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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! Yesterday, McCrae won Veto, which means either Judd or GM will go to jury. At this point, it seems that it might be Judd leaving on Tuesday (during the special eviction). GM is pretty banged up with a broken toe, a slashed up knee from yesterday's veto comp (which required 9 stitches from the BB doc last night), and then later on in the night she also cut her finger. She's falling apart! lol

Speaking of yesterday's Veto Comp, the host was BB14's Winner, Ian Terry. The HG's talked about how he was cheering McCrae on during the veto comp.

Tomorrow is the veto ceremony where McCrae will take himself off the block & then Judd will go up as the replacement nom, making it Judd/GM on the chopping block.

Last night, Judd was doing some freaking out. One minute he was depressed, then it turned to anger and even abruptly leaving the HOH room for no reason a couple of times last night.

He apologized to everyone for his behavior, which I believe is a mixture of fear of getting evicted, frustrated that McCrae won veto, and the lack of nicotine. He then asked everyone in the HOH room if anyone would like to share some wine. Spencer declined, while Andy got half of the bottle, and Judd/McCrae both had a glass of wine & a beer, while Spencer had 2 beers.
With a little booze in his system, Judd calmed down a bit, but then went to lay down in his bed in the back bedroom for awhile.

Around 6:30pm BBT, Spencer told Andy that his fear his is that "they" will take GM over him (S) at the end. Andy assured him they wouldn't.
At 6:42pm BBT, GM came out of the D.R. limping from just having 9 stitches put her in knee. (She gashed it open during the veto comp.)

Around 7:30pm BBT, GM was doing some food prep for dinner when she cut her finger open with a knife. She went to the bathroom & ran it under cold water as Spencer & Andy helped bandage her up.
8:15pm BBT:
The backyard is finally open for the HG's!

The rest of the night was filled of non-game talk...they talked about BB14's Ian (McCrae thinks it was Ian's Final 2 speech that made him win), some more Elissa bashing and a lot of it (though Andy admits she was a great cook), Spencer thinks that BB "jumped the shark" by bringing in Rachel Riley's sister, and this happened..

11:00pm BBT:
Spencer shows us live feeders the piece of cake from their halfway party with Elissa's picture on it.

He goes around the table asking if anyone has last words...

McCrae: "All I can say Elissa, is good riddance to bad rubbish."

GM: "Elissa, thank you for doing my hair, but also...thank you for not being crazy in the house, so thank you."

Andy: "Whatever." (*lol)

Spencer: "Elissa, I couldn't imagine living with a bigger lunatic in this house, I hated living with you and I hated every second of it. Now let's judo-chop her."

There were also a couple of convos throughout the night with McCrae/Andy/Spencer saying that they'll be Final 3 together, but Andy/Spencer still plan on taking him out if he doesn't win HOH/Veto in the upcoming comps. Andy/Spencer want GM for Final 3.

As for Judd/GM, both Mc/Andy are telling them both that they're safe until they figure out which one they wanna keep. If they get rid of Judd, they said they'll have to blindside him, so they're telling him he's safe to keep him calm (or trying to keep him calm) until they figure things out. But, like I said, it looks like Judd might be the one getting evicted on Tuesday. We'll see!!

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D Today is my "Summer Sunday" and I'm gonna go watch some football with friends. Yayyy for football season being here!!! I hope y'all enjoy your Sunday!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Ian (@TulaneTerry) actual tweeted about the talk of him rooting for McCrae in POV comp:

"Lawlz... if only Judd knew I've been rooting for him the whole time."

Lol, you have to be nice to the person that wins. It was exciting to watch, I was rooting for everyone. #BB15

As a fan, I'm rooting for Judd. As a player, I'm rooting for Andy (he's a shark, yes, a rat-shark, but a shark nonetheless). #BB15



Judd quit on the veto comp yesterday, he deserves to go back to the jury house, but this time there are three additional pissed off women there, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Anonymous said...

GM cutting her knee open like that was actually a good thing for her otherwise she most likely would be going home right now.

It's funny how Spencer said his fear was them keeping GM over him for F3 when he's the only 1 that doesn't have to worry about that. GM could lose a limb and still be a bigger comp threat. Whereas McCrae would obviously definitely go and I could even see Andy going since "the Jury likes him too much".

At this point with all her injuries mounting up how can you not keep GM? If she makes it to F3 she might need to be medevaced out of the house and then you're automatically in F2. Haha


Kiley said...

Jamie, thank you for yet another amazing BB summer. There's no one else I'd rather spend my summer with. Thank you for sacrificing your life to keep us all informed. I stopped watching a few weeks in but I know I can depend on you to keep my curiousity in check. I am thankful that I found your blog during your first year you started. I read so many other BB sites but yours has an icon on my phone for the easiest of access. Please let me know if you get my donation. I had some trouble logging in through the donate button, but did it through PayPal. I know it's not much but I wanted you to know that my 10yo and I support you fully. Btw, she has an icon on her phone too. Lol! I'm done rambling now. Thanks again Jamie! You rock! <3

Anonymous said...

