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Friday, September 6, 2013

Early Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED w/ Noms)

Good afternoon, BB addicts! At 11:15am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia. The HG's were in the HOH room when the trivia came on, so I'm not sure what's going on. We'll have to wait and see. Nominations are today but I can't imagine them being right now. Could possibly time for Andy's prize comp where he could win money.

Also, as Brian in the comment section has mentioned today, the feeds will most likely be down (as in previous BB seasons) during the taping of the special eviction (not sure which day that'll happen at this point) and we'll probably have a feeds blackout for 24-48 hrs, depending on when they do the eviction. I'm guessing more or less Monday or Tuesday they'll do that, with the feeds turning back on after Wednesday nights BB episode airs.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post what happened! :D

12:30pm BBT:
Feeds are back. Andy only won $94 during his prize comp. (*Just now heard that.)
McCrae/GM are laying down.

Spencer is telling Judd/Andy that he's putting up McCrae/GM & that the target is McCrae and how he hopes he (Mc) doesn't win veto because he doesn't want one of them (The Exterminators) to go this week.

Andy said he really wants to win the veto.
1:13pm BBT:
Andy said he only won $94, so I guess the feeds were off for his prize comp.

1:20pm BBT:
GM/McCrae sleeping together (they're chained together until tonight)...

2:23pm BBT:
Andy/Spencer have been talking in the HOH room.

Andy thinks if McCrae stays (*won the veto this week), and won HOH next, he'd keep Judd over GM.

Andy also told Spencer that Amanda acted mad at Andy to make it look like Andy was the one who got her out, which would be better for his game.

Spencer: "Amanda out, Elissa out, Spencer HOH..yeah baby!"
Andy: "I know!"

2:30pm BBT:

Spencer is telling GM that he's putting GM/McCrae on the block. GM is not happy about it and using the "I'm a girl, takes a long time for me pack" excuse. Spencer is still putting her up.

Spencer: "I need you to be cool with it..but you're safe."
GM: "If McCrae wins it, one of us is f**ckin' goin' home." 

Spencer keeps reassuring her that she's safe this week.
GM: "Judd can be f**ckin' sketchy sometimes..."
Andy: "We need to have McCrae not think that his life is on the line, so he doesn't play that hard." 

Spencer kisses GM's hand..

Spencer: "You have nothing to worry about, I promise you."

Spencer: "This right here, is 3 of the Final 4."
GM: "I gotta take a sh*t."
Andy laughs.
2:36pm BBT:
McCrae is in the D.R., hence why GM is chained to the door until he comes out, but she needs to go to the bathroom really bad.

Spencer: "Can I walk GM to the bathroom so that she can sh*t??" (*talking to production. No answer.)
GM: "I really gotta take a sh*t! I'll just wait for (McCrae).."
Spencer: "If you gotta go, just f**kin' go. F**k this friendship bracelet sh*t."

2:40pm BBT:
GM is finally taking her sh*t. lol

She's letting out a ton of loud farts, making them both laugh. (*lol)

2:42pm BBT:
She's done, washed her hands, and left. Spencer was just called to the D.R.

Andy: "How's your day going being best friends?"

McCrae lets out a big fart.

Andy: "I feel like you've been letting (farts) go more now that Amanda is gone."

GM is using the fake phone on the desk in the living room, pretending to call Elissa.

GM: "...Oh your on a private jet with your husband? Girl, you're so lucky! Psych...bye, b*tch!" *slams phone*

McCrae is still farting. lol

2:50pm BBT:

GM is trying to do origami.

GM: "..but I can't even get to step'd be easier to watch a YouTube video. They just show you pictures."

Andy: "So (McCrae), is your room as messy at home?"
McCrae: "Mm kinda."

McCrae said he's gonna give his friends some of his BB items that he's been collecting throughout the season. (Stuff from comps, etc.)

Nominated for Eviction:

GM & McCrae

 **Alrighty, I'm outta here for the night! I'll see y'all tomorrow morning with The Overnighter. Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not giving up on McCrae and actually think he's still got a pretty decent shot to win this game. It obviously all depends on winning POV this week. He needed to win 1 out of 2 last week and did it winning POV. Then he needed to win 1 out of 2 in DE and did it winning HOH. This week is the extremely hard part because he only gets to play in 1 comp and has to win it. However if he does he goes back to needing to win 1 out of 2 comps against 3 weak competitors and if he does that he's in F3. And if he makes F3 with this lot he'd basically be guaranteed being in the 3rd part of the final HOH as I can't see these other guys beating him in endurance in part 1. At that point he'd be winning the 50/50 coin flip guessing how jury members answered away from winning the game.

