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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Thursday Live Show Day to y'all!! :D I am so freakin' excited for tonight's show!!! Who's with me?!

Tonight we will watch Helen get evicted & then we'll see Helen/Judd/Jessie/Candice battle it out for a 2nd shot at the game. Details of how this will happen have not yet been revealed but I'm really hoping I'm right by thinking that all 4 evicted HG's + remaining HG's will all battle it out in an HOH endurance comp. The HG's think it'll be "The Wall" Endurance Comp and honestly, so do I.

If you wanna watch tonight's (most likely) endurance comp and/or the aftermath of the live show, then ya gotta get the live feeds!! They're $10/month and oh-so worth it!

While we had a ton of action on the feeds yesterday during the day, that fizzled out by the nighttime. I'll cover a few parts of the night and anything game talk related as well.

Let's get this Overnighter started, shall we?! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

7:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn drank nail polish remover by accident.

Spencer: "You okay, Aaryn?"
Aaryn: "Yea."
Spencer: "You didn't swallow it, did you?"
Aaryn: "Yea. Oh my god."

Helen: "How much did you swallow?"
Aaryn: "F**K!"
Spencer: "It says (on the bottle) to drink lots of fluids and contact local poison center."

Aaryn: "I thought it was a water bottle. I drank all of (the nail polish remover) that was in there."
Helen: "Oh my gosh."
Aaryn: "Whoops."
Spencer: "I watched you do the whole thing and I was like 'what the f**k is she doing?'"

A few mins later, Aaryn was called into the Diary Room, assuming to get checked on. Aaryn was saying that she doesn't feel good & felt like she was gonna pass out.

**Sorry for the delay, a pretty gnarly storm just passed through and I had to shut down the computer. Okay, back to the Overnighter! :D

9:30pm BBT:
Screenshot of the night...

BB: "Please center your microphone."
Spencer: "Please center your vagina."
Amanda: "I don't even feel your vagina right now." 

Amanda: "Do you feel my clitoris?"
Aaryn: "It's so warm."
*Spencer is loving this. lol
Amanda: "A vagina's supposed to be warm, Aaryn."
They both look over at Spencer and laugh.
McCrae could care less. lol
11:50pm BBT:
Lounge Room
GM was crying a little bit....

Her birthday is at midnight so on another cam, we had Amanda decorating the bedroom for GM's birthday & to cheer her up.
11:53pm BBT:
Aaryn is comforting GM.

GM is saying that she loves Aaryn like a sister, Aaryn said the same. They talk about how they'll be fine this upcoming week. GM complains about McCrae/Amanda being "lovey dovey all the time" and she "doesn't wanna see it, it's getting annoying now."

Aaryn: "Even if we go to jury this week, we still made it further than Candice, Jeremy, Helen.."
GM: "I kinda feel bad for Helen leaving, I'd rather Spencer leave, but I'll do whatever you want."

12:00am BBT:
It's GM's Birthday!!

HG's (except for Elissa) are hiding in the bedroom waiting to surprise GM.

Spencer: "You look like a floating head in a fish bowl with that thing, McCrae." (*lol!)
Amanda goes & gets GM from the lounge room, as she's impersonating GM.

Amanda: "Come on, yo!"

Amanda: "GinaMarie! How does it feel to be 33 yrs old!"

Lots of cheering, woo-hoo's, GM is smiling ear to ear.
Production gave them cake mix to make GM a birthday cake.

**That's it for the Overnighter!

Lots of Elissa bashing went on last night & it seems that the whole house wants Elissa up & out this week, so unless she wins HOH or Veto this week, she's in danger of getting evicted. If Elissa wins HOH, then Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn would be in danger, possibly Spencer as well but I think she'd target Am/Aa over him right now.

The HG's also spent a lot of time talking about tonight's HOH endurance comp (or so they think) and what they should wear and how nervous they are.

It's now 10:21am BBT and BB is waking the HG's up for the day. I'll start a new post in a little bit, once they wake up & get moving for the day.

