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Monday, August 26, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts! Today the HG's will have the Veto Ceremony where Elissa will put up Andy. Like I said in the Overnighter, it looks like Aaryn will be the one going to jury this week and even GinaMarie is voting her out (or so it seems).

We also have a new alliance called "The Exterminators" (with GM/Judd/Andy/Spencer) but like I said in the Overnighter, we'll see how long this one last for. (*Any one know how many alliances there have been this season? It's gotta be a record. And they all failed. lol)

At around 9:20am BBT, Andy/Elissa talked for awhile. Andy threw GM under the bus, Elissa told Andy he's going up as the renom but he'll be safe, Andy said that's ok as long as he's for sure safe. Elissa told Andy it's "too risky to not put him up" because of his loyalty to Amanda/McCrae last week. Elissa said that Amanda & McCrae's "puppet" (Aaryn) is going home this week.

At around 9:40am BBT, GM/Elissa talked in the HOH room.
GM said she's definitely voting Aaryn out and promised Elissa, America and even Big Brother that she would. They even shook hands on it. Elissa said she wants this to be a bridge for her/Elissa to trust each other. She agreed.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:58am BBT:
HG's are getting ready for the day & for the Veto Ceremony.

Andy looks nervous, as he knows he's gonna be put up on the block soon.

9:59am BBT:
Judd/McCrae are talking about smoking. McCrae wants to quit after BB is over. Judd is telling him about E-Cigs. McCrae said he was gonna quit before coming on BB but then he knew he'd smoke in the house.

10:02am BBT:
GM is telling Andy that she's voting Aaryn out this week and that he is safe.

10:03am BBT:
GM/Aaryn are talking.

Aaryn: "I think Andy is going up & I think I can get the votes (to stay). I just don't want Elissa to brainwash you. I know I can get 2 votes, because I know you'll be the 3rd vote."

GM is telling Aaryn that she'll vote to keep her.
Aaryn: "Are you wanting to work with Elissa?"
GM: "Pftt no!"

10:14am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! Time for the Veto Ceremony!

10:51am BBT:
Feeds are back! Amanda used the POV on McCrae.

The Renom is:


10:52am BBT:
Andy: "Oh my god. I've been through a lot the past couole of hours."

McCrae/Amanda fill Judd in on the fake plan to try to get GM up on the block. Judd offered a 1 week deal to Amanda/McCrae. They said yes & that they're gunning after Elissa next week.

Andy is telling Judd he wanted to tell Judd so many times about the plan to try to put up GM.

Judd: "If that short term deal works out, then maybe we can go from there."
McCrae: "Slowly rebuild trust."
Judd: "It's tough to trust anyone in this game."

Andy is freaking out, saying it's gonna be a long 3 days until eviction night.

McCrae/Amanda leave the room.
Judd tells Andy his deal with them is a lie.

11:01am BBT:
HG's wondering why they're on inside lockdown.

McCrae: "They're probably setting up Pandora's Box for Elissa. She better not get a f**cking power."
Amanda: "Maybe it's a luxury comp!"
Spencer: "Maybe it's a delayed Have Nots comp."

11:05am BBT:
Amanda is trying to annoy Elissa, again.

Amanda told Elissa her face is scary, asked how many doctors it took to make her face look the way it does & that her face doesn't look anything like her pics in the HOH room.
Elissa is chuckling at times and ignoring her for the most part. She then took her snack upstairs in the HOH room.

Amanda: "Nice smile, Joker! I'll miss you Elissa!"

Amanda walks into the bedroom & talks with Spencer/McCrae.

11:08am BBT:
Andy/Judd talked briefly & said they want the "Exterminators" to go to Final 4. Judd said it's gonna happen.
11:10am BBT:
Andy/Spencer/Judd/Amanda/McCrae are having fun chatter & talking about how everyone in the house has now been on the block.

They switch to joking about how Candice would've been re-entering the house & how she would've been entertaining but then would've slept for 2 days straight. (*lol)

11:14am BBT:

Amanda: "I can't believe (Elissa) put Andy up. She has some balls. If Elissa doesn't leave the house next week, I'm gonna kill myself."
Spencer: "Hell yea."

Spencer: "I wish the backyard would open up, I'm not ready for my nap yet."

11:18am BBT:
Backyard is open, lockdown is over. McCrae thinks Amanda's gonna get "Evel Dick music" on her edits for the show.

11:26am BBT:
Elissa is doing yoga. Amanda yelled some more comments to her. She's ignoring and doing her yoga routine.

GM is inside taking a nap. Everyone else talking about how BB took away their grill. Amanda is no longer at yelling at Elissa.

