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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday!! :D Today the houseguests will have their Veto Ceremony, where POV winner Andy will not use it..he plans on keeping the noms the same & Jessie is still slated to go home on Thursday.

Yesterday, nothing much happened on the feeds, but there are a few things to point out. So let's get to the Overnighter, shall we? :D

5:46pm BBT:
Storage Room

Helen told McCrae to keep their Final 3 deal (Helen/Andy/McCrae) a secret.

(**I can't find where the initial Final 3 convo took place, all I found was that Helen/Andy talked on Saturday pre-veto comp in the lounge room about McCrae's comments about not being able to beat Amanda in the end & that she needs to be taken out at some time.)

5:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae/Andy talked alone in the HOH room. McCrae talked about a girl named Jessica from back home (Jessica). A part of him thinks that Amanda is playing him & that because of his own trust issues, he can never fully trust Amanda.

McCrae: "I'm like the girl in the relationship, it's weird."

McCrae: "I've been thinking about home, thinking about Jess..a f**king kills. I'm probably a bad person (now)."
Andy: "I don't think you're a bad person. You weren't with Jess when you came here."
McCrae: "No. No."

McCrae said that Andy is the only one he can trust to talk to about this stuff & hopes he (An) doesn't use it against him.

Andy: "You have an ally in me until the end!"

8:30pm BBT:

McCrae fills in Amanda about his talk with Helen & how it's great to know where her head is at now.

11:13pm BBT:
HOH Room
"3AM Alliance" (Aaryn/Amanda/McCrae/Andy)
They talked about various things, such as what would GM do if she won HOH, how Jessie thinks that Aaryn/Jessie are "besties", what Helen would do if she won HOH, how they think Spencer would put up Helen/Elissa.

11:36pm BBT:
HOH Room
Helen was concerned that Jessie is walking around feeling "so confident". Andy said he must be doing a job job at lying to her about "wanting to go far with her in this game" and making her feel safe this week. Helen thought maybe she a special power or that there was a plan to backdoor her (Helen) instead. They all laugh at Helen thinking they were gonna backdoor her this week.

11:57pm BBT:
Amanda leaves. Andy/Helen/McCrae (the new Final 3 alliance) stayed and talked. Helen mentioned how Amanda said she's "playing the game for herself". (She's trying to solidify McCrae wanting Amanda out in the near future by planting more seeds of doubt, on top of the doubts he already has about her.)

12:00am BBT:
Booze delivery! 6 beers & 1 bottle of wine.

2:09am BBT:

McCrae/Amanda did the horizontal mambo.

**That's it for the Overnighter! There wasn't much game talk at all. The rest of the night, the HG's drank booze & talked about movies on the backyard couch up until past 1:30am BBT. By 2:50am BBT, all HG's were in bed. Starting the morning post after I have some breakfast! :D

Stay tuned...
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Rebecca McCamish said...

If McCrae screws over Amanda and doesn't cover his tracks (impossible unless everyone in on it goes to final 3), then he's an idiot.

Because? Amanda will be in jury and will NOT vote him the money. Because he'll be breaking her heart with betrayal. And she will--mark my words--get sympathy from the HGs in the jury house.

It's one thing to be betrayed by your "friends" in the house, but if it's your serious showmance? That's dirty pool, and McCrae will be a big, fat jerk. (Yes, I consider it a serious showmance at this level and especially since they are having sex on the regular.)

He better be playing Helen and not Amanda. Otherwise? No shot at .5 Mil.

Anonymous said...

Interesting POV stats I just realized.Today will actually be the 1st time the POV is not used this season. POV has also been won by a different HG all 8 weeks and always by a nom or the HOH.


Jamie F. said...

My understanding was that McCrae's alliance with Helen was fake. He just felt like he needed to secure himself a little with Helen if she were to win HOHO. I could be wrong though! I have never seen so make fake alliances. Its hard to keep track!!

Michelle said...

I don't care if he is playing Amanda or not. I think She is using sex to try and control him. If she thinks he is really pulling away from her that is her way of keeping him on her line! Helen better wise up! When Jessie leaves the house, they are coming after her next week! I have this terrible feeling Amanda or Aaryn will win this season!

