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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Overnighter (Lite Edition)

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! :D Okay, I totally said I wouldn't do an Overnighter today but I just couldn't resist! ;) 3 months of doing Overnighters has formed a habit that's a little hard to break. "Hi, I'm Jamie, and I'm a Big Brother addict.."

Today, Spencer & Andy will face off in the Part 2 Final HOH Comp. When will this happen? Nobody knows. I will be here all day to keep an eye on the feeds to see when they start the comp. It could be in the afternoon or late at night, we'll just have to wait & see. :) But as soon as the comp starts, I will make a post here on the blog (and over on Twitter as well).

Boredom has officially set in for the HG's. Last night, they did a bunch of talking about previous game moves, who they think is/isn't watching the show (they think Kaitlin isn't watching show because she was scouted at a bar and didn't even know what BB was). They talked as GM was painting a 2-liter soda bottle (8pm BBT):
They all ended up going to bed at around 12:30am BBT.

Sadly, that's it for the Overnighter!! Like I said, nothing much is going on inside the BB house these days.

If you're bored and looking for something to do, here are a few ideas...

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3) Leave a comment in the comment section telling all of us BB addicts what *you* hope to see (or not see!) for BB16 next summer!

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Anonymous said...

hey, jamie, thx for the overnighter!

bb16 - hmmmmmmmmmm - if this year's casting mistakes (there were mistakes, right?) can be corrected, i wouldn't mind another new cast, but no stealth players with online armies to influence voting competitions.

all-stars would be fine with me, too. i'm really not that choosey, but would prefer better screening of new contestants, and players with knowledge and appreciation of bb past and present.

Jamie said...

Hi North!
I agree with everything you said. lol And to add, if it's a new cast, have them all picked from BB fans that applied to get on, not scouted a bar. lol :P

Armageddon Kitten said...

My #1 desire: What I want to see is no relatives/friends/whatever of former HGs and no returning players. No coaches, no "Fans vs Faves" or any other such ridiculous thing. (Thanks, Face Off, for ruining your whole season for me.)

Unless it's All Stars 2 where *everyone* is a returning HG, we should have a "pure" cast of newbies who are at least semi-versed in the game, desire to play it, have tried out for it willingly, and are otherwise quite clueless.

I also want to see more racial and cultural diversity instead of the BB/Survivor formula of "two blacks, a gay, and a miscellaneous minority." Notice the word CULTURE.

In short, I'd like a little more reality in my reality shows. (While we're at it, can we have 20% of the cast be non-religious or unaffiliated with religion to reflect the actual religious makeup of the US?)

That is my dream: A racially- and culturally-diverse cast who is fresh, untainted by past seasons, and ready to play.

Ehm, if CBS could throw in a few more attractive men next season, I wouldn't complain. This season was a horror for those of us who like attractive men.

And let's face it: a lot of us like to tune in for the bikini sun bathing. So having attractive women is a bonus.

But neither of these things should override a contestant's desire to play. (Hello Kaitlin and others who were scouted.)

Jamie said...

Ooo great points too, Kitten!! I also agree. And to add to everything you said, can we throw in "normal" looking people? Not everyone in the world looks like a model lol I think more people feel that they could relate to someone their age (young to old) and different body sizes...big, medium, petite. Plus what you said, a more diverse cast.

Susie said...

Jamie you have to give us BB 16 new address so we can bookmark it for next year.
I agree with all the year has to be better than this year.

•~catty~• said...

@Jamie, it works now so forget my most recent post....sorry bout that. There weren't any comments yet, so maybe I was trying to get in just after you posted or something...who knows? Anyway...oops! :)

@armageddon kitten
I agree the attractive part and the game-player part of your post. I would be good with an all-newbie house or an all-ALL stars house, too. Absolutely agree with NO scouting!! And no relatives mixed in anywhere. An over 35 crowd of newbies could be interesting too.

•~catty~• said...

Absolutely, @Jamie!! Normal is good too.

Better psych tests too - lol!

