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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everybody! :D The HG's are off to a slow start today, just like yesterday. They were up pretty late last night. Aaryn & Elissa are currently up. Aaryn did a morning workout & now is laying outside tanning.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:20am BBT:
Aaryn is laying out.

Elissa is about to start doing yoga.

11:53am BBT:
Aaryn still tanning. Elissa still doing yoga. Everyone else still sleeping.

12:26pm BBT:
Aaryn is doing laundry. All others sleeping.
Elissa is in the HOH room.

1:01pm BBT:
Andy is up, getting his laundry. Elissa is reading her bible in the HOH room.
1:04pm BBT:
*Elissa called to D.R.
*Andy went back to bed.
*GM is up in the bathroom with Aaryn, both are talking about bugs in the house. Aaryn said they're even in the shower now.

Aaryn: "It's so disgusting. Whatcha been up to?"
GM: "I'm going back to bed, I pulled one of (my hair extensions) out, putting it back in..hopefully they all stay in and won't slip out."

Aaryn is helping GM with her hair extensions.

Aaryn: "It won't go together because (the end is broke)."
GM: "These extensions are killin' me. They'll be the death of me, I tell ya."
Aaryn: "Do you have something to poke it through? won't go in.."

Aaryn: "Yay it's going in...oh I think it's in.."
GM: "That should be good, thanks." 

1:12pm BBT:

Aaryn is telling GM that last night she told Amanda/McCrae that Spencer is gunning for them and called him out in front of them last night. She said if she can get those 2 to keep her, and her (GM), then she'll say and they can make any deals they want and do whatever to stay in the game.

Elissa: "Heyyy GM."
Game talk stops.
Elissa wants to eat something, GM is gonna go back to bed. Aaryn is still doing her makeup.
Elissa leaves the bathroom.
Aaryn said she (Aa) is only up because she had to take her meds early.

BB: "Judd, please go to the Diary Room."
Elissa: "GM, you want eggs?"
She declines.
Elissa: "You want eggs, Judd?"
Judd: "No thanks."

Aaryn continues to try to fix her eyebrows.
Judd comes in.
He leaves a minute later & goes to the D.R.
GM/Elissa talking in the kitchen, non-game.

1:22pm BBT:
GM walks back into the bathroom to talk to Aaryn again.
Aaryn tells GM she's trying to make herself a big target so that people will wanna keep her in the house and that even though she told Mc/Am that she would work with them if she stayed, they (Aa/GM) can go after them.

GM: "They gotta be split up."

GM goes to the bathroom before going back to nap.

1:32pm BBT:
Judd/Elissa are chit chatting in the kitchen.
Spencer was just called to the D.R.
Aaryn still in the bathroom.
Amanda is up & put on a nicotine patch.
1:40pm BBT:
Elissa/Judd/Elissa are in the kitchen. Non-game chatter.

Talk is about Christmas.
Elissa: "We always go to the Biltmore. Oh my gosh, I love Christmas."

2:00pm BBT:
Elissa/Judd/Amanda are talking about cell phone apps, like Angry Birds and Words with Friends.

2:01pm BBT:
Elissa: "Amanda you look super tanned."

2:06pm BBT:

Amanda: "Elissa just told me that Aaryn said we're working with Spencer."
McCrae: (inaudible)
Amanda: "Wake up!"

2:10pm BBT:
Everyone seems to be up now. Spencer asked Andy to go swimming, Judd is gonna join them. McCrae said he will as well.

McCrae: "I'm gonna eat something first."

McCrae: "What were the wake up songs today?"
Andy: "Umm 'Barbie Gir'l, 'Circle of Life'..."

2:13pm BBT:
Judd is trying to change into his swimming trunks and the BB house cam keeps panning down towards him. He tells the cam to stop following him. It still does.
 Judd: "Ha ha! I got'em on."
Judd leaves the bedroom & goes towards the kitchen.
McCrae is in the kitchen.
GM is still napping.

2:30pm BBT:
Spencer/Andy/Judd are in the pool. McCrae is poolside.
Amanda was tanning but then was just called to the D.R.

2:37pm BBT:

Amanda is back outside tanning. Elissa joined Spencer/Judd/Andy in the pool. McCrae is about to get in as well. All are happy & laughing.

Aaryn is inside. GM is napping still.

**Alrighty guys, I'm outta here for now. I'll keep the feeds on & if any game talk happens, I'll start a new post. :D

Stay tuned...
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James said...

I've only seen this season and the one before, but I was wondering- when it gets to the final 2, has anyone offered to split the money down the middle regardless of who wins?


