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Monday, September 2, 2013

Morning in the Big Brother 15 House

At 10:12am BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means we have the Veto Ceremony underway. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below, though I'm pretty sure McCrae will use the veto on himself and then Spencer will most likely be the renom.

The Replacement Nom is:


11:03am BBT:
Feeds are back!

BB: "Amanda, please go to the Diary Room."

Judd: "Final 6. Final 6 is awesome."
Andy: "I still don't know who I want out first, Elissa or McCrae. Elissa is scary. They're both scary. I keep thinking which one is scarier."

Judd thinks McCrae should go first.
Judd: "Who would y'all, if worst came to worst, and weaseled to Final 2, which one would you rather be?"

Andy: "I don't care which one of them goes, as long as one of them (El/Mc) goes...I don't want McCrae or Elissa going to Final 4."
Spencer: "One of us has got win (HOH)."
Andy: "We have to."

11:15am BBT:
Elissa/GM talk in the HOH room.

Elissa: "Nick is probably so proud of you!"
GM: "Thank you."

GM goes on to bash Amanda.
Elissa: "The stuff she says is so stupid! Like you're jealous of (their relationship) and about Rachel probably loves her (Am) and Aaryn. (Rachel) probably hates them!"
GM: "Did you see her ass in (???i didn't catch it)?"

They go on bashing Amanda.
Elissa: "She's soooo ridiculous! She's sooo mean! She's such a mean person."
GM: "B*tch, I don't care what you (Amanda) say! Bring it on!"
Elissa: "Everything she's said is a joke."
GM: "What a pig."
Elissa: "My gosh. She's so gross. She tries to say bad stuff about others to make herself look better. (**Uhh....)

GM: "B*tch, I don't even need Nick! You're just mad because we're sending your a** home!"

GM is telling Elissa she took the 1st step of putting Mc/Am up and now it's their duty to get Amanda out.
GM: "The way she's treated you, she's a piece of sh*t."
Elissa: "I've never heard a woman act like that. I am not going out with this crazy person. I seriously thought she'd kill me or something."
GM: "She literally needs to be in a mental institution."

11:23am BBT:
GM: "She's psychotic! That's why she takes medication."

GM: "Umm Amanda's doctor, if you're watching this, up her dosage!" (feeds switch to fishies)
GM: "She tops the cake of psycho'ness. She needs to be locked up!"

GM uses her mic pack to pretend she's calling a psych ward for Amanda.

GM: "She's a psycho b*tch and give her more meds because she's probably gonna commit suicide in 3 days."

Elissa: "I seriously think there's something wrong with her."
GM: "Elissa, she takes medication on a daily basis!"

Elissa: "You should've heard the things she was saying! I was laughing! But I literally was scared. Like, it was the craziest thing."
GM: "She just thinks that nobody would put her up..we had a stupid wedding for her.."

11:33am BBT:
GM uses her mic pack as phone again...

GM: "Amanda, oh you're a mastermind? You didn't get a key from GinaMarie? Oh I guess you didn't see that one coming! Haaaa!"

GM: "...why is he reading the bible anyways? Go read whatever Jewish people read."

**I'm done with this convo.

11:34am BBT:
Judd/Andy are talking on the backyard couch. Judd thinks Amanda is gonna go out with a bang and might try to turn everyone against each other.

They head inside, it's too hot outside.
Judd: "I might take a nap, I dunno."

11:36am BBT:
Andy/Judd go talk to McCrae/Amanda.

Andy: "Where is everybody?"
McCrae: "I don't care."
Andy laughs.

Amanda: "So Judd, you wanna keep me here?"
Spencer joins.

They're talking about the veto ceremony. And then tampons.

Andy: "These tampons are unscented. Are they usually scented?" (*LOL)
Spencer talks about how strippers smell like "feminine deodorant". Amanda said she uses it at home.

Spencer: "I'm a dirt ball motherf**ker, I like it f**ckin natural & do it."
Andy: "I think I'm gonna take a nap, since everyone else seems to be."

11:44am BBT:
Judd/Andy are about to take a nap.
Amanda/McCrae/Spencer are talking about sex.

Spencer: "Fill'er up, you have about 5 mins. I gotta go get my sunglasses and take a piss." 

