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Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

The houseguests were woken up shortly before 10am BBT this morning and already, there's been game talk. Today, Elissa will make her HOH nominations. They've also been told that they're gonna be on lockdown starting at around 11am BBT. Andy wonders if they'll have the Have/Have Not Comp today or not.

Elissa has told Judd today that they (Judd/Elissa) should work together & that Amanda is the reason that Judd left. Judd told her he knows.

Let's start the Morning post & see what's going on inside the Big Brother 15 house!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Judd: "Why are we having a lockdown?"
Andy: "I dunno! Maybe we just won't have Have/Have Nots this week."
Elissa: "Does it say "Nominations" on the tv in the living room?"
Andy: "I dunno."

Judd: "It's so much easier to talking to people now that there's only 8 people. So weird."

Andy is filling Judd in on things he missed in the past couple of weeks.

10:53am BBT:
Aaryn: "If I go home this week, then it is what it is. I wouldn't be mad at anything."

11:00am BBT:
Outside lockdown. They're wondering if it's for Zingbot or Pandora's Box.
11:13am BBT:
Amanda: "(Production) said we won't be out here for too long."

11:21am BBT:

All HG's are talking about the HOH comp last night.
GM: "Candice hugged me when she came back!"
Amanda: "What?! Am I in the twilight zone right now?"

They're talking about how Jessie hugged Amanda but then was swearing and saying "F**k you, Amanda!" when she fell off of the HOH comp wall last night.

11:43am BBT:
Feeds on fishies for a few minutes now.

11:46am BBT:
The HG's got a smaller table & new BB bowls.

GM: "Thanks, Big Brother!"

11:48am BBT:

Amanda is complaining to Spencer about Elissa being "so fake".

11:49am BBT:
Andy was telling Judd that he didn't fight for Judd to stay because it would've put a target on him. Judd then talks about the jury house. Spencer joined a minute later. (There was a production girl named "Sam" that came over the speakers that said "Hi!" and Andy said hi back & wonder what that was all about.)

Spencer is now talking with Judd/Andy about a past veto comp.
11:52am BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa wants a clean slate with GM and they (GM/Elissa) need allies.

Elissa: "Who do you think McCrae/Amanda's biggest asset is? Who does their dirty work?"
GM: "Blah blah blah...Amanda...blah blah..week 1, vice versa...yada yada, puppet strings..." (*She's rambling about nonsense again. lol)

Elissa is planning to put up Aaryn. This convo is just to make sure she doesn't get mad & will work with her (Elissa).

11:58am BBT:

GM is telling Elissa about how her/Andy had doubts about voting Helen out yesterday and how Aaryn disagreed because she's "brainwashed" by Amanda. Elissa said she doesn't hold GM "accountable" because of her being influenced by Amanda & Aaryn.

GM: "I'm not on Amanda's side."

Elissa is telling GM that Amanda doesn't care about her (GM) and will use her until she can't anymore.
Elissa: "Aaryn is dangerous to you & to me."

12:03pm BBT:
Elissa/GM still talking.

Elissa: "I need Aaryn to go."

Elissa: "I want you to fight for veto (to ensure Aaryn doesn't win)."
GM: "I'm due for one, baby!"
Elissa: "She has to go! She's worse than Amanda and she wins (comps)."

GM wants them (GM/Elissa) to work with Aaryn to get Amanda out, but Elissa is set on getting Aaryn up & out this week.

Elissa: "Amanda and Aaryn are working together. Don't you see that?"
GM: "Nobody talks to me about anything!"

Elissa tells GM that Amanda/McCrae were trying to get GM on the block next to Aaryn. (*True. This happened last night.)

GM is now rambling on & on about how much she likes Elissa and she's not butt-kissing just because she's HOH.

12:14pm BBT:
Elissa tells GM maybe she shouldn't work so hard to get the veto so that she doesn't "put herself in an awkward position" but to make sure that Aaryn doesn't win veto.