WHY do they KEEP bashing Elissa?? What on earth did she do in that house that makes them all hate her??? because she has class and is not a pig??? This is the worst BB cast ever none of them are worthy of half a million bucks.

Spencer will be known for grabbing his junk and picking his nose while he floated to the end
Andy will be known as a rat bastard sucking up to everyone then lying and acting like he is the best bb player ever
Judd will be known as the mumbler woman hater
GM will be known as the foul mouthed fartbag
MC will be known as a filthy pig….

no fame for these losers only BB infamy as being the worst. cast. ever.

Ste ven said...

WHY ISNT ANYONE GETTING ANDY OUT? I think he has a good chance of winning if gets to the F2 (esp not against McRae)...But seems both McRae and Spence are loyal to him. Blindsiding Judd could backfire as he will hold a grudge if he blames them...but then again theyll all be in F2 so who is he to blame? Andy is the one that is backstabbing the most now...I wonder what McR would do if Andy cuts him...Andy prob has F2 with both Sp/McR..Sp is prob the one everyone wants to take to the F2 because he hasnt done much in the game besides getting nominated...and his surviving wasnt on his own. Andy hasnt really won many comps has he? Maybe 2? He's sitting pretty though unless the jurors turn against him. It will be interesting tos ee if McRanda are both in the jury, would they still vote for Andy? I think theyw ould; as both are fans of the game, I cant see them voting for Spence who did nothing. I think Jessie and Candice and Helen would vote for him too so thats the win right there.

Ste ven said...

Still cant comprehend why Elissa is #2 in you guys voting for fave HG on the right...I hope J-U-D-D wins. I still cant fathom Elissa's popularity except for the Brenchel brainwash operation. She didnt really do much in the house and the MVP gave her a super advantage. The HG apparently all hated her so she must not have treated them very well; I dont think its all jealousy about her wealth or game advantage although that clearly is an undercurrent. It does seem it will come down to her and Judd as not many others are likeable. I think McRae had a chance but Amanda took that away from him even though he's been the voice of reason. Still curious to see what would happen to them outside the house. Andy was well liked but fans have turned against him...Like Ian said, however, Andy is playing the game...HARD...and hes being a shark but thats how you get in the end. If youre sweet and nice to everyone and dont want to betray anyone, you get screwed like Britney did. Its a game people ;relax...Andy is not an evil person - he just has his eye on the prize and can separate the game

rigs said...

I've said before GM is an accident waiting to happen and the closer it gets to the finish line, the more accidents she has. She is in heaven with four males in the house and she is the only female. She now has her very own captive group of "boyz". She's not the face I want to see when I think of the winner of BB15.

rigs said...

I don't understand Judd the dudd's popularity. He's done nothing much in the game. LOL, I remember Jessie's comment about Judd not being arousable but when he was in bed with Aaryn and I think it was GM, Aaryn covered his crotch with a pillow to hide the evidence that he was aroused. He said he's never had a roommate. I presume that means he hasn't even had a female roommate. He's not the face I want to see when I think of the winner of BB15.

rigs said...

I found Andy's feel for distance to be abnormally way off. He thought the rope between McCrae and GM as 15 feet long????? All he had to do was look at one of his feet and imagine how many "feet" the rope was. When Dr. Will was doing all the lying just as BB was just taking off, it was "cute" and funny. But shows mature, strategies mature and IMO, at this stage Andy's lying is over the top and not at all cute. He's not the face I want to see when I think of the winner of BB15.

rigs said...

It was interesting on last night's BBAD when Spencer asked McCrae about Amanda's remark about what Howard whispered to her. Andy and someone else who saw the incident said Amanda appeared to be really taken back by the comment. I think Howard is fully capable of saying such a thing and find Amanda truthful. Howard is like many Christians who really need their religion in order to help them maintain some control over what would otherwise be really bad behavior.

Spencer has played a smart game given his abilities but he's not the face I want to see when I think of the winner of BB15. He talks about other people's hygiene but there is no greater collector of garbage than his beard. It reminds me of GM's hair hiding the "scrap metal" on her head.

rigs said...

That leaves McCrae. He has played a smart game, he has stepped up when necessary and he has been the only true winner among the five left. I hope he continues to be a winner and wins BB15. It doesn't appear he wants to be the "Queen's King" outside of the house. I think her last hissy fit when she said she needed a "man" was the last nail in her coffin as far as McCrae is concerned.

Atlanta said...