11:58am BBT:
Elissa is in the kitchen.

Everyone else is laying down, taking naps.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Last night's show really re-emphasized the mistake Amanda and McCrae made getting rid of Aryan as it was clear from GMs DRs that she really wanted Aryan to stay. So she definitely would've voted with them to keep her and may have been willing to work with them in a F4 deal against Elissa, Judd and Spencer and it could very well be Elissa going home on Thu. Now perhaps Aryan and GM turn right away and nom both of them this week but that's what happened anyway so the situation couldn't have been worse.

Most of the blame should fall on McCrae for his trust in Andy and distrust in Aryan as Amanda did want to keep her but she didn't really push too hard for it either so she's not blameless. Amanda loves to brag about her ability to get people to do what she wants so you'd think she'd be able to get her BB BF to vote her way if she really wanted him to. So right now it looks like the 1st time McCrae decided to put his foot down on Amanda running the show and Amanda decided to let him cost them both their shot at the game.


HurlyBurly said...

Yeah, Amanda says she's never been wrong in this game, but she will be humbled to learn Andy played her like a fiddle. I could not be more thrilled that Amanda will be leaving the game. Really made the season for me. So much so that I don't really care what happens the rest of the way. Watching Amanda get outwitted by GM was priceless - #blindside!


Amanda reasons that "there must be some secret alliance I don't know about" but she and McCrae never follow up on it. GMZ insistence that she is by herself and the other remaining HG are by themselves just shouldn't pass the smell test but it is right there in front of them and they aren't picking up on it. It is that blind belief in Andy's loyalty that is crippling their game. With friends like Andy, who needs enemas.


It might be the first time Zingbot has had a significant effect on the game, turning Andy as he did..

Thorn mitchell said...

If Andy does what he said he is going to do, and spill about thr Exterminator alliance in his goodbye message to Amanda, it will be interesting to see how that affects the jury. He is so on the defensive and anxious to prove he isnt a floater. Hope production doesnt alliw it. He is always full of big talk,.so maybe he wont.

Melissa Lawson said...

I hope Judd wins it! Glad Amanda is leaving and wish Andy would go to!

SuperDeb McHero said...

The only admirable thing Andy has done is turn on A&M. Even tho it was to suit his "game" which is ridiculous.

He is the worst kind of player and he could have changed the game himself if he wasn't a little scared e cat. I'm so mad at him. It would have been much more interesting if Helen was still in the house.

Anonymous said...

You didn't post about how amanda really bitched out mccrae right before she was called to DR

Donna Parker said...

lol at enemas!


Of all the people left, Mumbles, the Frog Gigging Goober is the least worthy of winning the money. He's already been evicted once, missing 2 whole weeks of the game, safely in the jury house. If he wants to go down in BB history it should be as the guy who went to the jury house twice. If Mumbles and GM are the last two standing, and they have to make their speeches to the jury, we could be here all day because neither one is capable of making a coherent, intelligible, or understandable pitch. They spent the summer with a public speaking teacher and neither took advantage of it.

Jamie said...

either i was on a different feed or still doing the overnighter. didn't see that. they seem fine now, though. laughing and kissing.

Anonymous said...


I don't know how on earth Amanda could see how Elissa and GM acted and celebrated after her HOH win and still be so clueless and that blindsided that she wasn't going after Elissa and that they both went up?

Also Zingbot could've had a subconscious effect on McCrae putting his foot down with Amanda about keeping Andy and getting rid of Aryan with the zing about Amanda wearing the pants in the relationship and how hard everyone especially GM laughed at it.


Ste ven said...

