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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday BB Episode

Good evening, BB addicts! I was going to do an Afternoon: Part 2 post but the HG's just recently woke up for the day (around 3:15pm BBT). Nothing has changed, Amanda is still going home tomorrow and Andy is still pretending to be on Amanda/McCrae/Elissa's side. GM has been bashing Amanda/Elissa since she rolled out of bed this afternoon....same old, same old.

4:01pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...
Amanda/McCrae/Elissa are in the bathroom.

Andy/Judd are in the HOH room alone, talking about how Elissa and how they (Andy/Judd) can't go out 'by the hands of Elissa' this week, so they have to win HOH.

Okay, so tonight's BB show will have the Veto Comp & POV Ceremony where veto winner, McCrae, will take himself off the block and Spencer goes up as the replacement nom. The show starts at 8pm EST. 

**The chat room will be closed tonight, due to technical problems/maintenance. I'll make sure it's up by tomorrow for the live eviction though!

See y'all then!!

Stay tuned...
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krstn423 said...

andy just asked if judd thinks the live feeds were more interesting in the beginning and the middle and not so much the end...ummm actually andy, the live feeds have been boring all summer...ugh

Razldazlrr said...

I missed everyone tonite! amanda's comments were pretty funny about gm LOL.
Man, these people are really dressed like bums around there (did they ever get a luxury comp? probably don't want to waste it)

Anonymous said...

Watching the edit of tonight's episode the thought began to cross my mind if perhaps Elissa suddenly saying she wanted to keep Amanda could be a plot to expose Andy to the rest of the house as really still working with Amanda and McCrae. And that maybe she's not really planning on voting to keep Amanda but just to try to trick Andy into doing it. I highly doubt it because she hasn't given any hint to us or anyone else in the house that's the case and I don't know if she could come up with something like that. But the thought did cross my mind with how they focused on Elissa's suspicions of Andy tonight so I thought I'd mention it.


rbjjb said...

Nobody Can Really Know What Andy Will Do! BB Really Trying To Control The Group.

rbjjb said...

In DR, Hey Elissa If You Try To Flip Everyone For Amanda We Will Give You ? Fishy!

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