With the resume he'd have built by then I don't think anyone left could beat him in F2. He'd have won the 1st HOH and POV then controlled the game with his showmance without having to win anything for like 2+ months then won at least 6 comps in the stretch run with his back against the wall when it was win or go home for him. But it all hinges on this week's POV. If wins it I think he then will have a strong shot of beating the odds and pulling it off against the competition remaining.


Kim M said...

I agree Brian and I hope he pulls it off because he is the only houseguest left that I would be at all happy to see win it all at the end.

James Estep said...

Not sure that it means anything or not but BBAD is scheduled for Sunday Monday and Tuesday nights ... We will see

Brenda Reed said...

What would the special eviction be? Any ideas?

rigs said...

Last night's BBAD was the most boring I've ever seen. It will be a very victorious season if McCrae can pull off being in the F2. If he can't, this will be the season the biggest loser wins BB. Judd the Dudd mumbled his way through the season, Andy lied and betrayed his way to this point, Spencer played dodge ball to this point and GM finally gets what she wants...a house full of males she can call her own.

I wanted to see some real BB game playing. Andy should have been scared into voting for Amanda to stay and Spencer and GM should be gone. Watching the "exterminators" is like watching two snails mate.

Anonymous said...


They've shown previously recorded episodes of BBAD before. So if they tape the Wed eviction on Tue night they'll show footage from earlier in the day on Tue for BBAD.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Andy did play his game during the trivia on the feeds and he only won $94.


Cinderz said...

Haha, LOVE that Andy only got $94 out of a possible $5k, looks good on him! Also, I want to say I totally love this blog, I only came across it about a month ago and wish I'd known of its existence when you first started, you do an awsome job! Thank You

Sabine - Barry said...

I hope BB has for Andy's special comp a Rat suit available too, just in case he doesn't win money... just saying :)


If Judd has to do pushups, situps, etc, and he isn't used to it, he just might be really muscle sore right in time for a physical comp.

Becktuck said...

I hope so much this will would be such vindication against the "Exterminators" who are the real rats and would be awesome! (Have to not get my hopes up though)

Anonymous said...


It's a special eviction episode only cause it's on Wed this week which usually just ends with the POV ceremony. Then another live eviction the next night on Thu.



Jugg seems to have a lot of supporters in the polls. I hope he goes next after McCrae wins POV.

**Alea73** said...

I'm with Ya, Brian...
Considering who is left in the House and Guaranteeing that one of them will b Crowned the Winner of BB15,
I'm actually ok with McCrae Winning
(Although, I'm not sure how much of McCRAE's Money should HE WIN be pissed away by Amanda~not that it matters, jus sayin).
Throughout this Season, I've suspected he would Go Far-if not Win this Game...
However, as Brian previously mentioned,
This POV will be one of the Most Important ones for McCrae to Win!
Now, with that being said,
Should McCrae get Evicted this Week,
My Hope is that Jay U Double D WIN
I absolutely DO NOT want to see
GM, Spencer, or Andy Win BIg Brother!!!!
Spencer does NOT deserve it by any means!
Andy & GM DEF NOT more than Judd!!
I don't give a Rats Ass what GM did as far as Comps she Won, Nominations she made, or Evictions she had a Hand in, she is STILL
one UNDESERVING Person as the
Winner of BB15!!!
I'd Love to see Judd win this, But I think
McCrae has the Best Shot of becomming the Winner-pending this Weeks POV Comp.
it may be very beneficial to McCrae that he's paired & Stuck with GM for 24 Hrs.
Should he (if he's not already) figured out that GM is workin with the Boys, this may be an Excellent Time for McCrae to pitch a F3 alliance with GM, McCrae, & Judd.
One of his Selling points to GM should be,
Umm do ya really think once I'm gone that
You will not become the Next target?
It be Guys against GIRL, with Andy/Spencer essentially being the last "Dynamic Duo" left in the House & being the Most Loyal to one another, with Judd & GM being the outsiders in The Exterminators Alliance.
So the fact that McCrae would be a Target ahead of GM & Judd, Plus the fact that he can say as far as Jury goes-does he/Would He have the Votes in Jury over GM or Judd??
Just another reason to keep Him over Andy & Spencer...
Sooo, Next Best move for McCrae & Judd
Would be to Partner up with GM.
Then they'd have the Votes & Control of the House Majority.....

