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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BB15 Finale: Who will win BB15?

Good evening, ladies & gentlemen! :D I hope your Wednesday has gone well & that y'all will join me for the Big Brother 15 Finale tonight @ 9:30pm EST! Before the BB15 finale begins, the premiere of Survivor will air, starting at 8pm EST. The chat room is open, so come on in if you'd like to talk about Survivor and/or BB!

(*Former BB winner, Hayden Moss, will be on this season of Survivor!)

On the finale tonight, we will see who won Part 1 (*GM won, as we already know) and Part 2 (*where Andy won). Part 3 will air live tonight, it will be Andy VS GM in a "A or B" answers on questions that have to deal with the houseguests. Whichever HG wins Part 3, will then decide who to take with them to the Final 2.

Also on the finale, we will see Dr. Will "drill the jury" with questions. What will he ask? Nobody knows, but I'm anxious to find out! I'm also anxious to see if Julie will call out GM on her racist remarks, as she did with Aaryn, should GM be the one going to jury tonight. We shall see.

If you need to watch the finale online tonight, then here's the link to watch it! (*I'm not sure if Survivor will be aired on there, I don't think it will be.)

Enjoy Survivor & then I'll be back here to start live blogging the BB15 Finale!! :D

**If you'd like to watch the BB15 Backyard Interviews with Jeff, then just click here to go to to watch after the finale!

9:30pm EST:
Show begins...

9:40pm EST:
*They just showed GM winning Part 1 Final HOH Comp.
*After commercial, they're gonna show Andy winning Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp.
*Later on, Dr. Will "grills the jury".
9:59pm EST:
Dr. Will talked with the jury members. He didn't "drill" them. It was lame, if I'm being honest. :(

10:02pm EST:
Time for the Part 3 Final HOH Comp: Andy VS GinaMarie!

Winner of the Part 3 Final HOH Comp is:

10:13pm EST:

Andy votes to Evict:



Up next, the jury will ask GM/Andy questions live.

10:28pm EST:
Jurors asking GM/Andy questions on why they think they deserve to win the game..
*Andy's answers were great!
*GM's answers were horrible. She kept referring back to Nick as answers to questions and didn't make sense.

Next up, the Final 2 will make their "Why I should win" speeches.

10:37pm EST:
The jurors are now casting their votes.

10:47pm EST:
Nick/Kaitlin/David/Jeremy/Howard talked about this season.

Howard commented about the racists remarks and how he hopes those who have made the remarks, learn & grow from it.

10:52pm EST:
Time to crown the Winner!

The Votes to Win:
*Spencer voted for Andy
*McCrae voted for Andy
*Judd voted voted for GM
*Elissa voted for Andy
*Amanda voted for Andy
*Aaryn voted for GM
*Helen voted for Andy
*Jessie voted for Andy
*Candice voted for Andy

Winner of BB15 is:

*Notice GM hugging Nick on the right...

Elissa won America's Favorite

11:00pm EST:
End of Show

**Stick around for a new post shortly!

Stay tuned...
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JimA. said...

Thanks for everything Jamie. :-)

Shoba said...

Hey Jamie what's the link to the chat room Icant get on

Bebecantaloupes said...

Jamie--I stumbled across your blog for the first time this summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the great job you do & you made this season so much more entertaining! I left you a little something in your tip jar. Looking forward to next summer!

Sammy Abbas said...

Yes whats the link

Jamie said...

Thank you SO MUCH Bebe!!! :D You ROCK!!! I hope to see you back here next season!!

Anonymous said...

click the blue button on the right hand side of the page for chat room

Bebecantaloupes said...

You're quite welcome!

Lois Casper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melanie Thomas said...

Great blog! Thank you! This season of Big Brother was difficult to watch. YIKES!

Nikki said...

Thanks so much for your blog this season. I just stumbled across it while googling for an episode I had missed earlier in the season. Wonderful job and definitely bookmarked for BB16!

Shoba said...

I think it's GM that lost. She basically said that before getting Amanda out she didn't do anything. And her biggest obstacle was when nick left. Gobs me a break GM!

Anonymous said...

Helen pretty much told the entire BB world who the jury was voting for when asked who she thought would be evicted tonight. I'd be quite surprised if she's wrong.

Robin Jackson said...


Thanks for everything!!! Your blog is what made this season bearable.

BJ said...

I'm just glad its not Amanda the monster.

Bebecantaloupes said...

Run, Nick! Run!!!

Clay London said...

I think its funny how GN still dont know that nick dont like her

HurlyBurly said...

Poor Nick!

•~catty~• said...