Stay tuned...
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Heidi Johnson said...


There are no words.

Skeeter Bug said...

Hey Jamie! If you're right about the jury members and HGs all competing for HoH, do you think an evicted player would only return if they won? If none of them won, would the player who lasted longest return, or would no one return? Thanks :)

Skeeter Bug said...

Oooh... that's scary, Aaryn. I accidentally put nail polish remover in my eye once because I mixed it up with eye makeup remover... most terrifying moment of my life, thought I was gonna go blind lol. Thankfully I'm alright, just a lot more careful now :P

Kern's Kreations said...

I'm definitely not an Aaryn fan, but I sure hope she is okay. That can't be good for you, let alone your game.

Jamie, words can't describe how excited I am for tonight's episode. I love me some "unexpected"!

Jamie said...

Yes, I think all 4 will have a shot by competeting and if they get knocked out, then they're gone. That's what i would do, anyways. Plus them being HOH that week would be that safety they need to change the game and be safe from eviction that week.

Can't wait to see!

rleberle said...

Jamie...Are you going to be live blogging tonight during the show?

Susie said...

I think it will be two separate games for the 4 evicted and the house people, just a feeling, I can't wait, hoping for a change in the years dull show..........

Susie said...

1p Michigan time, what area are you Jamie for the storm, I think it is headed my way, I am lower MI

Jamie said...

I'm in Milwaukee (outside the city by 10 mins). So it'll be hitting MI soon as it passes over the lake. LOTS of lightning with this one!!

Lynlin said...

Amanda & Aaryn grinding on each other like that is absolutely gross!!! Especially with Amanda having a yeast infection.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie...I figured when you mentioned storm you must live near me. I live in Madison :) Hello fellow sconnie!

And the storm in Madison was BAD. My whole apartment building shook for a second, pretty scary.

Susie said...

Thanks Jamie for the storm report and all the work you do on the blog, I already donated like the years before.

DR. BROADWAY said...

Do you think the contestant who returns will become HOH? Otherwise they will just be voted out again.

Razldazlrr said...

Too funny - production gives them a lousy cake mix - they couldn't give them an actual cake?

Spencer the perv was enjoying that conversation - loved the screen shots jamie!

James Adams said...

I am thinking the 4 jurors will have their own comp and the winner will get to play in the HOH comp, who knows. :-\

DanFan1 said...

If one of the jury members returns without some kind of special power I fear it will be more theatrics and basically a wasted week of game because the house will band together and evict the person asap. Now if that person has a power then let the fun begin! !! Lol !!!

Joni said...

Why haven't we seen any footage from the Jury house? Usually its after the 2nd person gets evicted. Are they waiting for this comp to show it? I like seeing that part when they find out a little bit about what had been going on.

Hope the storms are over for all you in that area!! Its moving my way this evening ugh!!

Anonymous said...


I think it could be because the 3 evicted HGs aren't actually in the Jury House yet. Since they all have a chance to reenter the game I believe they could actually be in sequester instead so that they don't have the unfair advantage of being able to share info. They also haven't been able to be interviewed by anyone not even Jeff on the CBS website. Jeff did actually refer to Candice and Judd being in sequester a couple weeks ago although it's possible he misspoke and meant Jury House. But it makes sense to me if they were in sequester instead.



It speaks volumes that all the HG are up celebrating GMZ birthday except Elissa. I'm sure she would think the cake was for her.
I said in the 3rd week that Aaryn is living rent-free inside Elissa's lizard-brain, and it is still true.

sunshine said...

Hope Amanda goes home soon

Razldazlrr said...

Brian - that would make sense - that they aren't actually in the jury house yet, until the comp tonight

SandyW said...

That ridiculous story of Aaryns'...

that nail-polish remover (a toxic blend of Acetone and methanol) somehow found its way into a large water bottle near the sink (and why would it have been removed from its original container anway?),

AND that she then somehow drank from the water bottle without smelling its contents probably from across the room, is pure BS, if you don't mind me saying.

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