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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to y'all!! Hope everyone had a great Sunday yesterday! :D I had a wonderful day out to mingle with people, have a few laughs, and watch some football. Yay for football season!

Yesterday during the day, nothing much happened. (The HG's didn't fully wake up until around 4pm BBT). However, there was some game talk last night that I'll cover in the Overnighter...though nothing has changed. Judd will be the replacement nom today as scheduled and he will most likely be leaving tomorrow during the special eviction.

Last night, Spencer/Andy came up with a (stupid) plan to try to get McCrae to use the veto on GinaMarie & in return, she would promise to throw the next HOH to him. (*Not gonna happen & McCrae's not dumb lol) I'll cover all of that in the Overnighter.

Let's hop to it!

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11:40pm BBT:
HOH Room
"The Plan" is born.

Spencer: "I feel like he's got me & you. (Spencer/Mc made a F2 deal) And going into next week, with us being the majority, it feels good. He feels safe with me & you. And that's the majority."
Andy: "Yea."
Spencer: "If something could (happen), making the Exterminators the Final 4, I'd love it."

Spencer told Andy to try to convince McCrae to use the veto on GinaMarie. Andy is skeptical that it'd work & thinks there's no way he'd do that. Spencer suggests telling McCrae that him (Mc) & GM are close, to convince her to throw the next HOH comp to him and he'll pull her off from the block. (This is so that they could vote McCrae out, but they would lie & say they're getting Judd out.)

Andy agrees to give it a shot.

12:35am BBT:
Andy fills in GM with the plan.
Andy tells her that the plan could be quickly squashed if McCrae says no, but if he doesn't say no, then she's gotta play the role to him that she'd throw the next HOH comp for him.

12:48am BBT:
Andy pitches "The Plan" to McCrae in the HOH room with Spencer.
Andy: "...and (GM) was like 'I'll keep my word this time, if that ensures that I stay..'..I don't want to jeopardize your safety at all, but I honestly think she means it."

McCrae: "I don't know..that's f**ckin' crazy."
Spencer: "She's scared of a boys alliance."
McCrae: "It doesn't make sense. To me. If she offered up her (makeup) as collateral, why would we take her stuff and vote her out?"
Spencer: "That's GM, I guess."
McCrae: "If I didn't use it on Amanda, why the f**k would I use it on her."
Spencer: "You're safe regardless."
McCrae: "This is guaranteed final 4 (right here)."
Andy: "..but if she does throw that HOH (to you), then that'd be awesome."
McCrae: "....what the f**k..." *thinking*

McCrae: "The other thing is, Judd would be pissed off at me. He would be so f**cking livid.."
Andy: "Yea."

1:02am BBT:
They're still talking about the plan. McCrae seems very hesitant.
1:05am BBT:
Andy leaves to go "pick GM's brain" a little bit.

Andy: "I'll be right back."
Andy leaves.

Spencer: "What are you thinkin'?"
McCrae: "I'm thinkin' 'f*ck that!'"
Spencer/McCrae laugh.

Spencer: "That's what I'd be thinking, too."
McCrae: "To me, it doesn't make sense...and it'd be the perfect opportunity to get rid of me. To me, it just seems way too weird. Super weird."
Spencer: "That's...that's a GinaMarie deal..if it was me, I'd just take my chances with GM not winning HOH."

McCrae agrees.

Meanwhile, Andy is telling GM that he thinks McCrae is taking the bait. She's laughing.
1:30am BBT:
McCrae still isn't taking the bait, Andy is pushing a little bit, saying that it'd be great to have the next HOH comp thrown to one of them.

Andy: "Oh GinaMarie...making wavvvess."
McCrae laughs.
Andy: "You could just say no."
McCrae: "That's an awesome game move, from her perspective. She is here to play."

1:45am BBT:
McCrae is telling GM that he doesn't trust Andy/Spencer to not vote him out if he were to use the veto on her.

GM is telling McCrae to do what's best for his game, no matter what that is & that she won't tell him what to do..he won the veto fair & square.