No, 2nd place gets $50,000. I'm sure there's some rule, but who would ever watch the game again after investing time in it just to see the last two wimp out?

Rick Binns said...

Nobody in their right mind would offer to split the money. Doesn't make sense to do that.


Besides, the final 2 don't decide who wins, the jury does.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aryan Elissa is the only other person awake right now. Get to work! It's Wednesday already! I know it's most likely to be fruitless but you only have 2 more days and it's usually impossible to get anything changed on Thursday. You'll have nothing to do but lay out in the sun and tan after that! ABC baby! Always Be Campaigning!



I'm curious why you think it makes no sense to offer to split the money? (Unless offering to split the money disqualifies you per the rules or some other similar disqualifying scenario) Chopping prize money happens frequently in poker tournaments and other games. At the point which a contestant has made the f2 they have already outlasted the vast majority of the competition, unless it is abundantly clear that you will be voted the grand prize winner, it is definitely a smart move to offer some type of split of some portion of the grand prize... Curious to hear your thoughts.


It's actually smart gameplay to offer to split at least some portion of the grand prize if you make f2... Happens all the time in poker tournaments, backgammon tournaments and many other games that offer prize money... I would enjoy seeing the negotiations play out!

AuntRoniRocks said...

One just get's engaged to the other so they can split the whole $550k :)

Jamie said...

it's against BB rules to share the money. you can "gift" things, like Evel Dick did with Dani..he bought her a car with his winnings.

AuntRoniRocks said...

I have to say, the latter part of this season has had me screaming at the TV, at this blog, ... AAAHHH!!

While I do understand it's easier to play while sitting on your couch at home, it is still AMAZING to me that these players can't see past their own noses and vote folks out that really need to go if they are going to win.

Like Andy - He sits there on the block all safe, and even though he's schemed and lied to EVERYONE in the house, they still want to keep him because he's SO LOYAL... Wha?! You take him to the end and you're butt is outta here!

At least Helen is gone - she deserved to home the first time Amanda was put on the block and she uttered the Ultimate ignorant phrase in the BB house 'it's not time yet'... HELLO!?!?! Wake up, folks, the time to vote out the biggest threat is AS SOON as you can possibly put their behind in the hot seat!

So now we wait while everyone else goes so we can award Amanda the crown and move on... I mean, even letting her take over who gets what alcohol - Really? Aren't you all grown people with minds of your own? I'd have taken that beer so fast and told her to f herself... but oh no... not the hg's there, they'll just let her run the show... all the way to the bank...


This is precisely why it would be a smart move to offer to split the prize money if big brother allowed it. However, since they do not allow splitting the money this debate is moot.

Rick Binns said...

Not sure what poker tournaments you have been a part of or seen, but I have NEVER seen anyone split the grand prize. Makes no sense to work that hard and pretty much give up.


The JURY decides who wins.

Erika C. said...

O.K., got a quick question....when Amanda took McCrae off the block with the Veto, couldn't Elissa have just put her up on the block? Why wasn't this an option? Am I missing something?

Jamie said...

Erika, no, Amanda was not an option because she won the veto, making her safe. It makes that person safe no matter who they use it on, themselves or someone on the block.


I play in 50+ poker tournaments every year and it is very common to split the prize money. It is not "giving up" it is reducing the effect of variance (luck) on your actual pay out. It is smart game theory. How much the actual title of "champion" is worth is a subjective argument whereas we all recognize the same value of one dollar.

For instance, suppose the final two are entirely unsure which one of them will win the 500,000 or the 50,000. Each of them has an expected payout of 275,000, however because the payouts are set at 50,000 and 500,000, one of them will receive 225 more than expected and the other will receive 225 less than expected. Unless you feel like gambling 225,000 dollars, both parties would benefit from a deal.

AmiLrn said...

Thanks so much for the blog Jamie. I was couped up at a hospital with my grandfather. The blog was a life saver to keep up with the haps in the BB house :)


Lol I understand that. I don't understand why you think that is a valid response to my argument.


This is PRECISELY why making a deal would be smart gameplay... Take the power out of the jury's hands! If you are splitting the prize money, you are theoretically indifferent between finishing first or second... So the jury might decide who "wins" but neither finalist would really care. This is ignoring whatever tangible benefits accompany being crowned bb champ... Of which I am not sure.


Thanks, Jamie! Love the blog and all the work you put in! I donated and I encourage every other reader to do the same!

Erika C. said...