So GINA now is anti-Semitic too? WOW...I dont think theyre going to show that on air just like they didnt show racist comments?
She said McRae is Jewish? I highly doubt that.
What medication is Amanda on (or Aaryn was on) & how do they know that? Did Amanda tell them? If I were on some medication, I wouldnt spill that. And the HG all go through psychological testing and meeting with doctors; if anyone were truly mentally ill or super unstable , they probably wouldn't get cast...
Amanda can be a bitch but shes smart...She knows something is going on with the alliance, but part of her blindness is she cant imagine Andy turning on her. The person who said the Zingbot affected the game is right...but its just production intervening (although Im sure that wasnt the intention)..the DR always affects the game too.
One thing I still cant understand by the poll at the right is what do people have with Elissa? I cant understand why is she so popular...Just cuz she's Rachel's sister and Rachel tweets about her all the time. I dont get it..I dont hate her or anything but I dont see anything special to like about her. I had thought J-U-D-D would win fave HG but now theres a chance Elissa will ? Shes had an unfair advantage from day 1 with all the MVP stuff and thats the main reason half the house wanted to be her friend.
The whole thing of goodbye messages once jury members are being evicted is fishy too. For one, like you said, it can affect the jurors votes - but even more of a big deal is you know the HG say a lot in the DR and the producers edit and decide what to air. So 2 HG might have said the same thing or blown the lid on an alliance, but yet only 1 will air. However, it would be priceless to see Amanda;s face when Andy tells her he's turned - esp since she's just told McRae to stay loyal to him.

Ste ven said...

Why are you hating on Andy so much? Yes, hes lied and two-faced but so have the players that people admire like Will & Dan & others. Lying and playing other people is a hallmark of winning BB. I just find it interesting that for some reason people hate andy so much for doing the same thing.
Fans of BB call that 'playing the game' and separating personal from game play. E veryone also always agrees that part of BB is a social game, and Andy has played that perfectly - no one HATES him...even if he backstabbed them. Has he done anything that the great contestants havent done?

Melissa Lawson said...

I dont hate Andy at all! He has did nothing but switch sides hasn't made any game moves and he has no class about him. I really likes him at first! Amanda walks around half naked and doesn't seem to bother her at all! McCray will go back to his x if she takes him back! He's crazy to stay with Amanda! I'd say she's gonna go out like a bang from now til Thursday!

Razldazlrr said...

I don't get it with Andy either - it's his way of playing the game.

Elissa and GM act so righteous, but listen to them! GM is also a meanie girl and I would hate to see her win.

This is a rough season, just have to pick the best of the worst, I guess! LOL

mark newman said...

To compare Andy to any of "he BB greats is just laughable. He hasn't really done anything except act scared and cried. His turn was anything major and isn't whatis sending Amanda out of the house. GM has the votes without Andy. Poor guy just talks too much and thinks he knoes how to play the game. He is still un tje house only because he is harrmless. Nobody fears him or thinks he has a chance of winning. Dr Will and Dan were leaders in the game who could manipulate gracefully while lil Andy is a follower and annoying rat that kept switching sides when things got tough. Honestly what other BB contestant has been bullied and played by the Zigbot???

rigs said...

I thought at the time that McCranda not getting that vote to keep Aaryn was a huge mistake and agree with Brian that McCrae is to blame. McCrae should have listened to Amanda. He will see that after the game is over. Amanda wasn't always right but better than anyone else in the game. I definitely wouldn't say that GM "outwitted" Amanda. GM outtwitted herself in classic GM style.

One of the biggest losers in the game will be the winner. It looks like the grand finally is going to be a huge bust unless McCrae can get the guys together, evict the two remaining "girls" (3 if you include Andy) and win the game. I just can't see Elissa, GM, Andy, Judd or Spencer being worthy. It can be said Spencer played "dodge ball" very well. Andy "wimped" out the most and Judd didn't do much of anything, certainly not anything worthy of even 2nd place. GM was the most "used" and Elissa was by and far the most dishonest.

rigs said...

Amanda has played a great game and she should be proud. Elissa, on the other hand, has played a terrible game and should be ashamed of herself. Wait till she sees herself on TV. I would much rather be Amanda than Elissa. I couldn't live with myself if I were Elissa and it looks like she is having some problems with that herself.

rigs said...

What a phony Elissa is telling GM that Nick would be so proud of her. Does anyone think GM has any chance with Nick? IT is not only phony, it is terribly cruel. GM has some serious problems and Elissa is feeding the beast. My gosh Elissa is soooo gross and mean. Ohhmyyygosssshh.

rigs said...

Amanda made very good arguments and observations and presented them to GM. "It doesn't make sense" is absolutely true. GM lied to McCranda about working with Elissa even going so far as to shake hands with McCrae and "cross her heart" and swear on everything she holds dear. Now she is complaining about Amanda????