Anonymous said...


More than likely if Amanda goes McCrae would probably be sitting next to her on the block so there'd be no blood on his hands. I think the deal with Andy and Helen is just to try and help ensure that in fact he would stay over Amanda in a situation where they're up together. Which it's a good thing he decided to do since the talk from Helen before this new F3 deal was that McCrae should go before Amanda since he can win comps and Amanda can't.

Another funny moment I caught on BBAD last night was when Andy was talking about S5 with McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Aryan and he said how Drew won the final 3 HOH and evicted his showmance Diane to take Cowboy to the final 2 and Amanda was shocked. And by the way Drew won that season 4-3 and Diane voted for him to win so it's been done before.


Queen Mel said...

McCrae will without a doubt be the dumbest BB player if he sides with Helen....Helen is a snake in the grass, she talks a great game. I want Spencer to win HOH and put Helen & Elissa up. I cannot believe another week of nominations are being wasted on Jessie...this is ridiculous!

Erica Iles said...

For someone who's worried about being the bad guy to a girl back home, he's not taking any happy fun time away from Amanda.
Maybe it's just me, but could you have sex in the BB house knowing that there are X number of people still hanging around that could walk in on you? Or knowing that your Mom or Dad or whoever could just turn on the live feeds and watch? I just don't think I could!

Rebecca McCamish said...

They're adults. Sex is a thing. It doesn't really concern me very much at all and wouldn't concern me as a parent. They're not the first couple to engage in happy fun times in the BB house (and I'm not talking about Kaitlin and Jeremy).

rigs said...

On BBAD night before last, I think it was Helen who told Andy "do not backdoor me". She knows backdooring her would be a huge BB move and a very wise move. This is the perfect time to get Helen out but I doubt Andy has what it takes to get her out. I fear he may regret not taking advantage at this time. She has been all over the place and I am surprised Andy doesn't get it. In his conversations last night, he said Helen is all over the place and wouldn't like it if she went after someone in his alliance. I think his primary alliance is with McCrae, Amanda and Aaryn. Time to make the big move Andy.

I agree that McCrae dumping Amanda would not go well for him in the jury. I really don't think he can do it but who knows.

As for Candice, whoa, no wonder the HGs don't like her. We saw the real Candice last night in full form. It is clear to me now why Aaryn put on the ghetto talk "act" when she and Candice got into it weeks ago.

Shayler Henderson said...

Helen without a doubt has turned her game up a notch but everyone else is scared to play.

Razldazlrr said...

I find the whole sex thing very weird too - I can't imagine doing it where people can see but maybe at some point you just kind of forget where you are.
yea, mcc didn't feel too bad about some girl since he jumped right in bed again! LOL

this is a season where I cheer more about who I want to leave, than who I want to stay!

Rebecca McCamish said...

P.S. Why does it have to be Amanda manipulating McCrae with sex? Why can't it just be the two of them enjoying sex together? Or why can't McCrae be manipulating HER with sex?

It's always the woman that gets accused of leading the poor, innocent man astray... as if he's not complicit in the whole thing himself.

You know the old saying: it takes two to tango. I don't see him going: "No, no, Amanda. I don't want to have sex because that would be wrong..."

Rachael Wichgers said...

I wish Jessie had just one more chance. I feel she is the only one at this point willing to put up Amanda/Mccrae or even Amanda/Helen (let the sob sisters battle it out) Jessie knows she doesn't have much bb life left and would make one last ditch effort to save her game. With this kind of move I think she could earn some respect.

jennyjenny77 said...

Ummmm...MC has told Amanda no one more than one occasion. She bullies him into doing it half the time.

jennyjenny77 said...

MC has told Amanda no on several occasions. She bullies him into having sex half the time.

Rachael Wichgers said...

I wish Jessie had one more chance. I feel at this point she is the only one that would willing put up Amanda/McCrae or wow maybe Amanda/Helen (let the sob sister battle it out) Jessie knows she doesn't have much BB life left and would give it one last ditch effort to earn a little respect. Here's to hoping for exciting game play.

AmiLrn said...