**Bloggy break! I'll be back with the Afternoon post shortly. Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Beautybuddies said...

I don't understand anyone's strategy in this game. All of thm are leeches and have no back bone what so ever! It's time for someone to just make a really bold move and keep with it and make no apologies either.

Aaryn had that ability and didn't use it to her advantage because she always plays everyone else's game for them

James Estep said...

I believe this is number 10 but who knows there have been so many lol

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie ,
I really think that GM is telling Elissa the truth. If u watch GM she is Really pissed about Aaryn always wanting to be around Amanda & Her Pizza Boy !
I Can't wait to see these ding dongs after the show to see what there lives are like outside this house .... This season Has been one of the weirdest seasons I have ever seen ... I hope your Sunday was a relaxing one! Have a great day.

Jamie said...

hey hummingbird. yea GM is totally gonna vote Aaryn and she (GM) was not lying to Elissa. I firmly believe that as well.

Anonymous said...

Andy should've told Elissa since Judd, Spencer, GM and myself have all sworn to you over and over that we'll do want you want and vote out Aryan and you're choosing to put me up you clearly trust me least. And that's over Judd who you evicted and he refused to hug you on his way out, Spencer who you've never liked or worked with and GM who disgusted you with the Candice fight and is Aryan's BFF so you obviously don't trust me whatsoever at all if I'm below them to you. So just know if I win HOH it would then be pretty dumb of me to target Amanda and McCrae when they've never come after me even if I'm only #2 to both of them when your showing me I'm #4 to you and you'd have just put up.

I mean he's tried being the bawling baby groveling nice guy and that hasn't worked so might as well switch it up and try something different.


Rahma Omar said...

man the suspense is killing me, i hope GM is serious about getting rid of aaryn!

Anonymous said...

@hummingbrd and Jamie

The fact of the matter is it doesn't much matter at all who GM votes for since Amanda and McCrae are just lying as a part of their plan that they'd keep Aryan over Andy. So GMs vote will only decide whether it's 5-0 or 4-1. The only thing her vote could do is provide Amanda and McCrae an easy out so Aryan can't hold it against them that the votes aren't there for her to stay so they can't vote against Andy when he's staying.


Rahma Omar said...

does GM not realize that aaryn and amanda have been trying to get her nom and voted out? i hope GM understands/sees whats going on here

enb said...

Jeremy spencer howard, moving company blondturage, super 8 alliance, superfriends, knockouts, grasshoppers, boat and h's, mom squad, goof troop, amanda mccrea howard and spencer, judd andy mccrea amanda, mccrea helen and andy, mean girls, 3am, exterminators, just to name a few

Becktuck said...

Andy's words should mean nothing to Elissa. Last week he had the chance to show he was loyal to her and not am/Mc, and now he cries that SHE'S not loyal to HIM. Grow up! He wants Elissa to make her nom based on the info HE wants her to believe....all his whining about how loyal he's been to her, when all the while she was loyal to him, and he would just make fun of her and talk about how he couldn't stand her behind her back...really? Elissa is certainly not the brightest bulb but she's seen through his crap. Even if that makes this her last week she did NOT go against her own words. She told them all as soon as she was HOH that she wasn't going to be their puppet. This was going to be HER HOH....she is doing what is strategically best for her (even though everyone says they are going after her regardless of ANYTHING she does) this would be a lot more satisfying a way to go out than the chance of GM being the collateral of her HOH....they are mad at her for being stupid , they are mad at her when she unwittingly does something smart...she can't win. It makes no difference. These people don't even realize Elissa is doing what's best for GM, Judd, Spencer and ultimately Andy by getting rid of Aaryn. Aaryn wants to be rid of all them so exactly HOW does that make Elissa stupid? She's really falling on her own sword and making a "big" move regardless of the repercussions and doing any different wouldn't save her game anyway...

Anonymous said...


You left out Helen, Amanda and Aryan aka The 3pm Package. Worst. Alliance. Name. Ever.


Razldazlrr said...

wow - i can't keep these people straight and who's with who. So, does it look like Aaryn is the one leaving, as of right now?
And there's the pic of Spencer laying in the bed - I bet his house is a pit.
That's right - they haven't had have nots yet this week, have they?

Heather Armijo said...

As much as i dislike Aaryn, the people in the house should realize they have a better chance of winning vs. her then Vs. Andy. Elissa should of came to a one week agreement to keep Aaryn safe, Aaryn did keep her of the block for two of HOH. Just think its better for GM, MC and Amanda to keep Aaryn over Andy. Who's going to win all the comp for them now. And how is it now that Elissa is winning comps.

