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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Goooood afternoon, y'all!! :D As I said in last nights post, I wasn't gonna be able to do the Overnighter due to work. Truth be told, nothing much happened after the McCranda wedding last night. Pre-wedding, Jessie was going around and apologizing to everyone for her behavior yesterday. So don't expect to see her go crazy on them anymore.

If you missed the McCrae/Amanda wedding, go to the live feeds and click on the calendar icon to access the Flashback Feeds. Start at 10pm BBT, pick any cam. The wedding didn't start until 10:25pm, but you'll wanna see Amanda go bridezilla on everyone before the ceremony. lol :P (She was yelling at Spencer to change his outfit, asking what's taking so long, and yelling at production via a camera because they only got 1 bottle of wine.)

Today has been rather uneventful so far on the feeds. The houseugests were slow to wake up and no game talk has been had. Helen/Elissa talked for awhile starting at around 12pm BBT. They talked about future comps, what Elissa could be good at comp wise, how to pick players for a knockout comp, etc. During this convo, Helen told Elissa she wants her to win HOH (so that she gets blood on her hands & not Helen, perhaps? ;) ) and told her she would help her study for upcoming HOH comps.

Around 1pm BBT, Elissa/Helen/Aaryn/Andy did some Jessie bashing & talked about her comments from yesterday. It was during this convo (1:02pm BBT) that GM made a remark, saying that she (GM) was the psycho of the house & she "was gonna kill herself over Nick". She was just exaggerating, but I saw people on twitter freaking out about this. She was depressed and sad, yes. She was bad, but not that bad.

Around 2pm BBT, McCrae/Amanda finally got up for the day. Also, Jessie has started to campaign to stay in the house but it's falling on deaf ears. She's a goner tomorrow.

Now that we're all caught up, let's see what's going on inside the BB house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

2:16pm BBT:
A look at the quad cam..
*Spencer/Andy/McCrae/Amanda/Elissa/GM are on the BY couch, all talking about different things. (Places to travel to, Vegas, personal stories, etc.)
*Inside the house, Jessie/Helen are in the kitchen.

2:33pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Non-game chatter all around. Seems like a pretty chill day in BB land. Current topic is "camel milk", McCrae is explaining an article he read about it. (*Sounds gross. lol)

McCrae: "I forget what (the article) said about cow milk. I'd try camel milk, though."

2:37pm BBT:

BB: "Andy..."
Andy: "..what??" (*lol)

GM is talking about how BB took her stuff because it had glitter on it. They had to call her mom to send her different stuff.

BB: "Amanda, please go to the Diary Room."
Spencer joined the BY couch crew.

2:42pm BBT:

GM: "What was that movie called? I liked'ed it.." 

Spencer/GM/McCrae/Andy are talking about movies.

GM: "I met Nicolas Cage. He's f**king cool as hell! I only met him for like 3 seconds."

**If you wanna read Andy's HOH blog, it's up & ready for ya! Just **click here** to go read it.

2:46pm BBT:
Jessie is campaigning to Helen. Helen and said she'll think about it.
Back outside, the couch crew are talking about Nick. GM's face lights up.
2:55pm BBT:

Amanda has rejoined the BY couch crew. They're talking about noises they can hear behind the walls in the house. Andy says that he doesn't ever wanna give up the HOH room & that he's obsessed with the HOH shower. Amanda agrees it's an awesome shower.

Talk turns to about tomorrow's live show.

Andy: "I hope Julie interviews me!"
McCrae: "She will. I'd bet money on that."

Helen joins the BY couch crew. Andy is talking about birthday parties.

3:07pm BBT:
Everyone is now in the backyard. They're sharing stores. Current topic, sharks. 

3:27pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jessie is campaigning to Elissa. The feeds keep cutting in/out on fishes because of a story being told in the backyard.

**Okie dokie, I'll be back for the BB show tonight! It starts at 8pm EST, so join me in the chat room around 10 mins before then! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Susie said...

At 2:15p is that deodorant underarms on McCrae

James Adams said...

