go crazy."

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