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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Check-In Post

Happy Tuesday, y'all!! :D We are only 1 day away from the BB15 Finale tomorrow. then we can say goodbye to this crapfest of a season. lol :P

If you're looking for something to hold you over until tomorrow, I have some goodies for y'all:

1) You can watch Jeff interview Mike Boogie on It's a pretty interesting video. In it, they talk about everything from would Dr. Will do a BB All Stars season, to Boogie commenting on the Nick/GM situation, in which he said "There's not enough booze in Burbank" to make that happen.

2) Speaking of GM, it seems that Rachel Reilly will be hosting a Finale Party but from what I've heard, the list of BB15 houseguests invited is pretty short. I can only assume that GM is one of those HG's not on the list, as Brendon/Rachel are pretty ticked off with her calling their nephew (Elissa's son) names on the feeds a few weeks ago.(If you recall, Brendon was pretty vocal about his dislike of GM and even welcomed people to 'tape the confrontation' if there is one post-finale.)

3) Evel Dick tweeted a free "Dick @ Nite" episode the other day. It's about 1 1/2 hrs long but definitely a good watch.  They talk about this seasons HG's, all the hate/negativity from them & also from BB "fans". Dick also talked about how he doesn't see how BB could do an All Stars next year, considering that he's been on twice already, Jordan/Jeff have been back twice, Janelle has been on 3 times, Boogie 3 times, and Dr Will twice. With that being said, who would they bring back that would be considered an "All Star". Good point.

In other news...

Last night, the feeds were boring once again. If you want a brief summary, here ya go:
They talked about past HG's as usual, GM threw up again after eating a salad (7:44pm BBT), they all played some cards, and then went to bed. And that's it! lol

If you're wondering what the Final 3 are currently doing on the feeds, then wonder no more....

3:35pm BBT:

**I included the date/timestamp so y'all didn't think I just used the same sleeping HG's pic from yesterday. ;)

Okay, so let's get to tomorrow's happenings!

We have 2 things happening tomorrow:
Firstly, we will have the premiere of Survivor with former BB Winner Hayden. That starts at 8pm EST. Then at 9:30pm EST, we will have the BB15 Finale. I will have the chat room open for both shows, so pop on in & say hi!

I will be back tomorrow with a Finale post at some point in the afternoon, so check back for that.

I hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday & I'll see you guys and gals tomorrow!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

OMG jamie - you are so funny! I'm sitting here on hold while working and thought I would check for an update.
- you put the time stamp because they are sleeping again!!! OMG - why do these people sleep so much? they aren't doing anything! ha ha ha
- gm throws up again, you know people are going to notice that in tight quarters. that could also have something to do with her crazy mood swings.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for anything else to tide you over till tomorrow here's a link to Rob Cesternino's (of Survivor fame) latest podcast with Dan Gheesling (BB10&14) as his guest:


Jamie said...

lol @ Raz

Brian: thanks!!

deedee1123 said...

Jamie if we have live feeds will we be able to see interviews in the backyard like previous years?

Anonymous said...

As far as All Stars I've said the same thing that they've bastardized the concept with bringing a few people back for various seasons. But if Janelle and Boogie can play 3 times than certainly Dr Will, Evel Dick, Dani, Dan, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon can play 3 times. If it needs to be all people who played only once for some reason here's the best list I can do:

Eric Stein (S8)
Kevin Campbell (S11)
Russell Kairouz (S11)
Hayden Moss (S12)
Matt Hoffman (S12)
Ian Terry (S14)
Frank Eudy (S14)
McCrae Olson (S15)

Keesha Smith (S10)
Libra Thompson (S10)
Natalie Martinez (S11)
Shelly Moore (S13)
Porsche Briggs (S13)
Danielle Murphree (S14)
Aaryn Gries (S15)
Amanda Zuckerman (S15)

Obviously the girls list suffers more than the guys.


Brenda Reed said...