He does say no. Repeatedly. And she keeps after him until he just gives in. He's not right to give in but he is not exactly an enthusiastic participant most of the time.

Anonymous said...


I don't think we need Jessie in the house for some bigger move to be made next week. There's so few people left in the house it pretty much has to no matter who wins HOH. If Amanda or McCrae win they're gonna target Helen and Elissa and vice versa. And I also believe any of the other 3 will have to target at least one of the couples it would just be which one really. So Jessie's not this savior and she can just go already.


Rebecca McCamish said...

That's interesting. I haven't heard of that before. Then again, I'm not trolling the feeds to watch them have sex, so...

What have his reasons been? "No, I don't want to have sex because I don't like you?" Or "No, I don't want to have sex because I haven't showered in 3 days?"

Renee said...

Just curious to know if Julie actually said someone will be returning to the game? Or if she said someone will still be a part of the game. Big difference!

I really wouldn't be surprised to see GM and Aaryn in final 2. GM wins and her and Nick go on to live happily ever after lol

six. said...

it should be noted that McCrae told Amanda almost everything he said to Andy. He did it to downplay their relationship in Helen and Andy's eyes so that they won't have any doubt in him cutting her down the line, although he has no intention to do so. I do believe his feelings are genuine and he wants to take Amanda to F2, but his desire to win this game takes precedence, as it is his dream. He is playing a brilliant game, despite having the obvious target of Amanda by his side.

KNicole said...

Are you serious about Candice? There is absolutely no excuse for the personal attackd she was subjected to while in the house and continues to be subjected to. She has a right to stand up for herself. SMH

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Oh good, someone who feels the way I do! Just let Jessie go, please! At this point in the game, she doesn't affect things one way or the other, and is simply annoying. She waited way to long to make any noteworthy moves, let alone just thinking about making those moves.

RCW504 said...

It doesn't matter how she acted she was defending herself she keep quiet and she knew she was going home so she went out with a bang. If that's how she talk that's how she talks it still shouldn't have been made fun of are them calling her the names they did.. That's just my opinion.

Rebecca McCamish said...

People make fun of how GinaMarie talks all the time. But wait, because she is white, that's okay, right? HGs do it, fans do it, people on the feed chats do it... But she's a white New Yorker, so it's okay to pick on her for being raised in Brooklyn, right?

My whole family's from Brooklyn, and some people from Brooklyn talk like that. Just saying. It's as much cultural as 'talking black.' Just like Judd's southern mumble that you can never understand.

AmiLrn said...

Just says no when she asks to have sex, tries to divert her attention by talking game, says no again, pushes her away etc

laserkat said...

I cannot believe that anyone who has watched this season of BB, can see Cadice as anything other than a woman who has been verbally beaten. She finally got the chance to speak her peace & GM's loud mouth kept interrupting. I wanted to cry for her.

Cherise Williams said...

Your comment show your just as ignorant as racist houseguests. Candice can run circles around the intelligence of those women who attacked her. Gina Marie is the ghetto one with broken English. That word is not reserved for African Americans. It funny when a black woman stands up for herself she gets labeled ghetto..wrong use of word...get a clue...

andrea said...

Agreed wholeheartedly. There is no excuse for GMs comments. If I were Candice I would not have been able to keep my cool in for as long as she did. And that was the "black" that they all kept goading her to let out. Well, she did.

KayKayLah M said...


Your previous post was uninformed, highly offensive, but finally gave me insight into why you make excuses for GM/Aaryn's deplorable behavior.

@Rebecca just an FYI regional dialects and slang/jargon/colloquialisms are not specifically assigned to one RACE/ETHNICITY. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "TALKING BLACK!!"

GM is highly criticized BECAUSE SHE'S A BIGOT!!! Because of her preconceived prejudices of Candice GM treated Candi w/contempt. GM & her equally intolerant buddy Aaryn focused their attacks on Candice out of hate and jealousy (I mean we can all admit Candi wasn't killing anyone in comps). GM started the whole issue on eviction night when she called Candi a "rat" during the nomination ceremony. Candi had the floor on evicition night and GM should have shut her mouth and let Candi finish her speech!!!

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