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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Whatta night inside the BB15 house last night! Okay, so Elissa has lost her everloving mind!! lol She's actually trying to save Amanda! Yes, you read that right! She wants to work with Amanda/McCrae for Final 3 because she trust them more than Spencer/Andy, etc. Amanda promised her/McCrae would be loyal to her Elissa, even over Andy for a Final 3 deal.

If you already have the live live feeds and want to go watch it unfold for yourself, go to:

12:40am BBT Cam 2:

Amanda: "If you save me, I'll do anything you want me to do."
Elissa: "Me, you, 3."
Amanda: "I swear to you!"
Elissa: "Over Andy?"
Amanda: "Yea! Me, you, McCrae, Andy will make it to Final 4 and then from there, yea.."

Andy joins in and they fill him in on the Final 4 plan. His expression is priceless. lol
1:24am BBT:
Andy quickly fills in Judd/Spencer with what's going on. He tells Spencer Elissa wants him gone this week and wants to work with Amanda/McCrae & himself. They're both shocked.

Andy: "You can't say anything because I will killll youuu!! ...I haven't talked to GM yet."

Andy said he's not on board with saving Amanda and he is 100% loyal to the Exterminators. Andy said it doesn't matter what Elissa is trying to do because it's not going to work...Amanda will for sure be leaving on Thursday. Andy plans on pretending to down with the plan and will frame Elissa for it so that McCrae goes after her.

1:40am BBT:
Andy lays the groundwork for the framing plan, by telling Amanda he feels like Elissa is trying to frame him.

1:45am BBT:
Andy tells GM about the 'Elissa wants to save Amanda' plan.

He tells her to NOT say anything and to act like she doesn't know.

Andy: "..because if it gets out, then I'm totally f**cked for being the one being honest with (The Exterminators)."
Spencer: "Right."

**Interesting to note that Amanda noticed that Andy went upstairs to talk to GM/Spencer, so she thinks he's freaked out by the plan. 

Andy plans on voting to evict Amanda and even if it came to a tie, GM would vote Amanda out. So either way, Amanda is still going on Thursday. The only that has changed, is now Elissa is a the biggest target in the house.

Andy still wants to frame Elissa by saying he DID vote to keep Amanda but that she didn't, so it looks like he is still loyal to McCrae and he'll gun after Elissa.

2:07am BBT:
Judd mentioned how Elissa always comes out of D.R.'s with a new strategy, hinting that they're trying to change her mind. He then jokes that Elissa will probably get some sort of magic power.

3:08am BBT:
They were all talking about Elissa, how they don't think she's book smart, and how her old pics don't look like her (it was pre-botox & collagen injections).

GM: "First off, (Elissa's) kid looks like a f*cking Spanish Puerto Rican little, dirt f*cking...there is no way that f'*cking white guy is..."
Judd: "Let's not talk about her kid." (*Thank you, Judd.)

GM was doing some major Elissa-bashing last night, saying that she's a "gold digger", Andy joined in the bashing saying the Elissa pouts every time she doesn't get her way.

GM: "She's a piece of sh*t."
Spencer: "She really is. F*ck (Elissa), f*ck Amanda, f*ck McCrae."

***Okay, that's it for The Overnighter! I gotta get going to work, but I'll be back before you know it to start the Afternoon post! See y'all then!!

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Loyd F said...

Hmm...could this be production trying to hold on to Amanda? Really makes wonder about the rumor that she was pre-selected as the winner.

Suzie Thomson said...

Does the D R guide Elyssa, or does BB want to keep Amanda? In other words, is the favoritism for Elyssa or for Amanda?

Anonymous said...

Gina Marie, you are a clASS act! WOW, she is running out of feet to put in her mouth. You can't even blame it on ignorance. She had to have been taught these things, been surrounded by these ideas and talk. How disturbing. If GM doesn't get the same treatment that Aaryn got, that will be a freaking shame.

Courtney M said...

The racist/homophobic comments were bad enough without talking about an innocent kid. I can't believe someone would be so horrible. I feel sick. (and for anyone still confused...being Spanish means you are from Spain!) Please sendGM home, she doesn't deserve to be there. Any chance she can get fired twice?!