12:22pm BBT:
Elissa tells GM if she (GM) wins veto, she hopes she won't use it to save Aaryn because it'd be better for her game as well.

GM: "I appreciate your talk and anything you need from me, please let me know. I'm here. If I win HOH next week, obviously...rub my back, rub yours kind of thing."

Andy enters.
Andy: "Can I come in?"
Elissa: "No. We're talking."
Andy: "Oh okay, that's fine!"

Andy shuts the door.

12:25pm BBT:
Elissa/GM hug it out. Convo is wrapping up.

12:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is saying that she admires Elissa for making any move she wants to make and that she (Aaryn) was forced to put up who the house wanted up & out. 

Elissa is saying that Aaryn has never talked to her (E) seriously about working together & has lied to her (by saying Spencer was the target) but then told her (E) that she'd be going home if she didn't win veto.

Aaryn: "There's other people that came up with that plan, I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus but..I felt like after the convo we had up here, that you didn't wanna work with me and we've been having this communication barrier."
Elissa: "I've never did anything against you. You've done them to me. You have to accept reality. I haven't targeted you, you've targeted me."
Aaryn: "Even Helen has even told me you were gunning for me."
Elissa: "I don't know why Helen talked for me."

Aaryn: "There's been times where I wanted to talk to you, but you didn't wanna talk to me, and I understand why..I put you up week 2 and I'm not the sweetest person...I would vote the way you want this week if you kept me off the block. It only takes 3 votes this week."

Elissa: "There is another part of me that is thinking that (Amanda could be my target) but you're making her moves for her (Amanda). You wanna be here so bad to play Amanda's game for her?"

Aaryn: "I was just starting to see that (I was playing her game) and if you keep me safe, I would make any deal that you could even dream of and I'll take you as far as I can, if we can work together, I'd want that between only us. I'd keep you safe for as long as I possibly can with votes and with nominations."

Elissa: "I left my entire family...I worked my butt off to get every single I have in life. I feel like if you're a good person, you work for the things you want. And I have every right to be here, as anyone else."

Aaryn still pitching to work together.

Aaryn: "I made a lot of mistakes, I know I have."

Elissa is telling her that if she wins veto and takes herself off the block, and then keeps her safe next week, only then will she believe her and then they can work together...she's not gonna believe anything she (Aaryn) is saying this week.

Elissa: "What if I put you up against a bigger target?"
Aaryn: "If I'm up on against anyone on the block, I"m going home. It only takes 3 votes. If I'm not on the block or the replacement nom, I will keep you safe the rest of the game."

Elissa: "You're not a threat to me. It's fun playing with someone else that's a competitor. I feel like you're playing Amanda's game. I could beat Amanda any day in any comp."

Elissa is telling Aaryn that if she stays this week, that she shouldn't target her (E) because there's "other people" she needs to target (Amanda/McCrae) and to play her own game.

12:46pm BBT:
Convo over. No deals have been made. Aaryn leaves the room.

12:47pm BBT:
Andy/Elissa are talking in the HOH room now.

Andy/Elissa go over their deal: if Andy doesn't go up (including a replacement nom) then he will keep Elissa safe for 2 weeks if he wins HOH. In addition, he will fight to win veto to keep the noms the same.

Elissa: "You better (fight for veto) because anyone that doesn't, (might go up)."

Elissa confirms that Aaryn is her target this week.

Elissa is now setting Andy up to target Amanda/McCrae next week if he wins HOH. Andy said he won't tell Mc/Am what they talked about. (*We'll see.)

1:10pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Judd: "Is she putting up McCrae & Aaryn?"
Andy: "Yea I think so."

1:12pm BBT:
McCrae is up in the HOH room waiting for Elissa so they can talk. Elissa is taking her time...going through her clothes, making a pot of coffee, talking to Judd in the kitchen.

1:22pm BBT:
Elissa is still in the kitchen, talking to Judd. Judd thinks Candice really likes Howard because she talked about him all the time in jury.

Elissa: "She's so funny."