Jamie said...

by the way, i just sent all these ideas to Robyn Kass on twitter and she responded, thanking me for the input. Your voices are being heard! :)

•~catty~• said...

Awesome, Jamie!! :))) I'm sure she appreciated it! Thanks for sharing. Lord knows they need an overhaul...for sure. For those of us who watch, read & comment about BB every year, seeing anything new & refreshing would be nice. Pandora's Box was missed by many this year, too. Would've been nice to see that around F5!

fenney said...

The worst thing about this season had been the 'i must bow to the will of the house' stuff. It just makes it boring. We want to see people who shake up the house and make big moves. Not voting a way you don't want to and saying 'i have no choice'. Yes! You do have a choice! The America's player allowed there to be more floaters not less.


fenney said...
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Razldazlrr said...

1. New production team and casting team
2. More $$, like Survivor to attract a better group and be able to commit to 3 months
3. No relatives or past house guests! All must be big fans (again like Survivor) and apply!!!
4. Mix up the house - remember Chicken George, people that look like they can play a game and have some fun!
5. Smarter players
6. New and more interesting competitions and endurance comps

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't think they'll ever go back to completely newbies. Survivor, bachelor, BB all have gone this route b/c of the auto fan base and therefore auto ratings, which is all that matters to them.

 I agree with everyone that it should be all newbies, culturally diverse, etc. I'm in Canada and BB Canada was like that this year and probably will continue to be, also they did different twists (I think BB15 stole the returning jury member idea from them cause they did it) so maybe you can get your fix that way...I enjoyed BB Canada as much as regular - that even surprised me. And their feeds are free. Now, to get Jamie to blog that one too...LOL.

Natasha Corrigan said...

How about no more have-nots. Do a competition where one person wins and they have to select 4 house guests to be isolated from the rest of the house for 24 hours. I think that would be very telling and then there will cause a lot of panic. What are those 4 talking about, what is everyone else talking about!

Then how about a Platinum power of veto at some point. The person who wins veto is safe, can save someone, and THEY get to nominate the replacement nominee :)

Some different competitions!

The year that there was America's player was fun. He had to vote how we told him to. Now THAT was a shake up because he had to vote against the house. Too funny.

Natasha Corrigan said...

How about no more have-nots. Do a competition where one person wins and they have to select 4 house guests to be isolated from the rest of the house for 24 hours. I think that would be very telling and then there will cause a lot of panic. What are those 4 talking about, what is everyone else talking about!

Then how about a Platinum power of veto at some point. The person who wins veto is safe, can save someone, and THEY get to nominate the replacement nominee :)

Some different competitions!

The year that there was America's player was fun. He had to vote how we told him to. Now THAT was a shake up because he had to vote against the house. Too funny.

Razldazlrr said...

Natasha - good ideas - I agree that the have nots has run it's course, it's just stupid or just do it once in a while. I really don't think it's healthy when a person gets stuck doing it a few weeks in a row. Andy was looking skeletal and more pale than usual

Anonymous said...


They've had that POV power before in S12 and it was called the Diamond Power of Veto. Matt Hoffman received it in Pandora's Box when he was HOH and used it the next week during Brendon's HOH to take himself off the block and chose to replace himself with Kathy who went home. Which was a real waste for such a power but he did at least save himself even if only for 1 week.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the greats of the game all come back and remind all future newbies how the game is supposed to be played. However unfortunately I don't see Dr Will playing again which also would mean no Dan Gheesling or Evel Dick either as they've both said they'd only play again if he did (I believe knowing he never would).

