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Friday, September 13, 2013

Afternoon Quckie Post

Good afternoon/evening, BB addicts! Today inside the BB house was boring, and will continue to be the next 5 days if I had to guess. Since there's no game talk to be had (*they all have Final 2 Deals with each other already), there's nothing left to blog about except the normal (well, their kind of normal) of bashing this seasons HG's, going over previous comps, where people made mistakes in the game, how many jury votes they think they have, etc. Mix that with some naps and you have the afternoon house happenings. :P

6:04pm BBT:

Currently, all 3 HG's are in the living room talking about last night's roller skating HOH comp and how difficult it was.

There will not be an Overnighter tomorrow, as the season is winding down and like I said, there's no game talk to be had. (I refuse to blog about the HG's bashing or napping anymore this season lol) I will, however, be here watching the feeds tomorrow & waiting to see when Part 2 HOH Comp will happen and then I will make a post as soon as it starts. Enjoy your Friday night! Go out, mingle with your friends and family, start your own re-releasing back into the wild process. ;) lol

See y'all tomorrow!!

Stay tuned...
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Susie said...

Enjoy your w/e Jamie as we go through withdrawal.............


It's a shame Jeff Schroeder has been relegated to interviewing old BB contestants. If the show twist doesn't allow him to interview evicted houseguests, why even bother?

This Is My Journey said...

An idea to spice things up next year... Julie does not tell the house guests the voting totals. I think that would allow for some surprise evictions and no more voting with the house.

Thank you Jamie, you did an awesome job yet again. And thank you to those who checked out my blog. You all are amazing too!

kate27 said...

Thank you, Jamie. Your blog has been awesome in a rather un-awesome season. :)

Ste ven said...

Well Andy is trying to work both S & GM really really hard. I just hope they're appeasing him and just going along and aren't stupid enough to fall for it.. Esp GM
He keeps trying to convince them the jurors hate him although most probably would not hold a grudge & recognize his game play.
The one thing is they keep talking about all the times McRanda had sex all over the house from HOH to Storage. Did BB not air that in live feeds? In previous years, we always read about that stuff online and see those grainy videos of under cover movement. If you're in the storage room when someone walks in, youre likely not really hiding it. Am apparently had a bf coming in & slept with McRae week 1. Guess I was the naive one who assumed they hadn't gone all the way since I hadn't read any online reports.

•~catty~• said...

@CRAIG MARSHALL He interviewed Howard; I saw it.I think the only ones he couldn't talk to are the ones in the jury house. I like Jeff; he's just a down-home Chicago guy...pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda dude imo.

Armageddon Kitten said...


At least Jeff can't spread his homophobia to the new HGs??

That is a bonus...

•~catty~• said...

@Ste ven
I've read a lot about them doing it on Joker's Updates....there's a list of McCranda "unions" on that I saw. It's on the right with all the stats; scroll down. I don't have the live feeds but I definitely read about it.

@Jamie.....for some reason I can't post on your Overnighter :( ! I'll go back but I wonder why?!

agentbarbie said...

Please return BB After Dark to Showtime too! TVGN drove me nuts. I don't think there was one full sentence that wasn't edited! Frustrating!

Anonymous said...


They already announced BBAD will be on TVGN once again next season.


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