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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & happy Tuesday Eviction Day to y'all!! Today will be Judd's last day in the BB house, as he will be evicted tonight. Also, today will start the expected 1 1/2 day live feeds blackout. If BB is going by what they've done in previous seasons, I'd expect the feeds to be down sometime today & won't turn back on until sometime after BB airs on Weds (East or West Coast airing, not sure which.)

Before I get into the Overnighter, a new episode of BB15 The Saga by Wil Heuser is up!! I watched this late last night & probably woke up my neighbors laughing so hard. lol

Last night, night too much happened on the feeds. Andy mentioned yesterday that he wants (one of them, Andy/Sp) to tell Judd he's getting evicted today so that he's not blindsided.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

8:43pm BBT:
Final 5 dinner.

GM: "This is the best Final 5 ever! Could you imagine if Jessie was here?!"

After dinner, Spencer/Judd/Andy sat around talking.

They talked about everything from relationship advice (from Spencer, of all people..who constantly comments on Jessie's "amazing a**s". lol), to how Helen had a severe case of HOH'itis & tried to control how people acted in the house.

McCrae was in the HOH room listening to Spencer's CD.

9:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

A minute before Andy entered, Spencer was telling McCrae that he's nervous about today because he can't play for HOH. McCrae thinks Spencer is in a good position & has nothing to worry about. Spencer mentions how he hope McCrae was serious about their F2 deal on his end. McCrae assures him he's 100% good.

Andy enters.

McCrae: "So weird down there."
Andy: "What?"
McCrae: "I don't even wanna be around Judd."
Andy: "Really? Why?"
McCrae: "F**kin' freaks me out."

McCrae said that Judd keeps telling him "You have to vote for me, you have to vote for me..".

Andy: "I wanna hang out with him before he goes, but he makes me nervous." 
Spencer: "And he's begging (to stay)."

McCrae: " get (Judd) alone, and he starts pressing you (for a vote)."

Judd walks in.

Talk turns to about Elissa & America's Favorite ($25,000 prize) at the Finale.

Andy: "Do you really think (Elissa's) gonna win it?"
Judd: "YES!" (**It's gonna be Judd or Elissa who wins it.)
Spencer: "..and she has such a large fan base, not to mention Rachel saying 'vote my sister, vote my sister!'" (*He's right, she's been doing that a lot lately.)

By 9:40pm BBT, GM has joined the boys, doing origami.

Spencer: "Is that Elissa's cup (by you)?"
GM: "Yes it is...twat-face."
Spencer/Andy laugh.

9:59pm BBT:
The boys are in the HOH room, as GM is down in the kitchen.

After GM is done eating one thing, she goes to get more food. Spencer is watching..
Spencer: "Uh oh, she's doing her late night (binge eating).." (fishies on feeds) 

A minute later, GM enters the HOH room with an arm full of goodies. They proceed to talk about shark movies.
10:27pm BBT:

Judd: "I hate being annoying and I know I'm being annoying." (re: asking for votes)
Spencer lies and tells Judd he's not being annoying.

Judd: "This is my first time..well, not my first time, the last time was just so quick, didn't have time to ponder on it."
Spencer: "Yea."

Judd is really worried that he's going to look like a "douchebag" on tv when his Veto Ceremony speech about McCrae airs. Spencer doesn't think so.

A few minutes later, all houseguests are on the backyard couch talking.
They've talked about former BB houseguests, the Otev comp, and GM put one of Judd's cigs in her nose after smelling them; Judd playfully pushed her on the arm and told her to stop it and he accidentally pushed on the spot where GM got a tetanus shot the other day.

12:40am BBT:
Line of the Night...
GM said the 1st thing she's gonna say to Nick to is "Where's my kiss, f**k face!" (*Aww, so romantical.)

1:15am BBT:
All HG's except for Spencer are sleeping. It was an early night for them.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Judd will be going to jury today & us live feed watchers are expecting a feeds blackout at some point today. As I type this (at 7:10am BBT), the feeds are still on and all HG's are sleeping.

Stay tuned...
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Andy Tatnall said...

I still just don't grasp the huge Elissa fandom. She did nothing for most of the game, except for her one HOH week. She's nowhere near the game player Rachel was. And she certainly appears to be the last houseguest who needs $25K.

I don't think Judd did all that much either aside from being likable and stumbling on a good alliance at just the right moment. But the days seem to be over when BB fans were more interested in who was playing the game with the most skill. And if America insists on choosing one of those two, I'd rather it be Judd.

Nichanda said...