I was missing you, hope you a good day at work. :-)

Jamie said...

I had a great day at work, but it was draining. I've been fighting this flu virus for a week, so my energy is super drained. Other than that, it's been good! :) I missed blogging! So weird how I think about getting back home so I can blog, as I'm working. lol

AmiLrn said...

Yech. Andy's HoH blog sure shows how impressed he is with himself. Am I the only one who thought he came across kind of arrogant and "douchey" in the blog?

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Hope you get to feeling stronger soon. Summer colds/flus are the worst. I really missed the over nighter. You do a bang-up job with this blog...keep up the good work!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Geez, I just read Andy's hoh blog. He's just like Helen...taking credit for things he had a nothing to do with. He sure us full of himself. He has a baaadddd case of hoh-itis! I thought I was going to enjoy reading it because let's face it, he can be eloquent. BUT, I actually liked GM's better. As shocking as her English was, or lack thereof, at least it made me laugh. There was entertainment value to it. Andy's blog made me dislike him. Is he in the same game the rest of us are watching? From what he wrote...NO!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, Andy is in love with himself!

Anonymous said...

When do we get to see GM marry Nick's hat? It's as close as she's ever gonna get.


jayne said...

Well BB fans, I have just read Andy's blog
and I found it quite good...You guys are
a little harsh! I also find it amazing that
so many keep writing on this blog how
this season sucks but you all are still
here every day watching and reading all
about the events of the day (which Jamie,
you are my Angel of BB with your wonderful
writing and knowledge of BB, thanx!)

AmiLrn said...

I don't think this season sucks. But I definitely think Andy's blog does!

Stephanie Nicole said...

Hey Jaime,
Thanks for mentioning GM's things. It bothered me that we never found out why her things were taken from her. LOL

How much glitter did she have on her clothes???? I would love to see her wardrobe.

Jamie said...

apparently a lot!! lol they even took her sunglasses because it had glitter on them.

Anonymous said...

What's their big issue with glitter? Is it a lighting issue? That's the only thing I can think of.


Dena said...

What was the problem with the glitter?

Dena said...

What's the problem with having glitter on her things?

slnc said...

I think the season sucks monkey balls as far a game play...the cast are such train wrecks and we just cant help but watch! Lol
This group are a bunch of idiots. ..they're all running around in the house with their eyes wide shut! Smh...and its interesting to watch and try and figure out what the hell is wrong with these ppl.

Anonymous said...

Dena: The flashes of sparkles show up 10x and is distracting on camera

rbjjb said...

Loyal Fans From The Past.

Did You See The Game Move Last Night, Or The Night Before, Or The Night Before That? Nope Me Either!

Although I Will Give Amanda, Mccrae, And Andy Some Credit For A Fake Do Al Four With Helen.

Even If That Is The Case Helen Will Still Put Up Amanda And Mccrae So Mccrae Would Not Have A Vote.

Ste ven said...

THey brought up a good point. Julie always would do the secret interview with HOH and they havent done that this year at all. Why is that? That was a fun part of the live show. Im also surprised that they dont promote the HOH blog or photos on the TV sh ow. At least Ive never heard it. Youd think theyd want to drive traffic to and I think many viewers would be interested and most arent reading blogs on BB.
If tonight is knockout, and theyve correctly predicted the challenge yet again, then Grodner NEEDS to come up with new stuff next year.

Ste ven said...

Have McRanda ever consummated their relationship? I dont remember seeing or reading anything about hanky panky even though they lie in bed alot and she caresses his face. Theyve kissed but no pulling the cover over themselves? Thats a lot of will power. It will be intersting to see what will happen after the show. Its such a weird coupling if he really is just a pizza boy with no future career or school plans. Wonder if they will stay together. She mentioned last night wanting to bge on Amazing Race and I think they would be interesting to watch because as Mcrae said they would be fighting like crazy

SandyW said...

Ste ven,
they've had sex many times.

Hats off to BB for providing condoms.

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