So I tried building an All Star cast and it's harder than you'd think especially since they've kind of ruined the concept by bringing a few people back the last few years until this season so we've already seen a few on my list play a 2nd time already. So for my cast list I picked 16 HGs like this past season divided evenly between the sexes (which was tough to come up with enough girls). I also only took from S8-S15 as the prior seasons already had an All Stars. And since Dr Will won't do it and Boogie and Janelle have already played 3 times now it's not that needed to go back that far (although I wouldn't mind James Rhine S6&7 playing again). I also took Evel Dick out like I already mentioned unfortunately as he's said he'd only play if Dr Will did and also that he'd never do another season with his daughter and Dani is desperately needed on the girl's side. I also skipped over S9 as I believe BB would like us all to and I didn't include Jesse Godderz S10&11 as he's currently living his dream with TNA Impact Wrestling. Anyway here's the rough list I came up with:

Eric Stein S8
Jeff Schroeder S11&13
Brendon Villegas S12&13
Hayden Moss S12
Matt Hoffman S12
Dominic Briones S13
Frank Eudy S14
Ian Terry S14

Dani Donato S8&13
Keesha Smith S10
Jordan Lloyd S11&13
Rachel Reilly S12&13
Britney Haynes S12&14
Danielle Murphree S14
Aaryn Gries S15
Amanda Zuckerman S15

Now this cast is obviously flawed as it's almost entirely white outside of Dominic who I don't even think belongs but just figured they'd have to have him in order to get Dani plus he at least adds some diversity. But when you only put a couple minorities on a year it's obviously tougher to come up with All Stars from that group. There's also no gay or lesbian on the list. So if Andy wins this season you may have to add him in or maybe even if he doesn't win. The only other option to me would be Wil Heuser S14 (although I think I'd miss his parody vids too much haha). So unless someone else wouldn't do it I guess I'd have to remove Matt Hoffman for 1 of them since there's already a bunch from S12. I know a lot of people may not like Aryan and/or Amanda on there but try to come up with other girls it's not that easy. Especially when I seriously already doubt Britney would do it a 3rd time after just having a baby so you'd already have to replace her. I'd love to here others comments on my list. Who else should be in, who should be taken out, make your own lists etc.


Susie said...

I saw Julie in a TV interview where a viewer suggested a senior BB......... I like to see more interaction btwn the guests and not all the fighting or some couple in bed......

James said...

Hey Jamie,

Sorry I have been absent from commenting on your blog for the latter half of the season. I’ve been so busy the last 6 weeks and frankly the season has died down quite a bit. Like many others, I’m not thrilled with the F3 at all, if fact they are my 3 least favorite players and I find myself now in a position I never thought I would be in and rooting for Team Gina Marie!!!!! Yeah!!! (sarcasm).

I find some others comments on the casting this year to be an interesting topic. I can’t quite pin down what went wrong with casting this season and don’t necessarily agree some other’s criticisms.

As far as the racial makeup, actually the percent of blacks and Asians in all of BB seasons has been about equal to their representation in the general population. Hispanics have however been low. So maybe a few more Hispanics, And I wouldn’t mind seeing at least 1 or 2 Asians every season even though they are only 4% of the population. You could make the argument of doing what Survivor did in Seasons 13 and 14 and doing an even split of White/Black/Asian/Hispanic, but that was pretty controversial at the time and they were all placed on separate teams in S13. I’m guessing in S16 they don’t want to focus too much on race like this season though.

As far as recruiting people that don’t watch the show, I don’t exactly agree with the criticisms. Casting at least a couple of people (2 this season) from people that are fresh and may not know all the ins and outs is a good thing and brings in a good mix. It is an attempt at a return to the early seasons when people were mostly clueless as to what to expect. I thought Candice was one of the good picks this season. Kaitlin? Not so sure.

As far as returning Hg’s or relatives, I generally agree. I like All Stars or all new players from now on. What they did in S13 and S14 made the newbies look weak. Same with Survivor. That said, Elissa was in my top 2 this year and thought she was a quite refreshing choice this season. The season would have been much worse without her.

As far as body times and models, you have to look at the target demographic in the US. It is the 18-34yo and they generally want to see mostly a 18-34yo good looking cast. That’s just the way it is. And as much as some people want to say they want bigger body types, they mostly don’t. No offense to anyone. I don’t expect see more than 1-2 Spencer/Kalia types a year (just talking about looks and not personality, can’t stand either of their personalities) and it would be a mistake of casting to change that. It’s a show about episode ratings and target demographics and that won’t change. Remember it’s all about the episodes with mostly casual viewers and not so much the superfans.