1:27pm BBT:
McCrae still waiting in the HOH room. Elissa is heading towards the bedroom to get something.

1:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Elisa is finally talking to McCrae. He's trying to get GM up on the block, saying that Aaryn controls her brain.

McCrae: "They put you up last week! Aaryn wanted you out of the house so badly."
Elissa: "She came up her crying and throwing you guys under the bus."
McCrae: "That's her game! Me, Amanda and you have a chance to win. We'd take each other to the final 3."
Elissa: "If I win veto, I'll take yourself off the block in a heartbeat."
McCrae: "GM has a chance to win veto and take Aaryn off the block (if GM isn't on the block). Me and Amanda have been on your side the whole time. Even if Aaryn wins veto, and you put GM up next to me, I will go and you're still gonna have 2 people coming after you."
Elissa: "Who do you think would be good to nom?"
McCrae: "GM. Her/Aaryn are still a team."

Elissa: "Honestly I'm not targeting you."
McCrae: "But you're putting me at risk to go home."
Elissa: "You guys put me at risk every week."

1:42pm BBT:
McCrae is still telling Elissa if she really wants Aaryn gone, it's smarter to put GM next to Aaryn on the block. (GM/Elissa made a deal, she's not gonna put up GM & is dismissing McCrae's suggestion.)

McCrae: "There's a good chance that both of them could stay if I go up against Aaryn. And then they'll come after you."

1:51pm BBT:
Convo is over. Nothing has changed, though Elissa said she'd think about it & mentioned how smart McCrae is.

1:53pm BBT:
Storage Room

Andy: "Is she still putting you up?"
McCrae: "Yea. I don't get it! Am I missing something??"
Andy: "She told me if I don't fight to win veto, then I'm gonna go up on the block. So if it's a luxury comp and I take $10,000 and then go home, I'm gonna kill myself."

McCrae: "Dude I don't get it. I don't get it! She said she wants to play the game the way she wants to but it doesn't make sense (what she's doing)."

Spencer walks in.

McCrae fills him in.
McCrae: "I gave her every scenario and still (nothing). I'm just frustrated. She doesn't get it! Everyone wanted her gone next week, why does she think that would change next week?"

Andy: "I felt like if I didn't tell her how nice her yoga mat was, then I'd go up." (*LOL)

McCrae said GM/Elissa must have made a deal or something because she's putting GM up on the block. (*Ding ding ding!)

Speaking of Elissa & her yoga mat...

Elissa is getting ready to workout.
Back in the storage room, Andy is saying he can't believe Elissa won HOH.

**LUNCH BREAK! :D I'll start a new post shortly. Enjoy the non-stop game talk & scheming on the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Can someone please explain to me why Elissa is so popular? I just don't get it. She has this constant smug and irritating look on her face, complains all the time about things that everyone else also deals with, threatens to just leave rather than go to Jury, is indecisive and frankly, not a clever player. Helen was the reason Elissa stayed those first few weeks.

Kim M said...

James - I totally agree. I really can't stand Elissa.

This house will become boring really fast if Amanda goes this week. She and Helen were really the only ones actually playing BB.

Andy Tatnall said...

Amanda has become an awfully convenient scapegoat whenever people want to absolve themselves or others of any responsibility for their actions in the game.

Anonymous said...

I slightly agree with both of you. Except the part about the house being boring now. Definitely not gonna be the case IMO. We are getting into crunch time now. We have a juror back in the house. Plus seeing Amanda pout is the greatest thing this season. Besides the dark room Have/Have Not comp. That looked cool as hell!

Anonymous said...

i dont know why she doesn't put up amanda and mcrae. if she puts up aaryn and mcrae and amanda wins POV then mcranda are safe. HELLO

Anonymous said...


The odds on Amanda winning anything aren't very good but Elissa doesn't really care too much about that anyway since Aryan is her top target. She'll settle for splitting up Amanda and McCrae only if Aryan wins POV.


Digi Dare said...