Kaycee14 said...

I think it's for the drama. Amanda & Elissa are the 2 most interesting people in the house, so production wants to keep them in the game. If they go, we'll have 2 weeks of people sleeping. And then the winner will be one of 3 floaters, or a previously-evicted HG.

Philippe Scott said...

Gina Marie, is a horrible person. I'm no elissa fan, but there is no excuse for talking about people like that, especially bringing her kid into it and spouting off that racist nonsense. Disgusting. Everyone in that house disgusts me. The only person I can stomach is judd and maybe macrea. And to be honest neither of them are all that great either. I don't think I care who wins this season.

Jef Rosen said...

I think if anything, DR tries to spice up the game; I doubt DR manipulates for Elissa or Amanda (unless that will spice up the game). Every week, HoH puts up a target, and by monday, we all know who is going to go. So if DR manipulated Elissa, I would think they did it to make the "you never know what will happen" slogan true, not necessarily to save Amanda.

Whenever they edit for a thursday show, they want the big brother voice to say "all was going according to plan. but then...." at least 3 times.

Anonymous said...


I would say it's DR helping Elissa since the 1st time they obviously got her to change her mind it was against Amanda and this 2nd time now it is pro Amanda. By the way the DR should at least tell Elissa to wait awhile after they help her out. This is 2 weeks in a row she's come out of the DR and immediately revealed she'd somehow suddenly done a complete 180.


Anonymous said...

GM is so nasty for talking about a child like this. Looks like I'm down to rooting for Judd- not for being a good player mentally or physically but for being the least despicable.

Kaycee14 said...

I think all of this started much earlier in the evening. Around 9pm BB time, Elissa and McRae had a long convo about how the jury may feel about each remaining HG, which HG would take who to final 2, and who each of them (E & Mc) could possibly beat in final 2. McRae flat out said that he could not beat Amanda, that Amanda in final 2 deserved to win.
Then later, around 10:45, Amanda comes to Elissa to explain why it would be good to keep her in the house- a shield to hide behind, basically. Amanda said she & McRae would protect Elissa through the double eviction this week (they've guessed it's this wk.)
Then Elissa went to the DR, where someone probably "helped" her to think it through. She then went and told Amanda she wanted an alliance to final 3.
I think Elissa thinks if she, Amanda & McRae get to final 3, McRae might take her (E) to final 2, since he knows he can't beat Amanda. It may be her best shot.

Razldazlrr said...

I'm guessing BB thinksAnmanda is better for the show than the perv Spencer.

GM - she is an idiot - not a fan of Elissa but talking about her child is wrong.

Andy - guessing Amanda now realizes he has switched to the other side. andy really can't keep his mouth shut LOL

Shell Di said...

I thnk the DR doesn't want the next few days to be boring so they need Elissa to stir up some drama.

Dee said...

I have always suspected that BB guides the evictions. I agree with Judd, seems like Elissa is getting new ideas from her DR sessions. I don't think BB wants to see Amanda go; she gets them ratings.

Andy Tatnall said...

How any fan of this show can want Elissa to win is just beyond me.

All she's done in the game is lay low until the Mean Girls were kicked out while Helen, Amanda etc. protected her, done whatever the DR tells her to, laughed nervously any time someone tried to call her out, and done lots and lots of yoga.

She even knows full well that Andy has flipped sides and spills the beans on everything he hears, so why would she make him part of this? It's bad enough that Amanda still trusts him for some reason, but at least she hasn't been clued in about him by anybody. Her gameplay is just... not smart.

Remember the days when fans wanted the people who played the game strongly to win?

rigs said...

As I was watching BBAD last night McCrae and Elissa were talking. I was thinking what a game upset it would be if McCranda got Elissa on their side and Andy. The problem, in my mind was Andy. And so it is. I wish McCranda and Elissa knew about the Exterminators. There could be a perfect set up to extract one of them. Elissa would all everyone together so that the "exterminators" were sitting together or at least easily visible to AME. Elissa would ask "what are the exterminators" and AME could watch their faces.

Then it is a simple proposition that that first one to turn on the others, is granted "immunity". That would be great drama. I would bet one of them would turn since who would want to be the target of McCrae and Elissa? I guess AME could do that even though they don't know about the exterminators.