McCrae: "I trust you, because once you give your word, it's good. The thing I don't trust, is them two. (Andy/Spencer)...they put me up as a target this whole time. The reason they want me to do this, is so that they can get me out anyways. That's what's really scary."

GM: "I gotcha."

2:26am BBT:
GM fills in Judd with the plan and what's been going on.

2:49am BBT:
Spencer/Andy/McCrae are talking again in the HOH room.
McCrae says he's using the veto on himself and he's not gonna be another "Marcellus" (BB3).

**That's pretty much the gist of things from last night. Today is the veto ceremony, McCrae will come down, Judd will go up & as it stands, will go to jury tomorrow. I'll start a new post once the HG's wake up! :D

Stay tuned...
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Eddie McGhee said...

God I hope nasty Spencer or the rat Andy do not win

Anonymous said...

So we learned something unexpected on last night's show McCrae actually didn't get duped as he thought Andy was the one lying but thought it better to get rid of Elissa anyway. And now that I think about it I suppose it makes sense. Even if Elissa voted to keep Amanda she hadn't proved herself to be a loyal and trusted ally. At least 2 or 3 times she's done a complete 180 and changed course on her plans all of a sudden. So if she'd stayed there's not much evidence to support she'd have worked with McCrae even for a week let alone the rest of the game. She very well might've come out of the DR the next day saying McCrae is too strong in comps and she can't beat him in F2 so he has to go. McCrae's best and now only chance to get to the end is to keep winning comps so in that light it seems logical to get rid of the biggest comp threat.


Andy Tatnall said...

I'm a little bit surprised that, rather than accepting that the Exterminators are over and that they should start making deals with McCrae, all of these guys are making foolish ploys to salvage the vote this week. He's a competition-winner, and all they're doing is ensuring that none of them have his trust: particularly Andy, in even bringing this deal to him. After all, why wouldn't GM just go to McCrae with this offer herself if they're not all allied?

I just wish they'd quit being so pleased with themselves on the back, as if forming a four-person alliance when there are seven people left, and then having some success, is such a brag-worthy achievement.

AmiLrn said...

McCrae would have to have sustained a severe head injury recently to fall for that crazy plan lol

Razldazlrr said...

Come on - If MCC was stupid enough to waste his POV, he deserves to be evicted.

Shannon said...

What a stupid plan on the part of The Exterminators. All it is doing is solidifying in McCrae's mind that they are all working together, and want him out. It's also insulting his intelligence. I have heard McCrae mention many times - he doesn't like being treated like a dumb kid, which is pretty much what they are doing. Bad move, Exterminators, bad move.

Anonymous said...

Does Spencer really think McCrae is that dumb to use the POV on GM especially when he wouldn't even use it on Amanda? I'm wondering if he was just trying to make Andy look sketchier to McCrae by having him pitch this ridiculous plan to him in order for Spencer to position himself ahead of Andy in McCrae's eyes in case he wins again. That certainly would make more sense than thinking this plan would actually work.


Punkinbugg said...

If any of them were smarter, they'd vote out Andy right now. The jury is full of women he betrayed, and they will probably agree that he played the best game by fooling them.

Punkinbugg said...

If they were any smarter, they would vote out Andy right now. The jury is full of women he played: Helen, Amanda, Elissa, Candice, Jessie - 5 votes to win. They will agree that he deserves to win because he fooled them into thinking they could trust him.

Atlanta said...

These guys are really getting "FULL" of themselves. a
Apparently, they think have all sorts of powers now. Seems like all they did was lay their cards out and let Mccrae know they really want him out.
Watching last nts episode was painful for me for several reasons which I wont list (my lunch is almost over). I will just say that watching Andy try his hand at acting was a joke. Mccrae even said himself he knew Andy was being dishonest yet he went ahead w/his noms. I think in his mind he just dismissed that gut feeling (re:Andy) and thought keeping the guys off the block would be better.

Anonymous said...


Or it could just as easily go the other way where the Jury is bitter and feels betrayed and votes against him.