I can't believe Elissa and GM? WTHeck! Neither one has been playing the game and GM doesn't even know how?! I had to turn the feeds off last night. Also, what happened to all of GM's proclamations about loyalty to Aaryn and how she hates Elissa and then she hugs Candace?!? Amanda and Aaryn may not be my fav people, but at least they have been playing the game. I am so disappointed :(


Kim M said...

I agree Andy - Amanda gets blamed for everything. For instance, Judd's eviction. Yes - Amanda was perfectly happy to see him go but it was Helen (with Elissa by her side) that were pushing Aaryn so hard for it to happen on double eviction night.

@ 18183ffa - Well considering that it appears that Elissa would prefer to send Aaryn packing over Amanda, that would explain why Amanda and McCrae aren't going up together.

Erica Iles said...

Even if you don't like Elissa, she brings two things to the table that people want to see.
1. They want things shaken up in the house.
2. Most people, not all, want to root for the underdogs!
For weeks all I've read, and I completely agree with, are how people want to see the powers flipped in the house. They're tired of watching Amanda control everyone! However she does it, I don't know because she can't win anything but she's been running the house from the get go! So I applaud her for that but I still don't like her. I liked her in the beginning when she called everyone out for the racism and such there are just so many things about her that irritates me beyond understanding! I'm tired of watching the whole house bow down to her for no reason!!
Secondly, be honest, most people have a soft spot for the underdogs. In this case, you may not like the underdogs, but I think most people in this case would root for the underdog they don't necessarily like instead of the "queen" who they can't stand.
Sometimes I come on here and just need to vent a little about how I can't stand some of the houseguests! However, at the same time I understand it's a game. If Amanda wins I won't boycott the show. I'll give her some applause for somehow never winning anything, for having the ability to call everyone out on things and getting under their skin, yet making everyone scared of her thus she controls the house. That's some power right there. If Andy wins it'll be because he's a complete snake, if GM wins it'll be because she's a flipflopper but I'm sure she'll say it was because of Nick. My point is we can say a thousand times what we would have done or what they should be doing but isn't that why we watch the show?
All that being said, I'm looking forward to this week!

Erica Iles said...

That is why GinaMarie is the definition of a flipflopper.

AlwaysLumi said...

I know a lot of people wanted to see Amanda go this week (myself included), but Elissa might be making the best decision for her game by evicting Aaryn this week.

Both Judd and GM would lose their ally giving Elissa a chance to form an alliance with them. Becuase she made a two week deal with Andy andd if she is able to form an alliance with Judd/GM she wouldn't be Judd, GM or Andy's target next week.

Judd calling Amanda the "Devil" shows that he probably isn't willing to work with her or McCrae by association and would probably target them next week.

Amanda's MVP/general paranoia is getting the best of her again and she would probably nominate Judd/Elissa next week is she or McCrae won with Judd being her main target.

Spencer is a wild card, but Elissa could make a deal with him that she won't put him up directly or as a renom if he doesn't nominate her next week if he wins HOH.

Aaryn would probably win the next HOH and with McCrae and Amanda doing so poorly in competitions lately, taking Aaryn out this week is Elissa's best move to ensure she is as safe as it can get in the BB house next week. If no one targets McCranda next week then Elissa can win HOH in two weeks and take one of them out then.

This could all blow up in Elissa's face, but it seems like her best move.

rigs said...

Elissa is popular because her "kind" of people stick together. They already have the world figured out, sliced and diced into "good" and "bad" and that is the way it will always be for them.

Elissa goes on and on about Aaryn being "young" and only 22 years old. Yet Elissa is 27 and acts like a high school diva. Aaryn started out acting like a high school diva but not in the same "crowd" as Elissa. Aaryn has grown and learned from her experience and Elissa has learned nothing. In fact she is probably worse now than when she came into the house. I was all for Elissa being MVP to ensure a chance to compete. If they had not done that, Elissa would have been one of the first out of the house.

Remember, this is "Big Brother" and the game is rigged in favor of BB (analogous to BB government). BB controls the HGs in many ways. Was it the night before that Aaryn said something to the effect that production stated, in writing I assume, that BB is NOT a level playing field so don't expect it to be?