I think one of GMs problems is the amount of Caffeine she ingests. Last night she was belting them down one right after another. Some kinds of medication potentiate caffeine but I think she is taking too much of the drug caffeine.

GM complains about McCrae by asking why is he reading the Bible, he is Jewish???? That girl takes the cake for being oblivious. Does she not know that the old testament was written by and for the Jewish faith? Does she not know that Jesus was a Jew?

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

I think you're going way too far the other way trying to compare Andy to the greats of BB. I think the best comparison for Andy would be Shelly who is a very underrated social player but not one of the all time greats. And I know Andy would hate that comparison as he's made it very clear he didn't like people in the house making it. I think it was even part of the reason why he turned on Amanda and McCrae which makes no sense. That's exactly what Shelly did convince a strong couple she was loyal and wanted to go to F3 with them but then turn on them. And in an extreme coincidence it was actually at this same exact time in the game with 7 people left. Except luckily for Andy he didn't do it to Jeff and Jordan so he'll avoid the death threats.

We'll also see more how the Jury starts to feel about him once they all start trading info about him and more of his double dealing game is revealed should he make the F2. Perhaps some opinions may start to change about him.


laserkat said...

I want to say something to the people who keep assuming that the people who like Elissa MUST be Rachel fans. I like Elissa & I have never been a fan of Rachel. I wanted her to not win on BB, both times, & I really hated it when she was on The Amazing Race. At the start of BB15, I was an instant fan of McCrae & loved the showmance he had with Amanda. I started rooting for them to win, but something happened along the way, & my allegiance shifted. Now, you can be like Amanda, & say "it doesn't make sense" until you are blue in the face, but the fact is more fans like Elissa than they do Amanda. ( check the polls) Just because you can't see the logic of something does not mean it is invalid. I think we all have our own reasons for liking certain players, & that is what makes the show & this blog so entertaining.

TamaraJ said...


"With friends like Andy, Who needs enemas" Very clever play on words! LOL

Rebecca McCamish said...

Ehm. Elissa is the one in need of psychological help. I don't know what medication Amanda is on, and I don't care. Obviously it passed the BB doctor/psych eval, so I'm not worried about it any more than I am worried about Elissa/Aaryn's ADD meds.

What worries me is that Elissa (and GM) is making baseless accusations that Amanda is somehow so unstable that she's psychotically violent and would STAB Elissa. This is patently untrue and goes beyond insulting into slander and an attempt to sabotage Amanda with psych and production.

Never once has Amanda shown any inclination or hint that she would physically harm another player.

Saying, "I wanna punch her in the face" is pretty much standard where Amanda grew up (I grew up there also). It's a cultural thing. If you're in the grocery store, and you hear a mom say to a kid, "I'm gonna break your legs," it doesn't mean the mom is going home to break the kid's legs. It means the kid picked up a box of cereal for the 50th time that store trip and needs to stop acting like a brat and is getting a verbal warning. Trust me. Lived there, heard that. Perfectly legit and not at all physically threatening.

That's one thing that clashes BESIDES personalities: Culture. And culture is not uniform across America. Some people find Judd to be refreshingly "southern" and "down home." Others find him a repulsive frog gigger backwater redneck POS or whatever. Some people can understand GM's speech patterns and dialect (I can), and some can't. It's all a matter of who you are and where you come from.

But I think that it's crucial to note that Elissa is possibly the most deranged individual in the house and has delusions that Amanda is going to hurt her or stab her (with what? a plastic knife?) or strangle her in her sleep... or whatever other little delusional fears are in her mind.

I hope she's delusional because otherwise she's so conniving that she's trying to just outright sabotage Amanda with psych, and that's such a low blow that it should NOT be allowed. Period. By anyone. Even Miss Princess.

BB15Fan-440 said...

LMAO!!! Andy must be shi#@ing bullets with his deer-in-the-headlights look right about now! Ha ha ha!!! With Spencer up on the block as the renom, Andy finally has to grow a pair and show his true colors by voting out Amanda. Can't wait for Thursday! Let's see how he's going to try to weasel his way out of this one.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you could help some people better understand if you actually provide reasons for why you switched to liking Elissa more than "something happened along the way." Is it actually even about Elissa herself? Or is it more just a dislike of Amanda and McCrae and she's the strongest force against them left in the house so you started liking and rooting for her by default?