Why didnt they back door Mcrae? Did i miss something?
Jaime_Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for your blog!

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie Happy (football) Sunday !Woohooo , I can't wait to see Ian On the show.The feeds have been so boring now WE NEED DRAMA LOL ! You have a relaxing day .... It is Beer Thirty Somewhere !
U ROCK :) As always

James said...

I can't understand why they would keep GM over Judd. Judd has no chance of winning the money - he won 1 HoH, 1 veto, AND was already voted out of the house. If he got to the final 2 anyone left could easily win against him by pointing that out. GM, as much as I despise her, has a very real chance of winning - 2 HoH, and a power of veto (I think), plus she has done well in most of the competitions even if she didn't win them.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Does she just not wear her glasses/contacts when she needs to?

I know I can be a clumsy person and do some dumb injuries, but I also have vision problems. I cut myself a little slack there. If she just needs a mild vision correction and doesn't wear her contacts/glasses so she can be 'cool,' then she's just going to keep hurting herself. :/

Now we know if the knives in the kitchen could really kill somebody. Or maybe they're only programmed to cut GM!

RabbitHole24 said...

None of these hg have class. Mcc is an idiot and spencer nor Andy have done anything to deserve to win. They hide behind everyone else and pretend like they've got this great game. Andy couldn't pick aside until he knew for sure he could get final 4. He's a joke, and def isn't a game strategy.

Anonymous said...

There should be a considerable delay for tonight's BB episode at least here in the east coast. The US Open Women's Tennis Final was supposed to be over at 7pm and the 3rd set is just starting.


Becktuck said...

Here too...Midwest....:(

Anonymous said...

Tonight's BB episode should start around 8:51pm here in the east coast.


JimA. said...

Has Andy ever won a comp?

Jamie said...

Kiley!! You are so sweet hun! Tell your daughter I said "Hello!!" for me! :D And WOW, thank you SO MUCH for donating & for supporting me & the blog, it means the world to me. You ROCK!!!

And thank you for the appreciation & for the super kind words. From my humbled heart, thank yoU!!! xoxoxox

Jamie said...

Thank you Atlanta & Hummingbird!! :D I did in fact have a wonderful football afternoon! It was nice to get out "back into the wild" (*LOL!) and mingle with people, laugh, and watch some football.

Thanks girls!!

Anonymous said...


Everyone gets to play in POV now since F6 so there can be no backdooring.


Anonymous said...


BB is not just about how many comps you win but Judd has won 1 HOH and 1 POV as you said and GM has won 2 HOH but 0 POV so they're even at 2 comps each. They could feel Judd is more liked by a number of the Jury members than GM so that could get votes in F2. But I think mostly it's cause they're not basing their vote on sitting next to either in the F2 they're basing it more so on who'd be easier for them to beat in the comps to get there and GM's injuries are leaning them in the direction of keeping her right now.


Darren said...

I think, even though I hate his gameplay, Andy deserves to win it the most out of all of them tbh. He has stabbed so many people in the back, lied to so many people's faces, betrayed the people that kept him, and no one has viewed him as a threat until now. I think it's a loss lose situation cause McRae definently does NOT deserve to win bb after being the biggest floater to have ever existed for 10 weeks. I know right now he's the underdog right now but I feel he has not played a good game at all. GM is just a cruel person (although I was happy when she made Amanda cry) who is racist and doesn't deserve to get any sort of payment. I predict she'll get third place however. Judd has played a horrible game. He was a floater and got blindsided just to come back and be a floater. Didn't spice up the house one bit. I like his personality sort of but just doesn't have good gameplay. I think the second most deserving would be Spencer. Yes he is a disgusting person and has even admitted to it, but he actually doesn't do half bad in physical comps for example the otev comp, He never bowed down to Amanda really, and was put up on the block 7 times and has never went home! To me I think fifth should be Judd, fourth mccrae, third GM, Second spencer, and first Andy. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


Andy won HOH and POV in the same week when Jessie was evicted. Those are the only 2 comps he's won but that ties him for 2nd place in most comps won with the lot that's left in the house. Truthfully he hasn't needed to win any more comps though and didn't even need to win the 2 he did. I'm not necessarily saying he threw any or all of the others but he's done a great job of making sure he's never gone into a comp with his life on the line needing to win it.


Maria Gree said...

I agree entirely and it's so funny on the live feeds They are all wondering what awaits them outside of the big brother house... They are All so high on Themselves… It's really hilarious

JimA. said...

Thanks Brian.

Unpredictable said...


Elissa was a terrible houseguest. That is why they are bashing her. She was incredibly dull and selfish. Good riddance!

Becktuck said...

Also this is a highly female jury and I think several of them will vote for her simply for being the only woman(using that word as loosely as I can) who "got there" however I believe they think it'll be easy to get her out because of how broken she is...they don't see that if she makes it to the end she would get votes for "playing and surviving through the pain"...**sigh**

Atlanta said...

