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Monday, September 9, 2013

Morning Post + Veto Ceremony Results

Today the Final 5 houseguests will have their Veto Ceremony, where McCrae will take himself off the block and then Judd will go up as the replacement nom. At  around 8:30am BBT, BB gave the HG's their wake-up call. Let's see what's going on inside the BB house.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:00am BBT:
*Judd is in the D.R.
*GM is awake, but on her bed.
*Andy/Spencer/McCrae are still sleeping.

10:12am BBT:
Judd is out of the D.R.
McCrae is called to the D.R.

McCrae/Judd have a quick chat.
McCrae said there's no way that he wouldn't use the veto on himself. (re: Spencer/Andy's plan last night to try to get McCrae to use the veto on GM.) Judd plays dumb to the plan, even though GM told him about it last night.

Judd: "And have me go home?"
McCrae: "Yea."

Judd said he has McCrae's back, no matter what.

McCrae goes into the D.R.
Judd tells Spencer maybe they should try to get McCrae to use the veto, Spencer said there's no time..he's in D.R.

Feeds switch to fishies.

10:28am BBT:
Veto Ceremony underway.

10:50am BBT:
Feeds are back.

McCrae used the veto on himself.
Judd is the renom.

The Exterminators are talking in the HOH room.

Spencer: "This is an unfortunate scenario."
Judd: "I hope I don't look like a d**k on tv. He looked at away when he walked by."

Judd  apparently said something during the veto ceremony about/to McCrae.
Judd: "He didn't even warn me, no oppurtunity, like I would've with him. I came back, wanted to get rid of him, he won (veto) fair and square...but like..I dunno."

McCrae is downstairs, sleeping.

Andy: "At first I thought you were gonna pull out a Coupe De Tat or something. I was like what's going on?"
Judd: "Sorry if that was awkward as hell."
GM: "I didn't expect it. Usually people just take a seat (on the block).."
Judd: "It was just in the moment. If I would've waited, I would've just let it go and not said anything. Makes me look like a sore loser, whatever."
Spencer: "Made ya look scrappy. And that's good."
Judd: "It's whatever. He knows what's up."

Judd: "I'll be cordial with him, not gonna fight with him. He's lied to my face so many damn times.."

11:04am BBT:
BB: "Judd, please go to the Diary Room."
Judd: "I don't wanna go to the D.R. right now."

Judd heads towards the HOH door to leave to go D.R. He tells GM/Andy/Spencer to sit with him whenever McCrae is around so that Mc doesn't "twist his words".

Judd leaves the HOH room.

Andy is still mad that McCrae won veto.
Andy: "It sucks that we're gonna lose (Judd), while McCrae is still here."
GM: "Mm hmm."
Andy: "I don't think McCrae will be voting for Judd."
Spencer: "Probably not." (re: after what he said at the veto ceremony about McCrae.)

Note: Judd had told McCrae that he has something planned and this morning, he said he has McCrae's back, no matter "what he says".

11:16am BBT:
Judd went to Andy in the back bedroom and said  it was best to put a bigger target on himself. (Hence, the veto ceremony speech.) He then asked Andy if he was still keeping him. Andy says yes.

11:20am BBT:

Judd goes over to McCrae (he's sleeping) and grabs his leg, then heads up to the HOH room.

11:25am BBT:
Judd is talking to Spencer alone in the HOH room. He asks Spencer if it comes to a tie, which he think it will, if he'll keep him. Spencer says yes. (He also just told GM a few minutes ago the same thing.)

Judd said he has a lot of fight left in him.

Judd: "All I need from you right now, is to keep me."
Spencer: "I already told you I would."

Judd is telling Spencer that if he (J) stays, him or Andy need to win HOH and then McCrae is a goner. 

11:30am BBT:
Judd leaves the HOH room.

11:33am BBT:
Judd is in the kitchen by himself.

All other HG's are sleeping.

11:36am BBT:

BB: "Spencer, please go to the Diary Room."

GM: "Guess what's in storage? Our luggage!"
Judd: "Already?? That means eviction might even be tomorrow night!"
GM: "They would've told us to pack, no?"

They both tell each other that they're not going to campaign against each other, too much respect between them.

11:38am BBT:

Judd: "Andy, they have our luggage in the storage room."
Andy: "That's weird!"

Judd: "You still gonna keep me? You know why I (said what I did at the veto cermeony)?"
Andy: "Yea."

GM walks in. They talk about how weird it is that they have their luggage.

Judd: "Something is different this week." (*eviction is tomorrow.)
GM: "I don't think there's anything to it."
Judd: "I'm gonna ask (the D.R.)."

11:46am BBT:

Judd asked GM if Andy said if he's keeping her or not. She said no and how she doesn't want to pressure  anyone for votes.

11:51am BBT:
Judd has been pacing in the house for a few minutes now. All others off-cam. 
**Alrighty, I'm outty for a little bit. I'll be back later with an afternoon update!

Stay tuned...
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Lisa T said...

Would someone (Jamie? Brian?) be kind enough to explain this surprise eviction and how it plays out to the 18th? I don't understand how it works for a Wednesday eviction..who nominates for the Thursday there another POV? I'm a tad confused. I appreciate your time :)

Jamie said...