I personally would like to see at least an even mix between lets say 21-29 and 30-45 yo’s in the game with maybe 1-2 people over 45. It would also add to the maturity level (although GM at 33 is not the most mature). But again that probably won’t happen.

Maybe the biggest mistake this season was a lack of likeable people. It should be more balanced. Likeable this year are Elissa and Candice. Likable on and off: Howard, Helen, Jessie, McCrae and Judd. The rest are not very likeable.

James D.

Lois Casper said...

I think they need to make comps and things diff its to predictable


Likable.... Elissa and Candice. You've been so busy you obviously haven't been watching.

Melgirl said...

Whoohoo Vegas!! Jamie have fun! Good for you to get out and away, great package find as well! I've been to Vegas 3 times, got married there the 3rd time with the man I went with every time. Had a blast each time too.

Ste ven said...

Random Thought _ I hate when they scout pretty people at bars and clubs who know nothing about the show.

Spencer last night on After Dark once again thought he was being fun by saying some not so pleasant things about Andy. Dont need to hear him say he wants gerbels in the butt or that hes looking at Spence's ass etc.

Natasha Corrigan said...

Thanks Brian! I forgot about that. It would be good to give people the option to FIGHT for that though vs. just giving it in the Pandora Box. I mean that would be a war depending on the case.

Although I like your list no more Rachel and no couples! I don't remember Eric but YES for Matt, Frank, and Ian. Amanda would be good since now people see how she loses her mind when she can't control things. Although she could probably control Danielle.

Amanda vs. Britney would just be funny!

I just want to really see this whole "I have to vote with the house" to end. That in itself is I think what really made this season so boring.

Darren said...

Other canadites could be Helen, Danielle, Dominic, renny, Howard, Jessie(BB15)

Darren said...

The perfect all-star cast would be: Daniele (BB8/13), Keesha(BB10), Libra (BB10), Jeff(BB11/13), Kevin (BB11 He needs to come back!), Russell(BB11), Enzo (BB12), Rachel(BB12), Britney(BB12), Shane(BB14), Frank(BB14), Danielle (BB14), Ian (BB14), Aaryn (BB15), Mccrae (BB15), Elissa (BB15). I think this would be an interesting group cause of such diverse personalities. Also diversity sorta with 3 people of color. Also you have strong males such as Russell, Jeff, frank, and Shane, then you got weaker males such as mccrae, Kevin, Ian, and Enzo. Also you have strong personalities such as Keesha libra Aaryn and Rachel. Plus there would be an interesting power duo with Rachel/Elissa. Who would probably work with Jeff and possibly Aaryn. I think the drama will definently be there with people like Jeff, Daniele, Aaryn, Rachel, Elissa, Keesha, and Libra. And they are all like able in there own ways. I think it would be an all stars season with some intense players who want to play the game/ get a second chance/ win again/ etc. and would be interesting to watch

Rita Gillis said...

Hi, long time lurker and I love reading your comments. I like your list Briam. I would really like to see Aaryn have a go at this again, knowing what she learned from this season. I would like to see Kevin and Wil again too. In spite of not making too many big moves (other than the infamous LML) he played a great game. Wil was a funny guy and a good player. I would really like to see a more diverse group, other than the "token" black player and "token" gay person too. There has to be more diverse people interested in playing than just the one or two cast every year. I would love to see Jeff and Jordan, Brendan and Rachel compete again and show some of these hopeful contestants how you play this game with class and tact. (Although Brendan and Rachel had their moments) know one can dispute Rachels ability to compete and love of this game.

sjkluss said...

We just got back from Vegas!! I've been to golden nugget in the past and its awesome! If you're looking for something to do, go to Planet Hollywood and watch the Marc Savard show. He's a hypnotist and is hilarious!! Have fun and thanks for all you do here!!