Becktuck said...

You're probably right about her changing her mind but if anyone had been truly loyal to her I don't believe this would be how she played at all. She never had any idea who to trust other than Helen. However she was right not to trust any of those people because they've all talked about their plan to evict her this entire game. She was not included in all the game talk "unless they were lying to her" and I really think she didn't know what to do without having anyone to trust. It would be more entertaining (imo) if she were still there BECAUSE of the unpredictabity. You never know....if McCrae had made a REAL deal with her she may have followed through if she came to see Andy was lying about his Amanda vote.....or she could continue to be totally snowed by the "Exterminators". Just like these 5 she would have to win comps....there's not THAT much strategy left. McCrae wouldn't be the Target right now if she were still there and one of them would already be far as last nights episode I could not stand how horrible they were to her...I know that was their "game" but it was just as much personal and they somehow think whatever "flip flops" she's made are her being " a crazy psycho b****" and THEIR " flip flops" are somehow genius....I felt awful for her. I don't think she cares at all about the 25k (probably does care about being America's favorite) but who wouldn't....I think all the bashing and the way she was treated during the DE is going to go far for getting her that vote...

Atlanta said...

Definitely think Spencer was sitting there thinking "yeah, I'll just make Andy look stupid if Mccrae doesnt go 4 the plan. Its no skin off his back.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Becktuck: Elissa spent a very large portion of the game not wanting to hang out with "those people," people with whom she would "never associate with" outside of the BB house. People she considered beneath her--even when the house was full and there were a variety of personalities.

She isolated herself, and nobody wanted to talk game with her because of that isolation. Helen BY NECESSITY became a "translator" for Elissa, making deals that were beneficial to E even if Elissa refused to play the game herself.

Trust me, it wasn't a matter of them picking a name out of a hat to hate. She did it to herself by treating other HG's poorly, isolating herself, and then insulting people to their faces--regardless of whether they'd treated her poorly or not.

So, no, no sympathy here. I would have liked to have seen her and McCrae team up this week myself. But win? Stay in the house? No. Elissa did not deserve to win.

Becktuck said...

I didn't think she "deserved" to win, I haven't thought she was a smart game player period... I just see her actions differently. They hated her because she didn't tell them she was Rachel's sister from day 1. I heard many of these people say they wouldn't hang out with "these people" outside the house, Andy being one (there were about 5 or 6 people in the room. She came from a different place in her life and the longer time went on the more she saw the disgusting things they said about each other. When she rebuffed people patronizing her when she was upset it was because she didn't have any reason to believe they were sincere. I personally wouldn't act like her, those are all people I could never see myself hanging out with(I'm an introvert) some people just like to keep to themselves, especially when noone likes you. There were many times her attitude or demeanor bothered me-a lot, but I do not see how she is somehow WORSE than the others. I never thought she would win....I think the "peer pressure" of the house was to not like Elissa. She was in social scenarios with them many times being perfectly nice and the second she walked away they'd all say how much they hated her. Why? Because she was not just like them? Because she had a time where she thought the better choice might be to go home to her son? As a mom I COULD NOT leave my children for a week let alone a whole Summer so I really don't think the hg who were not parents could possibly understand that pull. Helen made good points to her about it but I can completely understand that coming on her and her wanting her child more than anything. It's completely irrational sometimes what you would do for your child and some parents are like that, some aren't. She didn't walk so I don't see how her expressing how she felt is something to hold against her. I think she is completely misunderstood and doesn't feel the need to justify herself to everyone all the time. Why does she have to LIKE "these people"....and I'm sure that feeling was intensified by the inability to have a moment away from them. Not everyone is totally socially comfortable in a foreign situation. She probably should've stayed a fan and not come on the show. I don't think she was cut out for it but nevertheless she did it and did what she could with it. I do not see the reason to slander someone the way they have. It's such a pack mentality....gang up on the weak have your opinion about her, and I have a totally different read on the situation. People are just different than each other and it doesn't mean either should hate the other....get over it f5 she's gone!

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