This is the first group of HGs, that is, Andy, Aaryn, Amanda, McCrea and Spencer, primarily, who are always in trouble talking about "production". This is a smart group of HGs (citizens in government language) who have banded together to oppose the power of BB. However, BB always wins and like government it will do what it has to do to ensure the show's survival in much the same way government ensured its survival.

phil said...

I think ellisa knew what she was doing the whole time.

Anonymous said...


If GM wins it'll be because there was a tragic accident in the BB house and much like the cockaroaches she loves to call others she's the only HG that survives it! There's no way GM could get anywhere near 5 votes in the F2 up against anyone left in that house as no one respects her gameplay as she basically has none and for the most part has no clue what's going on. Spencer and Elissa who are probably the other 2 least likely to win would both wipe the floor with her. Could you imagine her final speeches and jury question answers? I can't foresee any of her rambling nonsense about how "all yous scrubs and rats betta vote for me" and shoutouts to Nick winning anyone over.


Anonymous said...


BB could devote any entire episode purely to footage of Andy ending a convo promising not to tell Amanda and McCrae what they talked about and then immediately running to Amanda and McCrae and telling them everything that was just said.


Lindsay Kenneda said...

Amanda isn't even really playing BB, shes being handed it by being a bully and because her and Allison are friends due to Amanda doing an internship for her at CBS!!!

AmiLrn said...

I think Elissa has solid reasoning. Amanda is only dangerous if she has a "tool" ( ie an HoH she can control) because she can't actually win anything herself. Aaryn wins over and over again and will continue to target Elissa. I want Amanda gone sooooo much, but a puppet master is powerless without her puppet.

Andy Tatnall said...

Amanda is just one woman. She can't glamour people like a vampire. She doesn't have hostages in their families. All of this bullying and intimidation she's supposedly guilty of actually came from Helen, more often than not. Yes, she's strong-willed and paranoid, and can be annoying, but to say that she's bullied her way to the top is a huge stretch. Especially when you consider that there are only two other houseguests who have been on her side throughout the entire game.

So, when I hear all this talk of "It wasn't my fault, Amanda bullied me!" or "I've been painted into a corner" or "I don't blame him, he was brainwashed by Amanda," I just wish these houseguests would take the responsibility, or the blame, for their own actions once in awhile. Amanda's not blameless, and she is forceful in her opinions, but she also maintained strong alliances with everyone that won competitions every week. That's gameplay.

cballz79 said...


Rigs, rigs, rigs... reading your rant reminds me of walking by a group of hippies or grunge balls complaining that their life sucks because of either the government or "society". It HAS to be one of those things, because it COULDN'T POSSIBLY be that they are lazy or didn't set goals for themselves.
We get it, you don't like Ellisa, niether do I. But give us a break!

Kim M said...

Being honest and assertive doesn't make someone a bully. Helen spent all week last week threatening people (after trying to manipulate them with her fake waterworks). She has been much more of a "bully" than Amanda.

It isn't Amanda's fault that most of these other houseguests are spineless and will simply do what she suggests. I'm not saying she is without flaws - she gets paranoid and doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut sometimes - but she has been playing a good game through her alliances and being able to convince people to see things her way.

Kim M said...


Well considering that Elissa was allowed to bring in hair dye and shiny clothes (when GM was not) and how she was allowed to sleep with a down comforter in the Have-Not room when Amanda and GM weren't even allowed to have towels and how Elissa herself has admitted that she is getting paid more than the other houseguests, she is clearly getting preferential treatment from the BB powers-that-be.

Anonymous said...