Susie said...

Depending how it comes across in my previous comment, I do not want to see ppl in bed like Mcranda was......

debsde said...

I so agree. I would love to go for it. Went for survivor twice, but I'll be that ancient age of 50 next month and my suimsuit would need to be one of those '20s bloomer's ha!

hebtz said...

OK...I know a lot of folks didn't like MVP, but I think it was a missed opportunity to shake up the game. Since there were 3 people on the block, those 3 nominees SHOULD have been allowed to vote (since they wouldn't cancel out each others' votes). This would have resulted in some serious campaigning which was sorely lacking this year.

hebtz said...

Oh...I'd also really enjoy it if they would shake up the order of the competition types. In other words, I don't like that the HGs can guess which comp is coming up. While some are favorites (otev and Zingbot), I think knowing that the next comp is probably a counting comp or a morphing comp (just examples) negatively changes strategies. I like it when even the mega fan plater doesn't know what's next!

M said...

I'm a little drunk watching the Ohio State game, so if someone else mentioned this I apologize, but a first voted out season would be cool. I wonder if they'd get enough players since someone would run the risk of being first evicted twice.

Or, a season of the people not chosen to go to the final two/three. You know, those people deemed too dangerous (or insane) to sit next to in the finals.

Aimee Truax said...

Thanks for adding Amanda. She deserves to be on as an all-star, but I don't think that seems to be popular opinion.

Aimee Truax said...

I agree with your thoughts and how brave (and right of you to add Amanda.) Not popular opinion, but I think she deserves to be an all star.

laserkat said...

I have an unusual idea for the next season. I would like to see a cast of return players that were voted out the first or second in their season. All of theses people never really got a chance to show what they were capable of &, I would venture to guess, they have since played the game in their head many many times. It might be fun & we have met them before.

SDfan said... Spencer :)

Anonymous said...


Eric Stein was America's Player in Evel Dick's 1st season in S8. He also got into a showmance with Jessica who was an attractive blond. Not sure if that helps you remember.


Anonymous said...


Libra S10 is definitely a strong possibility to add some more diversity to the cast. In fact I'd probably go ahead and replace Britney Haynes S12&14 with her especially after just reading the sad news about Britney's baby being diagnosed with cancer.

Kevin is also a very strong choice for casting as he's both gay and adds racial diversity.

I have McCrae as a strong alternate on my list if someone on it isn't interested and also his relationship status with Amanda at the time could come into play. I just didn't want to put 3 people from such an unpopular season on All Stars and Amanda and Aryan being females gave them the edge due to weaker competition.

Russell S11 would be a strong alternate as well as a strong competitor with a fiery personality who could also provide some more diversity to the cast.

I took Elissa out of consideration for my list cause I included Brendon and didn't think it'd be fair for Rachel to have her husband and sister with her. You don't have Brendon so I don't have a huge issue with it. But it would definitely have to be 1 or the other for me and I think Rachel and Brendon are much stronger players and more All Star worthy. If Brendon wouldn't do it and I had to add Elissa to get Rachel I'd probably have to do it though.

Shane is a great physical competitor but he was 1 of those model recruits who had no idea how to play the game and brings absolutely nothing from a mental standpoint and has no personality either. Enzo has a strong personality but I already had too many people from S12 on my list that I preferred.


Jamie said...

Thanks SJ!! :D We can't wait to go to Vegas, first timers here!


Big Brother: Blood vs. Water.


Darren said...

I thought about brendon, but at the same time they were already on two seasons together and that's usually the max for duos (dani/dick, Jordan/Jeff) I would also think that Rachel would bring a competitive spirit out of Elissa.

JoyNSoul said...

