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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! Hope you guys & gals are having a great weekend so far. Yesterday, Spencer put up McCrae/GM as the nominations for this week as planned. McCrae still is still the target, with either GM or Judd as the backup plan should McCrae win Veto today. (Spencer would rather GM go, as Andy thinks it might be better to get rid of Judd..though they both agree that taking GM to Final 3 might be a dangerous thing.) Andy has a Final 2 deal with GM, as Spencer has a Final 2 deal with Judd. Neither Spencer/Andy know of their secret F2 deals, hence the reason for the conflict between who would go home if McCrae wins veto.

As I reported yesterday, The Exterminators want to make McCrae feel safe this week so that he doesn't win try as hard to win Veto. Yea, I don't see that happening. McCrae is a fan of BB and he knows when it gets down to these low numbers, every HOH/Veto win is crucial to survival.

Okay, let's dive into the Overnighter!!

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8:42pm BBT:
Everyone sits down for a chicken parm dinner, courtesy of GM.
BB Drill Sargent: *whistle blows* "Give me 57 lunges!!"
Judd: "57?"
GM: "Go easy so you don't vomit."
Judd: "Oh my god."
Andy: "Judd's lunges are my favorite."

BB Drill Sargent: "Hey Judd! I heard you like to party!"
Judd: "Yea.."
BB Drill Sargent:  "Come on, party darty!"

BB Drill Sargent: "After I'm done with you, maybe you'll lost that J-U-Double Chin!"
All HG's laugh.

Judd: "54...55..56...57."
BB Drill Sargent: "Nice job, soldier!"

9:05pm BBT:
The HG's have been on inside lockdown since the double eviction, as production builds the Veto Comp for today.

McCrae: "They're still drillin' out there."

They wonder who will host it, since they're all playing in the veto comp.

Andy: "What if one of us has to host as we're doing the comp? ...'and Judd is in the lead'...(as Andy simulates the veto comp maze they did on Thursday.)

11:54pm BBT:
Judd has to do situps, per the BB Drill Sargent.

Judd: "How many?"
Andy: "75."

Judd is out of breath..
Judd: "60."
Andy is laughing.

Judd: "65..."
GM: "Come on, 10 more! Move it, p**sy."
Judd is laughing...

Judd: "Shut up!"

Judd: "SEVENTYYYYY. Ahhhh!!"
Andy/GM are laughing.

Judd: "75. I f**cking hate you, Drill Sargent!"

Drill Sargent: "You are dismissed!"

Punishment is over.

12:15am BBT:
McCrae/GM are now free from their friendship bracelet chain.

12:50am BBT:

Andy/Spencer are talking to McCrae, trying to make him feel safe this week so he 'doesn't fight that hard for veto' today. They're blowing a bunch of smoke up his wazoo. Andy is claiming that he voted to keep Amanda and that it was Elissa who didn't and how "worried" he was that McCrae would win HOH and send him (Andy) to jury if he didn't believe him.

McCrae: "She asked me if I voted Amanda out, then said it must have been Andy."
Andy: "I almost give her props, it was a big f**cking plan (to frame me)!"
McCrae: "I was like 'what the f**k!' and then GM said (Elissa) told her about the fake ring." (*It was Andy, not Elissa. Andy told the Exterminators.)

They start talking about jury votes, then back to what's going on this week.

Spencer: "It's either gonna be Judd or GinaMarie (that goes to jury this week)." (*McCrae is still the target, of course.)

They went on to do some Elissa bashing, McCrae said that Amanda leaving is better for his game..both Spencer/Andy agreed...McCrae said Judd worries him, Andy/Spencer agree and say that he worries the both of them, too.

1:35am BBT:
Spencer/McCrae are still talking in the HOH room.

They hope that Elissa walked & never went to jury.

McCrae: "Its down to the nitty gritty."
Spencer is telling McCrae that Judd is the target this week. 

Spencer: "This week is cool, next week..I hope I can f**ckin' trust you."
McCrae: "Yea."
Spencer: "We got the numbers, we just gotta make it to Final 3 and may the best man win."
McCrae: "Yea, I agree. It'll be fun."

McCrae heads to bed.
McCrae: "Night, night."

1:48am BBT:
McCrae is reading his letter from home under his covers. Sniffling from crying can be heard.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Today, it all comes down to veto. If McCrae wins, he stays. If not, he goes. Simple as that. As of 8:38am BBT, all HG's are sleeping.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Spencer and Andy it's kind of hard to make McCrae feel safe this week when you put him on the block as the initial nom. That's why like I said they should've put up Judd and GM if they wanted any remote chance of making McCrae feel safe.


Anonymous said...

