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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, y'all!! :D I apologize for the delay, as I was called into work early this morning & pretty much had to run out the door. I let those of you on Twitter know what was up, but sorry I couldn't log on to the blog to make a quick post to let everyone else know.

So with that being said, this is gonna be quickie Overnighter.

Okay, to recap: Andy won HOH, he also won Veto yesterday, and he plans on keeping his nominations of Jessie/Spencer the same. While it looked like Jessie was 100% for sure a goner this week, Andy started to talk with Amanda last night about how it might be better to get Spencer out. This was not what Amanda wanted to hear, as she's fully aware that if Jessie stays, she gun after herself & McCrae next week if she wins HOH.

Speaking of Amanda, her/McCrae got into a little fight last night (surprise, surprise) about how Amanda made a fat jokes towards Aaryn last night in front of GM (who the HG's believe she has an eating disorder, specifically bulimia). McCrae thought that was insensitive of her to do in front of GM, while Amanda didn't think she did anything wrong. McCrae then got out of the bathtub and walked away angry. Don't worry, they made up later.

Moving on...

As I've been reporting since Thursday, the HG's think a player could be coming back into the game. (I'm hoping BB mentions something on tonights show about it, if that's true.) McCrae thinks it'll be the next 4 HG's to be evicted that will fight for a chance to come back into the game. With that in mind, he wants Elissa out next week, because he'd rather Elissa return than Judd. Amanda disagrees and thinks they should stick to their plan of gunning after Helen next week.

That's pretty much everything that happened last night.

Okay, I'll be back tonight for the 8pm EST BB show! Check for a new post around 15 mins before tonights show starts. See y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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Michelle said...

something needs to happen! If Jessie is given the chance to stay in the game, She needs to win HOH! PLEASE let that happen!

Kevin said...

If I were in the house I wouldn't worry about Jesse winning anything. The POV last week was handed to her.

Anonymous said...

I think Andy's starting to look out for #1 here which is obviously himself. He knows Jessie is a threat to Amanda and McCrae cause she'd definitely put them both up. While this isn't ideal for him since he's in an alliance with both she's still not a direct threat to him as she wouldn't put him up. Spencer on the other hand is a complete wildcard to him. He could also put up Amanda and McCrae as well anyway or he could put up Helen and Elissa or he could even put up some combo of Aryan, GM and himself and Andy did just put Spencer up. So for him and his no blood HOH Spencer is looking like the bigger threat to him personally. However he knows he can't just say that to Amanda to get her to vote that way. Thus he is trying to plant seeds and lay the ground work in hopes for Amanda to change her mind and feel like it's her decision that they should take out Spencer or at the very least that she doesn't really care which one goes.


This Is My Journey said...

The thought of Amanda and McCrae making up is disturbing but even more so with the info you shared about him not showering.

Polar41 said...

I thought they manipulated the game to help certain players and even at times production would talk to them in the DR.... So wouldn't they try to make it more unpredictable? Is it because they don't care about Jessie or is it because they cannot control as well or because they like the other house guests better? Any input would be appreciated

Anonymous said...


The only real talk of DR manipulation I recall this season was Helen alluding to them not wanting her to put up Howard when she was HOH.

Spencer has talked about how he's sure GM won the POV that Kaitlin won where you had to hang the artwork on the wall to match the example wall cause he could hear when everyone went out and came back in and he thought GM was definitely the shortest amount of time in the backyard. And several people talked about how in the POV Elissa won when she was America's 1st MVP nom that her lane had a much greater amount of higher number vote tiles than everyone else's.


Polar41 said...

Thanks Brian.

Still have question thought...they must know that the general public find this season boring/predictable , so why not help Jessie here? She would definetely go after Amanda or Helen.

Anonymous said...


Jessie is really a nothing player. It's not like she's this challenge beast or super popular fan favorite personality. They're not gonna go to the trouble of rigging anything for her as she's just not that important. Even if she stayed there's not much chance she'd win to be able to do something anyway. Plus it looks like the game should pick up with some bigger moves next week with or without her. Both Helen and Amanda have been openly talking about next week being the week to make a move against the other pair. So Jessie staying or not seems inconsequential at the moment.


AmiLrn said...

Totally agree! You said "don't worry" because they made up later Jamie. I would have been happier if they continued to fight lol. Love this blog!!!


Jessie wants to turn things over because she has been left out of any alliances because she is a flake. She craves attention but she feels neglected, first by all the guys, then production, so she just wants to be noticed. If you asked her what her plan was after flipping the house, she couldn't tell you.

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