Bebecantaloupes said...


TamaraJ said...

Way more than 10! I think there were about 25 the first 2 weeks! :-)

Heather Armijo said...

It dose look like Aaryn is leaving, but the smart move would be to get Andy out of the house. Almost everyone will win over Aaryn, but not with Andy. And its funny how Elissa is winning after she said she wouldn't go to jury. As much as it kills me to say this i hope Aaryn stays, at less when she made the deal with Halen and Elissa to keep her safe she keep her word.

TamaraJ said...

GM doesn't understand much of anything....she is far from the sharpest tool in the shed.

falcor888 said...

Elissa= that girl that doesn't have female friends because "Everyone is jealous of her"-IE she is far too self absorbed and annoying to have girl friends. Amirite??!

HD said...

@Becktuck - I couldn't agree more! Personally I wanted Aaryn and Andy on the block to start with. Figured it'd make sense based on last week and wouldn't light a fire under McCrea or Amanda (or at least not much of one) and then if possible, backdoor Amanda. Andy is a floater and as much as sometimes I want to believe him and think he's just saying stuff to get in good with the other side "just in case" I really do think he believes the crap coming out of his mouth and doesn't see anything wrong with it. How he can think Elissa is so stupid for putting him up is beyond me.

I would've expected Amanda and McCrea to want to keep Aaryn over Andy, but then again the numbers are getting lower and he's easier to beat in comps. And so I think no votes for Aaryn would be poetic justice for her... just like Helen going out due to Amanda was poetic justice.

hummingbrd said...

I really think Elissa for 1 gets a bad wrap because of who her sister is ...
To me she seems like she is the Kind of Lady (YES Lady) who's family & household is in TIGHT working order! It does seem she has no room in her life for Ugly meanness because in her life outside BB she is NOT used to dealing with Mean & Unclean people LOL ... I get people think she should really try harder because this is of course BB15,But she just doesn't want to loose or change her moral Values to win This game & I don't think she should have to either . I am Glad to say I hope Elissa Does win Because since day1 she has had the Whole house against her . Thank u Jamie :) U ROCK

Razldazlrr said...

I don't think Elissa has female friends because she is just such a snob and thinks she is better than everyone. I can tell by the way she acts that she's not someone I would care to hang out with or have as a friend. Now, that being said I don't like what Amanda is doing - that's just really childish and stupid.

Then, we have Spencer still in bed! No wait - now he moved to the sofa outside! LOL He seems to be pretty safe to beat in competition.

Becktuck said...

Yep...Honestly if these people saw the WHOLE of Andy's actions/talk throughout this season I don't think anyone would want to vote for him to win in the end....unless of course they see it as some kind of genius,sigh...its clear he thought he could continue the strategy of "cover all my bases and make sure I never get nominated" and that's a pretty stupid strategy to think you can continue. At least Aaryn is "what you see and hear is what you get" when she even HALF lies It's written all over her face. I think he has finally come to get under my skin more with the ease with which he lies...that doesn't give any of them a clue as to how he would even vote in jury whereas I think Aaryn you will be able to figure out what her vote would be for the most part....It's a toss up so at least one will go this week and weaken "3am"(which get a clue people was really 1am all along and only served the purpose of McCranda)

Mimi said...

The only hige mistake Elissa did, was that she didn't put Amanda & McCray together at the same time! Huge mistake!! Why wait?? That way, you at least know you have one of them on the block no matter what! Personally I think Amanda is a huge bully, dealt with people like her all my life, and they disgust me! Used to root for McCray, but now I just want both of them gone. I didn't like Elissa at first, but she's starting to grow on me. The way she can take it, and not seem bothered, and not let Amanda have any satisfaction, I think it's just great! So for now, I want her to win!!
Andy is just this rat, in his behaviour and now I just think his looks start to resemble one as well. Sneaky, scared to death of confrontation, just an overall sketchy character. Spencer - what in the world is he still doing there? Honestly I have no idea. Huge creeper.
GM has no brains whatsoever. Don't get fooled by her. Aaryn - coward. And that's basically it.

BB addict said...

I may be missing something but what I totally don't get is why any of them believe a single word any one else says, or would even expect anyone else to believe them because they all lie to each other, with each other,about each other!lol. Does that make sense to anyone? Lol.
Any way I think Amanda could of played a good game without being such a mean despicable person. I would be embarrassed to say that I am related to, or friends with any of the remaining houseguests except for Elyssa.
Not sure why people dislike her so much. Is it because she is Rachel's sister? Because she was voted MVP all three times? What else has she done?
While I guess she comes off snobby, she is the only one who would not put up with the racist remarks and would leave the room. She has not been fake to people, lying to their faces. She has also been able to last this long in the house with only one Ali. She has also won comps.
Just my thoughts....

