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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Veto Comp Results + Aftermath

Good evening, BB addicts! Shortly after 6pm BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia for the Veto Comp. As soon as they come back, I'll post the winner of the Veto.

If Helen wins it, she stays & Elissa will go. If Helen doesn't win it, she goes.

**Mobile Feedsters: If you're getting a forbidden error when watching the feeds on your mobile device, then here's the solution: go to the CBS website, scroll down to bottom of page and click on full site link, then go to the live feed link and put your password on again. CBS is aware of this issue & they're working on it.

Winner of the Veto is:


8:47pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
Elissa won Veto, bye-bye Helen. 

Sounds like it was the Otev comp. HG's including Helen congratulated Elissa on her win. Spencer hurt his leg during the comp. Andy got a little hurt from the comp as well. Helen told Elissa to not gloat about her win because it might rub people the wrong way.

9:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

GM & Andy had a hard time finding Jeremy's name. Andy hurt his eye because Elissa pushed him and he fell into a log (??).

Andy: "That b*tch (E) was a BEAST during the comp!"
Amanda: "Elissa FLEW up that ramp!"
GM: "She didn't even need the rope!"

Andy (to Amanda): "Once Helen was out, I was like (sigh of relief)."

Andy: "Helen is happy that Elissa won, she thinks Spencer is gonna go home."
Amanda: "It makes sense to keep Spencer here because he will go after Elissa & Elissa will go after him."
Andy: "Oh I know."

9:09pm BBT:
Storage Room
Spencer/McCrae are talking about the veto comp. Spencer knows he's gonna be the replacement nom & that he's safe this week.

Spencer: "She (Elissa) is being a f**king c***. But it's all good, I know I'm safe this week."

Meanwhile, upstairs....

Amanda/Andy/Aaryn are talking about next week since this week is "already done". Amanda is saying that Elissa has to go next week. 

Andy: "Helen was really happy that Elissa won because she thinks she has the votes."

Now that Helen is going out, Aaryn wants to confront Helen on all of her lies. Amanda says Helen lies to everyone.

Spencer joins the HOH crew. They start talking about the comp.

**Okay, I'm outta for the night. 12 hrs at the computer is long enough for one day for this blogging gal. lol :P Turn on the live feeds, the night is young & the game talk is just starting! :D See y'all tomorrow with The Overnighter!!

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James Adams said...

If there still on trivia how do you know Elissa won?

Unknown said...

Wow! Wasn't expecting that.

NH Kakalina said...


James Adams said...

Thanks Jamie :-)

slnc said...

I can see it on bb after dark. That she won

Ste ven said...

Poor Helen.... I was hoping they'd get Amanda out, but McRanda have the votes to go the distance if everyone continues to be afraid of them.... And poor Andy would get screwed if he doesn't win comps. Seems Helen is still oblivious that she's going to be blindsided. This would be great time to backdoor Amanda but they won't. Poor poor Helen.. And the irony of her helping and building Elisa up. I sill don't understand the CBS schedule. You'd think that a lot of drama happens between veto & live show.. Lots of scheming... Yet they have Sun/Min/Tues/Wed and part Thursday... More than half week that them has to be squeezed into 20 minutes of the live show. Yet basically 1 day from HOH to nominations gets a full episode

Random World said...

Ugh..was hoping Helen wouldn't be goin home this week, cause I have a feeling she's gonna win the jury comp. & get to come bk. Grrr.

shannon72283 said...

What happened to elissa wanting to self evict herself?!?!?!? She goes from that to beasting it up /winning veto?!?!?!? She cried and cried about not wanting to be here ...ughhhh!

I cannot get a read on elissa to save my life!!! Is this just all a big act or is this her strategy?!?!

What do you guys think ??

Ste ven said...

Remember Helen will compete Thursday to get back in the game. That probably would be best for viewers cuz H/E would go after McRanda and H would know A/A were against her. She'd have to get Spence & GM and they'd have to win HOH but it'd be 4vs4. Second choice would be Judd although he might just get voted out again. Candice & Jessie definitely would be snoozefest UNLESS they got HOH.

Kevin Watkins said...

Yay Elissa you go!!! Win a freaking hoh!!!

Punkinbugg said...

OMG there's hope for this season yet.

Cynthia Brewer said...

I cannot believe Helen is so gullible and thinking she is safe. With this group, though it is going to be impossible to pull off a blindside. Someone is going to spill the beans... lol

Rebecca McCamish said...

Shannon, I don't think it's an act or a strategy. I think Elissa is just self-centered and does what she wants when she wants it. If that means thumbing her nose at the house by winning a comp? She does it. If it means self-evicting because she doesn't want to be there? She'll do it.

Everyone though Rachel was a flake. Guess what? Not so much.


Debbie Sutterfield said...

I'm with you on this. I honestly don't think she is a good actor though. I don't know...I'm stumped.

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