What at all has BB done to protect Amanda in this game? She hasn't won a single comp so they aren't rigging any of those for her. She hasn't received a magical special power. In fact the only thing Amanda has received via twist was being put on the block 2 weeks in a row when she otherwise wouldn't have been. And the fan voting for that is not released so why would they put up someone they're rigging the game for when they didn't have to? How exactly are you saying the game is being rigged for her? Are all the other HGs in on it and have just agreed to be on the show for exposure and do whatever Amanda says and then vote her to win? Cause that's the only way you can possibly say it's happening and that's insane

There have been so many ridiculous BB rumors in the past and this may be right at the top of the list as most ridiculous of all time and it bugs me that anyone believes there's any validity to 1 anonymous blog post with absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back it up. I've seen no support to this close bond between Amanda and AG and why she would ruin the reputation of the show and her entire career just for her to win this gameshow which ultimately in the grand scheme of things will generally mean nothing besides the check in a couple months.


DanFan1 said...

Lol Amanda a scapegoat lol. She is a lot of things but honestly that is one thing she defiantly is not a scapegoat. What's happening is she can not control ellisa noms and she can't process that her and spider monkey have come to the end of the road but honesrly

Andy Tatnall said...

DanFan, every time a houseguest wants to backpedal on something they've done in the game, they blame Amanda.... Aaryn most of all. "I have to do this because Amanda made me." Amanda didn't make you do anything. You did it. And you could have said no, if you disagreed with Amanda that strongly. You had the power, she didn't.

Kim M is exactly right. She's made strong alliances, and that's been her strength.

rigs said...

Cballz, where did hippies and grunge balls come from???? Every walk past a group of Tea Partiers? I was referring to people like Elissa who complain about other people's lives in order to elevate her own sense of self worth. I would say Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn and Andy's character, as flawed as they might be, Is superior to Elissa's. She is not at all what she claims to be and is not a good person at all. None of the HGs are hippies or grunge balls complaining about their lives. Elissa is complaining about their lives. She will be very lucky to have a husband when she gets out, if he is smart.

rigs said...

Kim M, you make some good points that support my view that BB makes the rules and does so for its own survival. Elissa has been granted some very exclusive "privileges". If I was BB (to cballz, I mean government), I would tell her to go ahead and take a hike. She is the classic person who gobbles up "benefits" in order to elevate herself above others. She doesn't fool me. She is near the bottom of the barrel.

I recall Brendon telling Rachel once that Rachael should not be concerned about the other HGs because they were losers and would never reach the level of accomplishment he and Rachael have. That is about a low as people can stoop.

rbjjb said...

Elissa Making A Deal With GMIs Crazy. How Could Anyone Trust GM.One Week GM And Aaryn Are Yelling At Each Other The Next They Are Best Friends. The Following Week GM Is Saying Bad Things About Aaryn.

For Elissa To Win She Will Need To Get Out Aaryn Or Mccrae Or Amanda This Week. The Following Week Win POV. Then Win HOH Followed By Another POV. Then She Would Deserve To Win.

This Would Require A Final Two Deal With Judd Or Someone Willing To Do This.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry about the caps lol

enb said...

If bb was held in an arena u would hear LETS GO ELISSA AND ELISSA SUCKS half the crowd for her half against her. As fans bash the lovely Elissa, ask yourself one question don't we deserve one week of not knowing the outcome before the veto comp. I promise next week it will be back to normal

Ste ven said...

Amanda calling people fake is funny.
Andy has turned into a triple agent; Im not liking him anymore although I get hes playing the game.
McRanda is freaking out and yet they have the votes to stay. I would LOVE one of them to get out - although prefer Amanda. Aaryn doesnt seem too mad considering shes finally figuring out that 3AM is BS. GM is clueless about anything, and Elissa is so blinded by her personal hatred. I cant figure out why McRanda is so powerful - they are really good at strategy and getting people to do their dirty work - either of them deserve to win if they make it to the end...But the other HG r just so stupid for not putting them both on the block. McRanda gets everyone to protect them (seems Spencer is on board now too despite being on the block time after time after time) and yet McRanda would cut anyone in a second. Im waiting for them to throw Andy under the bus.
It was obvious the locked down was for the smaller table. They may not have/not but the competition where they compete for different food items. They havent done that this season. I hope the veto this week is the luxury/penalty thing. With Elissa as HOH, it would be hilarious if the Pandoras Box would unleash Rachel on the rest of the house. If they were to do that instead of the Pectacular one, this is the week to do it cuz you couldnt have Rachel speakign to Elissa probably. But yea its time for Pandoras box.
Personally Id love for Aaryn to win the VETO..and then for Elissa to have the balls to put Amanda up against McRae. Everyone (well many viewers) would be happy...I feel Elissa will do whatever the last person tells her in her ear. Guess shes not listening to Helen cuz she wouldve told them to get McRanda out...But then Aaryn has been stupid by letting others dictate her every move. Yes at first it was necessary to get her further, but last week she shouldve flipped on McRanda; Helen woudlve worked with her