I have to say that despite my dislike for Elissa, she is not as dumb as she looks. GM was really stupid for not taking McCranda's deal and I wondered last night if Elissa was just as dumb. If she is genuine about joining McCranda, that is a smart move on her part and it ups her "game play".

Rebecca Crouch said...

Im sure they plant ideas....el does seem a little clueless to bb being a game. ultimately Rachel brought good ratings so they thought el wouldve been just as fierce

Rebecca Crouch said...

Im sure they have planted their fair share of ideas over the years. El seems to be just clueless to BB being a game. ultimately Rachel was great for ratings and they thought el would be just as fierce but they were wrong.

Anonymous said...


I don't believe Elissa has lost her mind at all. This is actually her best move though I'll leave out in this discussion how she suddenly came to realize it once again immediately after coming out of the DR. Even the other HGs have picked up on that and were joking how they must let her watch live feed highlights in there. However production has already messed up this manipulation with their previous manipulations with the Zingbot calling Andy a floater and asking an audience question about why no big moves have been made. But I digress.

If Andy hadn't been so flipped already against Amanda and McCrae which none of Elissa, Amanda and McCrae know about this would 100% have been a great move by Elissa. I saw Amanda's pitch to Elissa and what she told her was true. Elissa would be target #1 for 3 of the 5 people playing for HOH and would be going out next unless she won POV and was target #2 for Judd and would've went out if McCrae won POV or if Judd made the mistake for him of putting Elissa up with McCrae. And say what you will about Amanda but she's proven to be fiercely loyal so I definitely think Amanda would've stuck to her word on a deal.

However unfortunately for Amanda, McCrae and Elissa this move to work together is coming a week too late. As I predicted if they made the mistake of voting Aryan out last week those 3 would be the next to go in short order barring some unlikely run on comp wins. At this point they've lost the numbers and given The Exterminators a week to further solidify their alliance. The girls needed to put personal aside and come together cause they couldn't keep taking each other out while these guys sit back like bumps on a log. GM would've went for it to save her BB bunny and with Exterminators only in it's infancy and Amanda could've gotten McCrae to come along if she really worked it hard enough. Now at this point we are too far down the road to 1 of the worst F4's in BB history to change course so drastically.


HurlyBurly said...

Boy Elissa is dumb, but I gotta admit I enjoy seeing Amanda being tortured by keeping a glimmer of hope alive for her (not gonna happen)! I got a bottle chillin' for a special celebration for her eviction Thursday!

Jacques Williams Sr. said...

What?!? Elissa needs to leave after Amanda goes and that will allow McCrae ample time to rebuild his image apart from Amanda. I still feel bad for Elissa and what she had to endure @ Amanda's hands but she has no game skills @ all.

AuntCookie said...

I am really sad for this season. Everyone is so horribly negative and horrible to one another. I get that it is a game but this season has taken the name calling to a whole new low. (shaking my head). I hope next year is better.

rigs said...

It is a smart move on Elissa's part to side with McCranda. If McCranda somehow leaves, she has their votes on the jury. She can add. Last night she said she only has one vote on the jury and that is Helen. Does anyone think McCranda would vote for any of the exterminators if Elissa was on McCranda's side? Elissa needs jury votes and I think she knows she could possibly win it IF she stays. The exterminators have not made the pledge to Elissa that McCranda has made and McCranda has a history of being loyal, not so with the exterminators. Elissa needs security NOW.

Before BBAD was over last night Elissa told GM, IIRC, that she is sure Amanda told her that Spencer wants to work with McCranda and that was not true as I remember it. I don't remember Amanda saying that. I remember her says she thinks Andy would want to work with McCranda. Either Elissa was losing her mind OR she was considering the McCranda deal and was wisely testing the waters. Judd, GM and Spencer were overly aggressive in finding out what Elissa and Amanda were talking about. I suspect that was a red flag for Elissa.

rigs said...

For those wondering who is doing the "guiding" in the DR or if. I suspect there is. Elissa was talked out of leaving the game. IIRC, Amanda was encouraged to fight. BB wants to keep the game interesting, exciting and they want the viewers "on the edge" and to "expect the unexpected". Who knows who is pulling the strings, my nickname is "rigs".

