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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Night Live Eviction

Good evening, ladies & gentlemen!! :D Tonight, we will watch McCrae get evicted & sent off to jury, which will make the Final 3 consist of GinaMarie/Spencer/Andy. All 3 of them will then battle it out in the Part 1 HOH Comp, which is always endurance. We'll see them start the endurance comp on the live show & then watch it end on the live feeds. Also, we *will* see Jury House footage, per Julie Chen's tweet just a little bit ago!

As always, I will be live blogging the show tonight for those of you on-the-go and/or are working & need to catch up on everything later. If you'd like to watch it online, just click here

The show starts at 9pm EST, so grab your snacks & drink(s) of choice, and I'll see y'all back here for the live eviction episode!! :D

( case you missed the post below, Big Brother has been renewed for another season!! BB16 will begin next next summer! Yayyy!!)

9:00pm EST:
Show begins...

9:45pm EST:
Andy did NOT use the veto.

The Vote:
GM votes to evict...McCrae
Evicted from the BB House is:


9:58pm EST:
No HOH comp tonight (*what the heck?!) Julie said to tune in Sunday for a highlights show and Part 1 of the HOH comp.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


Has it been discussed and or decided that you know of that Andy will definitely let GM be the vote tonight or will he use the POV on Spencer and let him cast the vote to evict? I guess Andy isn't planning on taking GM to F2 but that'd mean she stood up live and told both Amanda and McCrae to get to steppin' which would be a pretty good feather in her cap.



Anonymous said...


Can you really call what those 3 will do in an endurance comp battle it out? Are we even sure this "endurance" comp will last long enough to make it to the live feeds? Haha


Jamie said...

crap they didnt have their veto ceremony yet?? ughh why cant this season just end already!! hahaha

•~catty~• said...

Hilarious, Brian!

Hey Jamie! Thanks again for being here, but for once there is no football on!

Hail Mary for McCrae, maybe?!?

Anonymous said...

Well you know the yikes about the Jury House definitely involves Amanda. My money on the secondary figure would definitely be Jessie since Amanda knows the vote against her was from Andy and not Elissa.


Anonymous said...


Yeah POV ceremony will be live tonight. McCrae was asking Spencer last night when feeds came back if he knew what Andy was gonna do with it and then later McCrae asked Andy himself and he said he needed to sleep on it. So it definitely didn't happen when feeds were down.


Anonymous said...


Speak for yourself I have Jets vs Pats on CBS here in NJ.


CC said...

I would like to see McRae come back again and play without an Amanda.

Atlanta said...

Watching the show still and I'm just sick.

Bebecantaloupes said...

Wonder what Dr. Will is going to say to the jury...?

Carl Mack said...

Same as last year, remember when they didn't start the comp until later? After Dan evicted Shane

Atlanta said...

Jaime, very with you on this! I have always had someone to cheer on in the end but this group we are left with! So pitiful. I'm ready for the end after tonights episode. This is a 1st in 15 years of watching. Yes, I've grown into a 40 yo woman watching this show. Have been so excited every season and gave this season all I could but it was just kind of a dud. Bummer. Better luck next year. Thus is my sign off. Thanks again Jaime! U make it so much more fun with your blog. Your followers are awesome too! I HAVE enjoyed your blog, more than the show by a long shot! Brian-You had some nice insightful contributions. Thanks to all, it was fun!

Brandy said...

There was part of the show I actually liked tonight and that was when amanda and Aaryn said they found out america hated them. Sorry I waited all season to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Last night on the feeds Andy and Spencer were talking about some comp that involved roller skating and that it looked like in practice GM was gonna do really well in it. I assumed it was the latest POV they played but it obviously wasn't. So now I'm thinking that must be involved in 1 of the 1st 2 HOH comps they're playing and they got to practice for it while feeds were down as well. I'd guess it'd be for part 2 cause part 1 is always endurance but who knows.


Anonymous said...


I guess I thought they just did that last season cause they knew what was gonna go down with Dan tricking Danielle into using POV on him only to blindside Shane and Danielle. I figured they decided to start the comp later cause they knew they'd get some real good reaction footage from that. I didn't think it was the start of a new trend. I mean what usable stuff for TV could they possibly get with these 3 left after the obvious eviction of McCrae that even he knew all about as they spilled all the secrets to him today?


AmiLrn said...

On an unrelated note (at least I haven't seen anyone mention it) I love how noncommittal McCrae was about his relationship with Amanda when Julie asked him point blank. He as good as said it wasn't gonna happen in the real world. Who do you think will be more shocked that her man bailed in her - Amanda or GinaMarie?? LOL

Mike said...

Worst. Final 3. Ever. Jeez, these people are awful.

Dear Candice: please stop using "boo" every other word. Hate hate hate her.

AshleyMarie0x said...

Not an Andy fan well not really a fan of either of the final 3 but I will cry my heart out if Andy doesn't win. It will be the biggest disappointment of this show.

Clearly he has the better social game. Strategic game. Managed to stay in the house. Won important comps. Played his closest allies like a fool. Seriously he deserves it more than GM and Spencer.

I feel it takes a greater effort to play both sides and play the game as a rat.

Brandy said...

I FEEL ( Andy's phrase of the season) everytime amanda know's a new jury member is coming she wants it 2 be mccrea. I Honestly do not think she wants mccrea to win because she thinks she has a better chance of mccrea Moving in with her if she has to support him.

Lostmymind555 said...

It's funny and sad at the same time!

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