Ah, o.k. And thanks Jamie for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm almost positive that agreeing to split the money beforehand in the F2 is against the rules. Otherwise it makes so much sense for the F2 to just do that almost every season that it would ruin the whole point of the show. You compare it to a poker tournament but this would be akin to the big ESPN televised Main Event at the WSOP. Now I'm not sure if it's against the rules there to just decide to split the money at the F2 but it's certainly never happened so I'd assume it probably is. That would be a terrible ending for ESPN if it got down to the F2 and they were like lets call it a tie and split the money.



I don't understand why you think your poker experience applies in any way, shape, or form to Big Brother. You are beating a dead horse.

Jamie said...

Thanks guys!! :D

slnc said...

Is it safe to take adderal and drink? Amanda seems to become very erratic when she drinks and is on her meds.


Thanks for the coherent reply, Brian. Chopping the money at the wsop happens all the time. Espn does not broadcast the details of the chop for precisely the reasons you outlined, but if you google Sam Farha Chris moneymaker bathroom chop, you will read one of the more famous offers that never was. Regardless, chopping the big money happens pretty frequently.


It's simple game theory, Craig. Whether the game is big brother, poker, or tiddlywinks, proper game theory still applies. I agree that I'm beating a dead horse, but for a different reason than you think lol

AmiLrn said...

I'm an RN. I cannot think if a single medication that it is considered "safe" to drink alcohol with. It's a bad idea with any med but certainly with meds that alter brain chemicals in any way.

Anonymous said...


I agree BB is a TV show first and foremost and that would be a terrible ending to a TV show so there's no way I can see it being allowed. Like I said the only poker tournament I could think you could lend a comparison to would be the Main Event at the WSOP as that is also a TV show for ESPN. And I don't think it would be allowed there and it certainly never happened.


Razldazlrr said...

I'm sure they do have bugs! This is the laziest group we might have had yet - there are just stacks of stuff everywhere.

I was thinking today how much this group sleeps - they don't seem to be very inventive in thinking of fun games or stuff to do to keep them entertained, like other houses have done in the past.

Meds? Well, they aren't really recommended with any drinking but like my doc says - it's all about moderation! I can't imagine it hurts here since they have been so stingy with the cocktails!

Rebecca McCamish said...

xBULLETPROOFx: Splitting prize money CAN NOT BE DONE on Big Brother. ;) It's smart game theory in poker but not POSSIBLE in Big Brother. It isn't done because it can't be done.

It can't be done.

There's no "I'll give you 100k if..." or any other splitting of prize money.


Kay? :)

It's written into the contracts they sign. And trust me, those contracts are... bulletproof.

Sorry to be so blunt, but after 8 posts of trying to say how smart it would be to split prize money and people saying that it not only can't be done but would ruin the game... I think some plain talk is in order.

hooked said...

Bulletproof - there are rules in BB preventing the F2 from splitting. Imagine the uproar if you invested your whole summer watching the season and then having the F2 strike that deal. It wouldn't make for much entertainment and as you said, it negates the whole purpose and drama of the jury vote. It would benefit the F2, but not the viewers and not CBS.

I don't think you would want to watch the whole NFL playoffs and then have the two SuperBowl teams decide to call it a draw and play like they were in the Pro Bowl.

hooked said...

Does it look like BB is limiting the alcohol this season? It's a bit pathetic the way the house guests grovel and whine for booze. Did CBS get in trouble for some of the wild Benders from past seasons?

Erica Iles said...

Also, if you would read ALL of the comments and ALL of their replies you would see that BULLETPROOF has already stated they know you can't split the money now. They already know that certain people keep saying, "but it's up to jury!" They've replied the same theory over and over in replies and it's like nobody reads them!

I also don't understand why real life game strategy wouldn't relate to TV life game strategy? In poker you take your chips and place bets on the hand of cards you have hoping that they are better than everyone else's. Well, in BB you are dealt a specific hand but you do have the ability to better your odds according to how you play the game. Then you bet your "chips" every time you're on the block fighting for veto, or HoH, etc. A lot of it is a game of chance.



Thanks I wasn't aware of the rules of big brother! I was only arguing the merits of splitting from a game theory perspective, no need to get your pants in a bunch (Rebecca)! Obviously would hurt the entertainment value of the show. So obvious I didn't think it needed to be pointed out, but I'm learning that's simply not the case here.

Erica Iles said...

You should also read the replies before you are so quick to be so "blunt".

At 3:29 PM in response to Craig, BULLETPROOF writes:
"This is precisely why it would be a smart move to offer to split the prize money if big brother allowed it. However, since they do not allow splitting the money this debate is moot."


