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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Overnighter (Veto Comp Players Picked)

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! WOWZERS we had one heck of a night on the live feeds last night!!! Where do I even begin?!!

Okay, so just to give a quick summary of what happened overnight, Aaryn is now working with Elissa and Elissa is now targeting Amanda. Judd is totally on board with this idea as well. Also, the HG's picked for veto players last night (the comp was not yet held, it will be today) and here are the veto comp players:

Playing for Veto:

As if stands right now, if Amanda doesn't win veto, she might be the one walking out the BB door on Thursday. Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

---As of 10:04am BBT, the feeds just went to trivia for the HG's to play the veto comp. So I'm gonna hurry with the Overnighter & then start a new post. (Don't worry, we have a couple of hours before the feeds come back.)

10:41pm BBT:

Elissa gets out of the Diary Room (she had a long DR session) and saw Judd passing by. She stops him & they go into the bathroom to talk & she asks him what he thinks about getting Amanda out instead of Aaryn. He's down for it. Elissa said if any of them win veto, they'll pull Aaryn down & put up Amanda.

10:46pm BBT:
HOH Room
Elissa: "We seriously have to work together. We have to get Amanda out."

Elissa tells Aaryn that Judd's on board with the plan but to not let him now that they (Aa/El) are working together. She (E) wants to see if they can both work together with Amanda out of the house. Aaryn is on board (obviously). Elissa tells her if she (E) wins veto, she'll even take Aaryn off the block & put up Amanda to just prove that she's 100% serious with working with her.

Elissa: "I'm gonna fight so hard for the veto and you gotta fight so hard for the veto."

Elissa tells Aaryn if she (Aa) picked "Houseguest Choice" during the picking of the veto players, to pick Judd and not Amanda. (*She did that, which pissed Amanda off.)

By 10:57pm BBT, they shake on their deal of working together.
Aaryn gets called to the Diary Room & leaves.

11:13pm BBT:

Aaryn tells GM about the plan to get Amanda out & to keep her (Aa) safe this week. GM is happy.

11:35pm BBT - 12:11am BBT:
Feeds were on fishies as the HG's picked for veto comp players. (Aaryn drew HG choice & picked Judd, per Elissa's advice.)

Playing for Veto:

Elissa picked Amanda's chip & apparently "didn't look really happy" when she did.

12:29am BBT:
Amanda VS GM/Elissa Fight

Amanda was passing through as Elissa/GM were talking about eating M&M's and how they're all over the floor. Amanda goes into the back bedroom, as GM/Elissa are whispering/game talking about Amanda.

Elissa laughs so hard to the point of her drink coming out of her mouth.

Amanda: "You guys are talking shit on me!"
Elissa is laughing uncontrollably.
Amanda: "You guys are being shady as f**k!"
GM: "I ain't being shady as sh*t!"

Amanda: "You're the shadiest motherf**ker in this place!"
GM: "AM I?!!
Amanda: "..and every time I (walk) by, you guys stop talking!"
Elissa: "I'm laughing because every time you walked by, you're staring at me, like.."

Amanda calls out GM for talking smack on Elissa and now they're "best friends" all of a sudden.

Elissa: "Ohmygoshhh."

GM/Amanda then starting yelling at each, with GM raising her voice louder than Amanda's. This is definitely worth a look on the Flashback Feeds. Use Cams 1 & 2.

12:35am BBT:

McCrae is telling Amanda that the fight wasn't necessary and that "it doesn't even matter". Amanda said she wanted Elissa to see how fake GM is & that GM has been gunning for Elissa the whole game and now they're best friends. McCrae, again, says it doesn't matter & there's nothing they can do about it. No point in getting into a fight over it.

12:39am BBT:

Aaryn is telling Amanda why she picked Judd over Amanda to play in veto (*Amanda is playing, but Aaryn picked HG choice and picked Judd over Amanda, which ticked her off.) Aaryn is lying to Amanda and saying that she picked Judd because she's "mending fences" with him and that Spencer would go up as the replacement nom most likely anyways.

Aaryn: "I do everything that benefits multiple people and this time, I did something for my game. Sorry if that upsets you."
Amanda: "I'm fine. I don't give a f**k."
Aaryn: "Well you said you think I'm going home."
Amanda: "I did not say that you were GOING HOME!"
Aaryn: "You said you think I might be going home."
Amanda: "You're twisting my f**king words because I did not say that."

GM enters & they start going back & forth a little bit.

