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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Thursday Live Eviction Day to y'all!! :D Jessie is still slated to go out the door tonight, despite her efforts of last minute campaigning all day yesterday. Tonight's HOH comp is gonna be a big one & I'm anxious to see who wins it! Also, the rumor mill is saying that if there's gonna be a twist (such as bringing a HG back), it'll most likely be announced tonight. We'll see!

Last night was pretty uneventuful in the BB house, with the exception of a few things, which I'll cover here in the Overnighter.

Andy/Aaryn solidified their Final 2 deal with each other last night. (They've been final 2 since last week when the 3AM alliance was formed, but they really sealed their deal last night of taking each other to the end.) They are both truly with the 3AM alliance of them (Andy/Aaryn) with McCrae/Amanda till the end.

Speaking of the 3AM alliance, their plan for next week is to get Helen up, by the means of a backdoor plan. If any of them (3AM alliance) wins HOH, the noms will be GM/Spencer & then backdoor Helen if she doesn't win veto. If Elissa wins veto, they're gonna get her to use the veto to take GM or Spencer off. How will they do that? Well, they've been lying to Elissa by telling them that they want to backdoor Aaryn, which Elissa would love.

Okay, that's it for The Overnighter! Sorry it had to be a quickie version, I have to head to work. I'll be back in the afternoon so if anything major happens, I'll post about it later today. Otherwise, meet me back here for tonight's live eviction show at 9pm EST!! :D See y'all then!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I think there's definitely something to someone in Jury getting a chance to come back because it's very strange that neither Candice nor Judd were allowed to be interviewed by anyone. Usually they obviously control and censor what the Jury members can be asked but they've almost always been interviewed to my knowledge.

Even Jeff isn't able to interview them on the CBS website as last week he had Rachel on instead of Candice and Judd and this week he'll have Jordan on instead of Jessie. I didn't watch it myself but I also heard that Jeff referred to Candice and Judd being in sequester. Now it's Jeff so he could've just misspoke and called it sequester instead of Jury. However I guess it could make sense that the evicted HGs could be kept separate to not be able to exchange info before potentially going back in the house.


JChism said...

I would love to see Judd back in. I hated the way he left...a little sad.

geoff magnus said...

Jamie - I love your blog. Thanks for everything you do!!

Brian - I read the comments just to read what you post. You always have great insight and understanding of what's going on in the should reach out to CBS and get on next season :-)

Ste ven said...

Well looks like we finally may be in for some excitement, backstabbing and real smart strategic moves. Andy has no choice but Aaryn because McRanda will not be broken up on their own. Wouldnt it be ironic if Aaryn won the game, esp if she wins a lot of competitions. Last nights episode showed how predictable the challenges are and how frustrating it is that Grodner & Co dont change a single thing from year to year. THe HGS were able to predict the competition and basically come up with a plan to rig it. (They are right - we havent done knockout yet but that would be good for this weeks HOH to force them to maybe show their cards). You cant blame Spencer...If he threw the veto and then events changed and he got voted out, he would have been ridiculed for throwing a veto while on the block. None of the others would have done th at.

If someone from the jury is coming back, it is going to have to be done soon. I think America may have some kind of vote (right now theyd probably vote Judd) and t hen maybe it has to do with a Pandora Box. Has a HOH ever declined Pandora's box? Theyre so interested in getting $ for themselves or just so bored they want something to happen. Zingbot should be arriving soon - at least that is one predictable thing that actually is funny

1948nanA said...

would love to see spencer win HOH !
just to see if he would shake up the house.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for all the conspiracy theories if Amanda ends up slated to go home next week and this twist leads to her staying or getting to come back in.


mizziee said...

I want AMANDA to go home next! ughh she is sooo cocky and things she run everything even more than Helen.. But i wouldnt mind seeing Helen go after Amanda... how great if Amanda was put on the block and had to stew over it for a week...... #fingerscrossed

KayKayLah M said...

I hate to say it, and by no means am I a fan of Andy, but he did what was best for his game @this point. Why start thinking for himself now!? Let the big dawgs duke it out next week, and hope to not get caught in the crossfire.

Helen is starting to get the hint that Andy may be playing for the other team, but I think she overplayed her hand and may have gotten rid of the few people that may help her to overthrow Mcranda. She better hope for a thinking man's HOH this week b/c I don't think she has as many allies as she would like to think. Creepy perv Spencer is the only wildcard left in the game that could strategically shake things up b/c he says one things to the HGs faces, but his DR sessions say something else!

loveaustintx said...

If America gets the chance to vote who goes back in, then I am torn. I think Candice would give us more drama, but poor Judd did get the shaft.

Kingboo985 said...

He got screwed over and Aaryn didn't want to do it

Sweetie said...

Andy had a great opportunity last night to back door Helen,she's really smart and will catch on soon, if she were to win hoh who knows, A & A may be put up.

Judy McCord said...

Is it only me, but I think 3 months is to long. Especially this group of people

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a blog post by Evel Dick on his relationship with his daughter Dani or more accurately complete lack there of.


phil said...

This season is like a zombie cult
(I voted my best friend out it what the house wanted its for the good of the house) and apparently GM thinks they sacrafist Nick to the house. lol

Brandon said...

My view of the houseguests at this point:

Helen: Some of the behavior seems insincere, but I still think she is a good game player. Overall I still want her to win.

Amanda: Crazy with a capital Cray! Seems to have a strangle hold on the house which upsets me cause her tactics are anything but subtle.

McCrae: I used to like him more before he became Amanda's puppet. He even got rid of Judd because of Amanda's belief that he was MVP. If he dropped her like a sack of flour I would regain the my respect for him.

Andy: Über-floater. I can't see him winning the game. At best maybe he comes in second unless he is sitting next to GM or Spencer, but I can't even see him beating Aaryn at this point.

Aaryn: On a personal level I can't stand her, but she somehow has become a real contender which is befuddling to me considering the things she said.

GM: Non-factor at this point. The rest of the houseguests could be abducted by aliens and she would still find a way to lose.

Spencer: I find him to be disturbing. The only reason I want to see him stay another week is because he might put up Amanda if he wins HOH.

Jessie: Finally showed some life this week. Unfortunately it came two weeks too late :(

Elissa: Has no game and is only hear because of the MVP twist given to her by her sister Rachel. On the other hand she is probably the only person that does not want to tolerate the terrible things being said this season. Unfortunately she follows Helen's every move which means she has had no strategy in the game.

I want to see Candice come back over Judd just because Judd still believes that his eviction was entirely Helen's fault meaning Amanda wouldn't feel any of his wrath. Candice however would take out Aaryn and GM which I still want to see

Jamie said...

yea i'll have a link for y'all to watch BB, plus I'll be blogging live! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not completely sold that if Aryan won HOH she'd follow through with the 3AM plan and try to get Helen out. She seems to be much closer and more loyal to her than McCranda. I think it would really take Andy, her new F2 partner, to take a firm stance in taking out Helen and thus far he hasn't taken much of a firm stance in anything plus he too is close to and trusts Helen. It'd be very fitting and deserved if Amanda got screwed by Aryan who she pushed to replace Judd in their alliance. I believe Judd was and would've been very loyal to the Goof Troop where I don't get that same sense from Aryan with 3AM. Thus far Helen and Amanda have been in concert with what they asked Aryan to do. It'll be much more interesting and up in the air when those 2 are each asking her to do something different or to strike against the other.


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