I think some plain reading is in order.

Bebecantaloupes said...

I agree they're a bunch of slobs & not surprised there are bugs everywhere in that house. Ewww!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Hooked: Good analogy.

In BB, there's a winner (500k)and a runner-up (50k)...

There are jury members (13k)who earn a set amount of money for their duration in the game (unless your name is Elissa)...

And then there are the losers who go home before jury. I believe they get paid the Actors Guild minimum or some such other payment that is in keeping with Hollywood standards.

Those are the categories of winners and losers.

Dawnsy said...

Wow. Just caught up from Sunday - these guys are SO confusing! And so weird!

Erica Iles said...

Some of the people on here are getting kind of ridiculous. I understood the whole time where your head stood and don't fathom why so many people went crazy.
Especially said person in your comment, those pants seem to always be in a bunch.

**Alea73** said...

Cracking up Erica Lies

Becktuck said...

I've heard them say they have to sign a contract not to split

crane guy said...

I don't think its about cbs getting in trouble its more about the way the houseguests acted when there supply was basically unlimited lol. That was wild to watch I will admit lol.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

They really don't give them much alcohol though. Not saying even a beer or two is a good idea while in medication but I don't think she's getting drunk.

BusymominTexas said...

Just started watching tonight's episode and so far it is hilarious! They just keep showing Amanda shoving food in her face!


Thanks Erica! I felt like I was talking to more than a few brick walls (or dead horses lol) this afternoon!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I also was wondering why they get such little amounts of alcohol? I remember the blog from BB 13 and Rachel got yelled at by brendon for getting drunk and acting silly. Also I'm pretty sure there was talk about Dani getting drunk as well.

Lisa Berendt said...

It is against BB rules . Period.

Lisa Berendt said...

It is against BB rules . Period.

James Adams said...

Sorry you had to clarify that so many times.;-)

Ste ven said...

It's technically against the rules

kayla neal said...

It is very against the rules. I've read them before and the basically say that you are not allowed to promise or share your winnings with any other house guest, but you are allowed to give "gifts".

wall street nerd said...

Great use of Nash's game theory. it is my second favorite economic principal.

Lostmymind555 said...

@ Brian... I love it when you post! I'm pretty much in the same page as you! You should go in BB. You could totally win it ;)

Rebecca McCamish said...

You guys realize that there is often a delay between when one reads a post and when one replies... and then it takes a while for it to get moderated and posted. Streams of conversation thereby get tangled.

It's not an instant thing. Sometimes the timing of posts isn't perfect.

But I'm still not going to apologize for pointing out the rules after someone else beat the horse dead first.

Also? I have no wedgies. I just don't pretty up my words when plain speech is called for.


That was the worst Zingbot segment I've ever seen. It can only be a reflection of the quality of the HG this season.

Eve said...

I wonder if sometimes the direct replies don't show up on some peoples devices. Sounds like some of the confusion over some of ghe comments tonight occurred because they missed parts of conversations... just a thought.

Anyways I also wondered about the alcohol. I've watched off and on since season 1 and have read this blog I think for the last 4-5 years (at least the years I watched - I missed last years). The point is I don't remember the alcohol being so specifically monitored.

JChism said...

I have to say that Amanda's behavior toward Elissa on last night's show was despicable. I truly hope she does not win this season. I'm rooting for Judd though at this point it is getting down to who wins comps and he was a real wuss on last night's veto comp.

Maria Gree said...

I've seen where poker winnings have been split a matter of fact, it's very common

alyde said...

Plus, why would they offer to split the money when the runner-up receives $50,000? Personally, I would rather take my chances on the bigger prize. Either way, they're going to win something.

alyde said...

I have ADD too - used to take adderall, on a different medication now. It is definitely safe to have a few drinks with adderall, and by the end of the day the medicine is pretty much out of your system. I'm not saying its ok to get wasted every night, but a drink or two every once in awhile is ok. Her behavior might just be how she reacts to alcohol. Everyone has a different tolerence and reaction to it.

BBfan said...

@JCHism- I completely agree! Someone should tell Amanda that it is not acceptable to make fun of someone's physical appearance. She really is one of the most insecure people I've ever seen. She can't handle not being in charge of everyone. It's pretty safe to say that Elissa doesn't have a great BB game, but at least she isn't letting herself be controled by Amanda. She sees right through it. I hope the other houseguests can take this week as a "free for all" on getting Amanda out next week!


Good Lord.....

Jacques Williams Sr. said...

What do you think is going through Aaryn's mind this a.m.?

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