Becktuck said...


AmiLrn said...


I totally agree - Elissa is a lady. She doesn't name call or lash out when people are tormenting her. She doesn't cuss like a sailor. Everyone else has such a potty mouth! She just has a limited tolerance for people who act like animals. I do too. I certainly do not fault her for not sinking to their level.

Becktuck said...

Yep...I totally agree....the girls has a LOT of self control...

Erica Iles said...

I totally agree.
Helen even told Andy before she left that if Andy goes against the group he'd pay for it next week. Stupid snake!

Erica Iles said...

When you say, "I can tell by the way she acts that she's not someone I would care to hang out with or have as a friend" is the exact way Elissa views the house. I do not blame her one bit. If I were to see a group of people bullying somebody else due to their skin color I would probably stick my nose up at those people too. Even back when Amanda was prancing around for McCreas birthday and Elissa started making jokes at her to me that says, "I may have a super awesome body but I don't go degrading myself or seaeching for attention by dressing like a prostitute."
Oh and remember how Amanda cried in the bathroom after Elissa said those things? Now Amanda is saying some pretty nasty things to Elissa and Elissa took it like an adult and just ignored her.
I'm not really team Elissa or anybody really, I just try to see the points from each persons point of view...
Except Amanda's, I just cannot understand that girl.

Erica Iles said...

I'm confused why so many people dislike Elissa also.


Elizard is hiding in the HOH room the entire week, curled up in the fetal position. This creature must go. CBS really needs to stop stunt casting.

lyra said...

She put Andy up(and Andy knows this) because he is the only one that will absolutely insure aaryn's eviction. .. at least that's the general consensus

lyra said...

That's silly and invalid. Andy knows that the others agent going on the block because they might be voted out over Aaryn (gm, am and Mc maybe we'll vow the others out). However he is the only person that guarantees aaryn's eviction (most likely). Since he knows that's the reall reason he doesn't need to pretend to care about loyalty.

lyra said...

Aaryn wants Elissa out more than anyone. Keeping her safe only insures that a ccomp beast will come after her. Also there's less people now, the likelihood of other people winning comps goes up.

lyra said...

She kept her word because she had no option. .. because she was scared they would gun after her. She was public enemy number 1 so she had to play nice. This game isn't much about keeping your word. She did put Helen up on the block when Helen was trying to work with her all along unlike Amanda being so so about her. So again this game is about survival not word keeping which Aaryn did really well on

lyra said...

Lol same here. I'm just team let's play a game!!! I see you valid points. I might have thought what op thought but I see your points.

Becktuck said...

Whatever production is doing ....Elissa has put up with being treated like dirt from day one....she has exibited an immense amount of self control that I wish I could say I have...that place is a PRESSURE cooker and she has never tried to be purposely nasty to anyone. She has held her tongue....production can't manufacture that. You can see her wanting to say mean things so many times and she stops herself....this is not a microcosm of real isn't likely that this is the BEST behavior of any of these people and she deserves props for NOT lowering herself to their level! Even in the beginning when Helen got HOH and E was having convoy in storage with Mc...he said its time for "them" to feel how you felt(at the time aaryn, kaitlin, Jeremy, and such were being horrible to her) she said....."I don't want them to feel how I felt....I don't want anyone to feel that horrible" I was rather impressed to hear someone say that. She had no motive. This week she DID honestly tell Aaryn it was her turn to feel how she felt (being on the block,not being treated like scum) but have you or can you honestly say you've seen Elissa rally people to just hate on someone just because?..not even close! I think the whole idea of her seeming to think she's superior comes from her choice to not be anything like such hateful people.

Ste ven said...

I dont understand what Amanda thinks she is accomplishing besides looking like an a-hole. Is she trying to get Elissa to self evict next week? I want to see if Spencer/Andy,/GM/Judd/ get HOH next week if theyll have the chutzpah to put up Amanda vs McRae or will go after Elissa yet again. Its going to be those 4 vs Elissa vs McRanda...It may be the last time they have the numbers. I want to see Amanda and McRae freak out...Andy freaking out has been fun tow atch only because how he has been so quick to chop someone elses head off with no mercy and lied to people like Helen and Judd to their faces

rbjjb said...

At Least She Plays Her Own Game As HOH And Not For Someone Else.

Jen P said...



That's because she has no one else, never has except Helen.

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