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Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning in the BB House (updated)

The HG's have been getting ready for the day & for their Veto Ceremony that should be taking place any minute now. Andy will not be using the veto and thus, his nominations of Jessie/Spencer will remain in tact.

Let's see what's going on inside the BB house!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:41am BBT:
A look at the quad cam..
*Amanda is doing her makeup.
*Helen/Elissa are in the kitchen.

10:42am BBT:
*Jessie is getting ready for the day.
*Spencer is on the living room couch.

10:48am BBT:
Amanda/Aaryn are talking in the bathroom about how it's sad that Jessie thinks she's safe this week.

Aaryn: "When are we gonna tell her (that she's going home)?"
Amanda: "We can't. Just blame it on Helen so she'll vote for you if you end up in Final 2. It'll take (the heat) off of you."

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10:53am BBT:
Spencer perv'ing on Aaryn in her short-shorts.
10:54am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! We have ourselves a Veto Ceremony underway. I'll post the results when the feeds come back on.

11:37am BBT:

Feeds are back. Doesn't look like Andy used the veto, as expected. All HG's are hanging out, talking about music & clubs. Spencer/Jessie are playing a game of pool.

11:46am BBT:
HOH Room
Helen tells Andy she (H) was scared that she'd get backdoored because Jessie has been walking around the house so confident. Andy tells Helen to trust him. Helen told Andy about how she talked to Amanda and told her that it's "too soon" to go after anyone "except for pawns" in the game. This was Helen's attempt to make sure that Amanda won't gun after her (H) if she wins HOH next week.

They then talk about who GM would put up, both agree that they (Andy/Helen) would be safe, but Amanda wouldn't be. They think GM could put her up.

11:55am BBT:
Spencer enters the HOH room.

They're all joking how much Spencer has been on the block & survived getting eviction. Helen thinks it might be a new BB record for going up on the block & not going.

12:00pm BBT:
McCrae said he's bored & wants to do a scientific experment today...just mix a bunch of stuff in a bottle & put on the cap, see what happens. (*lol)
12:04pm BBT:
Jessie joins McCranda on the couch. She lights up a smoke.
Jessie: "I'm just checking in with y'all. That I'm still the pawn this week and we're good next week?"
McCrae: "Yea. I'm voting out Spencer." (*Poor Jessie is gonna be so mad on Thursday.)

**Updated: The HG's aren't really doing anything on the feeds. Since it's a slow afternoon, I'll just do 1 big afternoon update later on, instead of sitting at the computer for hours waiting for something to happen. I'm gonna tend to some errands & then I'll be back! :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I would imagine I'd have a lot more people on my bandwagon after last night's ep that Helen is actually running the house and not Amanda. Amanda may have wanted Judd out but Helen made it happen. Andy and Aryan may be in an alliance with Amanda but they both clearly feel closer to Helen and trust her more.

It's amazing to me cause everything Helen does and says is just so over the top fake and insincere yet everyone in that house just laps it up. From her overboard jumping up and down going crazy celebrations whenever anyone wins anything to all her ridiculously transparent overboard compliments. Aryan is the new Janelle? Everyone is still in that house solely because of Amanda? You've got to be kidding me! And that's just from this last ep. You can definitely tell she works in politics.

To me Helen's the favorite to win right now and Amanda is far behind. I mean Amanda's ahead of the nothings like Jessie, Spencer and GM but after them I'd put Amanda as least likely to win in my book. So I think everyone saying they're handing Amanda $500K are crazy to me. I just don't see it happening. I actually think Aryan has a better chance to win than Amanda.


Shayler Henderson said...

Good Point Brian, I said in an earlier post that she has turned her game up a notch.

NeverSayNever said...

I definitely agree with you. If Helen says the word "amazing" one more time I'm going to go crazy lol

Anonymous said...

For those interested the record for # of times nominated in a single season is a tie between Amy S3 and Sharon S9 both nominated 6 times and survived 5 times before each being eliminated in 4th place. Spencer if all goes as planned this week will be at 5 nominations with 4 survived as he saved himself with POV once. So he is approaching the record but not quite there yet. Though it's conceivable he could beat it.


Debbie Sutterfield said...

You read my mind Brian...

Eve said...

I totally agree with Brian. Have been thinking for weeks now that Helen is the master manipulator of the game this year...

Eve said...

Also do any of you think that McCrae not bathing is an attempt to get Amanda to leave him alone? I mean its totally possible he's a slob in real life but maybe he's letting it get really bad because he's trying to find a way for her not to be interested... Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Helen is just more low key and behind the scenes which is what a true puppetmaster does. Though she comes across to me as so overtly obvious in her butt kissing that I'm shocked seemingly no one has caught on to her tricks. While Amanda is more boisterous and in your face which is what gets you evicted sooner or later most of the time. So I think it's just taken longer for many of the fans to catch on to what's really going on with true controlling of the house.


paulamac said...