The only person I didn't want to win was Amanda. Now that she is in jury (finally), I find myself not caring if I see the rest of the show or not. I'm not rooting for any of them, but I guess my least favorite of the bunch is Andy, just because I find him annoying and a slime ball. Normally I root for who I think has the best game play, but there is something about Andy that I just dislike. I really hope Big Brother makes up for such a boring season next year. *Yawn*

Razldazlrr said...

So, why the feeds when Spencer said GM was starting her nightly food binge? Is there a problem?

Jamie said...

Raz: sadly, GM has a *suspected* and alleged eating disorder (bulimia). Maybe BB didn't want that aired or just a coincidence that fishies came on at that time.

If GM does have an eating disorder, I hope she gets the help she needs to fight through it.

Anonymous said...


Feeds don't usually come back until after the west coast airing so the same time BBAD starts for those in the east 12am on Wed night.


umm-hmmm... said...

I don't understand why the house guests hate Elissa so bad? She didn't seem like a terrible person to any of them (unlike Amanda).

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine who's evicted (though we pretty much already know) will leak out online as well as who wins HOH if they crown the winner at the end of the episode for the live audience to see. The POV should be played when the feeds are dark so that's the big info everyone's gonna be trying to figure out when they come back on as that should tell us who the F3 will be. If McCrae doesn't win 1 of those 2 comps he's definitely out. If he does I believe Andy may be a goner unless he won the other comp with all the talk about how tough he'd be to beat in F2. If Andy and McCrae win the 2 comps I'd imagine GM would be the 1 evicted. So basically as far as I'm concerned Spencer is pretty much guaranteed F3 regardless.


Digi Dare said...

I have heard GM begin to purge directly after eating three times on the live feeds. She also told Nick that it is a problem for her. I also heard Aaryn complain a couple of times that there was "puke" on the toilet again. The doctor called her in and she promised not to do it anymore. This bothers me so much! My best friend struggles with anorexia. It has changed her in so many ways and she would be the first to tell you that she does not always think clearly. With that said, if they all have to pass a psych test, then why does she remain there? Even though I can't stand the person that GM is, can you imagine what is going to happen to her once she is out of the house and is hit with actually "reality"?!? Its irresponsible to have kept her in there this long.

laserkat said...

I too have had a hard time figuring out why the HGs hate Elissa. I do think for her to be sooo hated by the entire house, there must be something to it. I have noticed that a recurring theme of their hatred is how she had a superior attitude & made them feel like they were not worthy of her presence & although I didn't see it, I have come to believe, there must be something to it.

Anonymous said...

From the talk in the house the stuff on the feeds this morning will be what airs on BBAD tonight apparently.



If all the HG universally detest one houseguest (Elissa), put your personal feelings aside, because they are the ones that had to live with it. If they universally hated her, they are right and you are wrong.

rigs said...

Wouldn't it be great if GGAD filled the time during the black out with footage from the jury house?

Anonymous said...

@Digi Dare

I have a family member with anorexia and you are right it is a huge issue that affects all areas of her life. I also believe it is irresponsible to keep GM in the house if she is regularly purging, she needs help not isolation and stress. Also, when she gets out and finds out about her life being destroyed, she is going to spiral into an even more depressed state.

Eating disorders are psychological problems just like any other illness and shouldn't be ignored or played with.

thisbearbites said...

I think the hatred toward Elissa is their own insecurities of her success in life outside the house. They have stated many times, in distaste, how unfair it is for a "rich" person to battle along side of them. "They NEED it, SHE doesn't." A very immature attitude at best, but that is what we the viewers have had to put up with all season. Elissa LOVES the game of BB, pure and simple. She did her best to maintain her home values in the game. If she failed there at all - I don't think many of us could have done any better.
I am very unforgiving of racism, bullying, misogyny, and don't think there is anyone left who deserves to win anything. Of the lesser of evils - unfortunately, it sounds like Judd is going home.
Many dislike the game Andy has played. But if a houseguest can't win in the competitions, he played the only game left and did it very well.
McCrae has proved that when not attached to a succubus, he has everything it takes to win.
This should show future houseguests, that a showmance can break your game. If BB has a future after this season's continuing fiasco.
By the way, kudos on "romantical", made me laugh!

Razldazlrr said...

Craig - agreed - my bet is that as bad as some of the other houseguests were, they were still easier to be around and fun at times. I got the impression early on that Elissa is not a female I would care to be friends with. She has a huge superiority complex, major ego, is very passive aggressive and probably just not fun to be around. Amanda and GM have mouths, but probably good for a glass of wine and a few laughs. LIke perv Spencer said, he felt like she didn't even want to be in the room with him. I would have a tough time mixing with this crew but in this game, you have to. (and life in the house would be hell if you didn't try!)

