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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! :D Happy Sunday to y'all!! We're getting to that point in the game where we only have a few weeks left, which means the Overnighter's are going to start to get smaller as the days dwindle down to the finale. Kinda hard to believe there's only 3 more weeks of BB left this summer, especially with 7 houseguests still in the house. :P

Speaking of only 3 weeks left, the live feeds are $10/month and this is the last month of BB15. So if you've been waiting to get'em, now is your chance! You'll get 24/7 access to the feeds + the final HOH endurance comp of the season later on this month! 

Okay, so yesterday I left you guys off where Amanda was campaigning to GM to put up & get out Elissa this week. After their talk ended, Amanda went and campaigned to Andy/Spencer/Judd on the backyard couch. I'll start the Overnighter there.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

5:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Amanda pitched pretty much the same stuff she pitched to GM: everyone in the jury hates her, she'd never win, she'd be a target every week which would keep them safe, Elissa needs to go, etc etc. Andy was silent during this convo, Judd often times tried to change the subject, Spencer joined in for a brief moment with Elissa bashing but never really said more than that.

Amanda then got up & went inside to nap.

5:15pm BBT:
GM joined the boys on the couch & asked to be filled in on what Amanda was telling them.

Spencer: "I'll be honest with y'all, if Amanda made it to Final 2, she'd deserve to win. She's played a hard game since f**ckin' week 1, she's a huge target, and if she stayed?..all the way to final 2? Sh*t, she'd deserve (to win). And I wanna vote for the person that has played the best game, it's not a popularity contest."
Judd: "Exactly."
GM: "So, are we all in an agreement that (Amanda still goes)?..if we just keep Elissa cool, she's gonna go after McCrae. And one of us will go up a f**ckin' pawn."
Andy: "That's for sure, right?" (*Andy is still nervous that Elissa doesn't like/trust him, and he's right; she doesn't.)
GM: "100% and I'll talk to her to make sure."

They are all in agreement that Amanda will go this week for sure, 100%. (Spencer or Andy will the renom. Spencer volunteered to go up as the pawn yesterday while talking to GM in the HOH room.)

5:52pm BBT:
GM talks to McCrae.
GM tells McCrae that after her talk with Amanda yesterday (4:10pm BBT), that she is now thinking about putting up Elissa. (*She's lying to McCrae.)

McCrae: "Are you really thinking about it? Or are you just (blowing smoke)?"
GM: "She made valid points, and I see where she's coming from. I can't ask anyone for some advice, so I gotta do what's better for my game."

McCrae takes the sign of hope as a gateway to push the idea of Elissa going up.
McCrae: "We wouldn't ever hold it against you, espeically if you put up Elissa."
GM: "I love you bro, and all the guys do too. Amanda is cool too but she's nuts-o. I really admire you. I really do."

McCrae: "We come as a pair, so you'd have the votes and the numbers going into next week, which is good because of your hurt foot. I'm not gonna tell you what you should do, because I'm biased, but if you did (put up Elissa), nobody would be mad at you."

GM is denying she has any deals with anyone. (GM has a F2 with Judd, a F2 with Elissa, and then a Final 4 with The Exterminators.)

GM: "I even tell Elissa at times, I just wanna relax, but I don't wanna get on her bad side because she's looney tunes."

This convo is ongoing.

6:30pm BBT:
McCrae tells Amanda about his convo with GM.
They plan on talking more with GM today and are thinking different things they could say to her, such as telling GM that Mc/Am will always be a target which would keep GM safe for a longer period of time.

Amanda: "After this week, Elissa is the main target and GM is associated with her."
McCrae: "Exactly."

9:00pm BBT:

Andy: "Don't say a word to anyone, but I threw (veto) to you."
Amanda: "Thank you."
Andy: "I felt pressure to pick between (you/McCrae) and it's only thing I could do."
Amanda: "Thank you."

