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Monday, September 9, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (Quickie Post)

Good afternoon, BB addicts! The day has been rather uneventful in the Big Brother house today. Spencer did his HOH blog & then they took HOH pics.

1:48pm BBT:
Before Spencer came downstairs from being locked up in his HOH room, there was speculation amongst the HG's that maybe it was a Pandora's Box that Spencer got...

...but nope..he was just doing his blog & HOH tweets. No big whoop. In the pic above, Andy was knocking on the HOH door to see if Spencer was still in there.

The HG's now know that tomorrow is an eviction. GM has already started packing up her stuff since she's on the block, though Judd will most likely be the one going to jury tomorrow. Speaking of Judd, he said today that he doesn't want him nor GM to be blindsided.

Around 3:30pm BBT, Andy/McCrae talked on the BY couch and both said they'd want to take each other to the end (Final 2). Is that true? Who knows. I give up trying to figure out these houseguests after so many alliances, Final 4/3/2 deals. lol During this convo, McCrae said he's all for keeping GM this week. (About 30 mins prior to this convo, Andy/Spencer talked and they both said they "don't know what to do", as far as who to get rid of this week.)

3:56pm BBT:
Andy/Judd/Spencer are non-game talking on the BY couch.

GM is in the Diary Room.

3:59pm BBT:
Andy/Spencer have less than 30 seconds to talk before GM interupted them.

Andy even mentioned how both GM/Judd are "on their a**es today" and can't talk alone. During their very brief convo, Andy said that as much as he loves Judd, he thinks he's gotta go.

Then out comes GM.

GM tells the boys that she thinks McCrae is gonna wanna make a F2 deal with her.

4:04pm BBT:
Andy was just called into the D.R. The HG's are doing their goodbye messages.

**Alrighty, I'll be back tomorrow with The Overnighter as usual! I'll see y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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Skeeter Bug said...

Does anyone know if BB16 has been confirmed?

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anyway Andy or McCrae would take each other to F2. That would be the most difficult road for both of them of the options left. That's purely just trying to get the other to keep them around in case the choice isn't up to them.


Ginger Rose said...

I just recently came across this blog and I'm very happy that I did but wish I would have found it earlier in the season. Looks like you put a great deal of work into it so thank you! Great job!

shana said...

I think Big Brother people owe us another season and not make us wait another year!! I really feel like I got ripped off this year.... Out of the 5 left well 4 after Judd leaves I don't think any deserves to win, They all kinda deserve 2 nd place maybe but not first!!

Ste ven said...

GM really shows her stupidity telling end McRae wants a F2 deal with her.. Take it. Andy has a F2 with all the F4. Hope they don't blindside Judd.. Its just mean. Still hoping someone sees thru Andy. If Judd wouldve talked to McRae before veto ceremony, he might have been able to get Andy on the block & the panic Andy (or us it THE guy from Modern Family) would have would be nice to see.. Hes Super confident he can get to the end. Its hard seeing Spence winning against anyone but GM. I think they all believe they could beat her if they drag her & she'd be more than happy with 50k

Deneeza Marchbanks said...

I stumbled across this blog and it ROCKS!!! This is my first year watching BB and this blog and comments have given more life. I don't see why Judd should win when he was voted out, had time for the power to shift then bought back in the game. The only reason he is still there is because of timing. If Helen hadn't went home the week before, Judd would have came in and got voted out in the same week.

Mike Balunda said...

I was happy to see in the DR tape sessions that McCrae knows Andy was the one who voted Amanda out. After hearing him I think he made the right play, basically letting Andy believe he got away with it without suspicion. During the double eviction I was thinking he was completely oblivious to what happened. No matter what McCrae did he was going to be the target but his game logic was pretty sound as far as getting Elissa out. He also knows at least Spencer/Judd/Andy are all working together too so he'll be playing to win everything no matter what stupid ideas they float his way.

Brandy said...

Im sorry 2 all of you whos 1st BB this was. This yr has been very disappointing. Poor andy doesnt like it when someone else pulls a code red on him. Why should he get 2 talk in private when no1 else got 2 all season. Andy is a college instructor on public speaking? Wow these last few days the only words Ive heard him say are c**t and b*t*h.

Anonymous said...


If Andy and Spencer want to keep GM over Judd I'd imagine then McCrae would figure she must be in with them as well as why else would they keep her over Judd.


Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

Spencer controlled who went up as the renom so Judd talking with McCrae had no bearing as Spencer was never gonna put Andy up.


Becktuck said...

I honestly think McCrae was glad for Amanda to go(he certainly can't say that without the chance of her hearing about it if he makes it to the end) but seriously....he seemed really nonplussed by her departure. I think he might have been hoping it would happen so he could play his own game, and not have to try to keep her happy anymore. He knew HE couldn't do it but I REALLY think he was glad....just a thought....


They are going to blindside Judd because they know he would freak out 'like a wounded animal'(remember his first eviction?)in the days leading up to eviction. They want it quick and clean.
Who says these people are dumb? GM just learned today that San Francisco is in California. The key to staying young is to never stop learning.

barb coles said...

Andy s a whining little brat. Lies all the time the way he talks about women is disgusting. I thought as an educator he would no better. I can not wait to see him and the others find out exactly how peooke feel about them.

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