I think another all-star season would be fun, but like others said before, coming up with enough players that could actually be considered all-star would be hard. A season of Legends would be really cool, but that would definitely have to include Dr. Will, Evel Dick, & Dan Gheesling, so just not going to happen. If an all-star cast would be that difficult, maybe a season of biggest personalities would be good. They could bring back some of the most entertaining guests. Lots of personalities to choose from; just not all are all-stars in my opinion. A season of fan faves (although that could have some potential for being boring) Past villains? They could come up with creative ways to have an all-returning hg cast if they just don't have enough all-star quality people.

The idea of a season of hg that were evicted first would be interesting. They might have to include more than just the first evicted. Maybe a second chances season for those evicted in the first 3-4 weeks (those that have never even been to jury?). But again, they would have to choose from the bigger personalities. I definitely like the idea of having a season of all returning HG's. That would at least help CBS be a little more successful with screening the cast.

I do think a few of this season's cast members may have had more potential outside of a season of "vote with the house." Jessie tried to make moves a couple times, but kept getting shut down by "the house." She was a little lacking on comp wins though. Hmm, could they produce a decent cast of HG's that have never won a comp before? Might be a long shot. Anyway, I love hearing idea others have shared as far as all-star cast or other ideas for next season!

•~catty~• said...

Absolutely CM!

@James................Candice & Elissa? Likeable? No & no WAY! Candice walked around like the queen of the house, thinking she was the ONLY ONE who noticed the Moving Company & other, she wasn't the only one. Both her & Elissa were super conceited (full of themselves) chicks who walked around the BB house with an, "I am better than you attitude." These 2 should NEVER EVER be invited back on the show and need to fade into oblivion. And Elissa, the wanna-be quitter?! Give me a break. She floated along with Helen (& the only reason Helen tolerated her was because they were both the only moms in the house) until Helen left & then she really didn't play the game; she did yoga. By herself. The MVP twist that Elissa floated in on failed miserably when she OUTED herself as the MVP...and just continued to make the same mistake over & over. If I were able to choose returning HGs, neither of these chicks would even be on my radar! 2 of THE WORST players in BB history imo.

•~catty~• said...

@M.............I love the 1st evicted idea!!! None of them even had a chance to play, nor did they have the time to make alliances/connections. They could call it, "the best of the worst" season!! Haha!!

laserkat said...

It looks like I was the drunk one when my post follows the one above...LOL

Susan, Bend, OR said...

Hi Jamie,
This is my first time commenting. I would like to see a more mature cast mixed in. I don't think CBS is aware of the number of 35-70 somethings actually ENGAGE in the live feed chat rooms. Certainly if they are chatting, they are watching.

Also, it seems like the show is suffering from lack of investment. Remember when the HOH changed with each winner? That really was a fun element to the show.

Just some small ideas to add to the great ideas already posted.

Susan, Bend, OR said...

Hey Jamie. This is my first post in 14 years.

I agree that having a mix of ages (usual luscious youthful to fifty something) would be a huge improvement. CBS does not seem to be aware that the live feed chat rooms are peopled by a large number of 40 to 70+year old folk. I found this out when I mentioned my 50th anniversary. I was blown away by the number of chatters (in Evil Dickheads chat room, no less) who were present. I began polling the ages in other rooms to see if that stat was unique. It was not.

I have not seen this next element mentioned but, does anyone recall when the HOH room reflected the preferences of that week's winner? It may seem small but for me, that made the REVEAL so much more interesting. I could care less about which candy or other junk food they get, but a different decor makes the time they spend in that room interesting.

I also hope CBS puts BBAD back on SHOWTIME for three hours next season. Is it me or are the advertisers pulling their support away from the show?

Lastly, why not fine the house guests when they say something that causes them to "go to fishes" or use words during the family hour that can cause CBS to pay an FCC decency fine.

Please add these wee ideas to the excellent ones above. I would like CBS to listen to its loyal BB fan base. They lost my daughter this year due to the racist comments. (I stuck around to see how CBS handled it. POORLY.

Keep up the great work you do on our behalf.

M said...

Ha ha, it's okay. I was just checking the blog on my phone during a commercial break and didn't have the time or sobriety to read each comment and see if either of my ideas were posted.

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