GM tells her that her (Am) was pacing back & forth and it was distracting to them. GM ends it on a positive note saying she hopes everyone plays hard and wishes them luck in the veto comp. All is well.

12:43am BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda asked Elissa to talk in the HOH room. Amanda starts throwing GM under the bus, saying she's talked so much smack on Elissa and she was "worse than Aaryn" as far as Elissa-smack-talking goes. Amanda says she can't stand GM being so fake to Elissa because she's HOH and having long convos with her.

Amanda: "I feel defeated. I have have never been Aaryn or GM, I've always been with you, and maybe a part of me is jealous that (GM/Aaryn) are talking to you now after they've talked sh*t about you the whole time!"

Amanda: "I wish you could hear what they've said about you." (paraphrasing)
Elissa: "I don't even care. I know how this game is. Trust me. I dunno. I mean, you're not telling me anything I don't already know."

Amanda: "I feel like you hold the Helen thing against me, but look at the votes! And it wasn't my idea! And now I feel like I"m going home because (of it). I hope you're being honest with me that you wouldn't backdoor me. I would hope you would just tell me so I can enjoy my last few days with McCrae."

Amanda is crying a little bit now.
Elissa is laughing uncontrollably.
Elissa: "I'm so sorry."
Amanda: "Yea I'm so glad you find it funny! I'm so loved in this house. (sarcastic)"
Amanda starts talking again.
Elissa starts laughing again.

Amanda: "Why are you laughing?"
Elissa: "You've been making me laugh the entire night."

Amanda: "Now it seems you want me or McCrae gone. You'd rather me go than Spencer?"
Elissa: "No!" (*yes!)

This is on-going if you'd like to use the flashback feeds to watch it.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Veto is being played as of right now (11:11am BBT) so I'm gonna start a new post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Let's see Elissa comes out of a long DR session and she's done a complete 180 and her entire steadfast plan she was dead set on executing this week is completely changed. It took awhile but we finally had our 1st case of clear cut DR manipulation. It makes total sense it was with Elissa as HOH too. At least this should put the final nail in the coffin of BB rigging the game for Amanda. That obviously couldn't be further from the truth. Haha


BecomingMomma said...

I so hope that Elissa and Aaryn can get over their hard feelings and hatred of each other so that they can do this. I hope GM was the bridge to that alliance and I so glad that Judd isn't letting Amanda and McCrae get away with their brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Well well isn't this interesting. Elissa goes from targeting Aaryn to targeting Amanda, nice I like it! Maybe we'll see more game play out of people with Amanda gone, players playing for themselves instead of her

James Adams said...

Finally Elissa comes to her senses, its the perfect plan!

James Estep said...

Definitely not upset with this possible turn of events assuming McRae or Amanda don't win veto but definitely seems as if production played a part in Elissa making this move considering how badly she wanted Aaryn out even moments before she went to DR

Susie said...

What did DR put in Elissa's joy juice to be laughing so much.

Cody Fisher said...

I FINALLY like Elissa!!! I would LOVE to see Amanda get the boot right after Helen. I think that gets your 2 masterminds out of the game and a whole new game will begin!!
I have to say, this has been my absolute favorite blog all Summer!! I've been waiting on the fall of Amanda!!! All smiles! Now, to find out who wins veto!!

Adi Bouskila said...

are there have nots this week?

Susie said...

Brian, how are you feeling? How is the pain? I hope you can eat and move around to get better. We have a perfect day in lower MI, low temp and no humidity. We are going to a surprise 30th party for grandson.......
Keep up the good work Jamie.

rbjjb said...

Nothing They Want Happens If Amanda Somehow Wins POV.

Amanda Wondering Why They Go After Her?
Maybe Because Even Though You Were Not HOH Each Time Your Pushy Strategy Catching Up With You?

Both Helen And Amanda Were Pushy Just In Different Ways.

Toast! If It Turns Out Helen And Amanda Going Out Back To Back.

cb2008 said...

I think Elissa is a 2 faced b@#ch! Thinks she is better than everyone and now telling them how great they are when she needs them, so she has no right to bang on Amanda when she is worse. I hope Amanda when's the power of veto and really sticks it to Elissa. I will probably quit watching if Amanda or Mccrae goes home. Everyone hates her cause she is a great player. But the stupidest move to make would be to send Amanda home, even for Aaryn, because she has carried so many people this far and if she went to the final two with any of them, they would win the jury vote, so the HGs should want to keep her not get rid of her. But if Elissa wins I will never watch BB again.:-|

Anonymous said...


