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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, y'all!! :D I just got home from work, a little later than I thought I would. But fear not, because we didn't miss a thing! Nothing game-wise, just a bunch non-sense chatter. BB woke up the HG's at 10:30am BBT, but only Andy/Judd got up at that time & then Helen a little bit later and did her morning backyard jogging routine. Spencer was woken up around 10:50am BBT to go the Diary Room.

As I reported in the Overnighter, Amanda's tanning punishment ended last night & the tanning booth has now been replaced with the hammock. Ahhh...if that hammock could talk. Surprisingly, the grill that Helen got for her BBQ party a couple of days ago, is still there. Jess wonders if they'll be able to compete for them to use it. (*They have in past seasons.)

Candice is still slated to go out the BB door on Thursday, which is leaving Jessie to think that she might be next. As Judd said yesterday, her (Jessie's) only goal in the game is to not be at the bottom of the totem pole in the game. Jessie thinks that once Candice is gone, she'll be the next in line. (Depending on who wins HOH, and then veto, she might be right.) If you're wondering if Candice knows that she's going home this week, the answer to that is "yes". She's fully aware.

Okay, now that we're all caught up, let's get right to the feeds!! :D

**Just a quick THANK YOU!!! to all of you who have donated to the blog so far and/or signed up for the live feeds through the blog. I try to blog as much as humanly possible (it's hard juggling a job, BB, and the boyfriend & I are currently sharing 1 vehicle to make things even a little more difficult this year) to make sure y'all are always up to date & your support is what keeps me here!! So from the bottom of my humbled heart, thank you. *takes a bow & tips her hat* :)

Currently on the live feeds...

1:56pm BBT:
A look at the Quad Cam...
Hmm...let's see what Judd/Elissa are talking about.

1:57pm BBT:

Judd/Elissa are on the BY couch talking about jobs, specifically Judd's.

Elissa: "...but you didn't tell your boss where you were going (on BB)."
Judd: "I couldn't, though. I couldn't have him sign anything." (a waiver)

Judd said he gave (someone? i missed it) a number so they could call his boss and tell him that he's on BB once the cast was revealed.

BB: "Judd, Elissa, you are not allowed to talk about production."
Judd: "How are we talking about production??"
Elissa: "I dunno. I just think they wanna call me out today."

Talk turns to running and how many laps in the backyard equal a mile.
Elissa: "You wanna do yoga?"
Judd: "No. I know it's really good for you, but I can't do it. I can't stretch. Do guys do yoga?"
Elissa: "Yea! Most of my class are males."
Elissa says she has her own DVD called "Elissercise".

2:05pm BBT:
Spencer joins Elissa/Judd. He jokes he was in a meeting with BB producers to get Andy out.

Elissa jokes back saying yayy he's doing her dirty work for her.
They go inside where most HG's are in the kitchen.

2:15pm BBT:

McCrae is now up. 
Jessie: "So what's on the agenda for today?"
McCrae: "Sit around, look at things, maybe swim. I dunno. We got the grill now. It's ours now. Why wouldn't they take it away if we couldn't use it?!" *yawns*

McCrae: "I'm gonna just f**king cook on it."
Jessie: "F**k authority. Big Brother who?"

McCrae: "The hammock's back. That's good."

2:27pm BBT:
Andy/Elissa/Judd are running.

Andy: "How many laps you gonna do, Elissa?"
Elissa: "40."
Andy: "I'm gonna do 60, how do you like that Elissa?!" (*lol)

Spencer is watching from the BY couch.
Spencer: "(Andy) runs like a gazelle."

2:34pm BBT:
Annnnnnd Judd's done. lol

Judd: "Maybe if I run more (often), I'll smoke less." (*This is how I quit smoking last year. It's hard to be both a smoker & runner.)

Andy is on lap 35.

2:47pm BBT:

Judd: "Lets all run tomorrow. It'll make you feel better. I don't feel better now, but.."
McCrae laughs.
Judd: "..but I will later."

Talk is about "Keeping it Real with Candi" (Candice) last week. It's been a week since that happened already.

2:55pm BBT:

Amanda is talking about GM doing her HOH blog.

Amanda: "Something about GM doing her HOH blog is funny to me." (re: GM's vocabulary)
Judd: "Don't say anything to her about it, she's sad."
Amanda: "What? You serious?"
McCrae: "Yea, she just got done and she's sad. Something about spelling."
Amanda: "About what?"
McCrae: "I dunno."

I go & find GM crying in the lounge room.
Amanda checks on GM & gives her something to drink. GM asks Amanda to go get Helen, too.