Anonymous said...


I'm sure Elissa fans will say she wasn't hated by Howard, Candice or Helen and those 4 were the only "good people" in this season's cast. And that in a house full of "bad people" the "good person" would be the outcast.


Rebecca McCamish said...

@CRAIG and others:

Craig you are correct. Elissa was so universally hated that she needed Helen to "translate" for her and make alliances for Elissa and do pretty much everything in the game for Elissa.

Elissa refused to socialize with anyone, make friendships with "those people" whom she'd "never be friends with outside of the BB house." She constantly made snotty comments to HGs faces and pretended like she didn't. She had the most insane reactions I've ever seen (yes, that includes Evel Dick, Janelle, Rachel, and Amanda...). Literally, the only person I can think of on reality TV who had a looser grasp of "reality" was some dude on Survivor who was like a 3-pack-a-day smoker that quit cold turkey before going on the island and then had a breakdown so bad that he would sit on the beach talking into a piece of driftwood as if it were a phone.

Not very high marks for Elissa's connection to humanity or her compassion.

Amanda at least knew when she'd done something wrong and felt bad about it (not even mugging for the camera). Elissa never showed a SHRED of actual remorse. While Amanda warned Aaryn that she was being portrayed as a racist outside of the house and told her to cut it out, Elissa--a white girl--played the RACE CARD for HER OWN GAME PLAY, using it in front of Helen to make Helen try to go after their perceived enemies like Aaryn.

Yes. That's how disgusting Elissa was. She was like, "Yeah, but they're being so /racist/..." And Helen was like, "I know. I'M a minority..."

You would think that racism from is bad enough, but the only thing WORSE is playing the race card when you're white and privileged.

Deneeza Marchbanks said...

I believe that Elissa got a good edit, you never saw her without Helen taking strategy with anyone. You could tell she had a superior attitude to the others. With that being said I still admire her for being the only person to speak up about the bullying and the racial comments. The rest of these idiots didn't make one decision on their own. I hate to think anyone of them will win. Everyone seems to be rooting for Judd, this I don't understand. He hasn't did anything to deserve to win, and I'd anyone but Elissa won HoH he would have went home the same week he came back in. I seer McCray winning either HoH or veto in any upcoming comps. This season want about winning comps, or strategy. The house changes weekly but that's what happens when floaters make it to the end.

Janely Castro said...

Not necessarily most of the house guest love GM and have mentioned before how her racist comments don't bother them because shes so love able. Maybe its just me but i don't care how love able GM is shes still ignorant and i want her out.Once the HG's knew for sure that Elissa was related to Rachael they found things to hate about her. I think any player going in BB related to a former big player will have the same issue. Of course Elissa isn't gonna have the same game as her sister their just related their not the same person.

Anumol said...

At this stage if I was Judd, To ensure Mcraes vote, I would pull him aside and come clean about the exterminators and Andy voting Amanda out and team up with McRae to get him further in the game.

Becktuck said...

So if a child is hated by all her classmates...for whatever reason (she is socially awkward, she is different, she is shy, she doesn't want to join in in whatever things they do that she doesn't think are right, or she's even been mean to them) that makes their behavior "right"? That may be their perception but I don't see how it can be held up as a fact (hating someone for whatever reason is " right"). It's an opinion. I think there were a select few who latched on to some things she would do, and in constantly talking about it, others have come to believe whatever bad thing is said about the woman who keeps to herself many times. Every one in that house has been nasty to someone else...none of them are without fault but to say It's a matter of right and wrong is silly. Soooo as long as everyone else is doing it it makes it the correct behavior according to that logic? She may have been all the things they've said about her and even THEN hate isn't "right".....and NOT hating someone isn't "wrong" sounds to me like they all just continue to try and justify their behavior....why do they even care at this point?

Becktuck said...

Who knows how many of them are just saying what they've heard parroted for 2 months...who knows what's really BEHIND the actions they detest so much in the first place? Who knows what's behind THEIR disdain of her within themselves? It's all conjecture...

Traci said...

Frankly after watching this group, I would say Elissa IS better than them. None of this final five have any reason to hold their heads high when leaving this house. They are disgusting people...and not due to editing! Also, I'm unclear why so many people say "so & so doesn't NEED 25k, or to win the money" It's a game, Not charity. Need of financial assistance is not a criteria for winning money.

Punkinbugg said...