Tues: Eviction

Thursday: Eviction, then the Final 3 HOH Endurance Comp starts.

Weds: Finale


Awwwww, poor Jugg. He came back in to take McCrae out, he's been lying to him all this time, never warned him, and now he's waving the crying towel. This 2 time loser can't leave soon enough. Don't give him any more cigarettes, McCrae!

Andy Tatnall said...

It's just so weird how upset people like Judd get that someone has "lied to their face", when a) they've done the same with other people, repeatedly, and b) that's the game they knew they were signing up for.

I get that the Exterminators were fun for them for awhile, but that's over. Get over it. It's every man or woman for themself now. These guys need to get that through their heads.

James Estep said...

@ Lisa Tuesday eviction ... Tuesday or Wednesday HOH Conp ... Wednesday or Thursday before liveshow POV Comp ... Thursday during live show POV Ceremony Eviction Beginning of Part 1 Final 3 HOH Endurance Comp

Anonymous said...

I never understood why Judd hated McCrae so much anyway. It surprised me when a few weeks back he started saying how much hated McCrae and kept talking bad about him behind his back. Maybe I missed a fight or something, but it just seemed that McCrae always defended Judd to Amanda (when she was obsessed with Judd supposedly being MVP) and was genuinely sad when Judd left and happy when he returned.

Maybe Judd feels threatened because McCrae has a similar game to his? (relaxed guy who everyone supposedly likes)

Paul Christiansen said...

Seriously, can Judd be any dumber?

Nor fam said...

Did Jugghead really think McCrae would be better off not using the Veto to save himself. I'm from Minnesota, and Jugghead we aren't that stupid.

Anonymous said...

@Nor fam

It was actually a Spencer plan that he got Andy to try to convince McCrae along with help from GM that she'd throw the next HOH if he used POV on her and that they'd all keep him and vote out Judd who was just told after the fact that they tried to do this.


RabbitHole24 said...

Is anyone else tired of seeing Andy's frigging cat shirt?

Skeeter Bug said...

Has it been confirmed yet whether there will be BB16?


Andy's whole Primary Colors scheme is lost on me, tho you do see it a lot over at Wrigley Field.

Renee said...

@ RabbitHole...I too am tired of seeing the shirt...honestly I think i'm just tired of seeing Andy!

The shirt is very telling though, he is very CATTY!

He goes on and on so negatively about people that are no longer in the house. He wanted Nick out so badly because Nick was one of the few that wasn't falling for his "besties....friends to the end, no one is talking game to me, i'm so scared" crap he ran on everyone in the house.

I hope Judd goes then GM or McCrae (the order doesn't matter). Then the final twist is that the F2 have to vote for one of the first 5 jury members to win.

Razldazlrr said...

I'm curious - anyone know what the academic background is of the people left? are they college grads, besides andy? (I'm almost laughing as I type that but wondering)

Ste ven said...

I dont know why they arent just telling Judd the truth. Theyre going to anger him for no reason...especially if McRae votes to keep him. Hes definitely going out because Spencer can break a tie and Andy will vote him out. BUT how Andy has skated by again , I dont know. They all seem blind as if he has more power than Amanda had over them. Does Spencer really think that hed beat Andy in the F2? Andys got a F2 deal with everyone left...McRae probably needs to keep winning to save himself. The other HG are going to hate Andy...if they hold grudges, hell be in trouble. but you have to get to the end to get a sh ot. Hes a college professor though - he shouldnt be as poor as he claims

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

I think they're not telling Judd for a couple reasons. First I don't think they're 100% sure who's best to vote out yet so they're keeping their options open by telling them both they're safe. Perhaps if GM shows she's the pillar of health the next 2 days maybe they'll change their minds. Second I think they just don't want Judd to cause waves in his efforts to stay or just out of spite such as exposing the Exterminators to McCrae which could cause him to keep GM over Andy and Spencer should he win more comps and have that power.


crane guy said...

Of course he isn't as poor as he says. He thinks it sounds better if he cry's poor mouth but i'll bet Spencer makes more then he does lol .

Razldazlrr said...

Craig - you lost me on the primary colors at Wrigley Field comment - what?????

Lisa T said...

@James....ahhh, that was very helpful, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


Judd was most mad at McCrae when he came back because he was by far the closest to him and looked at him like a best friend in the house so he felt betrayed on a personal level by him. Judd obviously has no idea about the private convos had where McCrae may have defended him. All Judd knows is that McCrae was in on all the talk about Judd being MVP and the need to backdoor him ASAP and he didn't even give him a heads up that this was going on and he was in potential danger and needed to do some damage control to try to clear some issues up and get back in good graces with some people. It's sort of like if a stranger does something to hurt you you'll get mad but if that same action is done by someone you thought you were close to you'll take it that much worse. So while for everyone else he viewed it as a game move and was mad at them for McCrae he took it as a stab in the back by a buddy which amplified his anger toward him.


Ronda O'Brien said...

I've never seen the HOH room with such a swinging door! People just come and go in there like it's no big deal, it's never been like that... Just bugs me ;}

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