Andy/Helen/Amanda join a crying GM.
GM says it was really hard to write her HOH blog & feels horrible about it. Helen is

GM: "Everyone thinks I'm stupid because I can't spell or write anything!"
Helen is calming her down & saying that she writes everyday for her job & had a hard time writing her HOH blog, too.

They're telling her that she has a lot of personality and she's special, and who cares it's not correct grammar.

3:03pm BBT:

GM is saying that guys always think she's stupid but Nick didn't.
Helen is cheering her up, GM is starting to laugh now.

Andy: "Any guy that makes you feel stupid, doesn't deserve you."
GM: "I write something and it looks like a mess, and then I think about something else.."

3:11pm BBT:
All is well again. GM's laughing.

GM: "Thanks guys, very much!"

3:14pm BBT:

Amanda/Spencer/Andy are trying to see if the HOH camera has a web browser on it.
Andy: "I wanna update my facebook status!"

Spencer is taking HOH pics & is using the panoramic feature on it.

Amanda: "Delete that immediatley! My!"
Spencer: "Looks like the Stargate (??) portal."

3:21pm BBT:
GM is taking pics in her HOH room. Helen takes one of GM with her Nick shrine...
Helen & GM are using GM's "Cone of Shame" as skirts...

3:31pm BBT:
Lost Signal on the feeds....

4:30pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

5:16pm BBT:
*Aaryn/GM have been talking in the HOH room for awhile now. Aaryn wants Amanda out, she can't trust her, thinks Amanda is mean, and is convinced that Amanda/Elissa have been working together since week

*Spencer is laying down, McCrae, Amanda & Andy are in the same bedroom..they're talking about various things, such as how many members of jury there will be: either 9 or 7. 

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! Enjoy watching the live feeds!! (They're $10 this month & same for next month, too! Cheap 24/7 entertainment!!)

Stay tuned...
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mel michele said...

Clearly the only MVP in this season is our on little Jamie. You rock girl!!

Ryan Long said...

Let's go ahead and switch up our non to Helen or McCrea this week that will and some fire. Jessee thinks this is the most competitive game ever. What a joke she find out the opposite when she gets out. But she's at least trying to go against power unlike floater of tgr year Helen.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I love Stargate!! XD Stargate SG-1 is my favorite. Its a science fiction show. In case anyone was curious and didnt want to google search. ;D

Mike Davis said...

Really? You had to ?? the word Stargate?

Jamie said...

lol @ Mike..i don't do sci-fi stuff. wasn't sure.

Kevin said...

Elissa's class is mostly guys. Who'da thunk?

brett said...

I don't care what anybody says. I'm still team amanda. u go girl and bitch your way to the 500 000. love ya

Rebecca McCamish said...

I'm with you, Brett! Team Amanda! ;)


I wonder where McCrae winds up when he passes through the portal.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Brett. The fact that she hasn't won a single thing yet everyone is afraid to go against her is a sign of a good social player. You don't have to be moral or politically correct to be win the money.

With that said, her bitchiness and inability to keep her mouth shut will be her downfall and she probably won't be sticking around much longer unless she starts winning some comps. Don't care, I'm still team Amanda too!

Erica Iles said...

LMAO!! Niiiice

Mike Davis said...


AmiLrn said...

Aaryn wants to flip on Amanda? Oh happy day! Now if they would just get their act together, they would have the votes to say buh bye Mandy.

Natasha Corrigan said...

YES! If Aaryn flips and they can get Amanda out then she misses jury and... well a world with Amanda and McCrae apart will be nice for the rest in jury!

Ryan Long said...

Amandas alright fine. But just get out annoying to nice butt kisser floater Helen out. Whos with me. Annoying right? Boring then gm out to loud and annoying 10 4

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I laughed so hard when I read about the GM grammar debacle! She cried because she couldn't spell 'Chicago' and couldn't put sentences together the way she was thinking them...but who could?! I giggled when the other hgs told her she was 'special'. I know, that was mean. But it made me laugh...sorry 'bout that.


Many people from the Chicago Public Schools can't spell 'Chicago'.

Maria Parker said...

I agree with u ryan about helen but she ain't the only one who is a floater so is andy n he is annoying with his two face self he wants to play all sides

John Gray said...

Really Amanda........

UnionGrl said...

GM was in real pain over her spelling and grammatical shortcomings. If it makes you laugh to see someone cry their heart out, well then I guess that's you. I felt badly for her. She was not prepared in anyway for what's happening now and what will happen soon to her life. She has no earthly idea the sh*t storm that heading her way and that is tragic.

Random World said...

No matter how "silly" one may think a person's shortcomings are, no one should laugh at them.

@UnionGrl-I too felt very bad for her, & while I may not like who she is in BB, I feel bad for the storm she will be facing afterwards.

Callejera said...

