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Friday, September 27, 2013

Final Blog Post of BB15

And now it's time to say goodbye to BB15. No more updates, no more pictures, no more videos. *le sigh* It's over and we must move on.

"But first..." 

One more picture! ;) lol This was the last look at the BB15 house before they started to dismantle it and get it ready for BB16 construction. Kinda eery looking.

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See ya there!!

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1 comment:

Heat said...

Just wanted to make a quick comment on what needs to change in the game. If you look at past seasons and especially this season you will see why it clearly pays to float/coast. Until Big Brother rids itself of the "crapshoot" HOH competitions that are designed for any HG to get lucky and win, you will always see floaters go far. Anyone who wins a comp becomes a target and any powerful alliances are unable to maintain any power because the comps are completely based on luck. Every competition should require some skill, practice, or memory whether it be a puzzle or whatever.

On a side note I would like to see them bring back longer Diary room sessions where players actually speak their mind about the game, their strategy and other players. Not the obviously rehearsed and scripted one-liners.

Would also like to see the Round-table section done how it was in the first 7 seasons or so of big brother rather than a few minutes of live-awkward rambling. It's nice to see the players and jury members actually converse and explain themselves more.

Well those are my thoughts, thanks for posting/listening. On a side note, would love to see a forum of some sort here. This is my only spot for BB updates every summer.

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