Jef Rosen said...

when GM said "He's Jewish, why is he reading the bible anyways? Go read whatever Jewish people read." Who was she talking about? I thought the only Jewish HGs are GM and amanda, no?


GM is a Christian, believe it or not. She's made the sign of the Cross several times including when she was lying to McCrae last night. She's a German Zimmerman, not Jewish Zimmerman.

Jef Rosen said...

I think an argument can be made that spencer has played a strong game. He and Howard were in the same position and yet he has parlayed his blunt yet not too blunt game into a final 6 and probable final 4 position.

Amanda played a strong game of intuition but she was far too unhinged and just lost all of her bearings. She literally went off on every single one of the houseguests at one point or another (and then apologized a few hours later).

Jamie said...

Jef, i just relistened to it, she was talking about Amanda and how she's not jewish so why is she reading the bible anyways. this was during a convo with elissa when elisa said something about mccrae has cartoon characters drawn in his bible.

This Is My Journey said...

Wow, I don't really think its exactly PC to threaten physical harm to anyone especially kids anywhere. I've lived in all types of areas and a threat is a threat, which is actually considered illegal. But I think the more important part was the time in which it was said. If you said I'm gonna punch you in the face while smiling and laughing, then yes it is more of a playful term. If it is said in anger, especially between two people that do not get along then yes it is a threat and the person on the receiving end has the right to take it seriously. Especially after all that harrassing Amanda has done to Elissa.
Don't pull an Aaryn and generalize a large group of people as ok with threatening people with physical harm.

Jef Rosen said...

Craig- Oh ok, didn't catch that, thanks.

Jamie- Thanks for checking that. I guess everything makes sense now. So GM is not talking about Mcrae, she's talking about Amanda and she doesn't know that Jews read the Bible because GM's not Jewish.

Jamie said...


Anonymous said...


The biggest reason by far that Spencer is still in the game and not Howard is physical appearance. And I don't mean skin color. I mean that Howard was hugely muscular and Spencer is overweight. So even though they both didn't win comps Howard was still seen as a big threat while Spencer was not and viewed as someone you can get rid of whenever since they'll never win anything.


Jess said...

GM's comments make me so sick. She is an embarrassment to the human race. I don't think I can even watch this season anymore until GM is gone. The racism was horrible in itself and now she is making fun of people that take prescribed medication for anxiety and/or depression. Being someone that has lost a loved one to suicide, it's not something to joke about or make fun of. Mental illness is just as real as other illnesses, like cancer. GM is a horrible person and BB should be ashamed for letting someone like her continue on the show.

This Is My Journey said...

*tone not time.

enb said...

Everyone in that house has bashed someone, most of the time its been amanda and crew so I really don't feel sorry for no one. As for amanda leaving the so call best player got played like a piano, by the same people who did her dirty work. So buck up little trooper you should be proud.

HurlyBurly said...

What doesn't make sense is Amanda's complete lack of self awareness. Anyone with half a brain knows you absolutely need to split up a duo if you want any chance to win. Add that to the fact she hasn't won and it's turn out the lights on her game. Has she really played a good game anyway, bullying her way to 7th place? Either way, so sad to see you go Amanda. After 9/18 I will quickly forget you ever existed. McRae would be wise to do the same.

Becktuck said...

I think her insinuation in saying that is that Amanda is Jewish so ,if anything, he should be reading what would be "Jewish" material(in her mind) even if she says she's a Christian don't know how it got past her that the Old Testament IS Jewish material as much as it is Christian...Abraham was the first Jew...going down to David....then on to was a silly unintelligent comment and I don't think it had a thing to do with HATING a race. Just an observation she THOUGHT she was correctly making and THOUGHT she knew something about but was wrong...Elissa must be buttkissing too much to even correct her....I don't get her motivation in egging her on about Nick....maybe Nick will be "proud of her" but she's (GM) is taking it as someone agreeing that Nick loves her. I like E a lot of the time, but I think in her attemt to finally play the game, she's turned completely manipulative. She never made such comments to people before and that bothers me. I really wish E would actually FOLLOW her faith and never talk in the way she does about Amanda and be forgiving...I'm so confused be Judd ,who's done NOTHING is the lesser of all evils? This just sucks!

