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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Friday to y'all! :D Last night, we saw Aaryn win her 4th HOH win of the season. Her target this week will be Helen, with Elissa as Plan B. Should Helen/Elissa come off the block, Spencer will be the renom but he'd only be a pawn. Amanda filled in Spencer last night about the plan, so he's aware of what's going on.

Also, next Thursday, Candice/Jessie/Judd + whichever HG gets evicted this week, will all compete on the live show to get their 2nd shot at the game. According to the poll here on the blog, you guys & gals would love to see Judd come back. (Me too!)

McCrae/Andy/Helen are in a fake 3 person alliance together, so Mc/Andy have been lying to Helen by telling her that they're gonna try to get Sp/El on the block and try to get Spencer out, though we all know of the actual plan to get her up & out this week.

In case you missed it last night, Elissa had said some pretty ugly things about GM/Aaryn right before the HOH comp, saying she didn't wanna sit next to them during the comp. This upset GM/Aaryn. Helen tried to do damage control last night & told Elissa to go apologize to them to try to keep herself off the block. I'll start the Overnighter with that conversation.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds monthly pass!

11:30pm BBT:
Storage Room
Helen said she (H) has to lay low since Jessie blew up her game. She also said that Jessie told "them" to get her (H) out this week.

Helen: "I knew Jessie was bad news."
Elissa: "Mm hmm."
Helen: "I have a feeling we're gonna be put up together. Possibly."

A few minutes later, they move their talk to the lounge room hallway. Helen is trying to get Elissa to talk to Aaryn about her comment she made about them, in order to try to keep herself off the block.
Elissa: "I just don't think they (GM/Aaryn) are nice people, and.."
Helen: "Ok, I'm not gonna force you to do anything. I'm just trying to give you good advice."
Elissa: "It is good advice and at some point I'll try to talk (Aaryn)'s just really hard!"

11:46pm BBT:
They're still talking. Helen is telling her to win a comp, to apologize, and Elissa is saying that she misses her kids and Helen starts crying saying that she misses her kids, too.

Helen: "If we're gonna be here, make the most of it!"
Helen is getting frustrated that Elissa isn't taking her advice of talking to Aaryn to try to save herself.

Helen: "We miss our families, yes. But we can either be in the jury house with crazy people or we can be here."

Elissa: "If I get evicted, I'm not going there (jury house), I'm going home."
Helen: "So if I make it to the end, you're not gonna be there to vote for me? If Andy makes it there, you're not gonna be there for to vote for him? Think about that Elissa. OK?"
Elissa: "Yea."

They part ways.

11:51pm BBT:
Helen is on the HOH landing, crying. (She's off-cam to the HOH room spy screen.)

She enters the HOH room and starts talking with the others.

Andy: "You ok? Why you sad?"
Helen: "I can't help (Elissa) anymore."

Helen tells them how Elissa wants to go home and not the jury house, and how that'd be a jury vote lost for herself or Andy. Helen said she's tried to keep her spirits up and she can't help her anymore.

Aaryn: "Because Elissa only cares about herself."
GM: "Yea."
Helen: "I can't help her anymore."
McCrae: "It's a slap in the face."
Helen: "I don't want her to go home."
Aaryn: "Why not get her to self evict then?"
Andy: "That's bad sportsmanship."

McCrae (a BB superfan) is irritated because Elissa doesn't need the money and would just walk away, while people like Judd who tried out 5 times to get on the show, isn't there.

McCrae: "I think production would talk her out of it."
Aaryn: "If she thinks she's going home this week, she will self-evict because of her pride."
McCrae: "I don't think so."
Aaryn: "Oh yes she would."
McCrae: "They'd talk her out of it. There's no way she'd do that."

12:17am BBT:
Lounge Room

McCrae: "I wish Elissa would just f**kin' walk."
McCrae wonders if it's game play on Elissa's part (to act like she doesn't wanna be there) but he doesn't think she's that smart.

Spencer: "I bet by Saturday afternoon, I could have (Elissa want to self-evict). Dude I'll go f**king fart in her mouth!"
Amanda: "Sit your butthole on her eyeball socket, and fart in her eyeball." (**did I really just type that? lol)

McCrae: "It's the most disrespectful thing ever." (re: Elissa not wanting to be there anymore.)
Spencer: "It's a slap in the face to anyone who has ever wanted to be here." 

1:47am BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae is telling Spencer that Helen is trying to figure out a way to throw Spencer under the bus so that she (H) isn't nominated.  They tell him to win veto.

Spencer: "The comp could be decipher Mandarin Chinese and I'd still win it."