Andy then talked about how he doesn't think Elissa trusts him and that worries him. Amanda wants Andy to try to get GM to put up Elissa. Andy tells Amanda that Judd doesn't want Amanda to stay. Amanda said she knows. Andy said he wants Elissa gone.

9:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Andy said he heard she (GM) wants Elissa up as the renom. GM laughs and says no and that she'd never put Elissa up as the renom.

GM: "Even if Elissa convinced me that she had sex with Nick, I still wouldn't put her up!"

GM said that McCrae/Amanda are offering her "empty promises" and that putting Elissa up would be a stupid game move for her.

Line of the Night @ 9:52pm BBT:
GM: "Nick, if you meet somebody, you're in deep f*ckin' sh*t!"

10:36pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's (except Elissa)
The houseguests got booze!
 Elissa walks into the HOH room...
Elissa: "Can I have a glass of that?" (re: wine)
Amanda: "I didn't have any today or yesterday, so no."
Elissa: "Ok."

Elissa: "Amanda has the whole bottle of wine, production. Can we get another one?"

10:38pm BBT:
Amanda ended up giving Elissa some wine in a cup. (She also gave Judd a glass of wine as well.)

**And that's it for the Overnighter! The HG's pretty much just hung out and played cards all night. Andy lost a card game and had to wear a pink outfit of GM's, including a tutu from the veto comp yesterday.
Alrighty, I'm outta here for the day! I'm actually taking the afternoon off!!! I am going to a cookout to get some fresh air. It's Stage 1 of the BB detox myself back into the wild, slowly. lol ;) I may or may not be back in time for the Sunday Night Episode (depending on how long the cookout last for). Tonight's show will be Nominations + Luxury Comp. If I don't see y'all tonight, then I'll see y'all tomorrow morning with the Overnighter! HAPPY SUNDAY, Y'ALL!!

Stay tuned...
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Mary O'Brien said...

Hi Jamie, I think the "mystery girl" is Liza of BBCA. They were all posting their Vegas pics on Twitter.

doug rodriguez said...

I think that mystery girl with Nick in Vegas is Liza from BBCanada.

doug rodriguez said...

I think that mystery girl with Nick in Vegas is Liza from BBCanada

Jamie said...

are they dating??

slnc said...

Ok I have say Gm definitely looks way better than that chic. Oh lawd if Gm sees this pic she would flip and jump from the nearest bridge!
@ Jaime did Nick send the pic to Gm for her Hoh? Or did Bb just give her a pic from the show?

Sarah Terwilliger said...

That's no mystery's Liza from BB Canada!

Live eviction should be interesting...good-bye Amanda and then maybe Judd or Elissa wins HoH and anyone else can go!

Anonymous said...

If The Exterminators really want to get McCrae to use the POV on Amanda the best thing I could think to try would be for GM to McCrae to use it on Amanda as a sign of good faith since "I'm worried about trustin' yous and I don't wanna look like no scrub!" And that if he's willing to show that faith in her she'll return the favor and put up Elissa as the renom and she'd go home easily vs McCrae. Of course then regardless of who McCrae uses POV on she puts up Spencer and they vote out the half of the couple that remains on the block. Now I don't really think this would work but it's got a better chance than anything else I can think of. Plus if he didn't go for it and used it on himself it'd give GM an easy out of deniability that she would've done it and puts the blame on him as to why she didn't cause he proved he didn't really trust her so how could she trust them.


doug rodriguez said...

I am not sure if they are dating. I saw something on his twitter that they were all in Vegas for some kind of reality show convention or something along those lines. But I am not sure if they are an item.

Sarah Terwilliger said...

Nick and Liza have been hanging out for a few weeks. Looks like they are friends.


The picture of Nick is from McCrae's HOH photos the first week of the season. It's on CBS' BB website. I don't think we've ever seen such a gathering of floaters this late in the game.

Skid Rock said...

@ Brian..... That is a great idea for getting McCrae out this week. You are on top of this game more than anybody I can remember.
If GM didn't put Ellisa up as the renom it would be obvious to MCranda what was about to go down, without a doubt. GM would be taking a bunch of crap, for sure, and I'm not too sure she could handle it.