Hilarious!! I don't feel bad fo GM. She didn't feel bad making all them nasty comments she's made. For someone who admits to not being "the most smartest" she should be a nicer person!

Random World said...

While I may not like GM. I really do think she has a good heart. I don't think she has a sense of a good judge of character, but I do believe she can have a heart.
Aaryn- Nu uh! I have not seen any heart in that girl as of yet!
I know it may seem like I am always contradicting myself by saying I don't like GM & here I am kinda defending her...
I merely see people from other sides.
Don't judge me. LoL :P

slnc said...

This group of hg's aren't the brightest crayons in box! Helen Aaryn Gm,...Amanda is a good give and take player, she's very strategic..yeah really? Well wouldn't that be the best reason to get rid of her? Ijs...HELLO ANYBODY HOME!! LOL

Anonymous said...

8:54PM BBT Spencer wonders to Andy if Howard's lack of social skills and speech is related to being African American & from Southern Mississippi. (He mentions wanting to say this before After Dark comes on).


Kathleen McAuley said...

Thank you Jamie! Your blog has been a God send for me and now I can't watch BB because I'm a TW customer. 😢
Does anyone know of a link to view online? 😎

andrea said...

I don't like to see GM in pain, because I don't like to see anyone in pain, but I can't help but think that when you put all that hate out into the world, somehow its going to come back at you. As far as what happens after, the only thing I don't like is I think it will be far more difficult on GM then it will on Amanda or Aaryn. And that sucks.

Amanda and Aaryns parents will clean up their messes. Aaryns parents already have with her dads tweets and her mom hiring the PR rep. Their is rumor that Amanda's family has also gotten a PR person. Maybe someone will get involved for Gm, and even Spencer and defer the cost until they cash in on book deals or whatever, but I doubt that either of them have resources to hire help.

That said, do the crime pay the fine (or do the time) I guess.

brett said...

thank you

slnc said...

Yeah I agree karma's a capital B! Lol and I dont feel that bad for Gm maybe while she was harassing Candice maybe she should have been getting speech therapy. ..ijs it couldn't hurt...

slnc said...

Yeah and he also said he does not understand how black people speak...but when Howard was there he was his homie...never told Howard that. These hg's are a joke and not in a funny way. ..

Peggy said...

Random World please know that this is in no way a slam at you. I admire your capacity for empathy towards GM. However, to reach in to the cliche receptacle, "Stupid is as stupid does"...

GM may have learning or other educational difficulties. If so, I'm sorry for that. But she is 30 plus years old & working in a field where she is attempting to mold and inspire young girls. What a repulsive example of a wasted opportunity.
If anybody has HBO you should check out the documentary "Miss You Can Do It". It's about a pageant run by a former Miss USA Iowa who has CP. She's a true example of overcoming and embracing adversity.
GM is an ignorant, self absorbed, superficial & vapid human being. Sorry for the vitriole but my own daughter, who is very physically beautiful, has Dyslexia & Dysgraphia, has a college education & works as an educator with inner city kids. There are options beyond extending one's eternal childhood in pageant life and judging others by the color of their skin or breadth of their ass as GM does.

Atlanta said...

I cannot stand Andy! Why has Helen not figured him out yet! Its so obvious he is in every conversation and it takes him literally seconds to go blab to Mcmandy!

Atlanta said...

I too am soooooo over Andy! Why have the HG's not caught on to Andy being in every conversation and then tells everything he just heard. It seems like as soon as he hears something it takes only seconds for him to go blab. Evidently, Helen is not too smart to have not figured this out by now!

Atlanta said...

I cannot stand Andy! He acts like he is so loyal but he is anything but!

Andy Tatnall said...

Aaryn thinks Amanda is mean.


Oh, that is rich.

But, hey... since she's been curbing the racist comments for the past couple of weeks, that makes up for everything she said, right? I mean, the viewers certainly seem to have forgotten all about it.

Razldazlrr said...

I like Amanda too - I'm guessing she and I would get along and enjoy a few cocktails together. Even though I don't agree with some things she has said, I don't think they were really spiteful. Helen is a butt kisser and so fake, that has always annoyed me a lot more!

GM - she's not the sharpest tool in the shed and I'm guessing she can be fun too. But, she has just been such a mean girl (with Aaryn and Kaitlin). She really does seem to have some issues. Like Andy said, she acts more like she's 18.

Aaryn - I think she's a mean little spoiled Texas girl that has never had to work for much. Doubt I would like her either! LOL

Razldazlrr said...

oh and jamie - how's the injury? Now, it's not funny you hurt yourself but the story of how you did it was kinda comical. It's so random how injuries like that happen!

andrea said...

Well said, and point taken. You are absolutely right.

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