Joshuacoty said...

Maybe it's not specifically for either. They need the house guests to talk/scheme for footage and to keep the live feed watchers interested. I suspect they intentionally try to create drama when things get boring.

Jeremy said...

I would guess that production would love to see E and A stick around. The tension and fighting keep people watching. I assume, BB is probably worried that the show may become stale without their antics. So, to answer your question, they are probably favoring both at the moment.

Rahma Omar said...

i can kinda understand why should would keep amanda,
1. she is a huge target and probably knows once she leaves elissa is the next target
2.even if she goes mcrea will see that she tried to help her and may not evict her

i really hope mcrea and amanda see andy's true colours. i feel that andy at this point is just trying to act like a bad ass to prove he is not a floater. i really hope he is next to go!

Rahma Omar said...

also andy is telling this information to the others to put a big target on elissa since he wants her out so bad. the good thing about elissa though she is not attched to anyone and is a free agent.

crane guy said...

Idk. I think its a little of both. Maybe when Elissa sobers up she will talk her way out of it if not.........She

Joni said...

It would make for a more interesting game. B-O-R-I-N-G and predictable!!! GM turns on a dime and then talks about others being psycho?? #TRUEMEANGIRLS

rigs said...

I don't have the live feeds so I can only go by BBAD. IIRC towards the end of BBAD, Elissa, IMO was testing the waters with the Spencer comment I talked about above. That was right after talking to McCrae first and then Amanda. I don't recall any diary sessions between Elissa talking to Amanda and he comment about Spencer wanting to work with McCranda. The DR session could have happened during the commercial breaks. What time was the Elissa DR? My point was that Elissa may have been considering siding with McCranda before her diary sessions and her DR may have solidified her thinking.

rigs said...

Elissa, Amanda and McCrae need to tell Andy that if he doesn't vote with them, Elissa and McCrae will send him out of the house as their number one target possibly this week in a double eviction. Andy needs to know that AEM are his best hope of outlasting GM, Spencer and Judd. I don't think Andy could take the pressure. His eyes would literally pop out of his head. Elissa and McCrae have a much better chance of winning HOH than does Andy, Spencer or Judd. Failing that, I don't know whether Judd, Spencer or GM would be worth saving but as a last resort???? Spencer????

Gwyn said...

They talk about how terrible Elissa is...and then they eat the food she cooks. Ugh I can't stand these people.

crane guy said...

What's funny is to my knowledge she didn't even cook any Spanish food. Huh. Go figure. Lol I dont se Ellisa downing GM about her eating disorder. But ellisa is such a bad person. Lol........

Rebecca McCamish said...

Rigs, you're right. They need to put the screws to Andy.

Becktuck said...

I don't think E has lost her mind at all....when she was talking to Mc she was saying how her stomach is always in knots because of how stressful this game is and noone involves her in game talk....(why GM over Elissa...they've both been shown to "go roughe") E doesn't think she has any chance of winning in the end against any of the Exterminators (which she doesn't know about so I don't see how they can be mad at a person for wanting to make a game move) she plays the game and they make racist remarks about her son....holy crap if production wants ANYONE to care about the finale they have to at least attemt to sway them! The only person she thinks she may have a chance against (only on a personal level because noone has been willing to play the game with her) is her mind she #1 doesn't know about the Exterminators #2 thinks that Andy will be loyal because the numbers would be to his favor getting to f4. (Mc/am/E) all playing for him in DE rather than judd and Spencer....only who have shown to be crappy competitors. The odds are better for him to go with the "flip again" plan...either way he will be a huge Target as of tomorrow if not sooner....Elissa was already public enemy #1 so WHY exactly would she have any reason NOT to take this deal....she put her wedding rings on it....that's girl code for a blood oath and Andy is NOT acting convincing at all that he wants to do this (E keeps bringing it uo to am/Mc whereas Andy does NOT want to even speak of it for fear of being found out) either way what does E have to lose?

AmiLrn said...

What is IIRC? You've used it in your last several posts and I have no clue what it means

Anonymous said...


IIRC is an abbreviation for if I recall correctly.


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