Becktuck said...

She didn't actually say Mc was Jewish....just assumes he will follow Amanda that direction...idk


Rachel had to lose Brendon, and Jordan had to lose Jeff. Hopefully McCrae can focus and root out some of these floaters, evict the evil Perma-Joker, and cash that check.

Kern's Kreations said...

Glad that Amanda is leaving, but hate that the Amanda bashing is continuing in the HOH room. Most of the females this season have been very "ugly" with their speak. I do hope that Julie calls out Amanda, GM, and Elissa on the things they have said, just like she did with Aaryn and to some extant Kaitlin.

Jamie, I hope you're having a great Labor Day! You rock girl.

Jef Rosen said...

Brian- great point (as always). I think that is a big part of it. I think Spencer also has never had any strong alliance besides for Howard and that has allowed him to lay low. He never lets himself be the biggest target on the block (compare that to Amanda when she went up. Both times she did everything in her power to become a huge target. Ironically, she may have made herself into such a big target that people thought she would be an easy out later). Everyone feels like spencer can stick around till the end because he is not a thread at all. So he has become an anomaly- he is pawn that doesn't go home.

The Trimms said...

Is anyone interested in who wins this game anymore? GinaMarie is now the "power" player in the house? Really? I guess for now I'll hope Judd pulls out the win just to see the returnee be victorious for once.

All of these people would be crazy not to take Spencer though. Is there any chance in the Final 2 he'd win against anyone? I figure the next one's out will be Elissa and then Andy (since Amanda will probably out him with her exit).

Becktuck said...

@this is my journey
I agree with most of what you said except the comment about being PC, as if being PC is right...all political correctness is is a taking away of the freedom of speech....everyone say and agree on the same things or you ARE wrong....It's a load of crap and made a lot of people into unthinking robots afraid of offending anyone GOD FORBID....our country would not even be free....slavery would never have even been ended if past generations had been lured into political correctness the way ours has. It's certainly not illegal to ever say "possible" threats of physical harm....on certain levels it may be but that is a very slippery slope. PC has done freedom or lack of violence no favors....

Terry Anderson said...

Will was like able. Andy was but no more. Elissa seems the most genuine.

Brad said...

Saying that's just where she grew up would be making Aaryns racism ok cause "that's just how it is in Texas"

Brad said...

Personally, she annoyed me right up until she became the underdog and unlike everyone else this season instead of making an alliance with Amanda and McRae to keep them safe, she said screw it and went after 3am which has payed off for her.

kwood said...

I think you forgot that Amanda said she would murder Elissa...far cry from punch in the face. Amanda needs help! Elissa knows how to push buttons. Amanda is either whining, screaming, crying, sleeping or saying it's Elissa's fault. The terrorism she unleashed on Elissa during her HOH week was hard to watch. Just because she couldn't control the nominations for the first time. It's actually sad!

laserkat said...

I didn't list the reasons because they were so numerous & were partly due to Amanda's increasing control of others, her crass behavior in general, & the racist remarks she made. I started liking Elissa more because IMO she has better character. I am not being specific because I think each person who watches feels a connection to a different player for a variety of reasons & I didn't want a debate on who is right or wrong. I just wanted people to know that some of us Elissa fans are not Rachel fans.

Gwyn said...

Um...Rebecca...I distinctly remember Amanda making "jokes" about them knocking Jessie's teeth out and hoping that she would get raped and that her blood could/should be used as lube. I can't remember exactly who she was talking about, but I've heard her say "I'm going to kill her" several times. Sure, maybe she's joking, but the comments she made about/to Elissa weren't jokes. They were disgusting. She said that Elissa should have swallowed her son. Can you really blame Elissa for worrying about her own safety? How can you defend someone who has said such repulsive and hypocritical things?