"They're all joking how much Spencer has been on the block & survived getting eviction. Helen thinks it might be a new BB record for going up on the block & not going." - - If my memory serves me correctly, Dr. Will has that honor. He was put up every week and no one voted him out and he won season 2!

Anna Elizabeth said...

I agree with Brian! This would have been the week to get Helen out. She uses everyone else as a pawn so that no blood gets on her hands. I'm not sure how she convinced Aaryn to backdoor Judd, without Aaryn getting suspicious of how much influence Helen has.

This Is My Journey said...

You're awesome. I was so wondering this the other night.

Razldazlrr said...

I think Mcc is just a slob in real life! LMAO

Jamie - loved the note about Spencer the perv, in the bathroom! I would be so creeped out if he was in there watching me. I always just find it so strange that there's a big seat in the bathroom anyhow. Why would you want to sit in there?

Polar41 said...

I love the polls...thanks for that! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Dr Will was actually only nominated 4 times in S2 surviving all of them obviously. I already mentioned the 2 tied for the record in a previous comment on this post.


Rebecca McCamish said...

Will was on the block weeks 3, 5, 8, and 10. I don't really count week 10 because that was final 3, and 2 HGs are automatically nominated by default. Realistically, he was on the block 3 weeks out of 9 (with one week being skipped).

TamaraJ said...

Eve, the exact same thing crossed my mind! If Amanda loses interest, he's the "heartbroken" victim and as a bonus, avoids the wrath that is Amanda. Mccrae is just smart enough to pull it off as he has been trying to distance himself (in very subtle ways) from Amanda lately. Or we could both be giving him too much credit and he's just a really gross individual! I find myself hoping that its just really good gameplay. :-)

rigs said...

Like I said before, If Andy didn't backdoor Helen, he missed a huge BB opportunity. Helen is not only calculating, she is cold, calculating and very controlling. I hope it doesn't come back to bite him. I'm surprised that Aaryn hasn't made a push to evict Helen but I think Andy, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda all think Helen is on their side for now. Andy didn't tell the others that Helen wanted Andy to put up McCrae and/or Amanda now.

From what I have seen of Candice, she thrives on being the victim. Those who make the point that GM gets "picked on" further make my point. Candice would be wise to follow Howard's advice and behavior. If she really believed she was as good as she thinks she is, she wouldn't have to defend herself, it would be self evident.

I felt so bad for Howard trying to deal with her. She is impossible unless you are willing to smother her kindness and tell her how good she is. Yes, Candice has a right to stick up for herself just like the others do. I only wish she didn't reinforce stereotypes. As bad as GM behaved, Candice looked just as bad, it's just what Candice wanted. I'm sure Candice just loved poking the hornet's nest. She knew how GM would react.

William Carr said...

I have to say the house alliance is a smart idea. It's far from entertaining, but if I were playing I would do it. I think it will take a few weeks or a twist to get a core group member out. HGs like GM, Sp, Jessie and Aaryn are too big of wild cards to leave in the house. One of them might slide into top 3 because the good gameplay won't start until final 6

andrea said...

I don't think McC is not bathing BC he wants to get Amanda away, but I feel like he's telling her in every passive aggressive get-out-of-this-not-looking-like-a-bad-guy way possible that he is done.

I know on the live feed chats everyone hates Amanda and will take every opportunity to rip her apart (one of the many things I appreciate about you all, more tact and class) and she has her issues for sure, but I can't help but feel badly for her, and a bit embarrassed for her too, watching her keep trying to hold on to an obviously deteriorating relationship. I think she really loves him, or at least thinks she does. And I think she will take it hard.

DanFan1 said...

I soooo miss Dan about now!!!!!

Philippe Scott said...


Rebecca McCamish said...

Thanks, Andrea.

This is the only place I can talk about the game because the Amanda hate is so vile on the live feed chats that it's nearly impossible to deal with.

I honestly believe that having Elissa come in the game with a pre-arranged fanbase skewed everything so that you don't know how the fans would truly feel if there wasn't someone with a connection to BB in the house.

slnc said...

I don't feel bad for Amanda at all! She is disgusting who has sex on tv and then gets up and waves at the camera? Besides a porn star! Lmao

slnc said...

These hg's are so nasty..
just dirty! CLEAN UP! Elissa and Helen are the maids of the house.
Helen has turned into some kind of a player. .. Andy drives me nuts! He is just like a teenage girl. .running around telling everything. ..can't hold a damn thing..annoying!

Shannon said...

Awesome job recapping everything! and thanks for the flashback times. I stayed up as late as a could (3am my time)but I still missed a lot! Love the drama :)

andrea said...

So true Rebecca. All the hypocrosy is hard to deal with. Look at the hatred for Amanda having sex in the house. Is she having sex alone? No. What about McC's involvement in this "porn star" sex? And they are sure not the only couple to have sex in the house, not even the only or this season. Yet they are the two have stated that they are in a committed monogamous adult relationship. So why can't they have sex? You don't have to like her, but at least realize its completely hypocritical to criticise her and not the others

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