I feel stupid for that question now.

Becktuck said...

I agree....she was simply different from them. She didn't react to with, or participate in all the "sailor" talk. They couldn't relate to her and so they left her an outcast. People pick on what they see as different than themselves and she was made a pariah for not "being like them" she was ditzy for sure but she did cook for them continually and cleaned that house more than anyone I've seen. They really think they thought her not "needing" to fit in was her thinking she was better...I don't see someone , who was put in her position, finding it easy to "play the game" other than playing for survival when noone would work with her because THEY took HER social dynamic personally....she could just be really shy and more of an introvert in her everyday life(having "times of outgoing"ness" has nothing to do with with the other parts of your personality...she seemed to thrive on structure. Which is ok and people are all made different. Not saying she was perfect but definitely don't see the incessant need to bash her other than to make themselves feel better about how they treated her and lied about her....she was completely honesty about Amanda and they treated her like GARBAGE during DE and bombarded her with hate just to get.her was so over the top and she would've gone whether they did that or not....they just wanted to be mean & now they won't shut up about's getting so old

Anonymous said...


I agree with you on Andy he deserves to win the game right now. But I totally disagree with you on McCrae and if he gets to F2 he'd deserve to win cause he'd have to win out on top of all he's already won to do it. And there's a big difference between being a floater and your alliance controlling the whole beginning and middle of the game. Andy was a much bigger floater during that point than McCrae was cause he was back and forth making himself good with everyone while McCrae was solidly entrenched right out front with Amanda in a power couple.

And I don't know what your love for Spencer is all about. Haha That guy doesn't deserve to win the game over anyone right now and it has nothing to do with being a disgusting person. Being up on the block 7 times and not going home because you're so useless it's a waste to bother evicting you is not much of an accomplishment. It's not like he ever had to make any big moves or deals to demonstrate good gameplay to avoid going home. He just had to sit there, keep his mouth shut and be his worthless self. Heck a lot of the times he volunteered to go up or at least was totally cool with it cause he knew no one would even think about getting rid of him. The OTEV comp was probably the only physical comp he did well in as I can't recall many if any others. Plus he crawled to Amanda with his tail between his legs after Howard was evicted and formed an alliance with her, McCrae and Andy.


Ronda O'Brien said...

Seems like they should install a swinging door on HOH bedroom! I don't remember it ever being such an "open door" for everyone just to barge in whenever they want... Are we having Pandoras box this season?

Sharon Doiron said...

I agree..elissa may have come acroas as stuck up but she has alit of morals an class unlike any of the final dive left in the house....andy really pisses me off..i hope for his eviction next..he is a coward in my book..he has nothig better to do then talk about elissa who was very good to him in the house..she always made him frosting and muffins when he was a have not an her an helen were loyal to hom always..spencer is just a gross pig an mcree is stupud for talking shit about elissa she was the only one that had his an amandas im routing fir gm atleast ahe isnt talking trash about elissa.

Becktuck said...

No, GM is just as bad and the one who talk HORRIBLY about Elissa's son saying he looked like a "Spanish Puerto rican dirt **** ****" and said there's no way that white guy is that kids father (Elissa never addressed her personal story which ,according to the dates I think she was a young single mom and just got married in the last few years) she was on Anderson Cooper in the last few years about her wedding and her son is 8. They would all talk about it but Elissa chose not to talk about that (which she had every right to keep personal) so they used that as an excuse to talk about her son because they , for some reason, think they have the RIGHT to know everything just because THEY don't keep anything personal. When GM said those things it was the day after she told Elissa how awful it was that Amanda had talked bad about her(E's) son. She went on and on about how in her job working with the kids they make sure none of them are bullied and such so Amanda should've never crossed the line of talking about somebody's kid! "That's just something you don't do"....the next day they found out Elissa was trying to work with Amanda and there goes GM's disgusting mouth about Elissa's child herself. GM is not redeemable in this game whatsoever. She's shown no effort to be above the continuous hate spewed by these people. I really wouldn't care if she won only because she's gonna need the money and would have to use it all to make herself a brand new life (since she lost her job at the beginning of the show for her racist remarks(little does she know) she certainly hasn't made anyone anxious to hire her) they are all STILL CONTINUALLY bashing Elissa....move on people....every single one of the hg left have been E bashing so much It's just ridiculous. I really hope all of McCrae's terrible remarks are "game play" so he doesn't make himself more of an outsider. I hope he feels really bad when he sees that E was loyal to him and would've played for him when everyone else's objective is to get him out. He has no ally because he evicted his last one! (Sorry, I'm just overly frustrated with these people and want the game to be over so I can stop caring,lol!)

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