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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to y'all! Today, the houseguests will have their Veto Ceremony where McCrae will take himself of the block and GM will be putting up Spencer as the pawn. (I think this is his 7th time on the block? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. lol)

Last night was a bunch of the same old stuff...Amanda campaigning to GM (with and without McCrae), tried to make deals, Amanda was still saying "It doesn't make sense!" about a trillion times last night,  she still tried to get Elissa up & out, but it all fell on deaf ears, as GM is refusing to put up Elissa. I'm curious to see how Amanda will be from today until Thursday. Will she give up? Or will she fight to stay against Spencer. Time will tell.

There are few things worth mentioning that happened last night, so I'll briefly cover those and then start the morning post.

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10:26pm BBT:
Elissa/Judd talked for a little bit last night about Aaryn & Jessie.

Elissa wanted to know what Judd thought about both of them. He said that Aaryn is beautiful, and Jessie is pretty. Elissa bashed Aaryn a little bit, saying that she's a mean girl. Judd thinks Aaryn would be totally different outside of the BB house.

They then talked about Kaitlin & David a little bit. Judd didn't like the fact that Kaitlin was scouted at a bar for the show and didn't know anything about BB. Elissa mentioned how David only went on the show for a showmance.

10:45pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Amanda/Judd are talking about why his eviction during the last double eviction. Judd told Amanda that he really wasn't MVP and he's curious to find out who it was. (*America) Amanda then told Judd that they had planned on getting him out during a double eviction so that he couldn't weasel his way out of it because he's that good of a player.

Amanda: "The only reason why I got personal with Jessie, was because she got personal with me. The reason I got personal with you (Elissa) is because of the miscarriage thing. It really struck a chord with me and then I went f**cking nuts and got personal with you. And I apologize for that."

Elissa: "But I didn't even get personal with you, that was something everyone already knew."   
Amanda: "Doesn't matter! It's still personal. Elissa, I am telling you that it hurt my feelings, it was personal...I only got personal with people that got personal with me."

Andy gets called to the D.R.
Judd tells Amanda that he really wasn't coming after her (before he got evicted) and that she'll see when she watches the show.

10:56pm BBT:

Amanda: "I could have come in here and played a different game, but this is me."
Judd: "I respect your game a lot."
Spencer: "Me too."
Judd: "You said you don't even need the money, you just love the game. And that's what I like (about you). I respect a player that loves the game."

A few minutes later, Elissa asked Amanda if she was a fan of BB. She said she never watched it until recently, then she submitted an application online and had an interview via Skype. 

**That's it for the Overnighter! Elissa got drunk last night and mean-drunk-Elissa came out right on cue as usual. She was making jabs at Amanda over and over again & also kept talking about production (which caused a lot of fishies & BB's "Stop that!" over the loudspeaker) but she kept talking about production anyways. Everyone started leaving Elissa outside to get away from here and headed up to the HOH room.

Alrighty, I'm starting the morning post right now! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

This would be Spencer's 7th time on the block overall. It'll be his 6th time on the block for the eviction vote as he saved himself once with POV. When he survives this Thu he'll break the previous record held by Amy BB3 and Sharon BB9 who both survived 5 eviction votes before being taken out on their 6th nom.


Razldazlrr said...

hey jamie - I'm not a fan of all star shows but what if we don't want any of them to come back? maybe you should add an option - "none of the above" LOL

Punkinbugg said...

Go back to the convo between GM and Spencer on the hammock. He said he was tired of Amanda campaigning and thought he'd tell her (Am) that he "thought" he was going up as the replacement, just to get her to quit. GM said I'll just tell her I'm not putting up Elissa, and she'll figure it out. Am/MC/GM go up to the HoH, where Am spends 30 min trying to talk GM into putting up Elissa. When she realizes she's getting nowhere, she leave. MC tells GM he'll use the Veto on himself, and they head downstairs. Once everybody is on the BY couches, AM gives up the ghost and starts telling everybody her secrets, including getting MC and Andy to make a fake F3 w/Helen to get her to back off putting up MC and AM, which worked. NO DOUBT Elissa took note of Andy's lies, and now she knows she can't trust him.

BusymominTexas said...

Can someone explain what "the miscarriage thing" is? I think I missed something.....

NateDawg920 said...

Elissa got drunk again?? Shocker...has there been a night where she wasn't a havenot and she DIDN'T get drunk??
No different than Amanda taking meds, really.

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