If I was Aryan I'd find it awfully hard to trust someone who just completely changed their mind like that at the drop of a hat (or at the drop of some hints from production more accurately). I'd obviously be all smiles and gung ho right now while it could benefit me. However what reason do I have to believe this won't just happen again and she won't change her mind this time against me? So if I were Aryan I'd get rid of Elissa the 1st chance I get before she does it to me.


Jamie said...

they didn't have a Have Nots Comp this week. wondering if it's done for the season.


Say what you will about the other houseguests, Elissa is one VERY strange person. Confronted by her lies and she laughs uncontrollably. And those pictures aren't very flattering either, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, I guess.

Anonymous said...


I'm doing really well actually considering. Still have some soreness around the main incision they removed the gall bladder from. I'm eating pretty normally and moving around well though a little slower taking it easy obviously. Thanks so much for checking in and asking.


Jamie said...

LOL @ Craig

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Elissa! Laughing in Amanda's face! Omg that's hilarious... Something I would do. I'm really starting to like Elissa. But I hope Judd can make some moves and get to the final 3. Hopefully he can win it from there!

Thanks for everything you do Jamie, the blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...


I know almost everyone hates Amanda so not many are gonna mind or complain but that's so incredibly rude to just flat out laugh uncontrollably in someone's face as they cry about being potentially sent packing. Amanda may have been behind most people going home this season but not even she's taunted them laughing in their face as she did it.


Rebecca McCamish said...

@Brian, Craig, others:

Elissa walking out of the DR and instantly changing her mind from one target to the other is extremely clear-cut. Elissa isn't that damned creative. I'm not even sure she has an average IQ, to tell you the truth. Rachel definitely got the brains in that family. ...and frankly? The looks.

But what I'm concerned with here is an obvious case of production cheating. Was discussing this with my husband, and I was showing him how just asking a question a certain way can manipulate the game in so many ways.

Production asks for DR session: "Elissa, what made you target Aaryn this week over Amanda who obviously has tried to get you out of the house and just sent Helen to jury?"

Next question from Production: "Do you feel that Amanda has ruined your game? If so, how do you think you will survive when you're not HoH next week?"

And the questions can go on like that, technically not TELLING her that she should target Amanda (because that would violate game show laws) but phrasing questions in a manner that they can be interpreted that way.

It's a super easy way to manipulate the entire game. And I'm sure they've always done it, but not to this degree. Amanda knew--KNEW FOR A FACT--that Aaryn was being portrayed as a racist outside of the house. You know how she knew? One night Amanda warned Aaryn about it and said (paraphrased as closely as I can remember it): "Then why is DR asking everyone else in this house about you being a racist?"


Then it comes down to the little things... Like having a built-in fan base for Elissa from her sister, then putting up a magical MVP power that she wins every week. And they had to shut that down and make America vote so as...? Not to violate game show laws.

Elissa gets her hair dye but GM doesn't. Elissa gets sparkly things but GM has ALL of her stuff taken away except the bare minimums (80%, GM said). She's getting *paid more*. Elissa gets the wall comp on the week she MUST win HoH. Hell, the only thing they didn't give her was a yoga mat (that she complained about). Because they couldn't just hand it to her without being obvious about it. (But hair dye was supposed to slip under the radar.)

How people can root for someone who has cheated their way through the game with the collusion--no, the DESIGN--of Production and not on the merits of her own game play (there is none--only two comp wins which is not gameplay), I just don't understand.

Elissa is a very obvious sociopath, is only concerned with money and position, and she has no regard for the feelings or even existence of other people.

My brother corrected me when I started talking about my niece. He said he has THREE kids. I was like, "You do?" He goes yeah, my two step-kids. (Long story about why I didn't know.)

Elissa? She's only concerned that her sister spends time with one child--her biological child. The rest of the children, it seems, simply do not count.

When are people going to wake up to Elissa being a sociopath that doesn't even want to be there, didn't fight to get into the game, and only uses it to play her idiotic little games that nobody can figure out? If that's your idea of someone to root for, then... I can't even understand.

Erica Iles said...

At least Elissa isn't screaming in Amandas face, "YOU'RE GOING HOME NEXT!" That's what Amanda did to Jessie and to Candice. Amanda has no problem rubbing that into peoples faces and she uses it as a threat also. I don't really blame Elissa for laughing in her face. I mean, if it were me, I'd try to hide it and try my best to be civil with her but in my head I'd be doing the Elissa. Everyone knows that Elissa is kind of socially awkward anyway...

