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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to all of you BB addicts out there!! :D Last night on the live feeds, there wasn't too much action. I was hoping for a fight to happen per Helen/Elissa's convo of trying to think about how they could get Spencer to fight with someone, but nope..nothing happened.

There was a funny conversation at 7:20pm BBT in the HOH Room between Spencer/Andy/Amanda/Aaryn/GM/McCrae. Cams 3 & 4.
It's definitely a conversation of adult-themed material. (*NSFW)

Before we get into the Overnighter, I just wanted to thank everyone who has ~*donated*~ this season and/or bought the feeds through the blog. It is with your support, and only with your support, that I can continue to blog all summer long. Thank you!!! :D

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10:41pm BBT:
Storage Room
Booze delivery!

BB gave the houseguests 6 beers to drink. Aaryn told Andy/McCrae/Elissa about the beer in the storage room & they suspect that she (Aa) might have hid wine. (*Usually BB gives them a few beers and a bottle of wine.) So Andy/McCrae/Elissa took a couple of minutes to search the storage room for any wine that Aaryn might have hid.

Amanda joins them.

Amanda: "I see how our relationship is, as soon alcohol arrives, you just leave me high & dry!"

Amanda doesn't think Aaryn hid any wine because BB gave them 6 beers, when normally they only them give 3 or 4 with a bottle of wine.

Amanda asked Aaryn where the wine is. Aaryn said she only 2 of the 6 beers.

10:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is really worried that Elissa is gonna gun after her/GM if she wins HOH tomorrow. She doesn't wanna lose GM and she started to cry a little bit.

Aaryn: "I'm scared!"
Spencer: "Dude, I lost Howard!"
Andy: "I'm losing Helen this week."

Spencer: "You can't play for HOH tomorrow but (if you get nominated) you'll play in the veto comp."
Aaryn: "To lose at this point in the game, after all the hard work to still be here, would be devastating."

11:32pm BBT:
Spencer/Aaryn/Andy are still talking.

Aaryn talked about her modeling agency & how they're probably doing "just fine". (*She won't know that she's been fired until post-BB season.) Aaryn said her agency didn't want her to do BB or anything that was unscripted.

Aaryn: "They're not gonna be mad at me when I get back."
Spencer: "F**k no. They're gonna be (happy)."

11:46pm BBT:
GM joined the HOH convo with Andy/Aaryn/Spencer.

They talked about Nick and asked GM if she'd be mad if Nick brought a girl to the finale & she said yes.

They then talked about erotic asphyxiation. Aaryn said she'd never do that & that it's stupid and dangerous.

12:02am BBT:
Elissa told Helen that she wants to take out Aaryn or Amanda first & then Spencer. Helen starts going over could've/would've/should've scenarios and where she thinks she went wrong in the game.

A few minutes later in the back bedroom, McCrae/Amanda were also talking about how they might wanna get Aaryn out next week.

1:27am BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's
The houseguests are talking about having kids/being married, etc. Amanda feels that getting married and have a kid would slow her down right now. Helen disagrees but adds while being a parent doesn't slow you down, it does hinder some things, such as picking up & just moving somewhere.

Aaryn said being 23 yrs old, she thought she'd be engaged by now. Amanda said she's too busy to have a kid & would have to have a nanny.

Aaryn: "Or (have McCrae watch the baby)!"
Amanda: "Is that what you wanna be? A stay at home dad?"
McCrae: "F**k yea!
Amanda: "You'd be a great dad."
McCrae: "I'd be the best motherf**king dad!"
Amanda: "That's so attractive when a guy can be so good with kids."

1:57am BBT:

Andy is saying that he's getting Helen out and though it hurts his heart and loves her, it's what is best for his game. He plans on telling her tomorrow before the show because he doesn't want her to be blindsided.

Andy: "Elissa just can't win that HOH!"
GM: "I got you & Aaryn's back!"
Andy: "Same!"
GM: "All 3 of us." 

GM worries that if McCrae wins this season, Amanda is gonna drain his bank account.
GM: "I feel bad because I think (McCrae) is a good kid."
Andy: "We gotta get Elissa out next week."
GM agrees.