Julie said something on Thu about a former BB winner surprising the HGs which would air on Wed. I'm guessing maybe they will host the POV comp possibly. I wonder if the former BB winner will be Rachel. Hahaha


Jamie said...

I'm guessing it'll be Hayden. He's on Survivor this season and it'll be to promote the show, i'm sure.

•~catty~• said...

Andy & McCrae have been my picks for F2 all along...since wayyyyy back...I saw all of the HG's interviews with Jeff just before they actually walked in the door of the BB house, and I picked both of these dudes out as my dream F2. That said, it's CRAZY how they're now part of the F5, and the three others with them? ICK. Judd should have been gone, period. So lame that all he had to do was beat a couple of women at a ball-catching comp to get back in. Hope he is out next. GM?! What can one say? Not sure if ANY BB fan is even rooting for her to win at all; she needs to go after Judd. So, that leaves Andy, McCrae, & Spencer. Arghhhhh! Spencer? The guy with the record of most times on the block in a season?! Unreal! I wonder if he will be blindsighted by Andy or if McCrae will just dominate all of the final comps?

First, McCrae HAS TO WIN VETO today!!!!!!! That's what it comes down to for my F2 prediction to come true. Looking back, I probably should have bet real $$. lol

Andy/McCrae all the WAY!!! :) Gotta love BB!

Ryan McMillan said...

Is it just me or has this season been kind of a dud? I havent found anyone this season that I was really pulling for or against. I thought for sure there would be more drama. I realize there has been drama and a lot of racial slurs, etc, but over all, I dont feel like this season has been very interesting. Look at the final's basically four floaters. One could make an argument for Andy's social game, and maybe even Spencer's social game, however Spencer has benefited more from going up against bigger targets on the block and making himself mostly invisible as a threat of any type. Same for GM. I havent really been following Judd. He did win to get back in but he was evicted because he was playing a poor game. I guess Im hoping McCrae wins because he has really been the only one to perform

**Alea73** said...

I kinduh Think Rachel would be Guesting if Elissa was Still in the House, but Hayden would be the next Best Choice....

brian said...

lol, Rachel would be a horrible choice. most people can't stand her annoying voice. Hayden would be alright.

Anonymous said...


I don't think they could've had Rachel have any interaction with Elissa while she was in the house. I was really only joking about it being Rachel now that Elissa is out cause it could be very entertaining given all the bashing they've been doing about her sister. I think that'd open up the chance of way too much volatility though which they probably wouldn't even use on the show since they haven't aired much of the Elissa bashing anyway outside of Amanda's rampage.

I think Jamie's legitimate guess of Hayden is a great one. They usually always promote a movie or a show upcoming on CBS and even though Survivor is an old show it makes sense with the BB crossover this year to promote it to that audience. Also I think it's a clue that Julie just promoted a former BB winner that it'd be someone bland like Hayden cause if it was someone big she would've said who it was rather than leave it a mystery.


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you can get your dream F2 of McCrae and Andy as I don't think either would pick each other if they won the final HOH. I think they'd both take the easier route to win by picking Spencer.


Rebecca McCamish said...


Survivor is an "old show" that still kicks ass!

I really do respect it more than BB. BB is my summer guilty pleasure, but Survivor is where my heart is. When Jeff Probst retires, I'm going to cry my little eyes out. Just sayin'.

Go back to camp. Got nothin' for ya.

Anonymous said...


No disrespect meant to Survivor whatsoever when I called it an old show. I love Survivor as well. I simply meant that when CBS uses BB to promote an upcoming fall show it's always a new series that needs to build an audience. Survivor is a staple that has it's audience but could maybe get some BB fans that don't typically watch to tune in for Hayden this season.



Speaking of Survivor, I wonder how much the gimmick this season of 'Blood vs Water' comes from Probst's talk show? Relationships vs. Family, it sounds like an episode of Dr. Phil. And I'm sure it will be hugely successful.

•~catty~• said...

@ Brian.....thanks for popping my balloon-lol-just kidding! We will see, right?!

McCrae just won veto and is now sitting with Spencer & Andy trying to figure out which of the 2 (GM or Judd) needs to go. Hello, blindside Judd, especially with GM now hurt and maybe needing stitches for a cut she just got during the veto comp. She should be easy to beat, UNLESS it's a luck or counting comp for the next HOH.

I'm still rooting for Andy & McCrae to make F2, but, Brian, you could be right with neither of them wanting to take the other because Spencer is easier to beat. Either way, my dream F2 should at least make F3, unless Spencer replaces GM with Andy, which is unlikely.

Anonymous said...

It couldn't be Hayden though, could it? Survivor has been filming for a couple weeks now I think.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure Survivor is already done filming.


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