Anonymous said...


Yeah definitely don't get your hopes you right now before this POV comp cause it's a real long shot to win comps to save yourself that many times in a row. Especially this eviction when he's only got 1 chance to do it. But if he does somehow win this POV then it might be ok to at least start dreaming that it could happen. Hopefully this next POV involves delivering pizzas. Haha


James Estep said...

Thanks Brian for clearing that up

Anonymous said...


Well to be fair McCrae should spend at least some of the money on Amanda as she was by far his biggest ally in the house and he may not have won without her. However I'm not sure how long this relationship will last outside of the house if at all. The 3 other guys joked today about how McCrae was more upset and cried a lot more when Judd was evicted than Amanda.

The only way for your proposed McCrae, Judd and GM alliance to work would be for Judd to win POV and save 1 of McCrae or GM from the block and force Spencer to put up Andy and then vote him out. Otherwise Spencer won't put Andy up unless he has to so 1 of McCrae, Judd and GM would definitely be evicted. And frankly there's no way I see it happening anyway. They won't turn on each other unless McCrae wins POV and they have to.


Leah Pants said...


Gwen Keaton said...

Question. Has there ever been a BB where the HG bash other people as they have this year?? They go on and on and on. Sad they act that way. I know they are board but Andy give it a rest. She gone!! Go McCrae. Hope he wins. Thanks Brian. Nice theory

Brenda Reed said...

Thank you!

Maria Gree said...

Andy is going to win the 500,000.... He's the only one That is a rat F I NK Enough to win

Maria Gree said...

Lol yes :)

AmiLrn said...

Maybe I am going about this the wrong way but I just can't pick who I want to win now. I want it to be someone I admire or at the very least, like. But I don't like a single one of these people and sure as heck don't admire them. I want to see every single one of them evicted, just for different reasons.

I want GM out for the vile things she has said - from the racism to the kid slamming.

I want Spencer out for being a racist, homophobic, misogynistic pervert.

I want Judd out for saying such ugly things about people he was suppose to be aligned with and for calling women the c word.

I want McCrae out for hiding behind a woman all season, being a slothful nasty guy and for being so dang clueless.

I want Andy out for being such a rat, for being loyal to NO ONE and for being so self satisfied.

No one for this girl to root for :(


If Jugg is unhappy about the punishments I'm sure there is a spot in the jury house for him where he won't have to do any exercises except 12oz. curls.

crane guy said...

I see your point Brian but personally I still think to little to late.

Ste ven said...

Don't most people lie to get further. McRae has lied too & would again, yet the only one people are mad at is Andy. I dont get it. Hes actually playing the game

Anita Forkner said...

Jamie...I wanted to say thank you for an awesome job keeping us all up to date. @Brian your insight helps me remember why I love BB. I am hoping Andy goes before anyone, but with the secret alliance with spencer hes safe this week *sigh* I am not happy with this seasons casting picks, but it has brought to light the true meaning behind the show...a social had more villans, but showed there really are still a lot of bigotry, and hatred in our world. I for one am not shocked at how skilled Andy is at appearing honesty while lying through his teeth. He after all he admitted on the first show how he had no problem lying, and even teaches people how to do it in his public speaking class. ~Anita

rigs said...

Gwen, you ask if BB HGs have bashed others as bad as this year. Remember when Jeremy came down on Elissa early in the show. It was brutal. Take that brutality and multiply it by 100 and you will come close to the brutality that happened on BB when "Evel Dick" Donato roamed the house. I can't imagine it not causing some viewers trauma. This season has been quite mild compared to that.

It's Easy Mmmkay said...

The only remaining HG with any discernible gameplay is Andy.

He had caused me a lot of frustration as a viewer, but I also view him as BY FAR the most worthy of jury votes this far.Also, kudos to him for his post-eviction message to Amanda. Not nearly enough players utilize those important 10 seconds.

k said...

For a group that claims to "hate" Elissa so much they sure seem obsessed with talking about her non stop.

Razldazlrr said...

Ami - I couldn't have said it better myself!!! I'm with you - no one to root for and I love your definitions of each person!!!

AmiLrn said...

Thanks Razl! I've just never been in the position where I can't pick even one person to root for :(

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