YAY, Andy!!!!
Way to go, and excellent, well-put together answers to the jury's questions! It was the SWEETEST to see him hug his mom; she was so happy & shaking!! Awesome for him! He needs to hang onto that $ now & parlay it into more $ and acquire an agent & make some real $$. Maybe Big Bang Theory? lmao

@Jamie, thanks again, you ROCK! See ya next year!

loveaustintx said...

Jamie Thank you so much for everything you have done this season. What I am wondering is if you will be posting links to after show interviews? Hoping these interviews will let certain house guests know that they have been fired and repercussions of their actions in game.

Anonymous said...

This whole season was so depressing. I wish they could have been called out on their behavior. Why Elissa voted for someone who trashed her terribly is beyond me.

James said...


Sounds like you really like Andy? Let me guess, you don't watch live feeds. Just a wild guess.

Thank you so much for your hard work Jamie. Enjoy some peace and quiet.

James D.

JChism said...

Thank you, Jamie, for all of your hard work and dedication to the blog. This season was so disappointing and at times difficult to watch bug your blog was still amazing! See you next summer.

Jen Broughton said...

I'm disappointed that this season came down to a "lesser of the worst players" finale. I'm surprised I found myself rooting for GM, but given my options I didn't have much of a choice. I knew if it were her and Andy in the finale 2 he would win based on his ability to speak and her significant lack thereof. I truly believe if she had been able to articulate that she was a good in competitions (unlike Andy) was honest and upfront (unlike Andy) and survived this far despite being a target (unlike Andy) she may have pulled out the win. But, Andy pulled off the greatest magic trick of all and through the art of telling people what they wanted to hear, actually made people believe he played a good game. So the ultimate floater and rat is the winner of this season. Oh well! As much as I was not a huge fan of this season, I (like always) will eagerly anticipate what we have in store next summer. In the meantime, I'll watch some survivor and amazing race.

Jamie - A GINORMOUS THANK YOU for keeping us all so well informed! You are amazing!!


I can't believe Andy didn't credit the Zingbot with inspiring him to stop floating and form a new alliance. Nick didn't give GM a kiss, I hope he'll still take her to the Monster Truck show.

AmiLrn said...

Dr. Will's much hooted about and anticipated "drilling" of the jury was just a huge flop and disappointment. Blah.

•~catty~• said...

lol @ CM.....too funny!! Andy has been playing since day 1. Placed his belongings & clothes all over the house so he had a 'reason' to be in each room. He heard EVERYTHING! The Zingbot just lit a fire under him. ;)
lol, GM didn't go in for a kiss & neither did Nick. Who knows? I'm SURE they'll catch the monster truck

•~catty~• said...

@James: Nope, no live feeds but I read everything I could find, watched everything I could & listened to both Evel Dick & Dan's podcasts. Ask anyone, I read and re-read Jamie's blogs plus I read & commented in various other places. All summer I watched BBAD, and tried to catch MOST of the CBS shows.

Were you trying to judge me based on who I rooted for (Andy & McCrae were my dream F2) , or based on what involvement I had with the live feeds?! That's no better than some of the HG's and nasty fans. I liked both (Andy & McCrae) as BB contestants from the get go from seeing Jeff's pre-interviews and watching them walk in the front door of the BB house, & I rooted for them up until the end. I'm also not going to speculate who you were rooting for, @James. I can guess. ;)

This season had wayyyyy too many haters, and thankfully Jamie is good about keeping them at bay in here. (Thanks again, Jamie!) :)

Anonymous said...

When Andy 1st evicted Spencer I was shocked. Then Spencer sat down for his interview with Julie and I was like man Andy is smart because Spencer is a big fan of the game and the kind of person that would still vote for him due to game play whereas GM would've been pissed and voted for Spencer so he added a potential vote to his total. Then GM spoke for the 1st time and I was like Andy is a friggin genius cause this girl can't even put a coherent sentence together and there ain't no way she's gonna get 5 people to vote for her to win this game whereas I believe Spencer would've been much more well spoken obviously (how could he not be). Frankly I'm shocked GM even got 2 votes. After the Q&A and final statements I thought Dan's record of being the only person to win with a unanimous vote in S10 was in serious jeopardy. Then when Aryan made her statement I knew GM got 1 vote. I still don't know what Judd was thinking. Perhaps since he can be so unintelligible often when he speaks whatever nonsense gibberish GM was spitting out actually made sense to him somehow.


Anonymous said...

