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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon & welcome to the Early Afternoon post! At 12:07pm BBT, the live feeds swtiched to trivia for the houseguests to pick Veto Comp players. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the results below. The HG's will be playing the Veto Comp at some point today. Who do you hope will win it?

Let's dive into the afternoon post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:46pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

Playing for Veto:

Amanda is now making her rounds, telling people how to let her win the veto. (*head desk*)
Amanda thinks it'll be a card/counting kind of comp, and she's instructing everyone to fold until she (Am) is knocked out and hopefully Jessie is knocked out by then.
1:02pm BBT:
HG's all scattered around the house at the moment. No game talk.
Helen/Spencer/Andy/McCrae are talking when the next All Stars season. Helen thinks it'll be BB20. McCrae doesn't think they'll ever do another All Stars season.

1:30pm BBT:
Aaryn/Andy talk.

Aaryn said she trusts & "loves" Helen, but not sure about Amanda/McCrae, though she thinks she can trust them. Andy tells her they (Andy/Aaryn) need to stay in between them (Helen/Elissa & Amanda/McCrae) right now & be on the same page. Andy also said that if Helen wins HOH, he can't stop her from going after McCrae/Amanda.

**Blogging break for this gal! :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Helen, Elissa, and Amanda were picked to play in POV


James Freeman said...

Sounds like Jessie might just win

Lynlin said...

I can't stand Amanda god I wish someone would make a big move and get her out

Heat said...

My guess is they will have an "All Star" season ASAP, I don't think big brother can risk bringing on a new cast and having them be as foul mouthed and disrespectful again. They will want to go with a cast of people that they are confident will not upset any BB fans.

PeZGatO said...

oh my goodness the mvp twist is over. why is amanda still paranoid??

and also, because everyone (amanda) thought judd was mvp, what do they think julie meant by "expect the unexpected" three or four weeks ago?

i agree with mccrae.

rbjjb said...

Helen Wanting To Know When Next All Star Season? Funny Stuff I Know. I Have A Better Chance In Becoming The Queen Of England Then Having Any Of These HG On All Star Show!!!!

James Adams said...

I thought only 5 played the POV.

Anonymous said...


I think Amanda would definitely get asked back for an All Star season. The pickings are already slim when looking for female players then you start factoring in those who wouldn't do it or have already been on multiple times already. And love her or hate her Amanda is kinda reality TV gold. I wouldn't be shocked if Aryan was asked as well depending on how the rest of this season goes and how she handles herself dealing with everything once she's out of the house.


B******** said...

going back a little... who got into Aaryn's ear about using the veto and putting up Judd? I re-watched the DE Show and it looks like it was Helen, but I can't be sure if I missed something. I know Amanda really wanted him out, but did Helen do the convincing?

TamaraJ said...

If Amanda ends up in the All-Star season, it will be for comic relief only. Her gameplay seems better than it actually is because she Is in a house full of weaklings for the most part. Her strategy? Bully, bully, bully! Can you imagine that in a house full of BB All-Stars? She'd be gone the first week.

This Is My Journey said...

I think they should do a season with the MVP nomination again and tell the house guests its someone in te house then just make it America's pick each week. No worries about the MVP spilling the beans but still getting what the MVP was supposed to get to begin with.
Or bringing back Americas's player.
Or just doing things to mess with their minds but it doesn't actually mean anything. Like a random lights out so the house guests think something happened but nothing did. Or put them on BY lockdown and rearrange everything inside but for no reason.

Michelle said...

I am not an Aaryn fan but she should trust that feeling to not trust Amanda! She should not trust Andy either but she has a chance of winning against him possibly! I really hope Jessie wins POV! That is the only way she is coming off the block! I can wish for Elissa or Helen to do something but that is all it is, a wish! They won't do anything! UGH! Jamie you are right about the season becoming so boring and predictable!

Keri Bovkoon said...

Is there any where online that I could watch past seasons of Big Brother?

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the latest BB podcast from Rob Cesternino of Survivor fame. He does a BB aftershow podcast every Sun and Thu and they're generally very fun and entertaining. This one from this past Thu after the DE was particularly so. Generally he's joined by Ian Terry on Thu but this week he had Eric Stein aka America's Player from BB S8. Some very good analysis on how this season has gone and where it may go comparing it to others in the past of both BB and Survivor.


Anonymous said...

Looks like POV comp has started. McCrae is the host.


Anonymous said...


We'll find out more on Sun as they usually will go back over a lot of the craziness that happened during the DE. Amanda is the loudmouth driving force but nothing truly seems to get done in that house without Helen at least co-signing so I'd bet it was a 2 pronged effort to get Aryan to do that to Judd who she'd grown close to recently.


Anonymous said...


It'd depend who else would be on that season and who she'd be able to get in with. She has shown the willingness to showmance haha. The biggest thing I think that'd keep her from going too early is her inability to win any comps. Thus I could easily see her hanging around as someone who they can get rid of whenever since there's not much fear of her winning HOH to come after someone or win POV to save herself when and if you're done with her. There really hasn't been many or any female characters quite like her in BB though as a female villain bully type so I definitely think she'd be asked back for AllStars.


Heather Armijo said...

You can watch any seasons of big brother on youtube.

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