DanFan1 said...

I find it extremely comical when Elissa laughs at The black widow Amanda. Like Elissa or not u have to give her credit for doing what no one left in that house will do and that's to stand up to Amanda and Amanda can not stand that she has lost control of an hoh. Even taking spider monkey down Elissa still has the upper hand by forcing them to take out one of there laqys. Lol

Ste ven said...

Amanda is such a hypocrite. Thats all I'm going to say cuz I'll go on a rant. I. Hope they can get her out this week. She gets so nasty under pressure. Its fine for her to lie and scheme and vote people out but she sees things differently when the shoes on the other foot. I wonder if Andy will finally have the balls to flip

What makes me wonder, however, is that Elissa was in the DR a very long time. She went in wanting to get Elissa out no matter what. She comes out suddenly wanting Amanda out and working with Aaryn who she desperately wanted to evict an hour earlier. Something was said or hinted to her. Should be interesting to see what happens with nominations & voted. I'd like nothing more than a real blindside.. None of this tell them the morning of

Ste ven said...

Thought the same thing. Something doesn't add up. They probably didn't tell her what to do but they ask leading questions.. What if.. Why not... Like the HG (dont talk about production) were talking about how the DR never asked them about the McRanda wedding so now they're wondering if it aired. If E wanted Am out, she'd have nominated McRanda. I hope BB bloggers write about this sudden change, esp with the HG saying she was in there a really long time.
Plus Am was ready and eager to cut Aaryn out and forget 3AM. If for some reason she made it to the end, you have to wonder if she'll be so disliked, jurors wouldnt give her credit for game play. Whatever happens, she's managed to control the house like a puppeteer so far & manipulate everyone without winning a comp.

Ste ven said...

They don't hate her because she strategizes. They dislike her because she's a hypocrite and every time something doesn't go her way, she throws a fit like a 5 year old and screams at McRae, cries or sits behind a trash can and the edit is starting to focus on that. On After Dark one night, I saw how nice and caring she could be comforting McRae.. But under pressure, she loses her cool and turns into a raving lunatic. McRae us also a good strategist and superfan but he keeps his cool and is friendly with everyone even though he can be just as cutthroat. Hes well liked.. He even gers mad everytime she starts a fight and makes it worse. Some fans probably want HIM to play his own game.. And probably don't like her pushiness. (plus like Aaryn, she was caught saying a lot of racist & other comments which I think helped turn viewers against her.
I doubt cbs is worried about your not watching. People always make threats.. Part of reality TV is watching people you love to hate and the train wreck. It might be hard for E to win because she had such an early advantage with 3 weeks of MVP. I doubt the original plan was to let America vote after 3x

Ste ven said...

Aaryn has no choice right now.. Shell say anything and tomorrow another day. They should all know that deals mean nothing, especially now. E made a 2 week deal with Andy who just lied to her and targeted her & Helen, and he would not want to vote out McRanda. The dumb person is the one who believes deals mow. Season after season, someone gets the short end of the stick. Aaryn I hope already is realizing 3AM was using her until she was useless. Of all people, she seems to finally be aware that others have used her HOH... She survived till now but everyone's going to have to start playing for themselves. And house flip or non unanimous vote or real blindside has been been missing this season

Ste ven said...

They never had those comps this season where they win individual food groups.. Has anyone looked at the schedule to see if another double eviction is coming.. I'm assuming it will

Ste ven said...

Lot of fake tears in the house. Amanda has acting background too. I havent seen but Elissa might have laughed at the lying and hypocrisy because she knew a lot of what Amanda was saying wasn't entirely true or like most people, they go up to HOH to spin a tale that makes them look good. Amanda hasnt been on Elissa side.. If Helen had win veto, she wouldve voted E out without blinking.. Plus no one knows what was going on in E head. I'm no E fan, but sometimes you're thinking of something else and get the giggles. Shes not as good as lying and keeping straight faves. Her laughing at least showed Amanda where she stands

Ste ven said...

While the DR points are true it's hard to avoid when you have producers speaking to contestants. Did you see the HOH.. Is Elissa a catcher on a softball team? How was that rigged. And no one knows if E is getting paid more or not. Even if she were, she was recruited to the show.. They wanted her cuz she was Rachel sister and bit was a ratings ploy. Calling her a sociopath is a bit over the edge

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