McCrae said that he can't wait until Helen leaves and hopes that Elissa doesn't win HOH next week, or else he'll go crazy.

**That's it for The Overnighter!! The plan is still to nominate Helen/Elissa, with Helen as this weeks target. There were lots of jokes of how to get Elissa to self-evict last night, mainly by Spencer. But I doubt that anything will happen as far as that goes. It's important to note that Elissa didn't actually tell GM/Aaryn that she didn't want to sit by them, but that she said it to Helen and it seems that it might have been Amanda that overheard it and then it got back to Aaryn/GM. Okay, I'll be starting the morning post shortly! :D

As of 10:31am BBT this morning, all cams are on sleeping HG's, except cam 2, which is on Aaryn feeding the fishies in the HOH bathroom.

Stay tuned...
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Jennifer Winchel said...

I'm curious why Jessie got her goodbye messages if there's a chance she's coming back?

Anonymous said...


I saw that Elissa and Helen SR/hallway convo on BBAD and Elissa had said that she didn't actually say anything to Aryan and GM that she had said that in confidence only to Helen, Amanda and I believe McCrae so obviously one or more of them must have went and told Aryan and GM for them to know. Helen of course denied it was her and I tend to believe her as why would she shoot herself in the foot making Elissa a target. My guess would be it had to have been Amanda. It makes a lot more sense that way caused that seemed so dumb for Elissa to have said to them after weeks of truce right before an HOH comp.


Anonymous said...

That cry session in the HOH room was patented Helen sympathy mom tears to completely throw Elissa under the bus and make sure she goes home this week and not her. She should've stayed on that landing longer though and developed her thoughts more cause she completely fumbled under questioning as to why exactly she was so upset and in tears like that. Very bad acting job stumbling around for words and she actually said it sucked cause then Elissa wouldn't be in the Jury to vote for her in the F2 which floored me that she would say something like that to the whole house.


Anonymous said...

Oh shut up Spencer and go fart on yourself disgusting POS

AlwaysLumi said...

Jamie thank you so much for everthing you do. I love the blog.

I always love your comments Brian and look forward to reading what you have to say. I got the same impression as you. Elissa told Amanda and Helen that she just wanted to be alone and didn't really want to sit by anyone. She was venting about how homesick she is and Amanda used the opportunity to stir up s%@! in the house. I think Elissa needs to bite her tongue more, but I understand her missing her family.

I would love to see Judd come back, but not if he is going to help McCranda get to the end. Amanda needs to go and I am not sure Judd would do it. I think Candice and Jessie could also be interesting if they come back especially Jessie after seeing Amanda's good bye message. I am a fan of anyone wanting to take Amanda out. I fully expect Helen to be so blindsided and shocked by her "allies" turning on her that she will fight tooth and nail to come back. Helen will have the determination of a recent eviction and will win the competition so she can come back and take out her supposed "allies". If Helen makes it back, I suspect Elissa will calm down.

I hope you don't pack it in if Helen comes back Jamie. I would miss you too much!


I don't think Jessie's goodbye messages said anything she didn't already know. I think they just didn't have time for goodbye messages during the live double-eviction show.
Elissa is a reptile. If she offends anybody it is their fault for having the very nerve to breathe the same air and occupy the same space as her, so it is incumbent on them to apologize to her for being offended by anything she says or does. She is a pathetic creature and does not belong in the house. Like GM said, what is the rationale for Elissa even being in the game? Because she's somebody's sister. I hope she self-evicts, hissing as she slithers out the door.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure Candice and Judd got to see their goodbye messages as well but there just wasn't enough time to air them on TV with the DE. Jessie will also get to see the goodbye messages from the HGs that didn't air on TV. Those messages you can tell are heavily edited. Plus the HGs have had an idea a HG might be coming back since Julie's hint during the DE so it's not a total shock. Plus they know for sure these evicted HGs are in Jury and they may need their vote so if they want to say something mean in their goodbye message they do so at their own peril anyway.


RCW504 said...

I feel the game won't change if Judd are Helen comes back it may change with Jessie are Candance. But honestly if they don't give the in coming house guest a power, then they will be right back out the door the following week... But who knows hopefully this is the beginning of expect the unexpected.

Eve said...

Amanda didn't say anything new in her message to Jessie. Jessie knew where she stood with Amanda and vice versa and Amanda actually stated that in her goodbye - "At least you knew where I stood" or something like that. So she was consistent and if she does make it to the end, depending on who she's up against, the fact that she was not fake with her feelings might help her. Just a thought.

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