Plus, Amanda would be staying........

Might be better drama, but I'd hate to be a HG that has to listen to Amanda when she totally goes off the deep end for good......

Again, Thanks for your insight, and a BIG thanks to Lil' Ms. Jamie for all your hard work on this Blog.

Have a Great Day everybody!!!!

rigs said...

The Amanda haters can say what they want but Aaryn said Amanda deserves to win this game because of her game play. Last night Spencer said that if Amanda went to the final 2, she would deserve to win. Why? Because of her game play. He already thinks she is a winner. He is a game player otherwise he wouldn't still be there. I know he is just making a case for her to go but in the process, he is saying she plays a good game and would deserve to win.

I don't think GM is smart enough to figure out that getting Elissa out is the best not only for her but for others as well. It looks like there is a "boys" alliance brewing and GM won't be a part of it. She should see it coming and get on the train but she is too blind to see. Her rule "don't put me up and I won't put you up". That is nice, easy and simple. Complexity is not something GM can handle. She still counts with her fingers. At this point, it looks like Amanda will be going.

Anonymous said...

@Skid Rock

I'm pretty sure GM could handle whatever craziness came her way from Amanda. And whether she pulls the fakeout getting McCrae to use POV on Amanda or not she'll still be in the same spot with whoever stays simply by putting Spencer up instead of Elissa. Either way if Amanda or McCrae win HOH they'd be putting her up with Elissa and she'd only be in danger of going home if Elissa won POV and even that might depend on the renom. And the argument could be made she'd be in a slightly better spot since McCrae has won more comps than Amanda so you'd rather have her coming after you.


Ste ven said...

You'd think these people were alcoholics with how desperate they get for a glass of wine or cup off br. Youd think BB would at least want one night of drunk HG for the comedy and then have a comp early AM when they're hung over.

Andy lucky that Amanda won't likely find out (yet) that he's lying yo her. If an Exterminator goes second Thursday & spills the beans on Andy at jury, I hope they have a closeup of Amanda face

NateDawg920 said...

Geez. I think Elissa has a bit of a drinking problem. I don't even like Amanda, but she's definitely going home and she hasn't drank in the last 2 nites. Let her drink and make more of an ass of herself. But nope! "Amanda has the whole bottle of wine. Production can we have another bottle?"

Rebecca McCamish said...

Andy's at least smart to be nervous. He's now jettisoning his safety net--McCranda. He *picked a side.* And that side apparently comes with Elissa attached like a barnacle on the bottom of a tugboat.

Yeah, I'd be nervous if I were him.

HurlyBurly said...

Nothing like a good blindside! It was so great seeing Amanda the great game player being outwitted by GM! I am just so thrilled she will be ousted this week that I don't really care what else happens this season. This is all I could have hoped for and more!

AmiLrn said...

I've thought the same thing about the alcohol situation. These people are always so desperate for the booze lol. Maybe they are just bored. I agree it would be fun for BB to hit them with lots of tequila or vodka one night then yank them outta bed at 7 am for a comp. hehehe....we would get the joy of watching completely wasted HGs then completely hungover ones. Good times :)

AmiLrn said...

Where is the pic of Nick and the other girl? I wanna see!

SuperDeb McHero said...

I no longer care if M or A go but I don't think either of them remotely deserve to win. I wanted to see M's game without that beeatch but he is a gamer and I can't understand what he is thinking. Like all his common sense is just gone. Used to love you bye, M.
A, I hope your life isn't this unhappy in real life, but there is no way all the mean is either acting or gameplay.

It's sad.

Razldazlrr said...

Listen - if I were in that house you would think I'm an alcoholic - I would need much more than one bottle of wine! LOL

Elissa - just do not like her - asking production for wine - good god - that's the whole point to being stuck in that house - you have to work it out yourself! I'm sure they begged her to be on the show and now production treats her like the princess she thinks she is - ugh

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