Ste ven said...

Amanda isnt bullying anyone - shes manipulating them and getting in their heads - thats different. Evel Dick was a bully.
Love the idea of a series of Andy saying he wont tell McRanda and then telling them; I still wonder when he plans on getting someone out or is he just wanting to hand them over the money. Yes hes been a huge snake and if the other HG were to compare notes, theyd figure it out. Why Elissa would trust him after he lied about Helen, I dont know.
GM has zero percentage chance of winning - Well maybe if she and Spence were in teh F2 since theyre the 2 who have done nothing all season. I dont even call her a flipflopper because as others have said, she doesnt even seem to know shes playing BB. Was she a fan or is she one of the people they find on Youtube or a bar and then cast. Shes clueless about everything.
All of them are gonna have regrets. If McRae hands Amanda 500K, I sure hope for his sake, they stay together...even though thats hard to imagine.
The show really gets frustrating to watch; as far as people saying why is Elissa liked so much; I didnt realize she was. I think she got MVP because no one knew anybody else and she was Rachel's sister. Then after 1 week of shows (esp people who only watch teh broadcast) didnt really know the other contestants and she already had a full lead. Some of the HG have already fiured out although they dont want to fully believe that America was MVP. Theres no way the HG could have kept MVP secret..and I think theyre finally believing Judd that he wasnt. Its just Amanda wouldnt be able to comprehend that she was put up 2x by viewers who wanted her out. She wont win the 25K fav player but Judds chances have improved now that he will get more screen time. If Elissa won Fave Player too, that will make me shoot myself

Christina Diaz said...

Elissa is soooooo stupid...McCrea is right...if Aaryn is her real target..then she needs to put up. GM with makes total sense...because McCrea is not that good at comps Aaryn is way better...Elissa frustrates me...

slnc said...

Lol! So true...he def shouldve been a female! Lol they say we gossip he is the queen of gossip!


"Lovely Elissa"? She looks like a rodeo clown.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Elissa is stupid at all with these noms. Yes Aryan is her number 1 target but her backup plan if Aryan comes off is to split up Amanda and McCrae. If she put up Aryan with GM and Aryan took herself off even if she put up 1 of Amanda or McCrae they'd probably get the votes to stay and she'd waste her HOH on getting rid of GM. She's also afraid that if neither McCrae or Amanda are up they'd use the POV to save their HOH workhorse Aryan. With 1 of them on the block they'd use it to save themselves or each other and leave Aryan hanging. Of course she's not gonna come out and tell McCrae that which is why he doesn't get her reasoning.

Plus Elissa has hopes of working with GM once Aryan is gone and putting her on the block is not a good start as GM is the type of you put me up I'm putting you up and not really understanding of the nature of pawns and such.

Also I believe she thinks McCrae hasn't been giving his all in most of these comps since week 1 he came out blazing and won the 1st 2 comps and then nothing since. I believe she feels he may be throwing many in order to keep Amanda as the bigger target of their couple.


Christina Van Ness said...

I disagree!! She is not being handed anything, she has an amazing social game.

Atlanta said...

Guys, you are losing sight of what matters! We might actually see some real game play this week! We've all been waiting for this the entire season.

Atlanta said...

U just said exactly what i wanted to!

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