The Dr Will segment was disappointing but I knew it would be because it couldn't be what they promoted it as without it being unfair and against the process of the game. I think this was done as a response to last year's super bitter Jury robbing Dan but it was really kind of a waste and unneeded cause this Jury actually wasn't all that bitter. It was still nice to see Dr Will involved with the show in any capacity. And I do wonder if they did it 1 year earlier with last season if it could've made a difference. Listening to his main closing points it seemed obvious he was referring to last year's Jury. "Are you deciding here who is the nicest person and who you would like to have over for Thanksgiving dinner or are you deciding who is the biggest badass who tricked all of you guys." Dan duped and did in virtually everyone in that Jury hardcore while everyone loved and adored Ian. "I implore you decide how you want to vote don't let anyone else influence you." Frank was a huge commanding presence that dominated last year's Jury discussion and poisoned a Jury that was already upset with Dan to begin with. Maybe they just felt they needed to add a moderator to control the conversation so that couldn't take place again.


Razldazlrr said...

Usually I would love to see the jury ask more questions and be tougher on the finalists. But it was so painful watching GM try to answer that this time I was glad the questions were limited.
I'm with you Brian - when Andy evicted Spencer, I thought what?? But, it seems like he made the right choice.

Do you really think the jury doesn't know who they are voting for before they even get the questions? I suppose someone could maybe be on the fence.

The cast stunk but the blog and convos here were great - thanks!

Sheronda Coleman said...

Jamie you have done a GREAT JOB for all the YEARS that I have been following you, I come back to toy our blog EACH & EVERY YEAR....THank you for your hard work & constant dedication this game & its fans!!!

I was REALLY happy to see that Howard made it to the finale 3 of America's Favorite, I really don't see why Ellisa won (that's only because I LOVED Howard from the time he walked in the door), I really hope for the next few weeks you can keep us updated on Aarryn & GM's responses to how they have reacted to them being fired from their jobs, Amanda & how she is hated amongst the majority of the fans, and Also updates on Spencer & his job

Armageddon Kitten said...


The one thing I have to say is that Dan crushed his own social game. That he had someone campaigning against him in jury is just a sign that he shouldn't have pissed Frank off. ;) And that TOO is part of Big Brother. Who you send packing to the jury and HOW you send them packing is always important. Thus Andy "coming clean" in his good-bye tapes.

The husband just said that Amanda sunk her own game... And the same can be said of Dan. It's just that Dan got a few steps further down the road. He didn't get robbed, he shot himself in the foot. :)

That said, have a good autumn and good luck, everyone!

Andy Tatnall said...

The right person (between the two of them) won. Andy was a duplicitous liar, but guess what? That's gameplay. You don't win BB by "just being who you are" and making one single big game move, contrary to what GM would like to believe.

I still fail to grasp America's love of Elissa. She blindly fumbled her way through most of the game, she only avoided eviction at the very beginning thanks to the interventions of Helen and Amanda, she annoyed just about everyone in the house, and she of all the houseguests is the one who needs an extra $25K the least. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

@Armageddon Kitten

Dan backstabbed less people in the Jury than Andy did and he came clean about it as well. The only difference is that this Jury was able to get over it while last years wasn't and there's nothing you can really do about that. Some years you get a bitter jury some years you don't it's just the luck of the draw. A lot of people were predicting early on that this jury was gonna be super bitter and Andy couldn't win yet in the end it wasn't. You'd think as a male and a big fan of the show and going to Jury early and that Ian was his teammate and backstabbed him as well he'd have gotten over it and voted on gameplay but that couldn't have ended up further from the truth.


NateDawg920 said...


People still talk about Dan being "robbed" by a bitter jury...but lets really take a look at what happened. First off, Dan was able to get by in the house as a coach for what was it, 4 weeks? Without having any chance of being evicted...people always forget that when they talk about him being robbed. On top of that, the risk you take when you screw over allies in the game is that you could be losing their jury vote. That's why you need to still be liked by them after the backstabbing...something Will did and Evel Dick did w/ Zach, Jameka etc. Dan was able to pull off the amazing manipulations in the game, but unlike season 10, he didn't fix those relationships. Instead he stayed quiet and even did subtle, arrogant gestures like wearing the Memphis hat in a very cocky way.
And last but not least, he was up against Ian who also played a MASTERFUL game. The way he blind-sided Boogie..the way he got Frank out..something nobody else could do even though they tried and failed numerous times before Ian got it done! He played both sides well early on and got in as the most crucial part of the strongest alliance in the house at the perfect time in the game. He saved himself near the end by winning the double eviction he won that Veto by a landslide and Dan was trying to get Ian out then cuz he knew versus Ian in the F2 he had no chance.
Then finally, when it came time to do what Dan does best and speak live before the voting, Ian was on fire and spoke so well that he caused Dan to choke!
Ian was the rightful winner of BB14. Which btw was an excellent season and another fine example of why we need past HG's in the game.
And Dan was the rightful runner-up of BB14. He cerainly deserved to come in 2nd.

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