I remember when Amanda flipped out and said that Spencer saying he hoped she'd choke on her own spit was *the* worst thing she'd ever heard on the show...even though she made a comment about hoping Candice would fall on a pair of tweezers and get hit the eye with them. She's either completely insane and dangerous or stupid.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to root for anyone in this house. I dislike Amanda for the over the top bullying and verbal abuse she heaps on others, GM for the racism and ignorance that comes with it, Spencer for the racism and misogyny (not to mention sheer filthiness), McCrae for the nastiness of just being associated with Amanda and his cum on the sheets crap, Andy for just being a weasel liar (I know it is part of the game, but it makes him totally unlikable in my book), and Elissa for being shallow/snobby. Judd isn't unlikable, but he isn't exactly doing anything to inspire me to like him either. His lower IQ makes me just feel "meh" about him.

So this comes down to who I dislike the least and who deserves to win from that group. The least offensive to me are Judd and Elissa, but I'd rather see Elissa win because I feel she's played more.

What redeems Elissa for the qualities that I would dislike her for out of the house (the perceived snobbery and shallowness) is the class with which she handles Amanda's verbal abuse. It reminds me of Jen in the face of Dick's abuse. Smiling and taking it is HUGE when someone is that abusive to you. I never liked Jen before that episode, but I will tell you that I channeled her when my ex-husband doled out his worst on me (may he rest in hell someday).

I will admit that I never liked Amanda - had her pegged as a mean girl from the first episode - and even her warnings about the racism didn't dissuade me. All her jokes are at other people's expense and just plain mean. I couldn't see her as any better or worse than Aaryn, Kaitlyn, or GM.

My favorites going in were McCrae, Howard, and Andy. Out of all the house guests in or out of the house, if I had the ability to choose, I'd wish Howard to win now. He wasn't perfect and I don't agree with everything he said (not a Christian here) but he seemed to be there to play but also to learn and do good in the process.

I'm truly hoping that find a better cast of people to root for next summer. Filling it with villians and vapidness, with no heroes, doesn't do it for me.

Dan said...

Yes Spencer and Howard were in moving crew and got outed together but Spencer fessed up to it while Howard denied it. Howard was also considered a physical threat by the other HGs while Spencer was just seen as sneaky and conniving but not an overly large threat.

Leia Woodby said...


Leia Woodby said...

I agree.

kwood said...

Haha! No he doesn't, he can make it a tie and let it all fall back on GM! Watch! He's not going to let McCrae know he's aligned with GM...what if McCrae gets HOH, then he just floats back to his side, no problem! I have never seen the most gutless player in BB history! I want to shove that BB cup straight up his @$$!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Like I said, it's about a difference in culture. And obviously some commenters are way too invested in their own cultures to try to understand another.

Anonymous said...

There's a YouTube video that clips all the disgusting things she has said.

Anonymous said...


That's fine it doesn't much matter to me as I don't really have a dog in the fight. I don't feel strongly in terms of rooting for anyone left in the house. But I will say for the 2nd straight post on the subject it does seem like the majority of your positive feelings about Elissa are due mostly to negative feelings about Amanda which is perfectly acceptable. Just my observation nothing more than that.


Becktuck said...

On the feeds this afternoon the "Exterminators" group were talking about how popular and likable they think their season is...idiots...Andy was basically trying to explain to America his reason behind keeping am/Mc around and how he thinks he has now "redeemed himself" . Spencer thinks the "Exterminators" are the nest thing that happened this season and the best way to "wrap" the game up....these people have NO self awareness! I could hardly believe my ears,lol....they really think they are seen as just awesome(Judd wasn't a part of this convo) I really hope things just don't go their way just so they can get the arrogance smacked out of them!

Anonymous said...


No way do I see Andy voting out Spencer to make it a tie. He's much more concerned about his fragile relationship with Elissa, Judd and GM than with McCrae. Regardless McCrae is gonna target Elissa, GM and Judd before Andy. So my money is strongly on Andy just saying to Amanda and McCrae that GM will evict Amanda in a tie anyway so he has to do what's best for him and vote with the house.


Jacques Williams Sr. said...

Honestly, I have been disappointed with the cast and the way they have behaved. It has truly put a damper on a highly anticipated event (for my household at least) every summer. Hopefully, people all over will be able to see the carnage the verbage used by these house guest wreak in their (the HG) lives and realize that what you say can and most definitely will hurt nnot only the target of your words but you as well.

John Gray said...

I don't know why I have the strange feeling Mcrae is going to get hoh first Thursday.

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