You said it right, Jamie! I can't wait for this crapfest to be over!

Anonymous said...

For those more old school BB fans Rob Cesternino (still of Survivor fame) had another podcast earlier in the week with Danielle Reyes from S3 and All Stars. For those that don't know Danielle Reyes is viewed by many as the best player never to win and is the reason we now have a Jury House. She most likely would've won S3 but back then everyone got to go home and everyone saw her talking trash in the DR so she lost 9-1. The next season they created the Jury or else HGs would've feared being real even in the DR. Anyway here's the link:


sami said...

They should do an all past showmances season. Has that ever been done?

Kern's Kreations said...

So, I'm finally watching Sunday's episode. I kind of forgot just how vile these people were. Haha.
And then I remembered just how awesome Jamie is for daily reminding us just how vile these people were.

So to sum - vile HGs and awesome Jamie! ;)

Darren said...

Uh uh no mcrannda again!

Kaycee14 said...

Jamie, thank you again for all your efforts. See ya next summer!

enb said...

James from season 9 was good, chelsia would be good to start trouble, shane was good in comps from season 14, jessie from season 10, and 12, could come back cause he has not appeared on impact wrestling for a few months. Or have a season full of the best floaters, from enzo to andy, joe the cook, adam season 13 it would be hilarious.

This Is My Journey said...

On BBAD, are they discussing Elissa masturbating all the time and constantly being caught?

Cher said...


I just wanted to thank you for another great summer. Your insights and recaps are a crucial part to the big brother experience, and I look forward to it every year. You rock :)


melissa Smith said...

How about a BB redemption season, the cast would b made up of hg evicted the first week or something like that

Ste ven said...

Is GM really planning to take Andy to F2 if she manages to win HOH... Shes sounding way to sincere... I dont know where Andy head us & whether other stiffs going on in feeds But he's laying it on really thick. . If I were F3 and evicted after being lied to, I dont think I'd be able to vote for the liar.. But A has plenty of votes to win. She might lose anyway but probably better chance vs Spence. Has there been a F3 before where they just hate each other & are stuck so long with nothing to do.
Any chance part 3 will be something other than the traditional predict what the juror will say. I wish theyd do something else,,, even if just slightly different. End of BB is sad... They should have After Dark tomorrow with the backyard party & interviews. TVGN renewed it for next year... Apparently they got 300k viewers.

Ugh the more I'm watching Andy & GM on After Work, the more I feel Andy is working her HARD & has no plans to rake her & she chill be crushed. At first I thought she was definitely taking Spencer but now wonder if she's gotten bamboozled yet again

Carl Mack said...

Am I the only person who wonders why Rachel/Brendon are mad at personal attacks? Didn't Rachel bully other HGs in BB12 for the 5 weeks she was there, and then the 24 hours she returned for? Wasn't she constantly like that with Daniele and Shelly in BB13? Honestly, these people are hypocrites.

Rahma Omar said...

i am super excited for this season to end!! its been crazy and i can only hope that next year will be better. with that said i am looking forward to seeing all the past HG

Rahma Omar said...

for next season i think they should return all the people that were evicted 1st to give them a second chance to play the game or all new all star [ guest that never got to return]

AmiLrn said...

If you wanna see Andy shake his groove thang...
Search YouTube for "Ubetch best in show"

It should be the first one to come up

Anonymous said...


Rachel and Brendon are mostly mad at the personal attacks against Elissa's husband and especially against the children. They didn't sign up to play the game so they feel they, especially the completely innocent kids, should be off limits.


Angela Foster said...

I don't think Rachel made comments about other peoples children though. That's a low one..

No Rachel shouldn't have terrorized anybody, but I highly doubt she made comments about peoples family/children because I would have remembered that.

Carl Mack said...

I do recall Rachel bringing up Daniele's relationship with her father(Although everyone does that). It just seemed odd that Rachel takes personal attacks hard when she was horrid in her 2 seasons

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