Here are a few stats, as of 9/9/13:

HoH wins:
GM, McCrae-2
Elissa, Spencer, Judd, Andy, Helen – 1

POV wins:
Aaryn, Spencer, Judd, Andy, Amanda, Jessie, Kaitlin, Jeremy -1

McCrae, Aaryn, Amanda, GM, Candice-3
Judd, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Helen-2
Andy, Howard, Nick, David-1

Have Nots:
Amanda, Helen-4
Andy, Judd, GM, Candice, Elissa-3
Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn, Howard-1

Grand Total – HoH, POV, HN and NOM’s added together:
Elissa – 11
Spencer – 10
McCrae, Aaryn – 9
GM, Amanda – 8
Helen, Judd – 7
Candice, Andy – 6
Kaitlin, Jeremy – 3
Nick, David-1

Cash + Prizes:
Spencer – $10K + trip to Bahamas
McCrae, Candice, Judd – $5K
Andy – $94.83

Remaining HG’s
Spencer 1POV/1HoH/7NOMS/$10K+trip/HN1
McCrae 2HoH/3POV/3NOMS/$5K/HN1
Judd 1HoH/1POV/$5K/2NOMS/HN3
GM 2 HoH/0POV/3NOMS/0 cash/HN3
Andy 1HoH/1POV/1NOM/$94.83/HN3

Anonymous said...

I've actually since heard that CBS is not allowing the general public to attend tonight's taped eviction this year. No tickets were given out, so it's CBS staff only.


Punkinbugg said...

MC admits Amanda put confetti in Elissa's bag Sep 9 at 10:29pm. I KNEW IT.

Razldazlrr said...

Hmmm Brian - you think it's because they don't want the info to leak out? I bet we still find out! LOL


OMG!!! Confetti? None of you had to spend time with Elissa 24/7, so it is only logical to rely on the people who were. Rachel's sister could have been a friendly, positive, fun person, and instead, we got Elissa.

Anonymous said...


That wouldn't do Judd much good as it doesn't really matter if he gets McCrae's vote as with 2 votes Andy and Spencer control who gets evicted tonight.


Rebecca McCamish said...


In fact, Amanda did speak up about the racial comments to Aaryn's face. Twice. She told Aaryn to her face that Aaryn was "being portrayed as a racist" outside of the BB house and that she shouldn't make comments like that. She did this on two occasions. One was to shut Aaryn up, and the other was just to tell her to cut it out.

Please don't act like Saint Elissa was the only person to stand up to racism in the house.

And before you ask? Yes. They made multiple racial (for it is racial) slurs against Amanda for being Jewish.

I know, she said some risque things in the house, some of which could tip over into racism but some of which was not. It doesn't make her perfect, but it makes her *yes* the only HG to confront the racism head-on by direct means and without any sugar coating. Can't say the same for Elissa who mostly whined about it to Candice and Howard and Helen--who were coincidentally minorities who might see her more favorably if she was "sticking up" for them.



Elissa was totally playing that angle and was not sincere in the slightest. But you had to watch the feeds a lot to catch it. I know I caught Helen telling Elissa at least twice "Hey, I'm the minority here."

So... let's put our reality game show in some reality perspective. ;)

Anonymous said...


That's got to be the reason cause I know everything leaked out last year. There's most likely gonna be a bunch of people claiming stuff which will probably make it difficult to figure out what's real if any of it. I mean it's not too hard to predict. We know Judd's gonna be evicted. This HOH comp is usually the step forward or step back before or after comp. And knowing that you gotta figure it a 2 horse race and I'd favor Andy winning it.


Anumol said...


Thats's true...but it would probably cause drama, officially expose Andy and make for good tv .

Anonymous said...


Andy and Spencer have been lying to Judd telling him he's staying so Judd would have no interest in costing himself those 2 votes to get McCrae's meaningless vote just to cause drama.


Leah Pants said...

I think that even if BB missed her alleged eating disorder during interviews and psych exams,they now have an obligation to take care of her. You are probably not the only one who had heard her vomiting. What bothers me is that the doctor is telling her to knock it off instead of getting the help she really needs.

EwaRey said...

@ rebeca Puerto Rican shower is not risqué it's racism pure and simple

Rebecca McCamish said...


Yes. "Puerto Rican shower is pretty racist. A lot less racist than, say, half of the houseguests, but still not something you should say.

Flip side? It's an EXTREEEEEMELY common saying where Amanda comes from. I won't discuss why. Let's just say she's been hearing that her whole life. Pretty sure it's hard not to parrot the saying.

EwaRey said...

I think that's just as excuse just like Aaryn saying that's how people from Texas talk. I have never seen so many racist people on BB and it is a shame that they didn't call Amanda out for her racism.

crane guy said...

I completely agree! It is nothing but someone trying to justify there racist behavior. Face it these aren't children they no right from wrong and are making there own decisions. Not a "product of there enviroment".

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