Andy: "This won't leave the yard; if you won HOH and Elissa won POV, who would be your target then?"
GM: "Oh geez...*thinking*....I dunno, dude. Maybe Spencer. If Amanda gets too cocky & fights with Aaryn, then maybe Amanda."

3:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn: "Elissa's gotta go next week."
Spencer: "I'm all for Elissa going next week."

Spencer: "If GM wins, she'd put up Elissa & me. If she puts up Amanda/me, what are my odds of staying?"

Spencer: "I need to stay off the block next week or else I'm in danger of going home."

They go over different scenarios & what they think would happen if so-and-so won HOH and/or Veto. They talk about how they want them 2 (Aaryn/Spencer) with GM in the Final 3. Spencer mentions that nobody can beat Amanda at the end, but they could beat McCrae.  Aaryn thinks she could convince GM to put up Amanda/McCrae if she wins HOH tomorrow.

3:28am BBT:
Andy/Spencer compare notes.

Spencer: "Aaryn said she'll try to get GM (if she won HOH) to put up Amanda/McCrae."
Andy: "Let Aaryn keep getting suspicious of Amanda/McCrae, they're gonna go after each other."
Spencer: "McCrae thinks we (Andy/Spencer) are together, but only in the 3 (person alliance of Mc/Andy/Sp)."

They're talking about "staying in the middle" for now and that if either one of them (An/Sp) won HOH, then they'd "have to make a decision" and pick a side.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! There were a lot of "what if" convos last night, but they don't know that a HG could be returning to the game tomorrow, which will throw a wrench in their plans. So we'll have to wait & see what happens tomorrow. As of 9:27am BBT, the HG's are all still sleeping/lights are still off in the house. Once they get up & moving, I'll start the morning/afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...
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AmiLrn said...

It serves Helen right. The only reason I want her to stay is because I am an Elissa fan and I hate to see her lose an ally. However there is a certain satisfaction in watching Helen reap what she has sewn. She wasted two opportunities to get Amanda out, insisting "the time isn't right". Is the time right now, Helen? Mawahaha! Not only that but Helen systematically sent home one person (Howard) and sent three more to jury who could have been on her side against Amanda by voting with the house. She could have flipped the house on those evictions and had allies but oh nooooo...gotta do what the "house" wants. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of that philosophy?? Hehe. All that said, it would be awesome for her to come right back in and either her or Elissa win HoH. Amanda would stroke out which would be (to use an Amanda word) "glorious" to watch.

Nancy said...

That 7:20 conversation that even BB eventually found to be too much and switched all feeds to dish washing, is going to do a lot to further enhance Amanda's reputation.

Michelle said...

Jamie, Thanks for the blog! So if someone wasn't coming back into the game this week. It looks as if Aaryn and Amanda would be gunning for each other and Elissa could potentially be safe! However, everything will change when a jury member enters the house! I'm excited to see how this changes the dynamic. Actually things are FINALLY starting to get good. I can't say the show is great but it's nice to finally see others try and take out McCranda! I will love it if Jessie comes back and sends Amanda home! LOL! I think if Helen turns around and comes back in, even if she were to get Amanda out, she would be a target the next week. However, I don't want to see Spencer and GM in the final 2 when they have done nothing to be there.

Renee' Southard said...

I would too like to see Amanda's bubble busted!

Luke and Leah Pounders said...

Okay first of all THANK YOU for writing this blog. I've been out of town a lot over the past 2 weeks and haven't gotten to watch the show so this has kept me updated :) I am rather new to watching BB this season so I'm a little confused on something. If a Juror is coming back in the house tomorrow, what's to keep the other HGs from voting them right back out? Are they going to have a special Veto power or anything. I just don't see the point, bc I see Amanda doing her manipulation and getting them voted right back out. Am I wrong?

UshifferBrains said...

Why do they ALL have eat like they're on the National Geographic Channel? It's so disgusting!

Anonymous said...


Do you remember Helen's regrets in the game? You didn't mention any specifics so I'm curious if she's admitted that she should have teamed up with Howard, Jessie, Candice, Spencer etc. when they had the votes...

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